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Fic – MONSTER [Yukirin/Sayaya]


Welcome to the Real World
Black Gekikara
An AKB48/NGT48 Kashiwagi Yuki and Kawamoto Saya Fan Fic

I can’t believe I forgot all about this fic! You won’t believe it either but I wrote this months back right after these two went on that date! Caught it while cleaning up my drives for expansion.

The theme was – what if Sayaya was THE Saya! Actually that’s like a huge spoiler right there but oh well, this was already a forgotten story so it matters not. Anyway have a look and tell me your thoughts…



I shriek as I hold onto the arm of the person next to me. I am usually not one to be jumpy but we are in a haunted house! Jump scares always get me!

“Are you scared?”

The girl next to me asks. I can’t see her face clearly in the dim and red lights but I can totally hear the amusement in her voice.

“I-I am not!”

I suck at lying!

“Don’t worry, monsters are real, well, at least these.”

I look at her with brows furrowed wondering what she meant!

“What, you are saying there are monsters that are real?”

“If only you knew Kashiwagi-san. But I hope you never find out”

She sounds serious all of a sudden. Is she having fun with me?

“Oh come on, even I know that monsters are fiction. It’s just these jump scares, I hate…Gyaaa!”

Son of a…I want to reach out and punch the thing swaying in front of us back to the monster dimension! It had to fall out of the ceiling right when I was talking about freaking jump scares!

“Why did you bring us here if you hate them then?”

I turn to look at the girl in my arms and the closeness surprised me. I was literally wrapped around her with both my arms and legs tightly wound around her limbs. When I turn she is looking right at my face and we are so close that I can feel her breathe on my neck. She was that much shorter than I, which made this scene looks very strange I am sure. And on that note I ease away a bit to put space between us but I was not letting go of that arm. No way!

“You are right, I hate these haunted houses. Whenever I go to parks I avoid them like the plague.”

“So then why?”

“Well, it is your first time here and it wouldn’t do to not have you experience all the fun because of me.”

We are slowly making our way forward and still no exit in sight!

“I wouldn’t have minded. I want you to have fun too. If you don’t want to do something then we won’t.”

I turn to look at her. She was such a nice girl. The more time I spend with her the more I learn why I was so intrigued by her.

“Oh well, I guess that is the purpose of these things in the first place, right? I mean it wouldn’t be useful if people did not get scaaaah!!”

I am back to cowering to my saviour! Seriously, how uncool! I am sure I just lost a lot of points as one of her favourite Senpai. Darn it, maybe I really should not have come to this place.

“It’s okay, the exit is up ahead.”

I look up and true enough, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel! I disengage from her arm and run to the exit!

“Amaterasu-sama be praised!”

I say as I throw my arms out and spin in the lovely sun light! It never felt so good to feel it on my skin!

“I have never seen this side of you Kashiwagi-san”

I stop to look into the girl’s face. I take a moment to drink her features in. Someone the few minutes we have spend in the dark made me miss it.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me and I you. So hopefully that will change?”

I stare at her and hope she catches what I am trying to say.

“Are you saying…Really? Truly?”

Well, I sure wasn’t expecting that much of an effect. I guess she wasn’t lying about her profile.

“Of course”

The next thing I know my arms are pinned to my sides in a hug. That was a surprise! I never imagined her as one to ever initiate contact with anyone, let alone me. She was just that unused to intimacy. Then again, so was I when I first came to Tokyo.

“Thank you so much. I’m so happy.”

She pull back to look up at me. Her smile wavers as she speaks.

“I-can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead”

“Why me?”

“What do you mean?”

She looks down to hide her face.

“It’s okay, you can ask me anything”

“Why did you choose me? Everyone knows you are not good at socialising with anyone except Mayuyu-san, Sashihara-san and the others from the same gen”


Her head snaps up as if finally realising the meaning of her words.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I am not good with people too. So I was just wondering why me…”

“It’s okay, I know what you meant.”

