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FanFic – Surprise [AKB48 MaYuki]


It’s Yukirin’s 20th Birthday (15th July) and Mayuyu knows the perfect present


Black Gekikara

An AKB48 MaYuki FanFic



Kashiwagi Yuki was so tired it was all she could do not to give into the exhaustion and just fall over. It was around midnight, at least she thought it was around midnight judging by the time that had past since she last checked. She was currently in the elevator of her apartment building going up to her room to get the much needed rest. It was a good thing it was Friday so she could totally sleep in until afternoon if she needed to and by God did she need to! The strain that was being put on her already tired arms did not help the situation at all. Said weight was bags upon bags of presents she had received earlier in the night from her friends. Though her manager standing next to her in the rising elevator was holding the most bags, there were still a lot to go around.

Yukirin sighed.

In just a few she would be under her cool silky sheets and dreamily stretching her body into blissful relaxation. Trying to ignore her body’s screams of abuse, Yukirin settled to thinking back on the events of the evening. Just like her three previous birthdays, Yukirin spent this one too at…work. For some reasons she found it really weird referring to AKB48 related events as work. To Yukirin, being in AKB48 was like perhaps what it was like to those people who loved games a lot spending all their time playing said games. She could not see herself getting tired of being in AKB48 and to her every day was as fresh as the previous. To her, the extra events on the side like acting in dramas and the news casting was the real work and though that kind of work required much less of her time than AKB48 related events, Yukirin found them much more tiring. But of course even much playing was as tiring.

Her schedule for the day had been packed – beginning with her weather news casting after which she went to the Hana-Kimi shoot which lasted until 2pm. She had her lunch at the AKB Theatre just after the rehearsals for the evening’s performance – a performance that went off without a hitch at 7:30pm. Afterwards there was fan handshaking and the lucky few being served Yukirin’s cake by her own hands. She tried not to think of the expressions on those said few’s faces as they received their cake. Then afterwards, there was another cake for the girls and the stuff which was devoured in the back rooms and during which her teammates produced their gifts before they left for their homes. It should’ve been one of the best days of her life.

But it wasn’t.

Yukirin stepped out of the elevator with another sigh when it dinged upon reaching her floor.

As she was in the midst of receiving her presents while the others enjoyed her cake, it was then that the thought had first crossed her mind. “Where is Mayuyu?” She had asked Myao who she had just thanked for the nicely wrapped present. The other girl gave her s surprised look. “You mean you don’t know? She left just after the hand shaking.” She had frowned and mumbled that she hadn’t.

That had been more than an hour and she had not noticed that Mayuyu was not around. The only reason she had noticed was that Mayuyu had made it a point to be the first one to give Yukirin her presents before and when she hadn’t this time after even six people, Yukirin had wondered. She had thought at first that maybe Mayuyu had forgotten her present and had ran of to collect it but after waiting until she was the only girl left, with Nacchan who had insisted to wait with her, Yukirin called Mayuyu’s cell but she was diverted to voice mail. She asked her manager to call Mayuyu’s and the reality she had been trying to avoid came crushing down on her.

Mayuyu had just left – without even saying goodbye to her on her birthday. She could understand about not receiving a present but to just leave just like that…

“We are here.”

Her manager interrupted her train of thought.

“Oh! Thank you.”

Yukirin shook her head to try and get rid of the bad thoughts as she entered her home after her manager. She had decided earlier to not let it get to her. Mayuyu had her reasons for leaving…she had to. Yukirin started scrutinizing the evening’s events to try and see if Mayuyu had behaved any differently to give something away. Damn it, she was already thinking about it! She settled for pulling out her hair to ban her brain from thinking about Mayuyu again.

“Erm, are you okay Kashiwagi-san?”

Her manager was looking at her like she had a contagious disease.

“Yeah…Yeah I am okay. I just have things on my mind’s all.”

She thanked God the woman did not push for an explanation. Yukirin reached forward to receive the familiar piece of paper from the woman.

