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Fic – I’ve Got You [Aina/Nana]




More NMB48 goodness ^^

This time it’s a one shot, taking place during ‘Tropical Valentine’ in the room across from Maa-chun and Saya-nee’s where TeamN members Fukumoto Aina and Yamada Nana are.

I wanted to make this one an R-15 at the very least but for some reason I never got there. They are both of age so there was no reason not to but alas…

I guess the next couple will have to do, no matter the circumstances!

AiNa-04 AiNa-03
Yamada Nana (Nana) 19 Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan) 18
AiNa-08 AiNa-07
AiNa-09 AiNa-10

I’ve Got You

A NMB48 Aina/Nana Fan Fic

Takes place during Tropical Valentine. Ai-nyan is there for Nana.

~ # ~

“That’s nice, isn’t it?”

Yamada Nana, eldest member of Team N, at 19 mind you, said in a soft voice to her fellow member with whom she shared the room. The two were currently seated in a couch in a dark room; it was around ten at night, watching some romantic movie when the guy said some lovely words to some crying girl. She had just been dumped by the guy she had had such a huge crush on and as always, her childhood friend, who was secretly in love with her, had been there to pick up the pieces once again.

“What is?”

Fukumoto Aina wondered as she didn’t know exactly what her roommate was referring to. Ai-nyan, as her fellow members called her, despite being very athletic was actually very lady-like. Seeing her the first time you wouldn’t believe her having the inner qualities of a tomboy and it was her cluelessness when it comes to things like romance that led to much amusement and teasing from her friends.

“I mean having someone like that – Someone to always be there for you no matter what.”

“What, you mean like family?”

Nana turned to look to her friend and roommate. She saw the smile on Ai-nyan’s face that informed her she was being teased. Nana playfully elbowed the other girl in her side and they both broke out in soft laughter. After a few moments, they stopped and continued to enjoy the movie. Nana yawned and leaned her head on the taller girl’s shoulder.

“Isn’t it too hot for that?” Aina wondered at the older girl’s action.

“It is hot but…” Nana didn’t finish but didn’t show any plans of moving. Aina still waited for her to continue.

“But…?” She finally asked when she saw the sentence wouldn’t be finishing any time this century.

“I can’t?” Nana asked after she raised her head to stare into the taller girl’s eyes. She tried the pouty face to which Aina sweat-dropped. Nana was just not the cute type.

“I didn’t say that. The heat doesn’t bother me but I know it does you. You haven’t stopped complaining about it the whole trip so far.”

“Oh, well, I can’t stand it but right now, right now it’s okay. So…”

Ai-nyan only shook her head when the other girl didn’t wait for a reply before getting back to leaning her head on her shoulder. She sighed inwardly as she gave her full attention to the TV once more.

Before she knew it, the movie was over and it was almost mid-night. Their manager would be doing rounds on their rooms soon so it would be best for them to go to bed. Aina yawned loudly to alert Nana for her to get her head off her shoulder so she could go prepare for bed herself. There was no reply action from the other girl however. Leaning her head low to take a look at Nana’s face, Aina found that the girl had already fallen asleep.

She sighed.

Turning and using her free arm Aina began to gently shake Nana awake. It didn’t take long for her to wake up which told Aina that it hadn’t been that long since her friend had fallen asleep. Sleepy eyes looked at her in confusion at first, not understanding.

“It’s time to go to bed Nana.” Aina said to the girl gently.

Nana didn’t say anything but just shook her head in understanding. Aina watched her walk to the bathroom then she got up to turn off the TV and set the slightly messy room right again. By the time she was done, Nana had also finished with the bathroom so Ai-nyan went to get prepared her self.

When she was done and came out back to the main room with the bed, she found Nana already sleeping. She was still in the clothes they had been in all day. She even still had on the shoes. Nana shook her head at her elder. She walked over to the side of the bed Nana occupied and once again began to shake her awake.

“Come on Nana, you can’t sleep in these clothes.” Aina tried to speak to the sleepy girl.

Nana only mumbled some un-intelligible spew before she went still again.

“It’s going to be too hot for you in the night and then you will start complaining in the morning.”

“…can’t…too…tired….” Aina had to strain to catch the words. Well, at least Nana was half awake. She couldn’t let her sleep in those clothes though. She might get sick from all the heat in the night not to mention the terrible sweating! Though Aina was a very glad she wasn’t sharing beds with Maa-chun, that girl could make a Guinness World Record for herself in the sweating contest, anyone would sweat in the heat they found themselves in. The days of the past week confirmed that already. It was all Aina could do to not sleep in her under-garments. She didn’t doubt some of the other members were already doing just that.

“You are one lazy girl Nana. If only the other members could see this side of you.”