I smile at her to calm her down.

“And as to your question, well, I will have to disappoint you for, I too don’t know why.”


Well, this was not at all uncomfortable. I am not lying to her. I have no idea why I am so drawn to this girl. Sure she kind of reminds me of myself when I first came to Tokyo but I know it is more than that. I begin walking and hope she leaves that subject alone.

“What do you want to do next Sayaya?”

I ask as we make our way back to the main area. The haunted house wasn’t the best of experiences but it seemed she had fun. I look at the girl standing to my right as we walk. She is so tiny next to me that I only wish there was a special diet that made people shorter.

That’s right, I have a height complex, so what of it?

I cannot help but stare at the dot on her right eye-lid. Though it is in the wrong place, it reminds me of…

“Um, I am a bit hungry…”

“Okay then. I was thinking we could eat a bit later, but I guess a small snack should be fine”

Her eyes widened as if it was the most absurd thing she has ever heard.

“I don’t mind at all. It’s just that I haven’t had a proper meal since breakfast.” She looked embarrassed.

“Not to worry, I will take great care of you. For now, how about we make sure your tummy doesn’t start an avalanche, eh?”

I indeed have noticed that Sayaya was hungry but I did not want to make her uncomfortable by mentioning the sounds coming from her whining stomach. This was the first time I have invited an junior out with me and I wouldn’t want to make a bad impression on my first try.

That’s right, I, Kashiwagi Yuki am on a girls’ day out with Kawamoto Saya. I am not sure what it is about this girl but she affects me in ways that are both similar and yet different to how Mayuyu affects me. Before I knew it, I, a member known for ignoring socialising, especially with the younger members, went out of my way to invite Sayaya out.

Oh the looks on the members’ faces when I did that after the last performance was simply priceless. Not gonna lie, those looks gave me a bit of satisfaction.

“So, how much of Tokyo have you seen since joining?”

I figured that I might as well take this opportunity to learn more about this girl. Chances are I won’t have a moment like this any time soon.

“Not much actually. I have only been to the shops with a Manager but other than that, it’s just been going from the theatre to the offices then back to the flats.”

“You have a very nice voice”

“Eh? Ah…T-thank you”

She blushed and turned to watch her feet.

What…! Where did that even come from? Okay, play it cool Yuki. Maybe if you don’t follow up on it she will let it pass.

“Well, we will have to change that. It would be such a shame to come all the way to Tokyo and not experience it fully.”

I am not sure why but I have this determination to make this girl’s life more, what that even means I have no idea. I just have this desire to be there for her.

“Was it that different for you when you first came here?”

I hope she comes out of her tepidness, even if just with me. I am one of the quiet type and I feel like I have talked for years just on this day alone.

It’s a little bit past 5pm. We are in one of Japan’s busiest places – the Disney World amusement park. It took some time to convince the Managers that we would be fine on our own but in the end they let us be on our own. Though I have no doubt that they are probably around here somewhere, watching.

“It was a bit scary in the beginning. There are so many people here. There are so many buildings and the sky is difference. There are so many unfamiliar things.”

That was true. When I went to visit her home in Hokkaido with Paruru, the difference was as light and day.

“You said ‘was’. Does that mean you are used to it now?”

“Well, not fully but I am getting used to some things.”

“Like people I would think. If life as an AKB member teaches you anything is how to get used to being in company of a large number of people.”

“Yeah, I was always nervous being in front of so many people, especially during the draft selection.”

“So then I am guessing you are not feeling uneasy with these many people right now?”

And of course, just as soon as I say that, some kids bump into us!

“It’s okay, as long as I am not alone.”

I take her hand and squeeze it.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that. You are stuck with me today!”

She looks down again and I can’t help but laugh at that. In no time the smell hits my nostrils and I instantly spot the area it was coming from.

“Here we are. Ooh, smell nice, huh?”

