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Tropical Valentine [END]


And dear Readers, here is the last part of my first NMB48 fan fic.

I don’t know why but despite it being the longest thus far, this chapter came off as short while I read through it. I wonder why. I hope this won’t make it feel like an unsatisfying end.

Oh well, we can’t all be perfect can we…^^

Saya-nee (Yamamoto Sayaka)

Maa-chun (Ogasawara Mayu)

Go on then…

Tropical Valentine

A NMB48 Maa-chun & Saya-nee Fan Fic

~ Part 4 (END) ~


“I am so looking forward to the party.”

Ogasawara Mayu said as she made her way through the hotel corridor. On her right walked fellow NMB48 Team N member Rika-nyan, Kishino Rika. They had just finished a LIVE performance a few hours ago and Maa-chun and Rika-nyan were on their way back from the cafeteria for some much needed energy refill. It wasn’t unusual for these two to be the last to leave the dining rooms as they were well known for their appetites which were at their worst especially after concerts.

“I am too. Just thinking about the delicious food choices is making me hungry already.”

“Well, just because we are in the country of cocoa doesn’t mean you can eat all the chocolates you want. At this rate we will have to book you your own flight back home.”

“Hey, that’s rude! Besides, I am just healthy.”

“Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that, fatty.”

Indeed. The girls were now somewhere near south East of Africa. In Ghana to be exact and upon the pressing and whining, the management had agreed to take the girls visiting at least one of the chocolate factories. That was yesterday. But they hadn’t gotten their wish granted that easily as they had to suffer hours of driving through the Digya National park before they got their chocolate factory adventure. Needless to say, yesterday had to be the most fun any one of them had had so far on the tour. To Maa-chun this tour felt like personal entertainment than work and she just knew things would be even more fun in the days to come.

“”Well you are no better off than I am. One of these days the management will send you to a clinic for some much needed butt reduction.”

“Oh please, my ass is fine and you know it.”

Maa-chun giggled her ass teasingly at Rika-nyan as if to prove her point. The other girl turned away with her nose pointed high not ready to show that she had been defeated. Maa-chun only laughed at the action and turned her attention to the door she was now standing beside. They were staying in some 4star hotel called Find Oak or Fine Oak or something. She was once again sharing a room with Sayaka. And there were no surprises in that at all, nope. Rika-nyan paused as if she waited for Maa-chun to enter first before she left for her and Yuppi’s room but when she saw ‘it’-‘them’, she came closer into the other girls’ room.

“What the…?”

Maa-chun was speechless. Beyond the door frame was a rose, no, a bunch of roses. They were laid out in a pattern that led farther into the room and to the bed. Maa-chun, fascinated, left the door ajar and didn’t even pay any attention to a squealing Rika-nyan as she traced the pattern farther inside. Three meters and more roses diverged from the straight line which first confused Maa-chun so she decided to leave it for now and continue following the straight line.

The bed was completely covered in roses of different colours. In the middle of the twin bed sat one Yamamoto Sayaka and it was in seeing her there that Maa-chun finally connected the dots. The roses were laid out in form of a giant rose from whose petals sprouted Saya-nee. Maa-chun blinked and blinked some more trying to understand exactly what she was seeing. She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Maa-chun.”

Sayaka declared in a sexy voice. She was trying to put on a seductive pose but her resolve was weakening with every second of silence that followed. She was very glad to have her attention turned to the un-expected guest.

“Oh my God! You didn’t…She didn’t!”

Rika-nyan said as she looked from Sayaka to Mayu and then again from the one to the other. When nobody acknowledged her presence, she squealed then turned and fled the room, no doubt to spread the word all over. Maa-chun ignored her with all her attention on Sayaka. She was wearing a red silk dress Mayu hadn’t seen before. It was probably new. The dress fit her well and blended in with the roses around Sayaka. Maa-chun swallowed.


“Well, this is…So this is why you were missing during the break.” Maa-chun took in the roses on the floor still unable to grasp what she was seeing. “How did you even get all these roses in the first place, let alone into the room?!”

“Room service”

Saya-nee said simply. Maa-chun stared back up at her to find Sayaka still wearing her sexy expression. Maa-chun swallowed some more. Her throat was getting very dry for some reason. Her mind went blank for what seemed like the first time ever. How she wished to have all those un-wanted thoughts flashing in her brain now. What was she to do? What was she to say in reply! Simple words didn’t seem enough of an appreciation for what Sayaka has done. She had to say something very soon though for the atmosphere was getting awkward, and not in the good way either. She had to-Her thoughts were interrupted by drumming in the corridors followed by voices. Not wanting to go through that again, she quickly went to the door and locked it.