“Here is your schedule for next week. Well then, I will be seeing you.” She turned to leave after depositing the bags of gifts in the living room and Yukirin followed her to the door to lock it. After putting on her shoes and standing up, the woman turned to her and flashed Yukirin a smile “Enjoy your surprise present.” She finished mysteriously with a wink. Before Yukirin could speak a word, the woman has already disappeared out the door.

“Now what was that about?” She wondered.

Turning after locking the door, Yukirin took in the bags of presents and debated if she should clear them up. Her brain made the choice for her though when it reminded her of the fatigue. And so she just zigzagged her way through the mess as she headed for the bathroom. She was ready to collapse but going to bed without showering was where she drew the line. Stripping as she went and making even more of a mess with her clothes trailing in her wake to the bathroom, Yukirin took a quick shower once she reached the bathroom. She settled for the coldest setting on the tap just so she could stay awake long enough to finish the shower. She doubted a warm soothing shower was the way to go. She did not want to find out what it felt like to fall asleep while standing up in a shower – Wet sleek walls and a drowsy person were definitely a bad combination. When she was done, she grabbed the folded towel in the bathroom presser and loosely tied it over her dripping body. Grabbing a smaller one, she dried her mass of dark hair as she went to her bed room. She reached for the light switch and flipped it on.


Yukirin screamed and jumped back at the sudden presence. She hit her arm on the door frame as she fell and hit her ramp painfully on the floor but the pain was not registered as her brain had better things to analyse. Her eyes were so wide with terror and she shook so hard it was comical. She forgot about her hair and the small towel that hang awkwardly from the side of her head. The loosely tied towel around her body came undone and slid down her body exposing all of her secrets. By the way she was half sitting half lying back on her hands and behind with her legs spread wide, nothing was left to the imagination. Yukirin seemed to not notice this though. Her wide eyes were fixated on the one that had spoken.

“Wow Yukirin, you should so go into acting. You would make one good lead in those horror movies.” The unexpected guest said as she winced slightly at her ringing ears. If she could move, Yukirin thought that her fingers would’ve been plugging her ears. As things stood, the person could not move – what with the way she was tied up with her hands behind her back and all…And she was naked – She was tied up while naked!

“…” Yukirin opened her mouth and closed it when nothing came out. She tried to understanding what was happening but it was difficult with the way her heart was hammering in her chest and her nerves stiff with a high dose of adrenaline. Her mind was in overdrive trying to dissect and understand what she was seeing but even as great as the human brain is supposed to be, all she got was white noise.

“Are you okay? – Sorry for earlier but as you can see, I was preparing your present.” The girls lying on Yukirin’s bed said. Yukirin only stared and watched as the girl’s vertical eyes roamed her body then her face turned a very deep red. She looked away in embarrassment as she stammered “though from the looks of things, I wonder who is giving whom a present.”

Yukirin looked down on her self then squeaked as she fumbled with her towel. Her face burnt like it had never before. She was fully exposed to the other girl in the angles they were in. When she was somewhat composed, Yukirin stood up and marched forward to her bed and stood there glaring at the girl laying down on it. She forced her eyes to stay on the smaller face in front of her and not wander to the other parts of the girl’s body.

“Wh-What do you think you are doing Mayuyu?” Her voice failed to hide the stammer.

“What does it look like silly? I am giving you your present.” Mayuyu said it with a roll of her eyes.

“Wha-wha-what?” Yukirin stammered and blushed even harder.

“You…” Mayuyu swallowed and looked to be on a verge of tears “You don’t like it?”

“Wha…No, that not what I…” Yukirin quickly snapped her head back up to look into Mayuyu’s face blushing even redder, when she realised she had turned to study her ‘present’.

“Then you like it?” Mayuyu beamed up at Yukirin. Where had those tears gone off to?


Yukirin swallowed…hard.