“It does”

When we get closer I scan what was on offer. I am still consciously aware of the small hand in mine but do not let go.

“Which one do you want?”

There were different types of meat skewers on heat and I just couldn’t decide. I thought of how Mayuyu would be right now were she here. She would totally be freaking out. That girl was such a meat monster.


“It’s okay, you can have anything.”

“Excuse me sir…”

The shop owner turned to Sayaya and then something strange happened. He had on a wide smile serving the customer over on the other side but when his eyes turned to Sayaya, he froze. Then he was all smiles again but his eyes were now opened, where as before they were half closed.

Was it just her imagination?

“Do you have any chicken liver?”

Now I turn to Sayaya in surprise. Her voice was something I have never heard before. It was deep and strong, nothing like the airy cotton voice I know!

“Sure thing young one. How many do you want?”


She turns to me with eyes begging. I notice that her voice is back to normal.

“It’s okay, take as many as you want. Just remember to leave room for dinner, okay?”

Was I going mad? What was that all about?

“What about you Miss?”

“Ah sorry, I will take lamb if you have any please.”

“I sure do. Just a moment please…”

I turn to Sayaya. Her face is beaming with joy as she takes in the three skewers she holds in her hands. She looks totally normal.

“Here you go.”

“I turn to the owner and receive the semi-wrapped sizzling stick of goodness.

“That will be 3050 please”

“Just a moment, Sayaya could you hold this for me?”

Once my hands are free I reach for my waist pack and pull out a few notes. I hand the money over and get some change in return. Sayaya hands my skewer back when I reach out for it.

“Thank you Sayaya”

“You are welcome”

I take a bite and turn look at her and still her whole attention is on the food in her hands.

“Are you going to eat that or just stare at it?”


She was just too cute this girl.

“Well, we have time for at least three more rides before our dinner reservation. You will need all the energy you can muster. Let’s go see if there are any free benches in the park.”

When I don’t hear a reply I turn to Sayaya. She is already half way through the second skewer.

“Wow, you are either very hungry or a secret food monster.”

“I, well, maybe kind of both….”

“That is a surprise. I figured you were one of those girls that did not each much.”

She looks at me with wondering eyes.

“Do I really look that skinny?”

“Well, you aren’t exactly…super-healthy…um…looking…Sorry. That came out wrong!”

Great, I just placed my foot in my foot. Good going me!

“It’s okay. You are not the first member to think that and I use to get that a lot back home.”

“W-well, believe me. They will be thinking the exact opposite once they see you in a year or so. AKB just does that to you!”

I should know!

“But Kashiwagi-san, you do not look that…”

She cuts herself of before finishing the sentence.

“Aww, you are too nice. But you are only saying that because you don’t know the old me.”

“That’s not true!”

The raised voice surprised me a little. I raised my eyebrow at her wondering what she meant!

“I have seen your videos from the old shows and even the one from the audition. You haven’t changed that much!”

Then she put a hand over her mouth and her eyes widened. She blushed.

“Oh Sayaya, you wound me”

How can I resist teasing her?

“I-I didn’t mean it in the wrong way! I meant that you were not so skinny…I-I mean”

The poor girl was about to combust in her own fire.

“It’s alright Sayaya. I was only teasing. Ah there is a free bench!”

I walk over and collapse onto the wooden seat that feels like a leather sofa at the moment! I realise how beat my legs are.

Sayaya slowly lowers herself to the bench at an arm’s length aware from me. I turn to watch her and it is then I notice that she looks worse than I feel.

“Are you okay? ”

She springs at alert as if caught doing something she should not be.

“I-I am fine.”

I narrow my eyes at her.

“It’s just…I am not good with the sun and I have basically been in it for hours.”

That made me pause. I hadn’t noticed anything of the like before. Sure the sun was unbearable today but I did not know Sayaya had this anaemic problem.

“This is the first time I have seen you like this. Are you anaemic?”

