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Matsui² – A Matsui J/Matsui R FanFic



I wrote this little thing on Nihongogo but I don’t think all the readers go there so I might as well put it here.

If you don’t know who Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina are, here is some pics for you to get to know them…

First, Matsui Rena

Matsui Jurina

The Both Of Them

Now then, onto the story.


Just another typical day in the typical world of the typical idols known as SKE48. Some of the girls were in the room they shoot their monthly show ‘SKE48 Gakuen’. As is to be expected of free girl time, the room was abuzz with gossip. The main topic it seemed was surprisingly about a TV show. Not just any other I might add. They were discussing AKBINGO. Their sister idol group’s show.

As to what was so interesting was the latest episode in which one of their fellow members Matsui Rena was a participant. Matsui Rena had dressed up as a boy to please the girls and it sounded like these girls were indefinitely pleased.

In the centre of this particular discussion were Nakanishi Yuka and Kuwabara Mizuki, the Onee-samas of SKE48.

“I am telling you there was no doubt that our Rena was the best.” Argued Yuka.

“Yeah, and that’s why she came in second!” Mizuki rolls her eyes. “Shinoda-san was the best I tell ya.”

“Why don’t we go and ask Jurina? She was there after all.” Yagami Kumi tried to put the fire out. She dared not choose a side in their presence but she too thought that Rena-chan was the best. She smiled secretly to herself when that perfect face from the precious night came bidden to her fore thoughts.

“Yeah. Let’s.” With that Mizuki started to march in the direction of one Matsui Jurina, probably the youngest idol in the music industry.

“No wait! Jurina didn’t even vote for Rena. She doesn’t count.” Yuka started after her friend towards Jurina.

“Hey Jurina, who do you think was the best danso last night? It was Shinoda-san right?”

It was either from the suddenly loud voice of Mizuki’s or Jurina was very distracted but the girl bolted up right with such suddenness that her chair went flying backwards. The scream she let out startled the whole audience into silence. Mizuki’s quick reflexes saved her nose from being caved into her skull by Jurina’s head.

Silence reigned for a while with the girls staring at Jurina with wide eyes. Jurina stared back looking so out of place.

Just when it seemed this stare off would go on forever…

“Good morning everyone.”

Matsui Rena, the subject that was just being discussed turned her back to the class to close the door, not yet realising the situation at hand.

When she turned around and found a crowd of girls staring at her, she let out a squeak! What had she just walked into?! Did she do something?!

“Ex…excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.”

The door that Rena had just closed was open once again, and it stayed that way, for a speeding Jurina had just fled through it! The perturbed Rena looked to the others for an explanation for this real awkward morning she was having!

“What is going on?”

Rena seeing no answer coming decided to break the ice by asking out loud.


*A Few minuted later*

“I see. But that doesn’t explain what’s wrong with Jurina. I’ve never seen the Jurina you just told me, or the one I just saw for that matter.”

Rena tilted her head to the side in thought. ‘Was it about ‘that’ that was bothering Jurina? Nah, it couldn’t be but…

“She’s been gone a while and we are about to start the show. Some one should go get her.” Mizuki stated and not so subtly looked to Yuka.

“Hey! Why do I get to go get her? It was you that startled the poor girl.”


“What?! I am not a chicken you…you…”

“Then why don’t you go and get her, chicken?”

“Why you….Fine.”

Yuka got up in a puff and stormed off towards the rest rooms. All the way there she was ranting on how she was going to get back at that scheming girl. One of these days she would do it! Once she got there, she could hear little sniffing that sounded like someone crying in one stall that was closed. Obviously Jurina was in there. Damn, this day was just full of Jurina surprises. Now a crying Jurina?! What to do?!

“Ahem…erm Jurina? Are you okay in there?”

‘Crap! What the hell was that? Of course she ain’t okay.’ Yuka berated herself.

“You want to talk about it?”

No answer came but the sniffling quieted down a bit.

“I find that talking about things make you feel better. Trust me. If there is anything I can do as well, I will do it you know.”

