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Fic – Mielino Kashiwagi SP [Yukirin/Rena]


mielino kashiwagi special


Still watching Mielino but I just finished Magical Radio 3 and Rena’s stress levels there with her inability to land a guy for some reason just rubbed me until I connected the dots.

How about Mielino Kashiwagi, with her powers, helps her out to find her soul mate?

Mielino Kashiwagi Special

Black Gekikara

A Mielino Kashiwagi x SKE48 no Magical Radio crossover Yuki/Rena Fan Fic

Love-Not Consultancy Agency gets a special customer from Nagoya


Just like so many times before my day begins with stalking our target in our not so spy-like mini car. With the amount of stalking we do I am surprised we haven’t been arrested yet. Since we have been sitting here for like, the last three hours doing nothing but waiting, I look around the tiny car in boredom. Beside myself to my right and behind the wheel sits one of the two partners in crime – Konno Hiroki. He is so tiny and incredibly annoying that I could crush him in the palm of my hand. I guess I must have been frowning because he looked at me with this look before carefully stating…

“What’s with you Kashiwagi? You have been acting…strange ever since…”

He trailed off after I give him a look daring him to finish that thought.

“…Ever since this new customer walked into the shop.”

I turned to look in the back of the mini where my other partner, who had finished for Konno was sitting. He had on a pair of glasses and he never went a fashion without a high neck. His name was Sano Shiro and if anyone saw the both of us together, they would probably think we were father and daughter. That did not mean that he was spared from my glares!

“I mean sure she wasn’t the nicest of customers but the way you are acting in reaction to her is kind of…out of character for you!”

I turned back around and tried to ignore these two guys who saw it fit to interfere in my life at every opportune.

“You know, there is a simple cure to all this stress.”

I grumbled and tried not to face palm because I knew exactly where this was going.

“Ideal wife types like yourself are usually married by the time they are your age but look at you, not even a boyfriend.”

I knew it!

“Gah! Why is it that everyone know is either trying to teach me the ways of love or trying to set me up? Is that all life’s about?”

“We just want wha…”

“What’s best for me, yes, yes but do you ever consider what I want?”

Silence followed after that and I almost sighed in relief at the much needed peace of mind. I knew that these two best friends of mine meant well but really, sometimes they were just too much.

I focused my attention to the tall building to the right of us. A radio tower stood right behind it. This was the Nagoya Radio Station at which our latest customer was working at. As if on cue, said customer exited said building at that exact moment and upon seeing her, I couldn’t help the scowl that evaded my features.

“There she is, Matsuo? Manatsu..?”

“Matsui. Matsui Rena”

I corrected Konno. God, the best he could do was remember our customers’ names at the very least.

“She does not look very pleased.”

Show some gratitude you little…

“That means that mystery man is in there then. We should get moving.”

Finally! I was starting to go crazy waiting here after driving miles from Tokyo just to wait in the car for hours still. The faster we do this, the faster I can get back home and forget about ‘her’.


A day ago…

With no customers at this time of the day, I decide to sort out my working area behind the bar and polish some glasses to pass the time. The boys aren’t helping of course, not that I expect anything from them. They are having a game of chess and argue from now and then about none related topics. Even with my boredom I give up on following their conversations.

I look up and towards the entrance when the bells jingles signalling the arrival of a customer, hopefully. I am itching to do something right now. Then the most interesting thing happens. As if in a scene from one of those cheesy movies, once the door is fully opened, I see nothing but blinding light and then slowly but surely a silhouette begins to appear. At first it was all screwy and I am reminded of a scene from X-Files but then instead of a super-sized head on a slim body, a figure of a young woman, very probably my age, is revealed.

I am pretty sure my face was one for the books at the moment as I looked upon her. As if she was sensing my stare, the young woman turns and looks at me. Our eyes meet. She frowns. I suddenly feel the urge to be very mean to her and decide to scowl back, only to find that I was already doing that. She was frowning back because I was scowling at her first. This sudden feeling of wanting to be very mean at a complete stranger shocks me. I turn away from her feeling ashamed.

