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Fic – Triple Hearts [Yukirin/Yuria/Miion]



What, it had to be done! I got the idea the instant I saw this photo, which was like two months or so ago! At first it was written as a YukiMion fic but then one day I had a dream and it was enough to get me over my hate for Threesomes, just this once. Anyway I don’t really consider this a threesome since not all three know what is happening. Do let me know what say you.

A picture is worth 1000 words indeed!

Triple Hearts
Black Gekikara
An AKB48/NGT48 Kashiwagi Yuki, Mukaichi Mion and Kizaki Yuria Fan Fic


She did it. She actually did it! Mukaichi Mion had her chin rested on the top of one Kashiwagi Yuki and she couldn’t believe that she actually did it. She, Yukirin and Kizaki Yuria were in the middle of shooting for the magazine. The concept was that they were three sisters just doing sisterly things. The idea just came to her from nowhere. She only realised what she was doing too late! Her heart was beating so fast and so strongly and loudly that she almost did not catch the Cameraman’s words.

“Very nice Mukaichi-kun, very nice”

He smiled at her before hiding his face behind the lens once again and continued to shutter picture after picture. Miion was scared, her blood racing but there was more excitement than anything else. The fact that the reprimand she was expecting from the senior that she was using as a resting top did not come made her bolder.

When the Cameraman asked for them to stand up and get a standing shot, she took that opportunity to test the waters some more. Allowing a few safe shots that were taken with her just standing shoulder to shoulder, well, shoulder to arm with Yukirin since she was a unicorn next to Kashiwagi-san, she finally took the plunge! Slowly as if to not startle Yukirin, Miion snaked her arms around Yukirin’s waist and joined them in front of her belly button. She then tightened her grip and in doing so, closed any gap that existed between them. Not even air could pass between Mion’s front and Yuki’s back because there existed no medium for it.

Heat built up in Yukirin’s cheeks and her mind battled to stay focused when she felt the heat and both softness and hardness of the girl’s front curves.

‘No! Stop that kind of thought you pervert!’

But even as she bereted herself, her mind and body were working together. She managed to focus on her hearing as that was all she could do. The rest of her mind was drowned in thoughts of the body pressed into her back and the sensations the intimacy produced within her.

Not wanting to come off as odd, Yukirin smiled and brought her hands up to join them with Mion’s. She disengaged the joined fingers of Mion’s hands and instead threaded her fingers with Mion’s. She felt the girl go still behind her and smiled to herself (and to the camera).

‘Two can play at this game’

“Oh yes, fantastic! Great job! Could you get a bit closer please Kizaki-san?”

Camera-man didn’t believe how easy his job was turning out to be. He guessed that it was because of experience the girls had that got them to make poses he wanted them to do before he had even voiced the requests. Neither he nor the staffs around were aware of the chaos going on within the girls themselves.

Kizaki Yuria was not having a problem free day either. It was no secret that she loved Yukirin. It was bad enough that she had to stand so close to half-naked Yukirin during the swim-suit photo-shoot the day before but now that monster was asking her to get closer?

There was barely an inch between her and Yukirin and he wanted her to get closer?! He was luck that her foot was out of rea-

Yuria gasped audibly and was glad there was some background music going to cover her unexpected reaction. She found herself flush against Yukirin’s front with Yukirin’s hand holding her close on her lower back. She dared not breathe for a minute and her heart struggled to pump non-oxygenated blood through her arties!

Remembering where she were, Yuria turned her head to the camera and gave a very flashy smile. It was fake as all hell but really, she did not care! The head radiating from Yukirin’s bosom where her head rested was searing and completely impossible for Yuria to ignore! Not trusting her hand, she let them stay right where they were – safe by her side!

Meanwhile Miion had her tables turned on her! She had meant to have fun with her Senpai because she knew Yukirin was not good with touchy feely stuff. She soon found that she was the one being affected instead of Yukirin.

First, her hands were for the very first time, in contact with Yukirin-san’s. And not just in contact, no, that would have been okay! At first she had gotten scared thinking that maybe she had gone a bit far by locking her hands around Yukirin-san’s waist when she felt them being pulled apart!

But it turned out that her Senpai had been thinking of something completely different. Miion tried very hard to calm down and not spread her sweat all over Yukirin’s hands but the more she tried not to, the damper her hands got – Her hands that were enclosed within Yukirin’s then covered within heavenly heat on all sides when their hands were returned to the warm and soft belly of her Senpai.

Miion pulled her hand back as soon as it was free when Yukirin wrapped it around Yuria instead. She also tried to back off a little bit and leaned back away from Yukirin’s back. She instantly regretted the action when a chilling cold welcomed her exposed front. Such was the difference in temperature!

And so she did not know if she was glad or not when just couple of seconds later, Yukirin shifted backwards until the two were once again connected. Miion at first thought that it was a mistake and so tried to move back once more but Yukirin shifted again and this time she did something with her bottom that sent blood rushing to Miion’s cheeks!