“I…I better go and take a bath.”

Maa-chun’s head snapped back to find the retreating figure of Sayaka disappearing into the bathroom. She had gone and done it. Sayaka had gone out of her way to do something like that for her and now? Now she probably thinks her efforts were wasted. Mayu sighed as she moved over to the bed. She listened for any indication of movement in the next room but she couldn’t hear anything. Yep, she had failed this big time. Sighing some more, Maa-chun fell backwards and on the bed of roses. She took a white rose in her hand and examined it. It didn’t have thorns. She wondered if they came like that or if Sayaka removed the thorns herself. Twirling the rose between her fingers, Maa-chun tried to think.

Truth be told, Mayu hadn’t been prepared for the sudden romantic scenario she found herself in. Not just today but the whole being in a relationship with Sayaka. Was it even a relationship that they had? She hadn’t yet agreed to being Sayaka’s girlfriend or vice versa and them being idols and what not. They had gotten away with a few things these past two days in front of the management but if it was found that there was more than simple girls’ play, Maa-chun knew there would be trouble. So what was she to do? The right things and deny herself and her friend the route that this thread of fate would take them without even trying? Mayu had to admit that she was enjoying all this new attention she was receiving from her more than friend now. She hadn’t even done anything but encourage this forbidden relationship from progressing. Forbidden because, duh, they were idols and their no.1 rule was no falling in love. Well, they could keep their actions a secret and they are allowed to have crushes so they could argue their case and they were expected to be emotional with one another. Would Maa-chun continue to tease Sayaka just as she had been doing and expect not to fall into her own mind game?

No, it was already too late to step away from this she knew. Turning Sayaka away now would severely hurt the other girl and Maa-chun would never do that to Sayaka. Besides, it wasn’t that she didn’t feel anything of that level towards Sayaka. Though not as strongly, she had feelings for her friend. So what was she to do? Nothing – that was what. She decided that she would only continue on as they have been and let things progress as fate would have it. Her mind cleared of some of the worry, Mayu let a smile grace her lips as she gave the rose in her fingers her complete attention as the sounds of the electric shower being turned on broke into her hearing. She paused at the sound. Mayu sat up then turned to face the bathroom door. Her beautiful smile suddenly turned wicked.

In the steamy room, Yamamoto Sayaka distractedly washed her hair out with her mind on the girl a wall away. Had she over-done it? She probably had but Sayaka wanted to do something that has never been done before and that was the least showy option that she could come up with. She knew she was pressing but Sayaka wanted to show just how strongly she felt for the other girl and to show her how serious she was about this. Sayaka knew of the side effects of this and what might or mightn’t happen once word gets out but the feelings she got after her confession only days ago were so fulfilling that Sayaka almost did not care for the consequences. The other members of course knew of their relationship, well, of how she felt about Mayu and word of her confession was old news. The management is what she was worried about, though not so much as they didn’t seem to mind overly touchy girls and they were touchy girls. If they don’t start making out in public, Sayaka knew that they too would be safe. Not like they were doing any such thing. In fact the only…action Sayaka had gotten was the simple skin touching skin as they slept when Maa-chun would press into her. Nothing more than that had happened since that kiss nights ago that she still saw, and tasted clearly as if it was still happening, when she closed her eyes.

They hadn’t talked about that incident actually. But unlike her, Maa-chun did not start avoiding her and instead she did the opposite. These past days they had not had a meal apart, well, except for today but Sayaka had plans, and Maa-chun had started holding her hands whenever she could. Maa-chun was not an intimate person so for her to start up on these little actions was giving Sayaka strange ideas. Though she tried to not let it get to her, she was finding it hard fighting the imagination that they might perhaps, be girlfriends now? But Sayaka knew that she shouldn’t get her hopes up before she heard the words right out of Mayu’s own lips. And so she figured that while she waited, she might as well show her side of dedication and if as a side effect they brought Maa-chun around, not that this was the reason why she was going all romantic, then that would be all the more welcome. Sayaka turned on the shower head when her hair was full of shampoo to start washing her body. As she bent forward to get the scrubber, she froze as the door suddenly opened.