She waited. Now there was only silence. Yuka knew that Jurina was debating real hard whether to let lose. She thought too if she was ready for…whatever this was. No. She would be there for her kouhai no matter what.

As Yuka was getting worried about the continuing silence, it was shattered like glass and damn it, she asked for break not shatter.

“I think I am in love.”

At first Yuka wanted so bad to pray that she had misheard but Jurina’s voice was as clear as crystal in the silence of the rest room. It was all she could do to not crumble on her knees and opted for placing her palms on her head.

“…with Rena-chan.”

Yuka saw starts. Her world went black. When she opened them, she was looking up at a wet faced Jurina. At first she was out of it. What was going on? Why was Jurina all wet in the face and…

Then it hit.

“Are you okay Yuka-chan?”

A worried Jurina asked as she held out her hand to help her senpai to her feet.

“Ah yes yes. Sorry. Let me wash my face first. Erm I think you should wash yours as well.”

Jurina touched her face. She then went red (okay, that was the first time she had done that) and headed to a different sink.

Once they were done, Yuka asked Jurina to tell her everything.

“It’s all because of that damn show last night!”

Jurina proceeded to tell Yuka what transpired since then and her surprise bed guest that morning.

“Erm, you don’t need me to explain to you about the other…you know…”

even if she was a girl as well and had already experienced the ordeal and still is, Yuka couldn’t help the embarrassment of talking about that subject.

“Nonononono. It’s O.K. My mom already took care of that.”

Jurina couldn’t stop her face from burning up as well, again.

“Well, we must do something about this thing though.”

Yuka was referring to the Rena thing.

“WHAT?!!” Jurina was shocked. “We can’t! I don’t need to tell you that we are idols! And Rena too. What if…what if she…”

Jurina couldn’t finish the sentence. Even talking about it was scaring her already.

“Oh Jurina…First of all, I know about the idol business but we aren’t that big a deal yet so you won’t have paparazzi stalking you. Even if they did, you are both girls. Girls can get away with a lot of things I will tell you that. You could feed each other in public and no one would care. You can definitely hold hands too. Besides, you don’t have to do anything in public. you could just act as you do now but get out more. People see you and Rena as big sis/little sis so they will think she’s showing you the world – which she will be doing of course.”

Yuka chuckled.

“Okay, but what about the big problem? Rena I mean.”

“Heh. Let me tell you that you have nothing to fear at that end.”

Yuka smiled mysteriously as she stood up and dusted herself off.

“Wait, what do you mean by that?”

Jurina jumped after the retreating senpai in need of an explanation.

“Sorry, don’t have the time. We were ready to shoot when I came looking for you. Let’s hurry back.”

Jurina ran after her.

“Wait, Yuka-chan that’s not fair.”


A very nervous Jurina was pacing in an empty room. The rest of her comrades were in the cafeteria having their lunch. She had made an appointment to meet with someone in that same classroom when the others were having their lunch. They would talk uninterrupted and secretly as well for the subject that was to be discussed was of the…erm…delicate nature.

Matsui Jurina, 13 years old and idol member of the very new yet storming SKE48 was getting impatient. It was already ten minutes over the agreed time of meeting. At the rate she was seeing things add in the time the ‘talk’ would take, she might not get the time for her lunch!

But as she was pacing down the platform for the nth time, the double doors slid open with more force than what she would’ve thought her other party was capable of. It was this that made her turn so quickly she felt her spine make a sound she had never heard before.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Jurina. I figured it would be better to bring your meal as well.”

“Wh…why are you here? Why is she here?”

Jurina was panicking now. There setting her lunch box out on an empty table in the front row was not Nakanishi Yuka. She knew that for a fact because the Yuka she knew was right by the door trying real hard not to meet Jurina’s eyes.

“I’m sorry Jurina but she was chasing me around demanding to know what happened – hence the lateness. I figured it would be best to tell her before the crowd got even more curious. I am sorry.”

“Forgive her Jurina, she just can’t hide anything from me. Can you Yuka-chwan~?”

It was Kuwabara Mizuki who made a kissy face towards Yuka after she had spoken.

“You didn’t tell anyone else, right?”