“It’s doesn’t happen often so I thought I would be okay today to. Sorry.”

That explains it!

“No, I’m sorry Sayaya. Do you want to stop for the day? We can always pick up another time-“

“No! It’s fine! It’s not something major, really! I just need to rest a bit more and I will be fine again.”

I scrutinize her for a few seconds. Not something major? This is her health we are talking about.

“Are you sure?”

She put on a resolve face as she turns to me.

“I am sure. Also, the sun will soon set. I will be fine.”


I decide to leave it at that and lean my head back to enjoy the nice cook air in the shadow of the tree we are under.

Time passes with the sound of screams and laughter from the distance and that of the leaves flapping in the wind above us.


“Wake up Kashiwagi-san”

I feel lost for a moment when I open my eyes and find myself staring into deep chocolate eyes that had a red tint about them.


“I-um…Sorry to wake you but it is getting dark and I thought you might want to know.”

She looks away blushing which makes me know that I had said the word out loud. where I was and who I was with. My eyes widen in surprise when I see the darkening sky. I can see the brightest stars already.

“Oh on, what time is it…”

I look at my watch hastily and Sayaya speaks the time as I read it off my Seiko.

“It’s almost 7pm.”

Oh no! Falling asleep wasn’t part of the plan. We won’t be able to make for the final ride I had planned in time.

“I’m sorry Sayaya. It looks like we are not going to be able to go to anymore rides”

I am really disappointed with myself. I was bosting to show the girl a good time and I had to go and mess up.

“It’s okay Kashiwagi-san, you shouldn’t apologise.”

“But I really wanted you to experience everything! I should not have saved the best for last.”

It was my turn to look down to my feet. I am forced to look up when I feel a hand on my arm. I look at it, then follow it to up to the shoulder then onto her face!

“Really Kashiwagi-san it-“


I duck my head in instinct at the loud and shocking explosion. My heart races considerably. Then there cone screams that forced me to snap my head around and look in the direction of the explosion.

“Oh my God!”

Smoke and flames are rising from a distance away. There are other noises mixed in with the screams that are so chilling that I can’t help but shiver. My heat beats so fast I am afraid I will get a heart attack.

I take the hand on my arm and hold it in mine. I don’t know what to say, or what to do. I turn to look at the girl besides me but she too has her eyes glued in the direction of the fires and screams.

And then something else happens that freezes me to the core. The screams were getting closer and just seconds later there comes a mob of people running away from the fires. The looks on their faces are nightmarish! People were falling all over each other while others stepped over the fallen and shove and push all the while running towards the exits!

What should I do? I am scared stiff! It’s like my body is frozen and out of my control. I want to turn and run backwards deeper into the park behind us but my body just won’t move.

My vision begins to get blurry and I think I am blacking out but they were just tears!

Why were they running? What had happened? I have never seen this before! What were they running from?

The sudden ringtone from my mobile makes me scream out of fright! I release Sayaya’s arm that I did not even remember clinging on for dear life as I fumbled for my phone. I don’t even take the time to see who is calling before bringing it to my ear and shouting as loudly and urgently in it as I can.

“Help! Please help! Something has happened! There was this big explosion and people are screaming and they are…”

“Kashiwagi –san, it’s me! Calm down and listen to me!”

I feel some relief hearing the familiar voice of my Manager!

“Are you two okay? Is Sayaya with you?”

“Yes she is here. I-“

But my words leave me when my eyes meet air in the place of Sayaya when I turn to look at her!

“Oh no!Nonono”

“What? What’s wrong? What happened? Kashiwagi-san?”

“Sayaya! Where are you?”

I begin to panic as I look frantically around me!


I call out her name praying to God that she would just answer but I get nothing!

“Sayaya! Please answer me!”

I look around but she is nowhere to be found. What happened? She was just there! My attention turns to the main gates that the mobs of panicked people had just ran through. It is almost deserted except for the few bodies that lie forgotten.