“Is there a Mielino Kashiwagi here?”

The girl asks with her frown still in place. She has directed the question at the boys, probably fed up with me already. I mean I would be too if a stranger just out and scowled at me for no reason.

“Hello and welcome. Mielino Kashiwagi is the name of our agency but this is Kashiwagi Yuki. My name is Sano Shiro and this here is Konno Hiroki. Please take a seat.”

The young woman spares me a quick glance before she moves on forward, the door clicking in place behind her and she takes the offered seat. Konno takes a seat opposite her while Sano stands by her side.

“Would you like anything to drink? You look tired.”

“Yes thank you. Water on ice please.”

I don’t wait for Sano to relay the message before I grab a glass, drop a few cubes in and offer it with an opened small bottle of sparkling water. Sano places it in front of the young woman and takes a seat at the bar top as usual. We wait for her to take a few seeps and when she seems relaxed a little, Konno starts the conversation.

“So, how can we be of help Miss…er…”

“Matsui Rena. I heard that you people help in break-ups, right?”

“Something like that, yes.”

“Good, because I wouldn’t like to think that I travelled all the way from Nagoya for nothing.”

I snickered at that.

‘And that would be our problem, how?’


The woman is looking up at me with that displeased look on her face.

Oops, did I say that out loud? I turn my attention to the glass I am polishing to its atoms.

“Really? We have never gotten a customer from other prefectures before. What brings you then all the way here Miss Matsui?”

“I need help breaking up with some…one for good.”

You don’t say…

“We have both been through a lot. We came from nothing and built ourselves to where we are right now. I have never loved anything or anyone as much. But for a couple of months now, I have come to realise that we have come to a standstill where we are no longer helping each other progress but are instead stagnating one another.”

Konno nodded, looking to all the world like he was digesting all that when he was all face.

The woman paused to take another sip of her water before she continued.

“”I have tried so hard a couple of times to walk away but I always find myself coming back.”


“Look Miss, do you have a problem with me or something?”

Damn it, I did it again. What’s happening to me? I look at the woman who is starting to have some hate in her gaze towards me. That somehow makes me angrier…

“From what you said, what’s stopping you from going back to him even after we interfere?”

She smirked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Isn’t that what you are supposed to make sure doesn’t happen?”

Oh now you’ve done it!

“Why you I-…”

“S, you basically want us to make sure you fully break up with this guy without a possibility of you two getting back together?”

I was cut off by Konno. I sent him a heated glare which he totally ignored. The little…

“Exactly. So, will you do it?”

“Of course Miss Matsui. You did read our guidelines…”

He left the thought to slither.

“Half payment now and the rest after the job is done, right?”

And with that, she reached into her purse and produced a brown envelope that was sure to have the cash in it.

“We fully accept your request Matsui-san. We will be done in less than a week, at which point we will contact you again.”

The woman looked surprised.

“In less than a week?”

“Of course! We might contact before in case we need more information so please expect a call from us.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank us yet Matsui-san, the job hasn’t been done yet.”

Konno and Sano said their goodbyes to the woman and she soon left. The silence that followed told me I was the centre of attention and I tried very hard to ignore them.

“Geeze Kashiwagi, what’s with you? You’ve never acted like this before!”

“I just don’t like her, okay?”

They look at each other, then at me like I was an alien.

“Like? You don’t even know her!”

“Just…just drop it, okay?”


And so we find ourselves making our way to Matsui-san’s place of work – Nagoya radio station.

“My name is Sano Shiro. I have an appointment for 2o’clock.”

Sano says to the guard when we get to the reception. He hands us three passes after looking through the records for confirmation.

“Take the lifts at the end of this corridor to the third floor. You will be at the third door from the lifts.”

