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Black Gekikara

An AKB48/HKT48 Kashiwagi Yuki & Sashihara Rino Fan Fic

It was inevitable really. Sasshi is winning me over again each time I see she is back from her pedestal. And when I like a member, you know they are gonna get a chance to meet my Goddess in a Fic. So here we go.

Actually, I had originally intended for this to go a different way ( A hot way) but the more I wrote, the more diluted it became so…Any way this might not be the end and there is root for three different stories to grow which my be connected or might not be but I am not 100% sure I will do them.

Any way what I am trying to say is that I hope it is to your liking to those fellow fans of either one of both of these girls.


It was common knowledge how intense Sashihara Rino’s life was as of late! No one could guess which side weighed more, the good things in her life or the bad. In fact Sashihara herself, or Sasshi as she was called by many of her fellow members, did not know for sure which side was heavier. A lot has happened in her life for these past two years and though she would like to think that it was all good things, that wasn’t the truth. Her life began on the chaotic path when she entered the Kami7 in the Elections two years ago. She found out first-hand the price one paid in exchange for popularity when her past came back to bite her in the behind. That was a huge spark that started the spiral in her life even to this very day.

But as already mentioned, not all was sadness, anger, disappointment and loneliness. Good things happened to her too in these past two years. While many others would be completely ruined by the bad, she was fortunate enough to have enough good things going her way too that she managed to hang in there because they made her life bearable. Sure the bad things got her a rep but in exchange that got her noticed. She decided to do all she could to regain the trust she had lost and with so many eyes on her due to the scandal and other issues, not only did she manage it somehow but she also gained more fans from it. That placed her at the top of the food chain when she ranked 1st a year ago in the elections.

Even though the heat of the bad had died down somewhat this year, better still her gains still held. She was still popular with variety shows as many wanted her to guest on their shows but she wasn’t just another Celebrity. She was an Idol first and foremost and that demanded most of the time from her life. Sometimes her schedule was so packed that she almost felt like throwing in the towel but then she would remember the road travelled so far and she would fight on.

Of course that is a feat that no one could pull off on their own and Sashiko had her friends to thanks for that. Sashiko – Whenever she thought of that nick-name a smile almost always broke out on her face. It was one that wasn’t used a lot and only one member called her Sashiko these days. It should make her sad but strangely she was almost glad about it! It made no sense to her and as if she had her own Deity looking over her shoulder, her phone chose that moment to go off indicating a phone call.

Having given that particular caller her own ringtone, Sashiko knew who the caller was before she even brought the phone in her field of vision. She pressed the answer button and brought the phone to her ear. Raising her eyes her mirrored version grinned back at her and even with the tired eyes that seemed like a permanent part of her features these days seemed to disappear under the bright smile that broke out on her face. She was in the HKT changing rooms getting her hair groomed by the make-up artists. The HaKaTa girls were on their fourth day of the Prefecture tour – the changing room was packed, and there was enough noise to make a grown man cry but Sashiko was used to it so she simply blocked out the kiddies.


[Ah Sashiko, good afternoon. It’s me Yukirin~]

“I know Silly, I can see the Caller Id. What’s up?”

Sashiko smiled into the speaker. Kashiwagi Yuki, one of the girls that she was closest too even though they weren’t even from the same generation. But if you asked her, they might as well have been because even though she did not want to gloat, Sashiko was sure that she was one of the very few members that were closest to Yukirin. Well, only second to Mayuyu. Not that Sashiko minded it one bit. Those two were one of a kind and besides, she had her own bestie in Rie so really, she wasn’t jealous, not even one bit.

[Hey! Who are you calling silly?! Anyway, it’s nothing serious. I just called to wish you success on your tour. You are in Kagoshima today, right?]

“That’s right! Speaking of Kagoshima, shouldn’t you be calling someone else other than me right now?”

Sashiko turned away from the mirror and scanned the crowd for a certain Kagoshima born. It didn’t take long before she found her and as if sensing Sashiko’s eyes on her, the younger girl turned around in her direction. Sashiko raised a hand and motioned for the girl to come to her.

[“Um…I have no idea what you are talking about! And why do I sense a lack of appreciation of my worrying!”]

“It’s not like that. Don’t get me wrong, I know how rare your calls are to any member, hell, even Mayuyu is no exception in that department but you have been calling me every day since we started our tour. You can’t blame me for speculating!”