I don’t fight my stomach that decides to empty itself of everything I have consumed for the day! Having not eaten that much, I feet like passing out due to the force it takes to complete the egestion!

I have to get myself together!

Sayaya, I need to find her!


I speak the name out loud to everybody I go to. They can’t be dead, right? They are just unconscious! They were just knocked over by the others in panic.

That is what I believe until I get to a boy that couldn’t have been out of middle school. A bone was sticking out of his arm. His head was at a very bad angle and there was a pool of blood around his battered and dirtied body.

I am on my knees trying to reverse digest what I did not have! My vision blurs at the effort. It’s getting harder to breathe and yet with every breathe I feel even more sick. The air smells disgusting! I have never in my life smelt such odour!

A strange noise cuts deep into my very soul that all the energy I have left leaves me. My limbs can no longer support my body. I fall face-first into hell comprised of both my own mess and the boy’s life fluids!

What was that?! I try to think of what animals sound like that but I can’t even think past things before my very own eyes!

-Well, well, what do we have here? A stray lamb ready to feed the hungry lion-

The ground I am lying on shakes violently as something lands near me. All I can seem to be able to do is move my head in the direction of the sound. I can no longer do anything but move my eyes.

From the field of vision available to me, all I can make out is a pair of legs dressed in men’s trousers and very shiny shows that seem too clean given the place they are in.

-What’s the matter girl, cat got your tongue?-

I can’t act! My whole existence is screaming for me to move. I know I am fucked but my body just won’t move. I feel my eyes sting at the helplessness!

-Aww, there is no need for that. Here, let me help you up.-

Something that is not a hand reached in front of my eyes before wrapping around my neck. The sharp tips graze me and I try to swallow the sting of pain that follows but I cannot. The force around my neck is too much. The pain is short lived because next thing I know I am right side up fighting for air.

-Eww! Disgusting! Oh well, it is the insides that matter anyway. Hmm, do I know you?-

I try to focus on the face before me. Somehow the fact is familiar to me like I have seen this man before. I realise that my feet are not touching the ground but rather I am quite a bit above it. I am being held up in the air by the neck – It hurts like hell and it is hard to breathe.

-It matters not. I am starting to have that feeling every time. Do you ever get it – that feeling where you think you know someone that you just met?-

I try to focus and when I can breathe easier, I try to study the man in front of me. His voice was really strange, wait, his voice? I did not see his mouth move when he talked! And his shirt is in shreds. It is the total opposite of his lower half. It looks like he has just been in a battle. His body is strange looking. It’s nothing like a human except for his head. It has a strange greenish-brown tint to it. There are bumps all over which look like scales! There is also something pointy protruding out of his elbows. What is he? What is going on?!

-Ah you bore me! And here I thought I would take my time with my last meal.-


-Why, yes! Meal – you are my meal! But I sure hope you taste better than you look-

How did he?

-How amusing you are. Too bad I am hungry and this is my last meal in this town. Oh well, itadakimasu-

I try to scream as I force my limbs to set me free! Thankfully they listen this time as I claw at the man’s – No, the monster’s arm for freedom! The force on my neck increases and I gurgle on non-existent air.

This is it. I am going to die. I-I don’t want to die. I don’t- Someone please, save me!!!!

My mind is darkening. I can’t think anymore. I am starting to lose feeling in my legs. My vision is leaving too. All I see is a shadowy blur blocking out more and more light from me.

A cry then a scream then the tilting of everything and I feel my back hitting an edge of something hard that should have my back in complete agony. Thankfully most of my body does not feel.

My throat is free and I fight for much needed air. My vision returns and I find myself looking at the night sky!

-Y-you little bitch! You cut off my arm!-

It is that same maddening voice again. This time it is coming from a distance. I try to get up and I find that my feet are still not on the ground.