Jurina was relieved when Yuka shook her head. She let out a breath she didn’t know was holding.

“Now that that’s out of the way, let us commence the reason for this gathering.”

Mizuki was already seating herself on the right of the conference table. Yuka sighed but moved to sit on the opposite side of her enigmatic friend. Jurina took the centre and picked up her chop sticks to dig in while they talked.

“Ladies and absent gentlemen, the meeting to come up with a victorious plan in our mission which I like to call ‘Jurina’s First Love Is a Success’, shall now commence.”

Yuka slapped her on the forehead across the table.

“Hey, what’s that for? I am being serious here!”

“Yeah? Well we need you to be ‘our’ serious not ‘your’ serious.”

“Hmf, fine. Okay, There are things we have to consider when making our plan. First, Location; The location of the confession, according to specialists, contributes 30% to success. Now, let’s hear Jurina’s choice first.”

The two senpai looked to their youngest member and centre of this query for her answer. After some patient seconds of chewing and swallowing Jurina answered.

“Well, I see most girls in dramas on TV do it on the roof top?”

“What?! That’s so lame! Besides, where are you going to find a roof top around here? This building’s top levels are off limits remember?”

Yuka wasn’t that disappointed. In fact she had thought of the same location first so she didn’t see why Mizuki was so riled up.

“Sorry, that’s what came to mind first.”

“Well, it’s fine but the roof top is so none classy.”

“But Rena-chan is kind of old school so that might be best.”

Yuka tried so reason but she wished she had never opened her mouth.

“Hey, I hadn’t gotten to you yet so wait your turn! Besides, Rena is out of touch with most things so all the better to go for the kill. Let’s think more urban, that’s right, we shall do it in Tokyo this Friday when you and Rena are done with the filming of AKBINGO! You! Choose a place. In Tokyo!”

Mizuki turned to Yuka with an intense gaze, daring her to say roof top one more time!

“Ooh definitely Tokyo to…”

“STOP!!!! What the hell?!! They aren’t tourists who have come to Japan for the first time damn it! There is absolutely little difference between a roof top and Tokyo tower! What’s wrong with you!”

The fact that there was food on the table was the only reason Mizuki didn’t slam her tightened fists on it.

Sometimes Mizuki really wondered about Yuka-chan’s brain! Was she too smart that she was dumb!

“How about Disney Land then?”

Jurina was going for the kill as Mizuki wanted.

“Tch tch tch! Oh Jurina! I will give you a 60% on that!”

“What? Why? A lot of people go to Disney Land for dates. In fact they did that survey thing with High School Girls on AKBINGO and I remember that it was the most voted for!”

Jurina was getting confused. She was sure that she had gotten an perfect this time!

“Why? Disney Land is for kids that’s why! In fact I would’ve given you a 30 hadn’t you been close to the place I was thinking of.”

“What is this now, some grading question and answer?”

“Oh put a sock in it! As I was saying, Jurina you are close. Disney Land is for children but next to it is just the right place we are looking for.”

She paused hoping that her comrades would catch on! They did not!

“Sigh. It’s Disney-Sea I am thinking of guys! ‘Disney Sea’. The adult version of Disney Land. The most romantic place in Tokyo.”

Yuka let out an ‘Ooh’ apparently getting it at last but Jurina had no clue.

“That is the right place. You’re good Mizuki. have you been there before?”

“Well duh! Of course I have. I went with some friends often during holidays. That place is wicked I tell ya! Especially that park. Oh that park! There, right there in that romantically lit park, when the sun has just set, that is the right moment to tell her. Or wait, they have those gondolas as well, you could take her out on one of those and while you’re in the middle out there you tell her. Or…”

“Okay, okay, calm down, will you? At this rate we will go nowhere.”

“Right. So anyway Disney Sea is the place. I think I still have the map for it at home, somewhere. I will find it and mark on the right spots for you Jurina. You may choose where you wish to commit the deed!”

“But will we have to go to all those places you mark?”

“No no, how about this? you are free tomorrow right?” at the nod of Jurina’s head she continues.” Tomorrow should not be busy so we will go together and check the places out. You can decide then.”