[“If you know that then shouldn’t you be more appreciative of my efforts?”]

“What?! Come on Kashiwagi-chan, you know I do it’s just that” She sighs knowing that what she is going to say next isn’t going to go down well, “I just think that there is someone who would benefit more from those words than me right now.”

[“Well, forgive me for going out of my way worrying about you. Rest assured this is the last call you are getting from me for a very long while. And I already told you I have no idea who you mean.”]

Sashiko just rolled her eyes at the obvious feigned ignorance. Kashiwagi-chan could be so stubborn sometimes. But that’s why she was friends with Sashiko. She is the only one who would call her out on her bulshit.

“Well good thing you have me then, huh” Sashiko made sure to speak loud enough for Yukirin to hear her as she spoke to Sakura who had made it to her side in a sing song voice. “Sakura-chan~ Kashiwagi-chan wants to talk to you!”

[“Darn it Sashiko, you are so dead, you hear me? Next time I see you I’m-”]

“H-Hello Yukirin-san, it’s Miyawaki Sakura?”

[“A-Ah Sakura-chan. How are you doing?”]

“I am very good Yukirin-san, thank you for asking.”

[“Are you nervous about today? Ah sorry, stupid question!”]

“I am very nervous. My parents said they would be coming so…”

[“Sorry Sakura-chan, I don’t think there is anything I can say that will settle your nerves except that – Try and just be your usual self. If you think about it too much and worry try not to mess up then the reverse will happen.”]

“It’s alright. Actually I feel a little better already from talking to you. Thank you.”

[“I-It’s nothing. Anyway I understand that feeling. I only performed one song during Team 4’s tour there, Ah that’s the old Team 4, and I was really nervous too.”]

“I know, I was there. But you were gre-I mean you looked professional as always to me.”

[“Oh…Um…Well, thank you and as I said, just be your usual self and you will do just fine. Um…I am sorry Sakura-chan but I have to go, could you put Sashiko on again and good luck tonight, okay?”]

“Thank you again Yukirin-san. Um…Yukirin-san, will you…would you…?”

Sakura hesitated mid-sentence. She looked around her nervously. Sashiko was on her back to her seat having left after handing the phone to Sakura.

[“What is it Sakura-chan…”]

“Um…it’s…I was just wondering if…”

No, she was being selfish and impulsive. There was no way that Yukirin-san would…


“Ah sorry, it’s nothing. Have a good day Yukirin-san. I will…I will call you tomorrow, okay? Um I am handing the phone over to Sasshi.”

[“O-kay~ that was weird!”]

“What was weird?”

[“It’s nothing. Speaking of which, I am still mad at you for that stunt Sashiko!”]

“Oh please, we both know you were just too chicken to call her yourself so you called me as a cover!”

[“I did not!”]

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that and you might believe it in a century or two.”

[“You are the one who…And what about these last few times I have in contact with you? I didn’t speak to her then! HA! Explain that!”]

“Oh please, that’s the best you got? You are Black Kashiwagi, who is to say that this wasn’t a part of your grand plan?”

[“Okay, that’s it! I am sorry I decided to change my ways just for you and work on my personal skills. Good luck hearing from me again!”]

“Come on Kashiwagi-chan, I was only kidding with you. You know that, right?”

Sashiko started to worry that she might have gone a bit far. Only to release a sigh of relief when a light laugh echoed through the ear piece.

[“Heh, gotcha again!”]

“Darn it, you always get the last laugh! I will get you one day!”

[“Fufufu. Good luck with that. Anyhow, as to why I called, before you Oh so rudely interrupted me with your insinuations, and just so you know, I talked to Sakura-chan already this morning so there! Anyway, don’t make any plans for tonight after the concert!”]

“What? Why? And why are you telling me this now? I already-“

Sashiko was interrupted by a childish ‘boo-boo’ sound of disapproval.

[“Oops gotta run, duty call! And remember – NO! PLANS!”]


It was all Sashiko could get out before the sound of the dial tone filled her ear. She pulled the phone from her ear and stared at the Home Screen.

“What the hell was that?”


A time slip of five hours found Sashiko and the HKT48 members right back to same room. The difference being the emotions that filled the atmosphere. Sashiko stood with her arms around her two favourite kiddies as they crushed her in a fierce double hug. They had just come back from the last Encore indicating the end of the performance. From where they were, background noise of fans leaving the theatre could still be heard even past the schoolyard volume of the changing room. Some girls were in tears, happy tears while others shared their successes of mishaps of the night. Sashiko on the other hand was still trying to congrats all she could on the success of night even if it was kind of hard. She chose to look on with a proud smile as she watched her babies revel in their happiness.