“Hi, you don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

It was Maa-chun who didn’t waste time unwrapping the towel away from her naked form to hang it on the clips before she purposefully made her way to a still frozen Sayaka. She stood before the other girl and waited for her to scoot over so she could get in with her. When Sayaka didn’t move a muscle, Maa-chun raised an eyebrow at her and waited some more. Still getting nothing Maa-chun raised a hand and waved it in front of Sayaka’s face with a frown on her face.

“Hello. Any one home?”


Sayaka blinked to clear her dazed gaze as her cheeks burned at the effort and other unmentionable thoughts. Her eyes trailed the body before her and it took her a good few seconds before she realised what she was doing and tried to rip them away from that glorious scene.

“Wh-What are you doing?”

What was she saying?!

“What are YOU doing? This isn’t the first time we’ve showered together, is it?”

“That’s not…”

Sayaka had turned around to correct herself but then her eyes once again found out those chocolaty tipped mounds and fighting a blown blood vessel, she quickly turned away again.

“What’s with you? I thought that-that you liked me! Was it a lie?”

Maa-chun’s eyes started getting teary.

“No it wasn’t, It is isn’t a lie. I love you. I would like nothing more than-“

Sayaka swallowed painfully again as she felt her mind drowning in a fog of sweet pain.

“Then why won’t you let me bathe with you?”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t!”

“So then move over, will you? The party starts in less than an hour.”

And with that Maa-chun’s teary eyes were suddenly clear as day and there was a smile gracing her beautiful lips. She had just been played. Sayaka knew that but she wasn’t allowed a moment of happiness because Maa-chun sliding into the bathtub with her forced all other thoughts from her mind. Sayaka screamed mentally when she felt the pert bumps graze her back as Maa-chun reached passed her to get to the shampoo bottle. Sayaka shuddered at the sensation of friction between the two parts of skin.

“This shampoo really smells nice, don’t you think? Hotels always have the best products.”

“Erm, y-yeah~”

Sayaka braced herself on the wall as she breathed hard. She had to get away, fast. But then she remembered she was still in the middle of washing. Sayaka fumbled for the shower head to cleanse the shampoo out of her own hair and the thing seemed to suddenly grow very slippery. To make matters worse…

“Oh thank you, love.”

Maa-chun bent her head towards Sayaka thinking that she had been meaning to wet her off instead. With trembling hands, Sayaka turned around and started wetting Maa-chun’s hair for her. All the while her eyes zoomed in to spy through the dark traces of hair and onto Maa-chun’s bosom even though she should have been glad that they were obscured from her view. She had been after all only seconds ago crying out for an escape and now…



Sayaka bent down to grab the shower head from the bottom of the tub where it had fallen after bumping into Maa-chun’s head. Her body was beginning to betray her too. Sayaka closed her eyes to boost concentration and brought the other hand to help the right by holding the shower head with both hands.


Sayaka quickly turned around and continued cleaning herself off soap so that she could get the hell away from that shower pronto. She didn’t even care that she was doing a sloppy job as all that mattered was getting away. She passed the shower over her body so quickly that some spots were left covered in bubbles still. But as she rested the head in its holding and ready to disappear, Maa-chun interrupted her again.

“Since you are here, could you help me wash my back as well?”

‘Nooooooo!’ Sayaka thought but what she said was “Okay.”

She steeled her nerves as much as she could but when she turned around to start working, all the resolve went down the drain. As if every part of her body was conspiring to betray her, when she turned to face Maa-chun, her eyes zoomed in on the girl’s right side just below her armpit and what she saw there was the small swell of flesh that was Mayu’s side boob. Sayaka’s hands began to tremble as she took hold of the scrubber and moved it towards the smooth milky skin before her. When she connected, her blood pressure picked up and she could hear it increase as if someone had a sound button being turned to over 11 and with it her vision also begun to fail her. She moved her hands like a robot as she scrubbed Maa-chun’s back – Move up, then down, up and down. She decided to turn that into her mantra and it seemed to work as her mind and nerves began to settle. It also sped time up as she soon heard Maa-chun thank her which indicated that this torturous moment was over. Sayaka wasted no more precious seconds disappearing from that chamber of pain.


“Are you okay?”