Her ‘present’ lay there in front of her in the form of a naked Mayuyu. Yukirin mildly wondered how the other girl had gotten into her home then managing to tie herself up but then that smile from her manager came to mind. She had been on in this too and so probably had been Mayuyu’s manager.. Those thoughts were thrown to the side as much more important ones took over. She did not want to think of what her face looked like at the moment as she studied her ‘present’. It was not secret of how well shaped Mayuyu’s body was but it was so much curvy when it was not hidden under anything. Now she had seen Mayuyu naked before but not with the same view as she was doing now. Yukirin felt her body react as her eyes roamed down the pink and red coloured body before her from the neck down.

Though she was nude, nothing secret could be seen of Mayuyu as she was so expertly wrapped up in red silk ribbons that went around her body in great a pattern that they covered all the important bits so well. Mayuyu’s hands were tied behind her back and a single strip of red silk ran across her chest to cover the apex of her small firm breasts that looked mesmerising as they strained against the ribbon. Her heart picked up in both speed and force as her eyes went even lower down the enticing form. Yukirin’s mouth watered when she caught sight of very dark traces peeking out from the ‘V’ shaped double ribbons that went around each hip bone to come and meet at the wide centre of Mayuyu’s legs then disappear to her backside.

“Are you going to stare all night or open me up?”

Yukirin’s head snapped back up to stare into amused brown orbs. Her body felt alight with a foreign burning fire so fierce she feared of what would happen if she even so much as moved – so she just stood there not even speaking.

“Er…Yukirin? Any time this century would be great. I can assure you this is not as comfortable as it looks.”

That brought her back to her senses. The position Mayuyu was in did look uncomfortable. Yukirin raised her arms as she bent forward to ‘open’ her present. After a few seconds though, she paused.

“Erm…where are the knots?”

“Oh…Sorry” The girl fumbled to turn around so Yukirin could reach the hands tied behind her back “it’s back here on the wrists.”

Yukirin never thought untying a ribbon could be as hard as she was finding it. Her palms were sweating and shaking so hard she ribbon was becoming hard to get a hold of. Finally after what seemed like forever, Yukirin got the smaller hands free and with the freedom, Mayuyu turned back around to lie on her back. Yukirin wished she hadn’t. With the ribbons loose, that meant that they no longer held in their place so when Mayuyu turned around, Yukirin could not help it when her intense gaze locked onto the rosy coloured twin peaks that were becoming tantalisingly bare as the red silk slipped down the small mounds before her. She loudly swallowed the saliva that was pooling perversely in her mouth. She dared not let her eyes go any lower. Thankfully she was saved from the hard task when Mayuyu sat up.

“So, do you like your present?” The smaller girl asked, looking embarrassed all of a sudden. She avoided Yukirin’s eyes and went red in the cheeks a little as she looked down.

“I don’t know…What exactly is it you are trying to say here?” She suspected but she had to be sure. Yukirin didn’t want to jump the gun and do something to hurt the other girl. She would die first before she hurt Mayuyu.

“Oh come on Yukirin, I know you aren’t that innocent.” Yukirin narrowed her eyes at the other girl’s scoff. “I am saying that I am your present – I am giving myself to you for tonight.” Mayuyu trailed off near the end, again growing shy.

“And what am I to do with you tonight exactly?” She was stalling and she knew it but seeing the usually calm girl when it came to discussing adult things, which was more often about anime go all cute like this, Yukirin couldn’t help but tease her some more just so she could be subject to that look even if for just a little longer.

“You are having fun with me, aren’t you?” Mayuyu pouted cutely. “Hurry up and finish unwrapping your present before I change my mind.” Oops, she would not have that.

Here is the thing – her relationship with Mayuyu was always complicated. They have been kissing for…too long for Yukirin to remember exactly when it began. When she thought of all the things they had done together, it pointed to the conclusion of them being in that kind of relationship. They had done almost all things any other couple did – going to the movies, to the amusement park, on holidays to visit their parents – together. The only thing they had never done was that last thing – sex.