Sano thanks him and we make our way to the lifts. Sano distributes the passes and I waste no time in hanging mine over my neck, smoothing out my hair after wards. On our way up I try to come up with ways of handling the problem at hand in case things don’t go as planned. Things rarely don’t go as planned but I always think of the what-ifs.

No more than three minutes later, we find ourselves standing in the middle of what looks like anything at all but a radio station booth. It looked more like a small house than what it actually was supposed to be. The recording side,, which was supposed to be the plainest of all, was actually the biggest room and it looked more like a living room than a normal recording room. There were sofas, music instruments (what were those doing in there any way) a big television, that was on at the moment, and the walls were…oh God the walls…

There was some kind of soap show on the screen with two females arguing back and forth and all present were fully engrossed in it that they did not even notice us entering. There were a total of 8 people, with only two of them being men. And boy how the two contrasted. One was almost as small, if not smaller than Konno while the other was way bigger than normal. Only one of the girls looked mature while the other looked like they were still in high school though from experience I try to have an open mind. They might be in their twenties for all their small stature.

I clear my throat and look to my colleagues to get things started. They too seemed to be taken aback by the state of the studio they we found ourselves in. This was more like a home than a place of work and for the moment I wondered if we were in the wrong place…

Konno clears his throat loud enough to be heard over the sound from the TV. Everybody jumps in their seats and some fall all over themselves.

I try not to snicker.

“Who are you people?” The big man asks. Then his eyes grow fearful as he continues “You are not from the revenue office, right?”

I raise an eyebrow at him as he slowly back away towards the door. He seemed like a funny guy.

“We are from Tokyo here on business through Matsui Rena-san. You do know of whom I speak?”

“Well yeah but if it’s her you are looking for, you just missed her by a few minutes.”

It was the other small guy who answered Konno.

“No, that’s alright. We are here to see someone else, a Mister…”

He stopped. Then turned to us with confused look on his tiny face. He raised his hand is a gesture of whispering as he asked in low tones.

“What was the guy’s name again?”

We just looked back at him with blank looks. No name came up to my mind when I thought back at the conversation in the shop back home. I didn’t remember Matsui-san mentioning a name. Actually she did not mention anything of particular to the guy she was to break up with.

“She did not mention any names now that I recall.”

Sano supplied as he scratched his chin in deep thoughts.

“Really? How did we miss that?”

He turned back around to address the family. Well, they really looked like a family with the difference in ages and size and behaviour. They looked so care-free I almost envied them.

“Um, this might sound rude but is anyone here, or do you anyone who is dating Matsui-san?”

Silence fell. It was so deadly I had to blink because I thought my vision was going black too in reaction.

Then the silence was cut like hot knife in butter when everybody but us three burst into uncontrollable laughter. I covered my ears to block out the high-pitched voices that grated on my nerves harder than they should. What was so funny?

We waited them to get back to their senses which thankfully didn’t take that long.

“Re-Rena-san with a boyfriend?”

It was the girl with a badge that read ‘Personality – Takanagi Akane’ who spoke. Well, tried to anyway because she went back to rolling on the floor soon afterwards.

“Oh-Oh, I haven’t laughed this much in while. Thank you for that guys.”

The big guy had given up on his escape plan it seemed. Konno turned to him.

“Are you saying that Matsui-san isn’t in any kind of relationship?”

The man stared at us like we were crazy. Him – staring at us!

“Guys, let me just let you in on a little secret, okay? ‘Rena’ and ‘Relationship’ are two words that should never, have never, will never be used in the same sentence!”

He actually said that with a serious face. I had a fleeting thought of him being the guy and maybe they broke up and he has a grudge now but somehow, I just didn’t see it. No matter how bad she was I didn’t think she was this bad. And speaking of her…

“When I get my hands around that scrawny neck of hers I’m gonna…”

“Calm down Kashiwagi, there’s got to be an explanation for this.”

Explanation? What explanation? That little…She played us!

“Well, you can stay here and get all the explanations you need. I’m heading back home!”