Maa-chun inquired of her friend who had just tripped on her way out of the bathroom. She watched as Sayaka blushed and clumsily made her way out. When the door was closed, Maa-chun finally let herself laugh. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. She was having so much fun teasing her friend like that. She of course knew that it wasn’t very nice but the temptation was that great. And if she were to be honest with herself too, she wanted to see just how much it would take Sayaka to finally crack. Interestingly, Sayaka’s control seemed to have improved and Maa-chun found she didn’t know what to think of that. She kind of liked the Sayaka that almost jumped her in a moment’s notice only days ago. Maa-chun sighed as she continued with her shower.

“I should reward her as an apology. But what can I do?”

Mayu started thinking. This was Valentine’s Day after all. She had given Sayaka something all their previous celebrations and this was no different. Well, it was but only in the way that she had to put a little bit more thought into it. Whether she liked it or not, their relationship had changed and she had to start thinking of her gifts now unlike before where she would just give sweets. So what options did she have now? Sayaka had already stepped up her game with that play of roses. Maa-chun knew she wouldn’t even begin to top that but that she had to do something that will be fulfilling to Sayaka. She decided to think of the days they have been together to see if there was something that Sayaka had wanted but never received.The first moment she thought of was that moment, the day they had first met.


It was in Junior High and Mayu was returning from the staff room having been chewed out by their homeroom teacher again. She had pulled a prank on her class yet again but since it had been a huge success, Maa-chun didn’t care for punishment. She knew of course that Ms Nishima only talked to her because it was her duty to. Maa-chun knew she was proud that a girl like her could pull off a prank like that. As for what the prank was…Maa-chun paused when she heard ‘it’. After a few seconds thinking that it might have been her imagination, she went to continue on her way only to hear it again.

It was the sound of an electric guitar that came from up the stairs she was currently close to. The source was most probably the music room since it was supposed to be up there somewhere. The guitar played on and Maa-chun let her mouth fall. It was so good. Was there a middle scholar that good at playing guitar? It couldn’t have been a teacher since it was just lunch time and she had just been to the staff room and all the teachers seemed to be present having their lunch there so it had to be a student. Maa-chun had to see who this student was. She turned and started up the stairway and towards the music room.

The sound got louder and clearer the closer she got to the music room and in no time, she was facing the ‘Music Club’ sign above a door. For some reason she felt nervous but Maa-chun was a girl of action so she put her hand on the door knob and slid it open. The room seemed empty until her eyes fell on the lone figure on the other side of the room. The figure was bent over one of the speakers, probably tuning it up some more and didn’t seem to have spotted the intruder. Maa-chun was right, it was a student after all. She wore the exact same uniform but where Mayu was smartly dressed, the other girl had no sweater on, some of her button were undone, the blouse not tucked into her skirts and the sleeves rolled up half way. She was also wearing a silver necklace that reflected the light beaming off opened windows. The girl turned around and Maa-chun could see her face clearly.

She was beautiful.

“Oh hi there”

Maa-chun blinked to get back to the present. She hadn’t even noticed that the girl had her attention on her.


She blushed at how stupid she was being.

“Can I help you? Were you looking for someone?”

“No…No. I just wanted to see who was playing. You are really good!”

“You really think so? I have been playing since I was a little but I still think I have a ways to go.”

The girl put her hand behind her head and let out a nervous laugh. The gesture made the girls look even more beautiful.

“You really are. I thought it might have been a teacher playing for a moment there.”

“You are too kind. My name is Yamamoto Sayaka from class 1-C. Nice to meet you…err…”

“Ogasawara Mayu from class 1-B. My friends call me Maa-chun.”

“Well, a pleasure to meet you Ogasawara-san.”


Mayu stopped there. Indeed, the best gift for Sayaka would be a new electric guitar but that was very expensive not to mention a little bit too late to get it now. She needed something to give right now. Something simple but very precious. Something that will make today unforgettable to Sayaka. Maa-chun closed her eyes as she thought back on that first meeting and as if her brain was a TV being turned on, the answer came to her just like that. At that exact moment, there came the sound of the knock on a door.

“Are you okay Maa-chun? You’ve been in there a long time. The party is about to start.”

Maa-chun blinked. She was standing under the running shower. The hot water was already out and Mayu started away from the cold shower. She quickly turned the tap off and stepped out from the bathtub.

“I’m fine, thanks. I was just thinking is all.”

“Okay but you better hurry up if you don’t want to be late.”

Maa-chun grabbed the towel from the hanger and wrapped it easily around her middle then exited the bathroom. When she got to the room…

“What happened to the flowers?”

The roses were nowhere to be seen. She looked to Sayaka who looked away sheepishly.