When I look down, all I see are my knees bent and supported by an arm – an arm that is holding a blood-covered sword. I shudder and whip my head around to look at the person holding me. The surprise and joy hit me with full force.


I can’t think straight. What is going on? Everything is just so strange.

She has a strange look in her eyes as she looks off into the distance. When she looks down at me, all I see is the same Sayaya I know.

“It’s okay Kashiwagi-san. You are safe now? I will not let anything happen to you. I promise”

“Safe? What are you talking about? What’s happening? Why do you have….that?”

I turn to look at the thing in her hand and yep, it’s still a sword! Why was Sayaya holding a sword? I am so confused!


A man appears right next to us. I scream in surprise!


He ignores me completely.

“Haji, please take Kashiwagi-san back to the hotel and stay with her. I will join you later.”

What were they talking about? Sayaya was staying here by herself?

“No Sayaya, you can’t!”

And once again as if he does not register me, the new arrival completely talks over me. I don’t think I like him very much.

“But Saya, there are many of them and you haven’t fed properly in a week. You might need my help!”

“I will be fine Haji. Please take Kashiwagi-san and protect her.”

There is a commanding tone in her voice that is alien to me. This is not the usual Sayaya. Something really weird is going on.

Am I dreaming?

“Okay Saya but please be careful.”

He seems really concerned for Sayaya. Who is he? What is their relationship?

My thoughts are cut short when Sayaya lowers my legs and I stumble on my feet, not ready to support myself.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I am just feeling a little woozy is all.”

“You should go lie down. Haji will take you to my flat. Have a rest there.”

I turn to her, worried.

“You are not coming? It is dangerous here! You can’t stay! What if that t-thing comes back?”

-I never left bitch!-


Sayaya roars and the next thing I know my stomach is falling and I am…rising? The ground is getting farther and father away from me and it is then I realise that I am air-borne and still rising!

Blackness envelops me!


I am stuck on something. I can’t move a single muscle. I try to speak by nothing comes out! The monster is getting closer. Its eyes are glowing red. Its jaw is wide open with pangs sharp and ready to tear flesh. They are coming closer and closer. I struggle harder but to no effect! The monster’s jaws widen as wide as my head and are about to swallow me whole.

I scream!

“Ssh, it’s okay Kashiwagi-san. You are safe now”

I can see again and it’s so bright that I force them shut again. But in doing so all I see is the monster’s mouth and I open them just as fast. I look around and my eyes fall on a stranger!

“Ahh who are you? What are you doing here?”

The strange man just stares at me without saying a word. His is dressed in clothes as dark as his long hair. He is carrying something huge on his back. It looks like some kind of case. It is big enough to carry a person inside. I swallow as fear starts to rise within me.

“Don’t worry, he won’t hurt you. That’s Haji. He is a…friend of mine.”

I follow the voice and realise that it was Sayaya. She was sitting in a chair near the headboard of the bed I was laying in. I spring up from the position I was in and sit with my feet on the floor.

“Sayaya! You are okay!”

I can’t help but jump for her and hug her tightly. Tears flow freely from my eyes as the strange memories flow forward. What was happening? Was I going mad?

I don’t know how long I stay there in he arms crying. I intended on comforting her but I ended up being the one to be comforted. How unbecoming of me!


I wipe my eyes and free myself to see her face. She has on this serious look that I have never seen before on her. It scares me a bit.


“There is something I need to tell you. Please keep calm and listen very carefully, okay?”


“Saya, are you sure this is wise?”

She doesn’t turn to look at the man but she looks displeased and her voice says as much.

“Haji, we already talked about this! Why don’t you go and see David? I was supposed to get supplies from him this week anyway.”

I do not understand what she means by supplies but I know she wants him to leave. Fine by me.

The man turns to the leave but pauses before going through the door. He does turn around as he speaks.

“Be careful Saya”

That is all he says before gently closing the door with a bandaged arm. I turn back to Sayaya, still kneeling between her legs and my hands in hers. She looks me in the eye.