Her happy thoughts were interrupted by a member of stuff calling for her attention by the door. Sachiko managed to free herself from the NakoMiku duo and made her way to the man with the staff back hanging from his neck.


“Um, there is someone here to see Sashihara-san.”

“Who is it?”

“I can’t say, I was only told to tell you that they are in the meeting room.”

“Oh…well…Thank you. I will be going straight away.”

Sashiko did just that. On her way she was wondering who it could be but nothing came to mind except Management. She wasn’t worried about anything though. The performance had been a success, not that she was bragging or anything. But that left her to wonder exactly what it was they wanted with her. This being the first time during the tour that she had been called upon she had no idea as to what to expect.

“Excuse me, it’s Sashihara. You called for me?”

Sashiko spoke loud enough to get her voice heard through the mahogany doors when she reached her destination. More to her confusion, no answer came.

“Excuse me…”

She decided to let herself in as she turned the knob and opened pushed the door in to open it.



Queue Sashiko’s jaw hitting the floor at the sight of one Kashiwagi Yuki standing there alone in the spacious conference room with a great dose of not only that smile that no many could resist but also a huge bouquet of flowers resting within her arms.

“What…What are you doing here?!!”

Yukirin feigned annoyance with a roll of her eyes.

“Seriously Sashiko, you’ve got to stop that!”

Sashiko was still lost in the sea of confusion and surprise.


“I mean the way you always make me feel un-wanted. Seriously, I even got you flowers and everything! Talk about not being appreciated.”

Sashiko’s eyes widened as her senses found her again. She finally began to move forward, her mouth opening as she tried to explain herself only for her mouth; and whole body to freeze instantly mid-motion when Yukirin crushed her in a sudden and un-expected hug.

“That was…WOW…How did you think of a setlist like that?” Yukirin pulled back a little so she could see Sashiko’s face. She ignored the unfamiliar look that was plastered on like a painting on a wall as she continued “Um, you did have something to do with it, right? I mean there is no way Management could have gone with that!”


Sashiko was finding it hard to get her brain to function properly at the close proximity that left no space but which was between their faces and it wasn’t a lot. It would take only a slight movement forward to have her nose bump the Yukirin’s. Sashiko could even smell the left over scent of oranges no doubt from some soda drink Yukirin had. Remembering that she was being waited on for a response, Sashiko struggled to find the dots.

“Well, I might have had a few ideas…” Sashiko didn’t know why but she was bombarded with a sudden wave of embarrassment. She looked downwards to hide her reddening cheeks from view. Truth be told, she had more than just a little to do with the tour setlists and it had taken a lot of convincing for Management to let her go ahead with her ideas. Not all was accepted of course but she was happy with what she had been let get away with. Kashiwagi-chan didn’t need to know all that though.

“Well, either way I was really, really impressed Sashiko. I could tell straight way that something was different. They really made a great choice in bringing you to HKT!”

The longer she talked the more she thought back to the performances and Yukirin couldn’t contain her glee anymore. She pulled Sashiko into her arms again. The bouquet totally forgotten and a crushed mess between their bosoms Sashiko could do nothing but just stand there and try to work out what exactly was going on. This wasn’t the Kashiwagi she knew. Yukirin was never one for such strong display of affection. Really, the only person would even ever managed to get hands held with her was Mayuyu as far as Sashiko knew.

“I’m so proud!”

Yukirin whispered into Sashiko’s ear. Sashiko held her breath when she felt Yukirin’s nose rub the top of her neck left and right and Yukirin too in a long whiff of her.

“Um…Thanks I guess…?”

She laughed nervously trying not to think of what the other girl was doing. Her body was rigid as she too wasn’t used to such bodily contact. Now not to say that Sasshi didn’t like but she wasn’t really sure how to respond so the only other option was to hope that Yukirin would just let go already. Hoping to pass on that message, Sashiko lifted her arms and patted Yukirin’s back then let her hand fall. Thankfully Yukirin seemed to get it and let go.

“Oh no, the flowers! I’m sorry I was just so happy that…”

Sashiko laughed a little at the panicking Senpai before her as she tried to save the already ruined bouquet.

