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Cracked or Broken [Jiyeon/Areum]



jiyeon areum
Ji-yeon A-reum

Thaaaat’s right Ladies and gentlemen,

A T-ara fan fic!

I sure hope there are no haters here because I don’t wanna go all expendable on you so please keep all ur thoughts to yourselves.

For those who still love T-ara and will still no matter what, like I, and yes Ji-yeon is still my Oshi, I have done a short fic that might be added on later, about Ji-yeon and A-reum.

At first, I was thinking of a Ji-yeon/Dani fic but having seen A-reum already LIVE, twice, she won over Dani. But not to say that route is ruled out…nope! Come December, when Dani comes forth in all her loli-glory, do expect some deflowering…ahem! That came out so wrong!

Also when I began this fic, I had a completely different vision in mind (which included bad bad Ji-yeon and XXX-rated scenes) but as I went along, I opted to keep that out and maybe slot it in in a sequel, if it happens…again we shall see.

So for now…let’s take things slow, ne?

It had been days that she had heard it. Days of sobbing from across the hallway and through her already un-restful slumber. Perhaps the simple fact that in a house of eight, no one had gotten up and try to confront the one that was breaking would have been a sign. Eight friends, with one of them depressed enough to cry so loudly that they could be heard from the disjointed bedrooms and yet Lee A-reum had not seen anyone go to her comfort. At the time she figured that they either didn’t hear the crying due to the distance or they were asleep.

Now though, after seven days spent at some remote mansion that was supposed to be time away from all the chaos that was going on back home, A-reum was going crazy herself, with maddening thoughts. After the last three night’s happenings she felt like she didn’t know of anything after all. True she was just a new member of this Idol group ‘T-ara’, having only officially joined two or so months ago but she figured she had a grasp on all the members. Now though, her mind was filled with doubts. How had she been so stupid? Where was her ‘brilliant’ mind that graduated her in first position at her last school? Where was it last night?

Cracked or…Broken

Black Gekikara

A T-ara Ji-yeon and A-reum Short Fic

A-reum paused on her way to the restrooms. The time was around one o’clock in the morning and everything around them was dead quite. Having left the city life behind to get away from everything, the members of girl group ‘T-ara’ now found themselves far out in the mountains without another home but theirs in sight. A-reum was one of the two latest additions to the group and with only two or so months of acquaintance, she wasn’t that close with any of the regular members for her to think of them as good friends. So you must excuse her for doing nothing all these nights they have spent in this secluded mansion. She watched the door on her side to where she had stopped and stared at it just like the many times before. The designs in the door were becoming too familiar to her mind which told of how closely and how often she had watched that door.

Member Ji-yeon was behind that door. Today too, just like the last few nights A-reum has spent with her, there came sobs from within that were loud enough for A-reum to feel the pain that the other girl was trying to drown out within the tears. It must have been ineffective because nothing had changed since their first night here at this mansion. Being as new to the group as she was, A-reum was not that spiritually affected by the happenings towards them but she most certainly felt a burning anger and deep hatred towards it all. She felt like she was in a soul torture chamber just being within the same room as the other members due to how depressed they all looked these days. Sure being away from everything and the others here seemed to lift their spirits up enough to make some even smile now that they were by themselves but hearing Ji-yeon’s nightly habits, A-reum began to wonder if each member was just putting on face for their fellow mates and went back to feeling anguished whenever they were alone.

The more A-reum thought of her fellow members the more angry she felt towards their fans and their management for failing to protect them. How hard was it to get rid of a stupid rumour? One fucking stupid rumour and everything her Unnies worked for went to hell! Now everyone is afraid to even go out by themselves. To tell the truth, even A-reum herself is scared for her life. Bullying? It made no sense to her whatsoever. Why bully Hwa-young? She wasn’t the newest of the group nor was she lazy. And being bullied by Ji-yeon? Exactly which Ji-yeon were all those so called fans watching? Ji-yeon bullying someone? Please, A-reum would have better chances of doing that than her. For crying out loud the girl approached several characteristic sports just so she could build up confidence but A-reum guessed these…*snickers*…fans missed that in their memo!

The darkness and silence broke her from her inner wreak only for A-reum to find that she had somehow, without her knowledge, walked towards the door, placed her hand on the knob, pushed the door open and now stood inside Ji-yeon’s threshold. The sobs had stopped and so had everything else. All that could be heard was A-reum’s blood pumping in her veins! She froze after the realisation hit her! How rude she was – letting herself in her senior’s room without permission! It was also such a delicate time for Ji-yeon who should be allowed some alone time but what had A-reum gone and done?!