“Kashiwagi-san, do you believe in monsters?”

I blink at her then stare.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean – do you believe that monster exist in this world?

Is she actually asking this question? Is it one of those tricky questions? Will I fail If answer her? I don’t believe she is playing with me. She looks seriously.

“Monsters…Like in strange animals?”

“No! I mean monsters like in Werewolves, demons and vampires.”

Is she being serious? And as I am about to ask this, I remember a hand around my neck. My free hand instantly goes up to touch it and there indeed is a remnant of the abuse. There’s still some light pain around it. Was it actually possible that…No, that was unreal! She was just imagining things!

“Are you trying to say that they are real?”

“That is exactly what I am saying. Here, let me show you.”

I sit back on the bed to give her space to get out of the chair. She walks over to the lonesome aged TV and turns it on. The news channel is up and indeed, the headlines that were scrolling below mention the Horror at Disneyland. It says 900 people are confirmed dead and about half of those missing. No one knows what happened.

“Oh no, all those people!”



I turn to her, trying to push down the lump in my throat.

“Vampires did this. They were at least a dozen of them. They killed all those people!”

My mind spins. Vampires? What is she talking about?

“Vampires don’t exist, what tare talking about?”

She gives me a look that resembles disappointment and I try to not let it bother me.

“Sure they do, you just had a run in with one yourself not long ago!”

My heart skips two beats. That…thing was a vampire?

“But I thought vampire drink blood and that those they bite turn?”

Surely those were not just fictional rules.

“Those are both correct but if you kill the person you drink from, they can’t turn. Sure it is rare which is why I was surprised that it was the case tonight. They were different from the usual. I don’t like it!”

She is so calm discussing this subject. It is all I can do to keep myself together.

“Wait, do you mean you have seen this before?”

“Many times, you could say that monsters are a part of my life.”

I gape at this tiny girl. She is so serious that I swallow all my witty replies.

Her eyes soften a but and I prepare myself.

“I’m sorry to have kept things from you Kashiwagi-san but you don’t know me at all.”

But of course. It’s not like we are that close to begin with.

“What I mean is that I am different.”

Where was she trying to go with this?

“I am a monster!”

I blink, then blink some more and finally I can’t hold back anymore and forth pours all of the feelings through laughter. It was without control and it hurt after a while.

“You are good Sayaya, so good! You almost had me going!”

She looks upon me with pity.

“You don’t believe me…”

“Of course I don’t believe you. If a cute girl like you is a monster, you need to apologise to the 6 billion people or more around the world.”

Sayaya closes her eyes and sighs. She comes closer to the bed and sits besides me. Her eyes are still closed. She turns her head and I can’t help being drawn to that tantalising dot on her right eyelid. At the proximity it might as well be the only thing in my sight.

Distracted, I am not prepared for what happens next.

At one point I am admiring the mark on a closed eyelid and then next, I am staring into the eyes of terror!

Sayaya’s eyes open so suddenly, look so horrifying with the way they glowed blood red that I sit frozen! I dare not move! In fact I don’t think my heart was beating in that moment. Next comes a roar from the dark abyss that is her mouth, cornered by four very sharp teeth.

The sound is so cutting the world comes to a stop then darkness.




Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “Fic – MONSTER [Yukirin/Sayaya]

  1. I’m away for a few day and I come back to this!!!!!

    I would never of ever expected this, my poor heart!!!!!

    And is Yukirin going to be savaged by Sayaya monster?!? or perhaps do some ravaging of her own!?!

  2. Will there be ravaging?


    I do want to see what happens now though…..

  3. I do want it yeah!!

    Mion will be in the next be though right?


    • Now now Willmark…

      I don’t know about this story unless you want a tertiary character in Miion but there is an idea I have been working on. I believe I hinted at it on twitter about a certain photo shoot.

      Any way, I am sure you will be surprised.

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