“It’s alright. You know what they say – It’s the thought that counts.”

“It’s not okay. I don’t have anything else with me. I’m so sorry”

That didn’t seem to work as well as she had hoped though. Sashiko decided to go the different route.

“Don’t feel too bad, besides I am not the flowers type of girl. But really, flowers?”

Yukirin stopped at that and gave Sashiko a look.

“What’s wrong with flowers? Girls like flowers!”

“Yeah, when they are from a guy maybe.”

The eyes watching her narrowed some more before they took on that rare but familiar look that belonged to Black Kashiwagi, as Sashiko liked to think of it.

“Oh ho? What’s this…I didn’t page you for a Homophobe Sashiko. I guess now I know why you never got too close to other members.”

Sashiko’s eyes widened in alarm. That totally back-fired on her good. Darn it, Yukirin had done it again.

“What!?! I didn’t mean it like that and you know it!”

Sashiko then looked Yukirin square in the eye with a very serious and sudden vulnerability which brought Yukirin a peg back.

“You also know why I am not so close to other members. You do know that, right?”

Yukirin’s smile changed from that of playfulness to one of gentleness. She moved closer still to Sashiko and one-arm hugged her again.

“Of course I know that silly.” She whispered softly over Sashiko’s shoulder. “I shouldn’t have gone there, that was my bad. Forgive me?” She asked as she pulled back from the hug.

“No, it’s okay. You didn’t mean it that way. I just…I don’t think I will ever get over it you know…”

Yukirin couldn’t think of anything to say to Sashiko that wasn’t already said or would make anything better after all this time so she just did the simplest of things. She took a hold of one of Sashiko’s hands with her free one and gave it a comforting squeeze. No one said a thing for a while as the two just stood there in the middle of an empty room their hands joined and Sashiko watching as Yukirin’s thumb gently rubbed repetitive patterns over her knuckles. Their private world was shattered when a knock came at the door followed by an audible gaps as the intruder finally registered how intrusive they were being.

“My-My apologies but we are closing up so…”

Pulling her hand away as if it was been burned with fire, Sashiko turned towards the door.

“Sorry and thank you. We are leaving right now.”

The staff member bowed his head and disappeared as fast as his legs could walk. Sashiko turned around to regard Yukirin. She suddenly felt the air pressing against her as the intimate moment just moments before came back to her fore thoughts. A blush broke out all over again over her cheeks. Thankfully Yukirin didn’t notice or if she did, she didn’t say anything.

“I-We better go. Um…I better go collect my things and make sure the girls are ready.”

She turned to leave but only took two steps before she was stopped by a hand and Yukirin voice.

“I will be waiting for you at the front.”

Sashiko whipped around to face Yukirin with a mixture of confusion and shock.


Yukirin only raised an eye brow at her.

“Remember our telephone conversation? You know, with me saying to you to knot make any plans tonight?”

It only took her a few seconds to remember and when she did, Yukirin could only think ‘Adorable’ at the reaction she got from Sashiko.

“Oh I almost forgot about that.” She fixed Yukirin with wide eyes. “Wait, you were serious!?! But it’s very late!”

True, it was close to midnight but Yukirin had made preparations and others were waiting so…

“Yep, dead serious and you can’t get out of this one so hurry your ass up and get to the front door or else.”

And with that, Yukirin let go and side-stepped Sashiko to get to the door. She stopped, eyed the flowers then Sashiko then shaking her head she dumped them in the small trash can that was not big enough for most definitely not made for that kind of rubbish then sauntered off in that unique way she walked. Sashiko stood there with mouth agape for a couple of seconds before shaking her head to clear it of the shock it had gotten in the time frame of mere minutes. She walked off to see to the departure of the girls and make sure that her duties for the night were done.

On her way to the changing rooms Sashiko couldn’t help but wonder exactly what Kashiwagi-chan had in store for her. To tell the truth she was very tired but the anticipation over-rode everything else.


“Welcome Sashiko, to the Kashiwagi residence.”

Yukirin made a dramatic curtesy as she stood in front of one of the many flat entrances in the residential building.

Sashiko gasped with an even more dramatic reaction when she covered her mouth and nose with her hands. She looked at Yukirin with a look of a kid who had just gotten a Christmas present. She freed her mouth and opened it ready to say something, most probably loud but Yukirin did not let her.

