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Fic – Kataomoi FINALLY! 1/? [Kumin/Non]



Kumin ~ Yagami Kumi (Team S) Non ~ Kimoto Kanon (Team E)

Can someone say…


Yep, I am taking the teased story of SKE48’s 8th single Kataomoi FINALLY about Kumin and Non and twisting it just a little bit more.

I mean, it might actually have been this but we could never know, what with the non-explanations of anything at all in the PV. For crying out loud, these two appeared like once! ONCE! The two that made that single kick all the others’ asses and they didn’t even go deeper into them?!

To hell with that I say!

So I decided to do something about it! I created a world for these two, and though it might be a little dark, and icky to some, I feel that it fills in well with the single’s actual world, well, the world the image of the single was giving to me. I mean, sexy parties, out with racing gangs, and drugs too just isn’t all roses, well, there were the TWO ROSES (if you know what I mean) but the world in KataFina itself is a dark one.

So I figured let’s go darker. Though not too dark!

And here we are.

The chapter is kind of short but there will be more. I didn’t want to break your hearts to much with the first chapter so let’s leave it at this for now, ne?

Do tell me what you think, okay? If it’s too much, I might redeem myself with a fluff but I feel it wouldn’t fit in with KataFina’s over-all image.

Also I don’t know but if this is a success, (for me, not you) I might break out into the other un-explored stories of KataFina.

We shall see, we shall see…

Any way here you go….

Kataomoi FINALLY

Black Gekikara

An SKE48 Yagami Kumi and Kimoto Kanon Story

Yagami Kumi, 17 years old high scholar and in her last year, had never felt such anger, betrayal and complete fear as she did at that moment. Her vision blurred, from what, she wasn’t sure exactly because she felt her eyes burning which of course meant she was crying but she also watched, through the blurry vision, as droplets too big and too frequent to be just tears, fall down with ear piercing sounds, on top of her no longer clean desk. She did not mind the dirty water that was obviously dripping from her now completely wet hair, face and clothes because everything on top of her desk was already waste.

Waste because her classmates of two and half years, some even longer from her years in junior high, had destroyed them. Her books were torn, cut up and scribbled through with whatever they could find in her bag. Her bag, was no longer even recognisable as a bag anymore. Paper was no longer pare but wet patches from the sudden drenching she had just received upon her return from the scolding she got in the staffroom. The wet bucket of dirty moping water lay on its side by her feet. Feet that stood in her has-been lunch and her pencil box’s contents lay out all over the floor.

This…This bullying had gone on for about a week now and each day things escalated slowly. Today it was the final straw apparently because now Kumi found herself surrounded by virtually, all of her class. Her body shook from burning anger, the cold and fear of what her were-friends and classmates would do next. Why were they reacting like this? It wasn’t their life but hers? Was it so wrong what she did? Love was said to be the most beautiful thing and yet here they were, friends and mates of years all turned against her. All just because

“You belong in a mental hospital you bitch, not here!”

A voice she couldn’t recognise or want to for that matter shouted over the chaos.

“Yeah whore, we don’t want to get what you are having.”

“Yeah, Yeah, get the fuck out!”

And so they went on with shout of ‘Out with the whore’ and bitch’ and all kinds of curses. Kumi just kept her head low and watched the drip-drip rhythm still.

“Are you listening bitch! Hey! I am talking to you”

Kumi suddenly found herself staring into the Queen bitch of the class. She should have known really. If anyone was to start this chaos it would have been her!

“Forget about the fact that it was girl! But she is like, 14 years old! Is she even 14 or is her age a lie and she is actually younger?”

Kumin mumbled something that her assaulter even with the close distance couldn’t hear.

“What bitch? I didn’t catch that”

“I said she is 14 years and three months”

The girl screamed like everything was rubbing her in hellish ways.

“Who fuckin cares?! She is your fuckkin sister! How could you…that…with your own fuckkin sister!?”

All around them voices picked up some with screams others with whispers but all had one thing in common – disgust in their words.

Those words had struck Kumi hard though but she could do nothing but close her eyes in complete conflict of her own soul. She couldn’t remember how many times she had had that debate within her mind. The quarrel over her own feelings of misconception towards her young sister. They had been separated five years before because of their abnormal attachment to each other and had tried deceive their parents into thinking they were over it after their re-union but that were not the case. The feelings were still there and with the growth came the outside effects that strengthened their bond.

A week ago during Kumi’s school festival was the only time that they could be away from their ever watchful parents and had dared to cross the red line for the very first time in the girls’ washrooms. Kumin had thought it a success, a very rewarding success but she had been wrong. Someone had seen them and the news had spread. Kumin was close to many of her classmates and she had shared most of her life with them so they knew of her sister who had just been re-united with the family after years away. She hadn’t gone into details of course but it was enough it seemed, enough to backfire on her.