Mayuyu had now placed the cards on the table and it was up to her to pickup her hand and to choose whether they would play the game. Things would most definitely change, she knew. She had read a lot of romance novels and from what conclusions she came up with, she knew that sex changed a person a lot and most notably women. Well, at least it wasn’t with a guy or sneaking off with some stranger. This was Mayuyu, her fellow idol and from the look of things, their managers were in on it too. Their careers were safe and it wasn’t like they would change physically. Doubts decreasing and her mind clearing, Yukirin threw the left over reason into the black hole in her mind.

“Well then, don’t let me be the first to turn down a present – especially one so rare” Yukirin took hold of one of the ribbon endings and pulled with such force that she almost melted at the moan that escaped Mayuyu’s part lips. She had not intended for it to happen like it did but as she pulled, the ribbon rubbed intensely on Mayuyu’s sensitive skin thus the moaning. Yukirin felt her own sensitive parts react as she gazed upon Mayuyu, sitting there with her hands over her pelvis with her eyes closed and mouth open partly as if in ecstasy. Her eyes locked onto the pink – not yet full – soft flesh as if Mayuyu’s lips were a very strong magnet and hers were pure steel. As such, she found herself being pulled towards the unsuspecting girl’s lips.

She kissed her.

It was just a peck on the lips, quick, just like all the ones shared before but unlike them, this was not playful. Yukirin hoped Mayuyu got the feelings she was trying to put across. The look she received – devoid of any mirth and filled with emotion – was enough of an answer for her. Feeling bolder, Yukirin half sat down on the bed with her left leg crossed under her while the right rested on the floor on its toes. She reached forward and pulled Mayuyu’s face towards hers then kissed her again, this time more intimately – their first ever real kiss. Her eyes locked onto Mayuyu’s as they were so close they could see each others souls bared in their eyes – their raw feelings.

As she held the other girl’s gaze, Yukirin teased the smaller lips on hers with her tongue asking for permission to explore the mysterious texture within. As soon as her tongue slipped inside and was met by Mayuyu’s silky one, Yukirin shuddered at the encompassing feelings that over took her and closed her eyes for it was too much. They caressed each other’s tongues hungrily and Yukirin could feel her body temperature shooting up to very unhealthy degrees. For some reason though, she wanted more, her body wanted more – more skin contact, more heat, more of anything of the other girl. And so she did something about it – Getting rid of the stupid towel that was adding more heat unnecessarily, Yukirin released Mayuyu’s head and putting her arms around the hourglass waist, she pulled the smaller girl onto her lap and crashed their bodies together.

Lips still on lips, tongue duelling tongue, Yukirin moaned no longer able to contain the new over whelming feelings as she felt Mayuyu’s small arms tighten around her neck bringing them even closer, Mayuyu’s small breasts smashing and excitedly rubbing against her own and Mayuyu’s heat that escaped in waves from where her skin connected with hers on her thighs. Yukirin could feel their mixed saliva falling down on her chest as the kiss escalated beyond what should be considered simple kissing but she gave it no mind. In fact, that made her even more excited and moaned again but this time both in pleasure and pain – Pain because her lungs were screaming to be filled with air but she didn’t want to separate. She wouldn’t have let go even if she was to collapse but when she heard the same sweet pained sound escape from their joined mouths caused by Mayuyu, she grudgingly pulled away so her Mayuyu could breathe.

Their foreheads touched as they swallowed in the much needed air. Yukirin willed all her feelings to show as she gazed into the eyes that were so close to hers she could count the slits in the chocolaty irises before her. She felt her heart swell when she saw the desire and longing reflected back in those beautiful eyes. Yukirin suppressed a shudder of excitement at that. She drank in those feelings pouring from within those pools especially the one decorated with a sexy mole under the right eye that she found defined Mayuyu to her before anything else. She loved that mole. Knowing that she now had permission to touch the other girl without holding back, Yukirin brought one of her hands up and traced a finger on said mole affectionately. The defined eye twitched involuntarily at the touch and she saw the puzzlement in it.

“You are so beautiful Mayuyu.”

She breathed her thoughts out and she had not meant for them to be heard but due to their proximity the other girl seemed to have heard them as her cheeks tinted pink and something she could not name flashed across those beautiful eyes but Mayuyu did not look away.