“Shhhh….My Mom is asleep you will wake her!”

Sashiko slapped her hands back to her mouth and she nodded frantically. To tell the truth she was shocked. So very shocked and surprised by how happy she felt by the simple that had been invited to Kashiwagi-chan’s house. Her real home, the home that she lived in with her mother not the flat she had in Tokyo. Sashiko doubted that any other member had ever been to her home.

‘OMG! Am I the first person she has brought here?!’

“What are you thinking? You are making creepy faces!”

Yukirin was once again surprised when Sashiko all but flew at her and enveloped her in a strong embrace! Yukirin thought not to ever do that again being submitted to the same hug she had given Sashiko at the theatre.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! I don’t know for what but this is the best present ever! This is…this is…Oh my God, this is the stuff for legends! Imagine everyone’s faces when I tell them I was to your home in Kagoshima! To think I have set foot in your real home. The first one ever…”

“Um…Sashiko I …”

Yukirin tried to get her friend to calm down before the neighbours started knocking but she was simply ignored.

“This is like, the moon landing level of incredible! Should I write a book about this?”

“You haven’t even gone through the front door yet…”

Yukirin just rolled her eyes as she said to no one in particular knowing that nothing she says will make it through the hyper girl. You wouldn’t think she had just had three hours of concert performance. Yukirin couldn’t help the smile that crept up on her face as she hugged back.

“Wait, I don’t think I am ready! Which foot should I set in first! Which foot did Neil Armstrong step on themoon with first?!”

She was all seriousness, Yukirin saw, when Sashiko leaned back to look Yukirin in the eye. Yukirin should her head as she met Sashiko’s gaze with an amused glint.

“If you don’t let me so I can open the door, you won’t be stepping anywhere if you don’t leave your ship Captain!”

Sashiko had this moment of loss where she just stared at Yukirin as if trying to figure out what she was on about. Yukirin waited and waited some more. She didn’t try to free herself at all. Finally their closeness dawned on Sashiko and there it was. Yukirin drank it all in; her embarrassed face, her hands coming up to cover her mouth and nose. For some reason she only covered that part of her face, not her eyes when she was surprised or embarrassed. Yukirin found it absolutely adorable.

Deciding that she had been mean enough, Yukirin turned around and got her key out. She kind of felt bad knowing that within a moment Sashiko’s beliefs about being the first and only member to be over at her home would be rendered false. But it wasn’t any other member and seeing as how concerned Sashiko was about the two’s relationship, well, the joke would be on Sashiko. She only hoped that Sashiko wouldn’t be hurt by it.

“Now before we go in, I warn you. Discard all the impressions you might have about how our home looks. You should have figured out already by now that the reality is far from whatever you might think it.”

“And how would you know what I thought your home looked like?”

Sashiko pouted at her.

“Oh please, everyone thinks the same thing. Well, just keep what I said in mind.”

Yukirin pushed the door in and kept it opened. The light at the entrance was the only one on everywhere else was darkness. She grabbed the small travel bag she had packed for the trip and stepped inside. She set the bag down and proceeded to remove her shoes. It wasn’t until she was done that she noticed Sashiko was still standing outside. She was staring at her feet with a look of comical concentration. Yukirin stared at her. Sashiko stared back.

“Was it left or right, I just don’t remember.”

Yukirin was tempted to face-palm.


Sashiko made a hurt face.

“Hey, this is serious business! I’m going to be telling stories about this phenomenon. I can already picture the title – Sashihara Rino Takes One Giant Step for Man int-”

“Just get in here, will you!”


“And seriously, it’s not such a big deal.”

“Not such a big deal! Are you kidding me?! Your socialising is like the-”

Sashiko shut her mouth with a gulp and raised her hands up when Yukirin got into her face, towering over her with death in her eyes.

“I said, it is not a big deal.”


Sashiko got inside and watched as Yukirin closed the door then setting her own bag down next to Yukirin’s, proceeded to follow her into the dark abyss of the unknown.

“Wait here a moment. I will turn on the lights.”

Sashiko was left by the entry to the dark room which she figured was the living room. A moment later the light assaulted her eyes that were beginning to adjust to the dark but the stars at the back of her eye-lids was not the last of the many surprises for the night.