“Oh, I…I didn’t think you liked them. I put them in a plastic bag. The cleaner will be picking them up soon.”

Maa-chun stared incredulously at her.

“What?! Whatever gave you the impression that I didn’t like them?”

“Well, you didn’t say…”

“I was just overwhelmed by it is all. It was incredibly lovely and romantic. I loved it. I don’t even think anybody would not love it.”

“You liked your gift then?”

Sayaka asked as she fiddled with her fingers. She looked so cute like that. It reminded Maa-chun of that moment in the music room.

“Liked it? I totally loved it.”

Maa-chun moved towards Sayaka.

“I love it” She said before she leaned up and pressed her lips on Sayaka’s cheek. “Thank you” she breathed out as she leaned away.


Maa-chun laughed softly at the girl’s embarrassed state. It was then she noticed what Sayaka was wearing. Maa-chun let her eyes freely drink in the form before her and almost whistled at what she was seeing. Sayaka had on a one-piece black and silver dress that showed and hugged all her curves perfectly. It reached only a few centimetres above Sayaka’s knees and all the way down to the high large-heeled black shoes was the bare skin of her perfect legs. Maa-chun swallowed her salivation down. Her eyes travelled back up towards the head taking all the time they needed on the way. Sayaka’s hair was tied up on the back of her head which showed off her beautiful face completely.

“Wow Sayaka-chan, you look…hot!”

“Thank you.” She blushed furiously before she continued “I-er-I better get going and leave you to change.” She quickly walked away before Maa-chun could say anything. Soon there came the sound of the door closing. Maa-chun stood there doing nothing for a few seconds before she turned and began to prepare for the party herself. Sayaka was out for blood it seemed. Maa-chun determined to not lose, went about picking her weapons as well. She will be seeing to it that this day ends with her victory.


“Don’t worry Saya-nee. She will be here soon.”

Yamada Nana said after her friend checked the clock again. The party was in full swing with music blaring and the smell of food filling the whole hall. Some girls were already dancing like mad while others had their plates full with delicious food. The staff were about obviously to keep an eye on all of them but not interfering in their activities. Actually Nana could see two of the managers dancing away to the music.

“I still can’t get over that dress Saya-nee. “

“Eat first then speak Haru.”

“Indeed, if there was a competition for best dressed, you would so win it.”

Ai-nyan was ignored by the brats as Jo also did what Haru had just done – speak with food in her mouth that is.

“Erm…I wouldn’t be so sure about that…”

Head turned to Otani Riko for answers then followed her gaze to see what had caught her attention. Breaths caught and some choked on their food when they finally understood what Ripopo meant. By the door in walked one Ogasawara Mayu in a dress so striking, it gave a bride a run for their money. But it was not a wedding dress, not even close. Though if anyone would wear it to their wedding, there sure wouldn’t be any complaints.

“Oh my God!”

Haru cleared her throat after almost chocking on her food.


Agreed Jo who also paused in her eating to stare as Maa-chun made her way over.

“Hey guys” Mayu greeted when she arrived “sorry I’m late. How is the party?”

“Forget the party. What’s up with you two? You are both dressed to kill!”

Ripopo inquired as she studied Maa-chun’s dress.

“Yeah guys, you are making me feel incredibly under-dressed.”

Nana couldn’t help observing.

“It’s love.”

Aina teased.

“Definitely love” Rika-nyan grinned.

“Oh shut up you two. It’s a party. You should have prepared better.”

“Well forgive us for not having anyone to dress for, unlike some people.”

“Whatever” Maa-chun rolled her eyes at the antics of her friends. She turned to Sayaka “What say you we get away from these idiots. Care for a dance?” She extended her hand.

Sayaka hadn’t said a word since Maa-chun’s arrival. Her eyes were fixated on the figure of Ogasawara Mayu. She didn’t know how she had managed to do it in such a short time but Mayu had gone all out. Sayaka observed her in detail starting with her hair that she had ironed into gentle waves. It made it seem much shorter than it usually was to the point one might think it cut but Sayaka knew it wasn’t. The waves cascaded gently down the naked shoulders and shaped Maa-chun’s face almost too perfectly. From the ears hang black cross earrings that contrasted greatly with the milky white of Maa-chun’s skin. Her dress didn’t have straps or sleeves on it and only hang over the ample chest showing the collar bones. The dress was silky white and hugged the skin almost like Sayaka’s but while hers was tight from top to bottom Maa-chun’s turned into waves from the waist down. Not only that but it was cut at an angle with the left thigh left almost completely visible. On the right the dress almost touched the ground. Maa-chun’s legs were covered in full-body stockings, white and looked so smooth that Sayaka wanted nothing more than to reach out and caress that leg. The clockers were half heel whites and looked so shiny one might think they were made out of glass.