“Perfect! Please stay like that for a while!”

Yuria and Miion struggled to smile while Yukirin fought the laughter that was dying to escape from her. She felt how stiff the two girls were against her front and back. Though she felt a bit bad for them, something in her was pushing her on.

Intentionally, Yukirin took in a deep breath then let it all out right in the direction of Yuria’s ear. Yukirin felt the shock and shiver in Yuria’s body as if it were her own body producing the two reactions. From her angle she had a great view of the girl’s eyes lashes and saw them closing in that instant and staying closed for longer than the longest blink would need.

Taking a bit of pity on Yuria, Yukirin decided to turn her attention back to the girl behind her when she saw the Cameraman pause, knowing that he was looking for a different pose. Yukirin would give it to him!

Raising her head and giving poor Yuria some time to breathe, she let go of Yuria and reached for Miion’s other hand again. Once she had both hands just like moments ago, she raised the in front of her but this time way higher. They went past the hips, then past the wait, higher than the ribs and then they stopped. Yukirin pressed their hands, with Miion’s in-between, against her soft breasts and gave a wide smile at the camera!

Mion whimpered

Why weren’t the beauticians coming over to correct her appearance? She was sure that face was melting off! She couldn’t feel it anymore. She only hoped it melted with a smile!

Her hands, what they were holding, what they were squishing! She wasn’t doing it! She knew it couldn’t be Yukirin-san’ doing either! There was no way that Yukirin-san was making her hands fon-…massa-…squee-….What was she doing?!!! She was so dead! Yukirin-san was going to kill her right after the shoot!

Mion’s eyes began to spin as her mind got lost in those perverted thoughts. What was happening to her? She has never had these kinds of thoughts before! She was so going to hell!

“Yes, yes! This is great! You girls are great!”

Yukirin heard it before she saw it! At first she ignored the sounds but they were right next to her ear and they were not stopping! Not only that they seemed to pick up a rhythm. She turned and her jaw almost fell when she saw her Senpai’s chest move in a peculiar behaviour! A very bitter feeling hit her right in the heart.

That little…Who the hell did she think she was doing that to her beloved Yukirin-san?!

Yuria raised her eye to Yukirin but the older girl had her attention to the camera. Feeling the gaze, Yukirin turned to look at Yuria.

“What’s wrong?”

Yukirin asked her innocently in a voice so low that not even Mion heard it. Then again her mind was already gone and probably lost to anything else.

“It’s-It’s nothing…”

Yuria looked away with a blush on her cheeks. She glared at the camera which for some reason got a completely unexpected reaction from the Camera-man! His shutter speed increasing and his smile spread impossibly wider!

A few minutes later the shoot was over and Yukirin disengaged from the girls. She put on her normal face indicating to the girls that she was innocent and did not have any ulterior motives from her actions! She walked over to the sheltered table to have a sit and drink something. It was too hot in the sun!

She grabbed a glass of juice, put a straw in it and sat back! She sipped loudly as she watched the two girls walk over to join her in awkward silence. Mion was embarrassed beyond reason while Yuria didn’t look at all happy. She kept stealing these side glances towards Mion.

“Are you two okay?”

She asked the innocently, putting on a worried façade. Both girls snapped their heads up to look at her and shouted almost in unison.



Yukirin narrowed her eyes at them both.

“Okay. Do you want something to drink? It’s so hot!”

She didn’t wait for their reply before setting her glass down, grabbing two empty ones and powering different juice in each. She had seen what the two girls had drunk before so she gave them the same. They thank her and she smiled seeing that they two had the same coy expressions again.

“That was super fun, wasn’t it? I can’t wait to see how they turned out.”

Seeing as the two would not be starting a conversation any time soon, Yukirin decided to take over. The two were usually talkative, and they were before the shooting had started but then again, maybe she had gone a bit too far?



Once again the two spoke the same word at the same time. They glanced at each other then looked away just as fast. Yukirin almost snickered out loud.

“I hope we get to work together again soon.”

“Me too”

“Me too”

This time Yukirin laughed out loud!



…The END…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “Fic – Triple Hearts [Yukirin/Yuria/Miion]

  1. Surprised it not the word!!!! Dead, dead is the word as in you have killed me with this!!!!!!!

    I mean you have seen my twitter page right!? You know the picture I use as a background right!? You know what my top 3 could well be when Rena leaves right!?!?!

    And they way you wrote Yuki in this…… now I see any of these pictures and it’s all I can think about!!!!

    Dead by feels!!!!!!

    However this does mean I kinda want a MionYuki fic and now and YuiraYuki one, oh and the continuation of Monster oh and as I mentioned Rena I guess a YukiRena final fic would be awesome too….. :p

    That shippable Yuki!!!!

  2. You understand and yet you put my poor heart though all this!!!


    More SayaYuki……. excellent, excellent!!

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