Sashiko, poor Sashiko was so shocked by unsuspecting noise and the sudden light that she had only one simple reaction. The two mothers and a daughter’s faces changed from those of happiness and smiles to those of worry when their guest suddenly collapsed having been to shock that she backed-out. Thankfully Yukirin hadn’t been too far for she got to her before she had hit the tatami floor.

“Is she okay dear?”

That was Kashiwagi-san, Yukirin’s mother who asked in her usual motherly voice but thick with worry. Yukirin looked up to meet her eyes, which was hard, what with the small decorative films falling through the air from the crackers her mother, Mrs Miyawaki and Sakura-chan had shot off to surprise Sashiko – a plan that was too successful too.

“I hope we didn’t shock her too much.”

It was the other adult who spoke before Yukirin had gotten a chance to answer back.

“She is fine, she is only sleeping.”

Indeed, Sashiko was still breathing which Yukirin knew for a fact after placing her finger in front of the girl’s nose.

“Should we move her to the couch?”

Sakura suggested as she moved over to help Yukirin, who only nodded thinking it a better option. She took one of Sashiko’s arms over her shoulder while Sakura too the other and the two moved the comatose girl to the more comfortable couch. The two mothers came over and leaned down to watch the sleeping girl.

“She looks so tired.” Mrs Miyawaki observed.

“She does, doesn’t she? She has to be after all the work she does. I practically see her on TV every other day.” Mrs Kashiwagi agreed. She then turned to her daughter and gave her a hug before she said to her, “I’m so proud of you Honey. This is why you suggested this isn’t it?”

Yukirin tried very hard to hide her embarrassment. She was way passed the years of getting flustered by her mother’s appreciations but she never fails to be weakened by it.

“Actually it was more like you couldn’t stop talking about her and wanting to meet her. Also, Sakura-chan helped out as well.”

Now it was Sakura’s turn to blush when she was crushed in her mother’s bosom. She was then showered with kisses which Yukirin’s mother was about to mimic…

“Mom, don’t even think about it…”



Yukirin quickly escaped from her mother’s arms before she was subjected to Sakura-chan’s treatment. She turned to Mrs Miyawaki when she got addressed.

“We are so proud of you two. And I am very grateful to you too Yuki-chan, thank you for taking care of my Sakura-chan.”

“I…I didn’t do much. I think those are words for Sashiko.”

“That’s not what Sakura-chan thinks. She never stops talking about you whenever she come home.”


Sakura’s face was beginning to turn an even deeper shade of red.

“In fact I was beginning to think that she might-“

“MOM! Please…”

Sakura was getting desperate! If her mother kept on talking she was…

“What’s wrong Honey? I am only telling the truth. Like that one time you-”

Sakura had her hand over her mother’s mouth as she tried not to steam from her ears.

“Mom please, this is not the time!”

“Hmmm, what’s this about my Yuki?”

Now Yukirin’s mother was getting interested. So was Yukirin.

“Oh, you have to hear this. I will tell you all about it…another time.” Mrs Miyawaki diverted when she saw the look her daughter was giving her.

“I think we should eat now. I don’t think Sashiko will be waking up any time soon.”

“I will go and get something to cover her with.”

Sakura proposed as answer to Yukirin’s suggestion. It was already past midnight and with how tired Sashiko had to be, she would probably sleep through the night.

“Thanks Sakura-chan.”

Yukirin thanked her as she left to go to Yukirin’s room to get one of the futons. Yukirin then went to remove Sashiko’s slippers and adjusted her into a proper sleeping position. Sakura came back then and handed the futon to Yukirin who placed it over and around Sashiko. When she was finished the two went to join their parents at the dining table!

“Aww, I was so looking forward to finally talking to her face to face.”

“And have her autograph.”

“Oh, why isn’t she staying at my place?”

“You know you can still come tomorrow. She is spending the whole day here.”

“But by then you will have had your fill. You will have seen her morning face! You will have asked her all the juicy details! It’s not fare!”

“Sorry but it wasn’t my call.”


Yukirin and Sakura watched their mothers’ exchange with wonder.

“When did you two become such good friends?”

“What, you can be friends with Sakura-chan and we can’t?”


Yukirin shut her mouth and turned her attention back to her food. Sakura was wise not to say anything. The dinner proceeded with the two elders still debating about Sashiko. Yukirin almost pitied her for what she was about to be faced with tomorrow. Almost.

She glad when her phone alerted her to a message, which of course put a stop to the talking as all three pairs of eyes watched her.