In short, Maa-chun was gorgeous.

Sayaka met her love’s eyes. She took the offered hand in hers and stood up on her feet. They smiled at each other. Sayaka ignored the whispers and snickers of their friends.

“Thank you.”

The two moved hand in hand towards the dance floor. All around them squeaks could be heard and Sayaka knew that they were the centre of attention but she didn’t mind them, much. She saw any way that others members had decided to join in on the dancing at the same time. They stopped when they reached the few dancing girls and Mayu immediately went into the groove. The song was an energetic one so limbs were flying and soon Sayaka found herself feeling the need to put her own groove on so she joined in on the fun. A few minutes in and Sayaka was in full groove. The heat rose as the dance floor started filling with girls and soon it was just like a real disco – Hot, loud and tight.

Sayaka let herself go.

Maa-chun was a little surprised when she felt herself being turned around and found limbs all over her. Sayaka had her arms on her shoulders and was sliding against her in some kind of seductive dance. The surprise soon died away and Mayu not wanting to lose returned the challenge and the heat turned into searing flames. Maa-chun was already drenching, no thanks to her abnormally sweaty pores. With the heat and the grinding and the closeness came excitement and it was no longer just dancing to them.

Maa-chun took hold of Sayaka’s waist and Sayaka in turn placed her arms around Maa-chun’s shoulders. She let go and used her left to push Maa-chun’s wet bags away from her face but with the way they were moving around, it was useless as the traces came rushing back in place. She gave up and instead joined her hands at the back of Maa-chun’s neck. Their eyes locked as their feet and bodies moved as if they were one. The world around them seemed to disappear as Maa-chun leaned her head in. Just as their noses almost touched, Maa-chun turned a little to the side to talk directly into Sayaka’s ear in order to be heard over the loud music.

“Happy Valentine’s day Sayaka-chan” she said “Your other gift is waiting for you when we get back to our room but for now…” Maa-chun leaned back to lock eyes with Sayaka once more. This time when she leaned in it was with intent and her eyes burned with purpose.

Maa-chun kissed Sayaka.

It was just a simple touch of lips but with more feeling than their first. Maa-chun pulled back to look into Sayaka’s eyes once more. They were wide and her cheeks redder than they were from the dance exertion. She smiled at her briefly before she once again leaned in to whisper into Sayaka’s ear.

“I love you Sayaka-chan.”





Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

13 thoughts on “Tropical Valentine [END]

  1. Awwwwwwwwww… And it ends right before the “main event”… But I think all of the readers will know by now what will that be. 🙂 I had a song repeating inside my head while I was reading the bathing part. It was ‘Lets get it on’ by Marvin Gaye. Thank you for the little ecchi in it I really appreciate it. As you mentioned this part seems short but I didn’t really feel that short. It is okay as sometimes the less is more. This is definitely one of your better works. Good job! I enjoyed reading it even though I do not know the characters nor I am interested in NMB48. Nice work! Thank you!

    • Eheh,

      Thank you for reading.

      I am sorry that I couldn’t go more ecchi but I am not into the extreme so this is the most I could do. ^^

      Very glad to see that the shortness of it wasn’t on the bad side as well.

  2. You don’t know how damn good it is to read some NMB fanfiction at last… and this was totally awesome from start to finish! 😀 Great work – I love your writing style and seriously hoping that there’ll be some more fics coming soon!!!

  3. Now I can’t see Maachun and Sayanee together without thinking of this fanfic. Which isn’t a bad thing. =P

    Been eagerly awaiting to see how this story all ended and reading this really made my day. Awesome read. NMB so sweet.

  4. Hi, I’ve just read this one lately and it’s really good!!
    Is there/will there be a continuation of this? Especially the part where Maachun told Sayanee about her gift? I wanna know Sayanee’s reaction to this! =))

    • Hi silentwalker,

      Thank you for reading and I am very happy you liked it ^^

      To your question though, I apologise but I wasn’t planning on a sequel >.< Sorry about that.

      But Sayacchu are one of my favourites so there might be another story about them but it will not be connected to Tropical Valentine

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