She closed her eyes and prepared her heart for the inevitable scolding. She waited and waited. She waited some more. Only silence was her reply so she chanced a cracked eye. Having adjusted to the darkness and with some light from the corridor helping, A-reum could see her way to the bed where she expected those devilish eyes to be burning right back into her very soul. There was nothing of that sort. All she saw was a bundle of sheets and blankets protectively tucked underneath a mass that was Ji-yeon.

A-reum started having a battle with herself of whether to just turn around and leave or stay and face the music. There was no way she hadn’t been made. With the sudden silence, she knew Ji-yeon was aware of her though whether she knew it was A-reum was up for debate. So she could just turn around and stalk her way out and come next morning, she can deny anything to do with this moment. In fact she was leaning closer towards that decision when her mind finally caught up with the scene before her. How could she leave at seeing such a pathetic scene? How was she to face Ji-yeon the next day, hear her cry once more in the night and live with herself knowing that she could have done something right now yet she did not! What if this was the first and last chance she got to help her Unnie? Though she doubted Ji-yeon would fall so low as to off herself, those things only happened on TV, right? But who was to say for sure? A-reum hadn’t heard of such a reaction towards entertainers before too so who was to say what would happen and wouldn’t?

A-reum made up her mind and as softly as she could, she closed the door behind herself and in turn, bathing the room in darkness once again. Seeing that she couldn’t build up any more courage, she decided it was do or die so she moved the first foot in front of the other and is she was walking on a wire high above a pit of molten lava, A-reum made her way towards the single bed in the room. Using her moving feet as a distraction, A-reum cursed herself when in no time she could move no more. Her shins were already up and personal against the side of the westernised bed.

Only silence was the reply from the girl lying in the bed before A-reum.

A-reum gave both of them a minute of decision making before she let herself sit on the side of the bed as softly as she could. When there was no reaction still, A-reum smoothly felt for the cover edges and gently tugged them from beneath Ji-yeon. At first she was met with resistance when nothing barged. She knew her Unnie was holding onto them from beneath so A-reum did not try again. She thought about something before she leaned down to where she presumed Ji-yeon’s head to be and whispered to her.

“Ji-yeon Unnie..?”

There was no reply but A-reum didn’t let that concern her. Instead she tried again to pull at the covers and this time, just like she had hoped, they easily came free. There was enough free space for the bed having been a double so it was not hustle for A-reum to comfortably get in besides Ji-yeon. When she was comfortable, A-reum decided to do nothing for a while but lie on her back and stare up at the nothing celling. Her ears she left attentive though. She wasn’t completely sure if it was because of that or because Ji-yeon had finally given up on the deception but sibs and hiccups, though constrained, reached A-reum’s ear-drums as plain as music. The intervals began to lessen in time while the volume picked up and soon Ji-yeon was crying out loud again. A-reum was starting to get uncomfortable and her being screaming at her to do something, anything but the decision was made for her when right at that moment, the other girl surprised her by turning so fast then awkwardly hold A-reum in a death grip of a hug in what seemed like a flash of a second.

To describe the hold one has to think of a tree bulk and a large snake coiled around it because that was how the moment felt to A-reum with her hands and arms pinned to her sides by Ji-yeon’s arms and torso and her legs locked in place by Ji-yeon’s own. Feeling that her Unnie might be uncomfortable with the way her shoulder dug into her neck and her arm into Ji-yeon’s torso, A-reum waited only a minute or two of familiarity before she slowly and with intent, adjusted them a little so that Ji-yeon’s right arm that was under her back was now at her neck-line, her shoulder she planted in the softness of the bed so that Ji-yeon now rested hers just below her breastbone and A-reum’s own arm behind Ji-yeon’s back and holding her tightly against herself. The legs she left as they were. With the both of them now more comfortable, A-reum let Ji-yeon cry herself out until they were back to hiccups and sad wet breaths.

A-reum felt wetness all around the place hear Ji-yeon’s head and knew her nighties were soaked through but she didn’t mind it one bit. Besides, she did not know when it had started but she felt the wetness of her eyes and the trails of her own tears on her skin. Time passed in tears and soon silence returned to the room. Feeling the loosening of Ji-yeon’s hold on her, A-reum took that as a sign to let go but she soon got a shock to her system which froze her in her tracks. The feeling came again and this time it was A-reum’s turn to hold onto Ji-yeon for dear life.

Ji-yeon had just nibbled on the skin over her breastbone…twice.

A-reum held her breath in the searing silence which was broken only by her drumming heart that was for sure heard by the other girl too. She dared not do or say a thing so A-reum just held frozen still. That was perhaps the wrong decision because the next contact of wet lips was a great distance from before – right on her throat. Ji-yeon’s traces tickled A-reum’s nose but she dared not sneeze so after a magical whiff of her Unnie’s natural scent, A-reum held her breathing, which prompted her to swallow and in doing so felt the warm sleekness of Ji-yeon’s mouth and tongue as they slid against her throat.