MAYU: Hi, you still awake?”

A smile broke out unbidden over Yukirin’s features. Her mother raised an eyebrow at her newest friend.

“She is grinning!”

Mrs Miyawaki nodded in understanding.


They both said almost in unison. Sakura only spared a glance to her Senpai before she turned away and continued eating in silent.

YUKI: Hey, yes I am still awake. The concert just finished.

MAYU: How did it go?

YUKI: It was great Mayu. You should have been there. Sashiko is really doing great things with these girls.

MAYU: I can imagine. She knows best what the fans want. How is she anyway? She is staying with you, right?

YUKI: Yeah she is. But she passed out from shock when our parents surprised her.

MAYU: ‘Our parent’?

YUKI: Ah, Sakura-chan and her Mom are here. We are currently having late dinner.

MAYU: Oh, I see…

YUKI: What’s wrong?

MAYU: Oh, it’s nothing! Ooh, what’s for dinner tonight?

YUKI: Nothing special, just seafood and veg hot pot. Sorry to disappoint but no meat tonight! *laughs*

MAYU: Why would I be disappointed? I’m not the one eating it!

YUKI: What, you don’t care about my diet? You don’t care about me anymore? ~_~

MAYU: Silly, I’m not falling for that. Anyway I was only texting to say good night so…goodnight. Love ya.

YUKI: Good night Mayuyu. I love you too. See you soon.

Yukirin placed her phone on the table and it was then that she realised the silence. She looked up and caught the two elder women looking at her with gleamy eyes.


“Oh, nothing Honey. We were just wondering who that was.”

“Oh, that was Mayuyu. She was just seeing how the concert went and wishing good night.”

“I see.”

Yukirin continued to eat thinking that was the end of that but she soon found herself choking on the cabbage at her mother’s next question.

“So, when will you be bringing Mayuyu over?”


…. FINIS? …

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

2 thoughts on “Fic – Iontas [Yukirin/Sasshi]

  1. Aww I love Yuki/Sasshi, they really are one of my favorite pairs!! We all talk about how MaYuki are different together but very rarely if the great chemistry between Sasshi and Yuki (actually Miichan too really) is mentioned, they really are great fun together mainly at the way the poke fun at each other (they way only friends could)

    But when we are getting some good Yuki/Sasshi stuff Sakura gets thrown in and, I ended up cheering for her!!! 😀 And I want to know what Sakura did that time about Yukirin!! :p And there nervousness around each other is just too cute 🙂

    And then Mayuyu!!! And Mrs Kashiwagi and Miyawaki seem to have their opinions about that! 😀 poor little Sakura seemed less than happy though….. (though Mayu would get jealous of Sakura in return) I wonder maybe if Mayu could visit on the next day…. hmm……. 😀

    Can I cheer on all three of them, is that allowed?

    Still nice to see a fic about two people who always put a smile on my face when they are together 🙂

    • Indeed, there is just that something about those three (Yukirin/Sasshi/Miichan). I don’t know what it is but it is beautiful. Especially with Miichan. At least with Sasshi I understand. She and Yukirin were with each other a lot during the B3/4 days to the point that they might even have been from the same Gen. Miichan is 1st Gen and we all know how Yukirin really respects the 1st and 2nd gen. So for them to be that close is also special in its own way.

      I had already written about Miichan and Yukirin so I just had to write about Sasshi too. Obviously this isn’t the end because I love the way Sasshi takes care of Yukirin in only the way she can.

      As for Sakura and Mayuyu, since this was about a new character in my Fic world (I don’t know if you have noticed but I kinda try to connect my Fic-verse LOL) they are not at the stage where we left off on Sakura’s side of the story but even though, Mayu has noticed something about Yukirin and Sakura.

      Meanwhile of course Sakura is like any other person who knows of Mayuki like their mothers are. She knows of their deep bond that is no other which makes her feel inferior but of course Yukirin doesn’t see this. Then again this is Sasshi’s side of the story so it ain’t about them, as far as Yukirin is concerned!

      But, it was intended and I am happy you picked it up. As always, you never let anything get passed you heh.

      And of course it is why you can cheer for either one but since this is Sashi’s story, well, it is a no brainer, right?

      Maybe… ^_-

      Any way, thanks for reading and giving your full view as always.

      As for Mayuyu visiting, she might, who knows. Although if she does, then she is in for a huge surprise, eh?

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