“I’m…not lazy. Just…tired…”

“Yeah, yeah if you say so” Ai-nyan paused for a moment, thinking, finally she said “Do you want me to help?”

No reply came for a while and Aina wondered whether it was because Nana had fallen asleep again or because of what she had proposed. She was about to give up when Nana finally gave her a ‘go ahead’ with a weak wave of her hand. She went still again soon after.

Nana removed her shoes and stockings then climbed up on the bed. She scooted closer to the sleeping girl near her feet and started with removing the shoes. They didn’t have laces so they were easy enough to get off the warm feet. After that she removed the stockings as well to throw them in the laundry basket.

With the feet done, Aina raised one leg up and over Nana’s own to start on the skirt of their uniform for the day. Having gotten used to it, it took Aina no time in finding the zip she was looking for and it was conveniently at the back and thus easily accessible due to Nana lying on her stomach.

It was when she had pulled the zipper down; saw a flash of white silk that Aina finally understood the situation. She was there, straddling Nana’s legs and doing of all things, the undressing. She blushed slightly at the implication. And as if to make things more awkward, probably thinking Aina was waiting for her to do that at the pause, Nana lifted her butt up in the air with difficulty, to make things easier for Aina to slide the skirts off of her. When she did that, the skirt slid down Nana’s hips on its own and Aina couldn’t help staring at the view of her mature friend’s behind.

She shook her head to clear it of the thoughts as she got back to helping the other girl undress. When she got the piece of cloth down to the knees, Nana fell back down and Aina had to get the skirt off the rest of the way on her own. It wasn’t that difficult a task for the athletic girl and she would have been able to get it passed her hips on her own really but now that she thought about it, Nana’s method was very much preferred.

Aina smacked herself mentally at that thought as she did to the skirt the same thing she had done to the stockings. When she turned back to the sleeping girl to begin on the blouse, Aina had to pause at the sight of other girl laying there on the bed with her lower half only in a pair of silky white panties. And what a pair they were – with the way they perfectly shaped Nana’s butt and the way the tight borders pressed down into the older girl’s smooth skin from the sides and down the insides of the legs to…

The blush that came with that last thought prompted Aina to cover her cheeks and closed her eyes as she tried to fight the things her mind had started cooking up. But when she did close them, the visions became all the clearer so Ai-nyan snapped her eyes open again and decided that continuing on with the task at hand would be the best way to get her mind off the disturbing subject. Doing just that, she crawled farther up on Nana’s body and she was soon kneeling right above Nana’s butt. Aina made sure that their bodies didn’t touch at that junction.

The blouse though was the hard part. The buttons were in the front and Nana was lying face down so Aina first gently took hold of the sleeping girl’s shoulders and turned her to lie on her back just as gently. Nana was already struggling with great difficulty to stay awake and Aina doubted that she could recognise her surroundings anymore. Starting from the bottom-last button, Aina easily un-did the rest and had to fight mentally to prevent her mind from going at it again when she got to the equally bright coloured bra. She dashed her eyes away from that are as fast as possible and looked to the sleepy girl’s face instead.

Nana’s eyes were half open but they didn’t seem to be seeing. Aina took a moment to look into them all the same and after a while she leaned down, snaked a hand between the blouse and Nana’s soft back and with graceful strength lifted Nana’s upper body towards her into some kind of hug. Nana’s head fell back without her master commanding it to stay taught. Aina adjusted her arm so that she could support the head as well lest the other girl get neck problems. She quickly got the left arm free from the blouse then switched and did the same to the right as well. Ai-nyan ignored the heat that came from the body against her own and from Nana’s breathing on her neck.

Not able to stand it, Aina rested the girl back down on the bed. She stood up soon after to place the blouse with the rest soon to be washed clothes and then headed to the wardrobe to get Nana’s one piece night dress. With that in hand she headed back to the bed and climbed up on it once more. Here then came the most difficult part. She knew that Nana slept, not that she had any choice in the place they were in, and in fact she too did the same after all – without bras on. That meant that she had to get Nana’s bra off too before she put the night gown on.

That is why Aina had left that to when she had the gown ready so as to quickly flip it over so she didn’t have to look at Nana’s…Steeling her nerves, Aina purposefully got back in position ready to take on the task. She swallowed down the waters that started building up in the back of her mouth without her consent. Examining the bra, she found that the straps were in the back so more lifting needed to be done. Placing the gown on the side first, Aina uneasily straddled Nana’s waist and gently lifted her up into her arms again in order to gain access to the back straps. She couldn’t see so she felt and after some fumbling about, Aina finally got the thing loose.