She gasped when a sharp pain burned her left cheek!

She had just been slapped.

“This is your last warning you..you…Arg! Just don’t show your face here anymore whore. If you do, this will look like a normal bath compared to what awaits you.”

She pushed Kumi way from her like she was trash and proceeded to clean her hand to drive the fact home.

“Let’s go girls, any more exposure to this filth is sure to be un-healthy”

Kumin just stayed there awkwardly seated in the chair she had been pushed into and watched her tormentors leave the classroom. The looks of wonderment and disgust were burnt into her brain and didn’t’ disappear even as her eyes finally went blind with burning tears as she let herself finally cry out in sorrow and frustration.

She tried once more to think of why everything had gone so wrong? She had stopped wondering why it was wrong from the very beginning but no answers came to her. All her parents said was that it was just wrong, period

What was the big deal? Why couldn’t she love Non-chan? It wasn’t like she hadn’t tried fighting it. For crying out loud they were even split up and changed her family name all for the sake of ‘curing’ her of her disease but did that work? No

So she cried in the helplessness of it all until the sun was read and halfway down the horizon. She did not feel like going home though. What if her parents had already learnt of the happenings? What would they say to her when she saw them? What would they do to her? No, she would believe that they did not know yet since even the teachers didn’t fully know of what was going on and Kumi was not about to spill the beans. She would suffer through everything they through at her – anything but put place Non-chan in the line of fire.

“Oh my God, Non-chan! What if she is also suffering at her school?! I didn’t even think to check….”

Without even finishing the sentence, Kumi just grabbed what she could from the wet floor and bolted for the exist. She only took time to stop by the trash can to dispose of her spoils before dashing down the corridor, out the main doors and towards their house, towards Non-chan – towards home

…To Be Continued…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

17 thoughts on “Fic – Kataomoi FINALLY! 1/? [Kumin/Non]

  1. Oooooh… mai gad! You had to do it, right? You just had to write it! Oh, Dear J! Why? 😀 I blame you for dragging me into the dark side! Kuumin as the emotional and passionate girl who will fight for her love… yep, totally fits… But using such a dark story… Okay, I’m in! 🙂

    Thank god you wrote one fiction about this first, and not me 😀 I was thinking about it, but the recent shuffle threw me off so much…

    Oh, yes, this looks promisingly good. Keep up with the story! Btw I couldn’t think of a better pair than these two…

    • I know, right?

      These two just came out of nowhere, literally, and hit me in the dark like a truck on a highway in a horror film!

      Seriously, I hadn’t even entertained the idea of them two before KataFina but then BAM! Now I ship these two more than KumiYuri!

      I know…

      They really took the spotlight in that single, didn’t they?!

      Believe me, I’ve been thinking about them for a long while but I just hadn’t found the right direction of their story…until now!

      Ooh, I am gonna have so much fun with this, I just know it ^^

      Thank you for reading as always Kragorin!

  2. Yes!!!!!! *does victory dance around the computer* Finally! 😀

    I love these two so much! I can’t believe you’ve actually started writing this!!!!! And I can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I felt so bad for Kumin in this chapter. Those classmates are really deep. Jeez, can’t they see how awesome Kumin/Non is? XD

    • Apparently, they are from n00b county so perhaps a lesson would do them good! ^^

      Any way, thanks for reading Kaiyuugyo11 and I am glad you like this. I just had to write them you know. They just so smashed my mind in KataFina.

  3. YES! KumiNon!!! Thank you so much for creating a KumiNon fanfic!!! I’m in need of some KumiNon fics~~~<3 but why incest? =_= i don't like incest…but oh well it's KumiNon so to hell with that! I'll still read this! and btw I LOVE IT already! ^_^

    • Hehehe,

      I did warn you to tread carefully ^_-

      At first I wanted to go for the age difference as the taboo but the gap wasn’t that big a deal (In Japan anyway) so I threw in some twist to make things a bit more grimdark.

      Well, I am happy you still liked it anyway gekirena.


  4. this… oh my god this…i am at lost for words. I FRIGGIN LOVE DARK THEMED FANFICS AND I SALUTE YOU FOR WRITING ONE.

  5. Okay everyone. We are at the first year anniversary of Kataomoi Finally! So let’s just take a moment and stay silent for a while… 😛

  6. i’m still waiting for you to update this…….

  7. I want to read the countinue!!!

    • Damn, posted the reply to this comment in a different section >.<

      See what you are doing Kim? You've already flipped me off-balance.

      I just hope the others don't notice you yet because I fear….

  8. ░░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░

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