I blocked out all their arguments as I left that place and banged the door for good measure. I was so pissed off and I did not even know why.

“I need a coffee. No, make that triple espresso.”

I did just that as soon as I left the building, heading to the nearest café I had spied earlier as we waited in the car and after getting my punch for the road, I headed for the train station to head back to the office in Tokyo.

I was so done with this Matsui Rena and I hoped the guys would finish things up on their own so I would not have to see her again, though I knew chances of that actually happening were slim to none.

Though to their credit, they actually managed to spend close to seven hours before contacting me. By then I was already at the shop and we had opened for the nightly business with a few guests already occupying the bar and sitting areas enjoying a few drinks after a hard day’s work. I loved closer to the assistant barman Jin so he could hear me over the loud music and informed him that I had to leave for a while to take a phone call. After that I grabbed my jacket off the stand and put it on then headed for the exit as I brought the phone up to my ear.

“Hey, you, what’s up?”


As I stood at the intersection where we were supposed to meet, my phones goes off signalling an incoming call. My hand having been over it in my pocket due to the cold weather, I easily pull it out and without even looking I know who it’s from.

“Okay, we got a hold of Matsui-san and she agreed to meet to do the…thing”

It was Konno.

“We are coming over now.”

Yay. I can’t say I was looking forward to the ordeal. Those two had to super convince me to go through with this in the first place. It turned out that Matsui-san had not been talking about breaking up with a person but rather with the station.

I know~

She apparently did not feel that the place would survive much longer at the rate it was going and though she had tried to shut it down through, schemes before, she always found herself letting it run on a bit longer due to something happening thanks to the people who work there that had come to grow very close.

I had to admit that even through that short time I saw them, they did seem happy and it would have been really inhumane to simply break that up. I guess she wasn’t so bad that way? Feh, yeah right?

Sano had suggested that since they were not getting pressured by the broadcasting services Matsui-san might as well leave them be and if she felt tied down by the station, she should maybe consider handing it over to them and then she can focus on her own life thereafter.

It had taken time to convince Matsui-san it seemed but she had caved when the love-life bomb was dropped.

Why is it that every woman always caves when romance is involved? I don’t get it! Perhaps I will never get it. But then what does that make me?

Which brings me to the here and now. They are brining Matsui-san over so I may help her in search for romance by sneaking into her future love life. Or the possibilities of her love lives.

“Just please behave yourself, okay?”

He whispered that part out probably so that ‘she’ wouldn’t hear him.

“Yeah, yeah, just get over here already. I am freezing to the bone.”

I cut the call after that because I wanted to return my hand in the warm pockets of my coat as soon as possible. Then it was back to waiting and as I waited I couldn’t help my thoughts going back over to ‘her’. Everything about this Matsui Rena was rubbing me the wrong way. I am aware I was probably coming off as foolish to those two but I just couldn’t help it. And now to think that I was going be seeing into her personal future…

Alright, I can be mature about this. There is no need to get worked up over one person like this. There has to be an explanation for all this. Maybe I would even find clues into her future? Darn it, the faster I get done with this assignment the better. I have a feeling that if I got exposed to this woman any more than necessary I will…

Okay Yuki, just stop! Forget about her. Think about something else. Think about…A mole under the right eye. Perfect teeth under a robotic smile. Deceptively wide hips for that age…Dark brown eyes that leave nothing hidden when they look up at me…

A smile and a contended sigh escape with all my consent. Those were the days…And suddenly, I feel almost too heavy to stand up straight. One would think I should have been used to the flow of emotions that accompanied thought of those days long gone by.

No, I will not let myself cry ever again. I swore to her and to myself.


“Are you okay Kashiwagi?”

Huh? Wha…?


I suddenly realise that I am no longer alone but three other people stand before me. Konno is looking at me like I am a very sick person almost going to keel over. His pitying eyes snap me back to my senses. I hate it when he does that. Even Sano has this look in his eye when I turn to him.

“It’s nothing. Let’s just do this so I can get back to my warm home.”