“I wanna come too. I’ve never been to Disney-Sea before.”

Yuka didn’t want to be left out!

“No problem. We will be going along to their date as well. You know, to make sure things go smoothly.”

Mizuki hasty explained just as Yuka started giving her protests.

“Right…So what else? We have the location now what else do we need?”

“Glad you are on track. Now we time table. Okay, first thing we tackle is the parents!”

“Ho? You are really going to the edge for this, aren’t you. I wouldn’t have thought of the parent.”

“I know you wouldn’t. Parents are the police of dating. They think it a crime especially for young one like Jurina. Let’s not add in the idol spice as well! But there is no need, in fact I enforce the rule that you are to tell nobody that you are going on a date no matter the circumstances.”

“Well of course not.”

Jurina knew that better than anyone.

“Even though it’s not a date, there is the curfew thing. Here we shall have both Jurina’s and Rena’s parents pick them up at 9 o’clock. The park closes at 10 but we want to give the good kid image so, uh, yeah!”

“You are good at scheming. I feel sorry for your parents now!”

Yuka found an opening and she took it.

“H…Hey. Just because I know what surgery means don’t make me a surgeon!”

A great come back as always but the fact that Mizuki stuttered made Yuka feel like a winner!

“I will tell Rena about this when I ask her to come with us to Disney-Sea.”

“Wait a minute there. Shouldn’t Jurina do the asking?”

Mizuki face palmed at this.

“We want Rena to be as clueless as possible. If I were to ask her and tell her that you two will be coming along, she will have no objections nor any idea of something amiss.”

“I thought we were to go separately?”

Jurina was getting confused again.

“We will go together until we get inside. We have to put on a show for our parents to let us go by ourselves. Once that is done with, we split up.”

Seeing that they were on the same page once more, Mizuki continued her master plan.

“When we get inside, we will visit some attractions together for a while until around 6pm when the sun is about to set. Here is where you take your date to your romantic place of choice.”

Mizuki wiggled eyebrows at a then blushing Jurina.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet okay?”

Jurina having finished her meal tidied up the utensils.

“Don’t worry your self Jurina. Anyone who is taken there on a date come back happy either way. But we are getting side tracked. Yuka-chan and I will meet up with you after an hour at a place we shall choose, with Rena around then. After that, hopefully when you are a new couple, we shall go to Disney’s own cinema and watch some romantic movie. Who knows, you might score your first kiss there. Heh”

Yuka slapped her on the head once again.


“That’s too early for a kiss you lecher! I know Jurina might be okay with it but Rena is too shy. She will need to get comfortable with them together first. Jurina would just get minus points from her then.”

“Oh yeah! You’re right! See, two heads are definitely better than one.”

“I have still not forgiven you for forcing me to tell Jurina’s secret.”

“It’s all right Yuka-chan. I think it’s better off as it is now, don’t you? So what else then Mizuki-chan?”

“Nothing more but to meet up at the gate and depart. Voilà, mission accomplished. Now I just have to make sure I ask Rena-chan as soon as possible. Hopefully she had no plans made.”

“Ask me what Mizuki-chan?”

The three looked to the door to see that the other members were pouring in. Oops, time to end this meeting!


Thank you for joining us on the journey to the centre of the earth. Please do come again.

Just as the message played over and over, crowds of people were exiting what seemed to be a cave entry way. By the look of things, it was certain that they would be returning for a repeat performance come their next visit.

Location was DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan. ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ attraction entrance. Among the crowd were four very familiar girls, singing idols and members of one SKE48 based in Nagoya.

“I think I have very few lives left after that!”

Poor Nakanishi Yuka, who looked completely drained of colour, tried to finish her sentence.

“I totally agree. I thought I was a goner when that CG dinosaur came towards us!”

Matsui Rena was doing her best to put her facial back together. There were tears in them that were now starting to dry but she wasn’t displeased by the experience in the least.

“I don’t think anyone had any idea of what to expect. There were a lot of screaming in there.”

Kuwabara Mizuki looked to be in a great mood. Nay, more than great for she was trying to hold her laughter which was now drawing attention to the girls. This got on someone’s nerves.