What was happening?

A-reum’s heart was working overtime and pumping unneeded blood into her brain which didn’t help matters any. She could only sense the movement as Ji-yeon adjusted and was now almost on top of her before she placed another strange kiss/suck over the main vein on her ride side of the neck. A-reum was starting to feel strange and yet she did not understand what the hell was happening. Her mind only started to catch up with the situation when she felt her legs being let free (at last) before Ji-yeon took the one that was on top and wedged it in between A-reum’s. The wet slurp that began from her neck, went over her jawline and up towards her right eye settled the deal at last. The panic set in.

“O-Unnie…What are yo-?”

Her whispered question was stopped in her throat by a kiss that seemed to suggest for her to shut her damn mouth or…Not that A-reum would have done otherwise. That kiss was unlike anything she had felt before. It was as if there was a chemical transferred through it that made her nerves go completely haywire and shut down her brain because A-reum could think, do, feel nothing but that…that…

After what must definitely have been forever, A-reum came back to herself only to find that she was no longer being kissed. Though she could see nothing in the darkness around them, her eyes were forced open wide as if to see what was happening. She did not see but felt Ji-yeon straddling her stomach with both hands planted on either side of her face and A-reum felt that searing gaze upon her – studying her, dissecting her and totally burning her soul to a crisp. A-reum wished she could see that face right then. She wished she had gotten the chance to see a Ji-yeon that no one had seen before, she was sure. And yet A-reum could not help but wonder if she was deserving of such a sight. Would she be strong enough to hold the emotions within those eyes that were branded the Devil’s name? It felt like she was being judged too right then as Ji-yeon looked down at her. She just hoped the other girl would find enough to get her to lose some of the pain, at least for this once.

When a hand rested on her wet cheek, it was then that A-reum realised she had tears flowing out of her eyes. At the feel of the soft touch A-reum began to let lose the emotions that had been building up all throughout this fiasco. She was scared but mostly frustrated with everything. Her manager kept telling her that she need not have to worry but she was a member of T-ara and if her Unnies were to break down the group would also break. Her long awaited ream of being an Idol would have lasted only two months and a few days without an album or even a single with her name. Just thinking of the thinks she read in the papers and online about T-ara…

She let herself go and pour out her heart too. It seemed that all these nights of wandering was not only because of Ji-yeon’s restlessness but her need for comfort as well. For what seemed like hours, A-reum sobbed and Ji-yeon caressed her face with so much care…so much loving that A-reum could do nothing but cry harder at the prospect of anyone calling such a girl a bully. A-reum couldn’t even begin to think of what was going on through Ji-yeon’s mind at having all those people she had thought of her fans, people whom she got confidence and support from before simply go and turn against her at a passing rumour that was as ridiculous as to imply that she was bullying one of the members she was closest to. How A-reum wished she could make her Unnie feel better!

What happened next was the opposite of what she wanted as Ji-yeon lifted her upper body up gently to hold her in an embrace of comfort. It was Ji-yeon doing the comforting instead of A-reum. This of course made the tears flow harder which prompted back-caressing from Ji-yeon and some whispered singing of a familiar tune. The relaxing effect both actions had on her were strong enough to make the crying stop and A-reum went completely slack within Ji-yeon’s arms. The older girl lowered them both down while still in their embrace once again but while before Ji-yeon was seeking comfort, this time she was giving more than receiving. She re-adjusted the covers over them and when they were comfortable, for the first and last time that night, Ji-yeon spoke…

“It’s okay…I’m here, we are all here.” The soft voice was enchanting in her ear. “T-ara is only cracked not broken and even if it was, cracked or broken things can be repaired.”

A-reum didn’t know what to say to that. She had come to this room with the intention of cheering her Unnie up but the opposite had happened.


The only reply was a squeeze in the embrace so A-reum took it as the end of that conversation. She had a sudden panic in the silence that followed though, thinking that they might be back to the strange happenings just a few minutes before but Ji-yeon did nothing else but hold her. A-reum soon heard and felt the even breathing on her cheek so she knew that the other girl had fallen asleep. She lay there un-moving as she thought through all that has transpired since she found herself once again outside her Unnie’s door. Something had happened alright but what?

Not having the energy to work her brain for an answer, A-reum decided to leave that for the next day and have some much needed sleep. She found it came much easier than the last couple of nights.


…The END…?…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “Cracked or Broken [Jiyeon/Areum]

  1. Like it… Really ! =)
    It’s a very cute one-shot and I have never imagined Areum and Jiyeon together ! Good idea ! =D
    And hope members of T-ara are alright…

  2. the pic…nice2x..I totally love it!!! for quite a long time not reading a fanfic..especially involving t-ara.. XD..thx a lot..it make my day..

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