I move towards Matsui-san who hasn’t said a thing at all. She also has this look on her face that I haven’t seen before. I choose to ignore it as I extend my hand towards her. She looks down at it in confusion then meets our eyes again with her brows knit together.

“Give me your hand. This needs contact to work.”

“Wait, you are really serious about this?”

“Yes! Now give me your hand.”

My patience was leaving me. Thankfully she extended her hand and I reached the few centimetres more to grasp in with my own. The first thought that entered my mind upon contact was how delicate her fingers felt within mine. She felt as delicate as she looked.

Then the usual euphoria that accompanied the visions hit and my hand’s grip tightened a little bit. I might have heard her wince but I was by now too far gone to care about what went on in the real world for now I found myself in an ethereal place.

Everything around her smelled like flowers and only one thing…or one person filled her vision. Sounds of wedding bells were all that could be heard. They did not sound far away or close by but just there. The person before her, or at least she hoped it was a person, was covered from top to…bottom in white silks, cottons and nets. It was obviously a bride to be and this was a wedding.

What bothers me though is the fact that I am in first person seat. I shouldn’t be here. I should be off to the side watching this bride, who obviously had to be Matsui-san, get married to this mystery man. I am supposed to see who it is so that I can lay out the best possible route for them to meet but this…

I look down to test my hands and see if I was in control. I find my hands are already full holding those of the brides’. I almost do a double take when I find that I am not inhabiting the groom’s body as I initial thought I might be but rather that I too was almost as identically dressed.

I was myself!

I was myself (There is no mistaking my link even in all the silk) and I was dressed up in a wedding dress too.

I was getting married to…


Suddenly shaking to the core, I reach up to pull back the veil of this person in front of me. I have to see it to believe it.

I take a hold of the veil and the ends and gently, with so much fear that I’ve never felt before, I pull the veil up and over this mysterious bride’s head.

I freeze as soon as I see her face. Her eyes stay closed until the veil is fully out of her face, her shiny forehead fully exposed, then she slowly opens her eyes and I am hit with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Her eyes, her mouth, her ears, her every core seems to have come together to deliver that smile and I can’t do a thing but just stare…and shake and…crack.


The illusion is shattered and just like that, I am back into the real world. I had closed my eyes at some point because when I open them, I am bombarded with the face from the illusion, only this was no illusion.

“No! No! No!”

I literally fall on my butt as try to back away as quickly as I possibly can.

“Wh-what’s wrong Kashiwagi? What did you see?”

I look up at Sano with my mouth hanging open. I almost spill but then I catch myself in time. This can’t be real.

“I-I don’t feel very well is all. I, I have to go.”

I get to my feet quickly and run.


But I don’t wait for anything. I run and run and run as fast as my legs can carry me. I ran and run until I am inside my apartment, lock my door, fall into bed and just lay there. For minutes I lay there, hours, maybe even days, I can’t be sure.

It might have been because Konno and Sano might have dropped by after their calls going un-answered. There visits were given the same reception. Idiots! They think I was too bothered to answer a simple phone call but it would be easy getting up and opening the door for them?!

And so it might have been days that I simply lay there in the darkness of my bedroom, on top of my bed, ignoring anything and nothing at the same time because my mind never settled.

I thought and thought and thought and thought some more until my brain felt like it was going to burst open in the sheer noise of thoughts running through it.

Finally, after Lord knows how long, I forced my body into a sitting position. The amount of protest it presented at the movement told me how long I must have been laying there. My joints cracked as I stretched to dig my phone from my coat. The light from it after I pressed the power button was too much and I had to lean away from it for a moment.

When my eyes adjusted, I ignored the missed calls and messages and searched through my contact for a certain number. As brought the phone up to my ear after it started ringing, I realised what time it was and let out a curse. But I was not going to stop now. This had to be done, like, right now before if I am to wait I…

There is a click and the ringing stops which tells me that the end of the line has been picked up.