“I’m glad you think so. I wouldn’t have wanted to give you a gift that wasn’t.”

Mayuyu did look away after those words though. After getting over the shock that the girl would think she was anything but beautiful, Yukirin brought the hand down to the girl’s chin and tilted her head so they could be face to face again while the one still holding the tiny waist pulled Mayuyu closer into her body. She tried very hard to ignore the way their flesh melded into each other so tantalisingly. She had to hold off for now.

“How could you ever think that you were anything but beautiful? Are you telling me that I was wrong to be jealous of you? – Of the way your curves are so well defined from top to bottom? – Of the way I found you hips mesmerising the way they divided so perfectly? Are you telling me you were lying all those times you yourself flaunted how nice your ass is?”

“-Just ‘nice’?”

Yukirin returned the grin. She lowered her hand that was holding Mayuyu’s waist to said ass and squeezed in with unrestrained affection.

“Forgive me your honour, I meant to say ‘incredibly nice’.”

They laughed heartedly for sometime but they soon found themselves lost into each others eyes again.

“Happy 20th Yukirin” Mayuyu whispered.

“Thank you Mayuyu.” She placed a chaste kiss on those addictive lips.

“So, did you ever imagine your birthday would go like this?” Mayuyu said teasingly.

“Ha! Not in a million years.” She laughed softly before continuing “But I was still in the middle of appreciating my present, if you don’t mind.” She wiggled her eye brows in what she hoped was seduction.

“Well then, don’t let me keep you – It I your birthday after all.”

“Then don’t mind if I do…”

Yukirin lifted them up long enough to lower Mayuyu in the middle of the bed and climbed on top of her. All it took was their lips reconnecting to re-ignite the fire that was laying in wait just below the surface. Fatigue and practically the rest of the world outside the bed forgotten, Yukirin explored every crook, every curve, every secret and mystery of Mayuyu’s body with her hands, legs, nose, tongue and every inch of her skin she could until the crack of dawn.

It was the best day ever. It was the best birthday ever and the best present she knew without a doubt she would ever receive in all her life!




Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “FanFic – Surprise [AKB48 MaYuki]

  1. lol this was pretty intense, now only if this was how she celebrated her bday. Im surprised u didnt add any like temperature reference since she does the the weather lol

    • Yeah, it was intense but I tried not to make it even more so. This is as far as I could go with Yukirin. Somehow I don’t want to make R18 fics of her. This was more like a soft pron.

      I was kinda going for a more serious atmo and what you suggest seems more on the comedy side.

      But thank you. I might implement it into future projects.

      Thanks for reading and commenting….

  2. At first I though the song “Namida Surprise” will fit nicely to this. But… I was wrong… so wrong. As I progressed I read some interesting thoughts in it, then it all came out like this:

    Now I’m speechless… Is shit the “power of youth?” Fantasies like this one? 🙂 Was it a good idea for me to read this after I saw Mayu’s development? Itadaki Mayuyu… ah… this was soo… anyway, I’m still alive I think… I wanted to write something about this one, but it went beyond my imagination, so I can’t… Maybe I am old… “Maybe, Maybe I’m making excuses…” 🙂

    Okay, I’m back. So… This was good in its own way. This scene didn’t want to be more than what it is, which is good. (Me thinking about the naked Mayu maybe not that good for my health 🙂 ) I could clearly see with my inner eyes Yukirin, the reaction queen, and the little… cyborg… Now that I think about it. Maybe there’s a reason why Japan is so eager to build robots and androids… Even there are human shaped… for adults…

    Never mind me. This was a little something for birthday. Mine is close to, so thank you…

    • LOL

      I see you found it!

      Well, I am glad you liked. I mentioned it before but I was surprised by this too actually. I swore to never write or read ecchi fics about Yukirin but here I am.

  3. Owaa, I miss-typed the word “this” and it became a vulgar word. Sumimasen… ^_^”

  4. >//////<
    Thank you so much for wrapping Mayu for Yuki hahah
    Mayuki is always great for me !! ^///^

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