Stubbornly pinning her eyes on the wall overhead, Aina laid Nana down on the bed and slowly pulled the bra off and away from the arms. She tossed it in the laundry basket then grabbed for the gown. She paused again. There was no way she would be able to dress Nana up without looking. She had no choice in the matter, right?


With that reasoning in mind, Aina tried her best to look all business-like but there were times that her eyes would dart to those two mounds that seemed to stick out like a full moon in a clear sky. Here was a thing too; Nana was no douche when it came to burst size and seeing them all loose in their naked glory like that…Aina didn’t try to fight an ogle anymore. The deed had already been done so she might as well have a second look, and a third. Taking her time in getting the dress fully on Nana, Aina finally finished the task of changing the older girl into her sleeping gear and then helped her under the covers.

When she was done, Aina sat on her side of the bed with her feet on the floor and her head leaned back, staring at the ceiling designs. She sighed as if she had just completed a very strenuous task. She remained like that, just sitting there, thinking for a while before she too got up and prepared for bed. When she was done, Aina got under the covers on her side of the bed waited for sleep to overtake her. The last thought on her mind was those damned twin peaks of the girl laying just inches from her.


Fukumoto Aina groggily came back to the waking world. She remained still, just staring un-seeing to the heavens for a couple of seconds then blinked and turned to the windows. The curtains were drawn back but there was no light rays streaming into the room. Did she wake up too early? But the curtains were already open so that meant Nana was up and about somewhere. There was another layer that blocked her view of the outside world so she couldn’t clearly see the sky but the sounds from the outside, she could hear. It was pouring and judging from the fact that even through the windows that usually blocked out normal noise she could still hear the rain, it had to be cats and dogs out there. Aina craned her neck to spy the time by the bed to find it was ten minutes more before it was nine in the morning – In other words, way past her waking time. Why hadn’t Nana…?

“Well good morning sleepy head?”

Aina screamed, hit the clock on her side desk that got it ringing loudly which in turn made her jump out of the bed and stand there like one of those girls in horror movies facing the killer. Her eyes were bigger than Nana had ever seen before and the state she was in, standing there with bad bed hair and crooked pyjamas sent Nana into a fit of giggles. She tried to look apologetic when Aina sent her a look.

“Sorry but you make it hard to resist teasing you when you fall for it every time.”

“You will give me a heart attack one of these days. You know how bad a morning person I can be.”

“I doubt it. You probably have ten people’s worth of health.”

“You seriously can’t believe that, can you?”

“From what we’ve seen you do? Only partly…”

Aina sighed then went to sit on the side of the bed.

“Why are you still in bed anyway? You’re usually disturbing the others by now.”

“Hey, I am a responsible adult and it is my duty to look out for my cute young ones and we all know how Saya-nee can be when things aren’t job-related.”

“It doesn’t matter how you think of it, to them you are just a nuisance that robs them of their precious sleep.”

“Pfft, they can sleep when they are retired. Now is no time for sleep.”

“I guess ‘you’ of all people should know.”

Aina couldn’t help but bite.

“Hey, that was totally un-called for. As for your question, as you can see it’s pouring out there and when I went out to ‘wake’ the others, I met a member of staff in the corridors who said that until further notice, the trip is cancelled so we could do whatever the hell we wanted.”

“And they didn’t know it would rain this morning?”

“Apparently the weather here is not so predictable. They were sure it would be cloudy at best.”

“Oh well, no complaining from me” Aina summarised as she went to get back under the warmth of the blankets “time to enjoy some beauty sleep.”

“And you call me lazy” Nana said as she watched her friend settle back down beside her.

“At least I can change out of my own clothes, unlike someone” Ai-nyan batted her eyebrows just above the covers in teasing. Nana immediately coloured at the reminder.

“Hey! I was really tired from the day’s happenings.”

“Yeah, it was chaotic, wasn’t it?”

“But we got through it in the end. It is in our motto after all.”

“It was mainly thanks to you and Sayaka though. You guys were great.”

Aina really meant it. The group had run into some complications right before the performance yesterday and she really doubted that without Nana and their Captain, they would have found a solution to it in time. Though she felt shame for admitting it, Aina too had been at a loss as to what to do. But then out of nowhere, Nana had posed an idea that though had been turned down by the staff, was soon accepted when Sayaka had built up on it. Aina turned onto her side to look into the other girl’s brown orbs.

“I mean it Nana. You were great yesterday. In fact you look pretty cool too.”

Nana avoided eye contact as a blush started to rise on her cheeks once more.

“It’ wasn’t that big a deal really…”

Aina raised a hand to place it on Nana’s visible shoulder. They connected eye to eye again.

“Sure it was, I couldn’t even think of anything at all and never would have come up with that idea. You were really great Nana” She gave the older girl a smile.