A groggy and lost voice comes through the line.

“Um, hello….This is…” I pause to clear my throat as my voice too seems to have taken a break on me. Once I’m good enough I continue “This is Kashiwagi Yuki of Mielino Agency. Sorry to call you so late. Um, were you sleeping?”

There is a pause on the other side, probably trying to understand my change in behaviour.

“Well, I was before you woke me up. It’s…” a pause as she probably searches for the time “It’s 1 in the morning you know! What is so important that it couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”

She sounds more awake now at least. And is that curiosity I detect in her voice?

“Um, well, that is…um…”

Ooh boy, this is turning out to be harder than I thought it would be.


I breathe in and out and let everything out in one single breath.



…. THE END ….

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “Fic – Mielino Kashiwagi SP [Yukirin/Rena]

  1. Am I the fastest reader of what?
    Actually I stopped by my tumblr to post something before I decided to come here.

    If I want to be honest with you I wouldn’t give you too high score for this… The reason behind that would be: “It ends where it should’ve started…”

    But I won’t go that hard on you… (You are not Shiro :P)



    Let’s begin the gozaimasu! I have some highlights I liked in this. But before that I’ll tell you that you managed to capture the Mielino Kashiwagi’s Yuki character just fine. I am such Hippocratic right now, I’m surprised that my ceiling didn’t fall onto me yet. 😛 I only watched 2 eps of that show… I’ll take it slow…

    But let’s get back to this plot. I couldn’t help but laugh at this line: “Ideal wife types like yourself are usually married by the time they are your age but look at you, not even a boyfriend.” Ideal wife types… and that Yuki from the show somehow doesn’t match to me… 😀

    Also there was this line: “There she is, Matsuo? Manatsu..?” I see what you did there! 🙂

    But I was halfway through when I realized that this is not about the REAL Matsui Rena, but about the other one from Magical Radio… It was that “family” scene when I realized that this is a crossover… LOL

    And finally this line came into the play: “I freeze as soon as I see her face. Her eyes stay closed until the veil is fully out of her face, her shiny forehead fully exposed…” Odeko FTW… I couldn’t help but imagine that “Kuro-chan?” guy. 😀

    Anyway a nice crossover this was but… Is this really it’s end? I hope not… I don’t want to be mean to you, I really don’t…

    Okay, I’ll cut the lines here. Technically the story is okay so far.

    Ijou, Kragorin deshita.

    • Shouldn’t I be given credit for pulling that off then? Ending the Fic where it’s supposed to start, I mean.

      As to this, I will just use one of the usual excuses, which is the rules of writing, at least on the list that I have, which states

      – Always leave your audience wanting more.

      Or something along those lines…^^

      And how did you miss that this was a crossover?! It’s mentioned twice before the fic even ebigns! But of course you jumped right over my comments, didn’t you -_-

      Indeed, this would leave people who haven’t seen Mielino quite out of the water because even that last line itself is a reference to the series itself.

      And I hope you got it too, you did, right? I hope you did. Other wise my ending wouldn’t be that unappreciated, which it seems isn’t which means you did not get it.


      But I will always rely on you so thanks for reading…

      • I actually read your comments before the story. But my brain decided to not register them for some reason… Strange, but it happens time to time.

        About the last line I’m actually quite foggy… I fear I couldn’t catch that. I only watched 2 episodes! from it so far.I watched the first one when I came out, then the second one just today, so yeah… No chance for me catching any references. Sorry. (This is why I said I am a bit hypocrite… with a bad typo. LOL ) I need to catch up on this drama but I don’t want to do marathon. That way it could turn into a nice blurry mess in the end in my head and I definitely don’t want that to happen.

        So yeah…

      • Actually, that was in episode one during Akip and Yukirin’s convo.

        He was testing her knowledge about relationships and asked her what she would do if someone called her up at 1am and asked her to go watch the sea with them.

        Oh well…

      • Well it was aprox. 6 month ago when I saw that ep, so… yeah..

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