“I…Thank you” Nana smiled shyly and looked off to the side.

“No Nana, thank you. I’m really proud to be together with you, all of you in NMB48. I may not be very productive when it comes to mind qualities so I will leave that to you brainy guys. All I can do is being here for you if you need any heavy lifting needing done. So any other time you are too tired to do small things, let me know. Want clothes changed, I will do it. Can’t stand long enough to take a shower, I will help you with that too even the” here she paused and it was her turn to be embarrassed “anything else at all, okay?”

Silent fell after Aina said that. They would try to look to the other but when their eyes would connect, they would just as quickly look away at the same time.

“This is silly. We are turning into Maa-chun and Saya-nee.”

Nana couldn’t help seeing the connection with the past events involving their fellow mates.

“And we are not even in love…”


Ai-nyan peaked over the covers with the eyes and above, the only part of her head showing.

Nana turned and they locked gazes again but this time no one turned away.

“No…we are not…”

Nana replied so softly that it was only thanks to Aina’s close proximity that she was able to hear her.

The two girls remained like that, looking into each other’s eyes with an unidentifiable look whose meaning was known to no one but the two of them.


….The END


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

12 thoughts on “Fic – I’ve Got You [Aina/Nana]

  1. A NMB fanfic with my NMB oshi. Yes, please!

  2. More NMB48 fanfic heaven!!!!!! Yes!!! I loved this storyline and as always, your writing style!!! I hadn’t even considered these two together before, but I’m already converted. Looking forward to whatever the hell you decide to write next!

    Oh, and I’m sure this is just a tiny little typo, but I just thought I’d point out that in your intro you referred to them as ‘Team M members’. Unless they’ve suddenly shuffled the teams without me noticing…

    • Ah thank you Kaiyugyo11 ^^

      Another fan, get!

      I am very glad it was to your liking especially since you weren’t a shipper.

      I am loving NMB48 more and more and I say with confidence that there is going to be more.

      The hardest question is “Who to write next?”

      Hmm, maybe I should shuffle? LOL

      And yeah, that was a typo. Thank you for bringing it to my attention >.<

      • No problem!

        Lol, maybe you should write all the girls’ names on different cards and pick them at random to see if any good pairs turn up by chance. Or any completely weird pairings that you’ve never considered before but would actually enjoy writing. 😛

      • LOL

        But I meant what pair to write, not whom to pair up with.

        I am already passed that stage ^__^

      • Ah, I see. Then, the answer is to write all of them!!!!! Then there’s no problem over which pair, and we get lots of awesome fanfictions to read!!! Winners all round!! 😉

        I’m joking, I understand you’re probably really busy and everything. 😀 Just write whatever inspires you most or something. Anyway, whatever you decide to write, I’m looking forward to it!

      • Somehow I knew you’d go with the ‘write everything’ choice >.<

        Well, this is the year for Fics and NMB48 is squeezing all the love out of me so…

      • BANZAI!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. I loved how you called a 19 yo girl an ‘elder’ LOL… I loved how that girl was fighting ME, khm the pervert 😀 inside her head all the time. I thought that she will take a bite in the end though… At least taste the goodness. *sigh* Oh well… Not everyone is like me… 🙂 Now about this fiction. Redgard… khm regarding to my lack of knowledge about this group I still enjoyed it. Mainly because of what was happening. 🙂 The thing is I can easily turn this into something more… ‘mature’ thing and I don’t even have to change that much as you made so many loose ends with sentences like: “It’s time to go to bed Nana.” – “Together?” LOL 😀 But speaking of mature, how can someone call a 19 yo a mature is beyond me. Anyway this is a good one shot. Not much story in there though but oh well… You don’t always need to have a story anyway.

    • Thanks for reading Kragorin ^^

      I am also glad it was good enough for you, well, somewhat…

      I called her elder, because members make fun of her by calling her an old hag ^^ and because she is the older of the two. Should I have used older girl?

      And Nana is mature for 19. She really is. Ask purekyunkyun

      I wanted to keep this one one simple and it was a extension, somewhat, to Tropical Valentine so simple it was.

      It showed us what we needed to know about the two and how they are with each other without writing up 20000 words any way so…

      or that’s what I hope it did >.<

      If you were serious about going for overkill, go ahead. ^^ You write better heated scenarios than me any how

      • The thing is you don’t have to change anything in it really. It is good just a way it is. But really, calling a “little chicken with still in the egg” a hag? I can understand it with Mayuyu as she is 38 already :D, but 19? These girls needs to be taught some respect! 😀 Not to mention the Nana looks younger then Aina.
        And don’t worry I won’t ‘brake’ this fragile magic you created with this one shot. I don’t even know the girls, there’s no way I can write about them… 🙂

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