“You were here before. The least you could’ve done was to warn us. You sadist!”

“Oh Yuka-chin, where would the fun be in that? Besides, it’s not like you wouldn’t go again if you had the chance.”

Mizuki draped er arm around Yuka’s shoulder then gave them a friendly squeeze. Yuka only ‘hmped’ in reply.

“Are you okay Rena-chan?”

Ignoring the two girls Jurina turned to the other member who wasn’t paying attention to the usual speech fights. Matsui Rena was worse off than Yuka. She was well known for her gentle and sensitive nature. If Yuka, a normal girl was that shaken then the emotional Rena was a complete wreck!


Rena tried to talk but her heart was pumping too much adrenaline in her system for it to function well and her brain’s commands. All she did was turn her head towards the younger girl and try to give her a smile but it came away all wrong.

“Okay. Onto the much awaited roller coaster we go! Yay!”

Yuka oblivious to the atmosphere started on forward all the while dragging the not so cooperative Yuka along. When she took ten steps but didn’t hear the other two girls follow, she turned.

“Hey you. We don’t have the time get a move on.”

Yuka shook her head in disbelief. She raised her hand to strike some sense into Mizuki but before she could, Jurina answered.

“Ermm guys I think we are going to skip this one”

“WHAT! You can’t be serious! The roller is like the super ending encore to a visit to the theme park. You can’t miss it. It would be like you were never here!”

Mizuki was getting ecstatic. She almost failed to think of the upside to this development. ‘Almost’ being the key word. She grinned suddenly and Yuka felt her insides turn.

“Well, not all of us are perfect. How about we split up now and meet up again later. Let’s meet up at the ticket office in an hour. Take good care of

Rena-chan Jurina, will you?”

Mizuki winked at Jurina before turning and walking away. Once the two had disappeared within the crowds of people, Jurina turned towards the now better looking Rena. At least she thought so.

“Th…thanks Jurina. I don’t think I could’ve handled the roller after all that.”

“It’s no biggie. S…so maybe we should go to the park? You know lots of greenery and free space. good for the breathing and all and…”

Her rumbling was put to a stop by Rena who placed a finger to her lips. When it touched Jurina, she stopped in mid word, her mouth wide open. With a smile and looking some what amused, Rena removed her finger and spoke.

“The park will do just fine Jurina. I a break after all the excitement we’ve been through. Seriously, where Mizuki-chan gets all her energy, I will never know.”

The two started for the park in sweet silence which went on just a little bit longer than necessary.

“Do you want some ice cream? I’m gonna go over there and get some. ”

“Oh let’s go. Something cool would be nice.”

They went over to the ice stand and after getting their preferred choices they headed for the park.

“Do you know which university your brother applied to?”

Jurina asked as a way to strike up conversation. this surprised Rena for they rarely talked about their families in the group but she answered anyway.

“Sorry I’m not so sure. He never talks to us about his school. I wonder why!

It matters not anyway seeing as he would have to be accepted first.”

From the tone Jurina figured it as one of those love/hate relationships so popular in TV dramas.

“I wish I had siblings. It’s so boring by myself at home.”

“Oh believe me, having them isn’t as great as you think it would be. But I guess there are those lucky enough to have great sisters or brothers.”

“True but still…”

Rena spared a glance at the girl walking at her side. She did look kinda lonely which wasn’t so befitting of someone of her own age.

“Well, you have me. I mean I know I’m not your real sister but you know I am there for you, right? If you need anything you can talk to me.”

Rena stated seeing that she had to put the sulky Rena away from their supposed to be great day.

“I’m sorry I didn’t me to…I…”

“It’s fine Jurina. I know what you meant. I just don’t want you to think that you don’t anyone to rely on.”

“I know I’m sorry.”

“You need to stop apologising. Come, let’s boat riding.”

Jurina’s spirits back on track, the two headed of to the bank to spend a couple of hours enjoying the imbalance that comes with floating on water.


“So, wanna bet on where Jurina is gonna do it? What the outcome will be?”

Mizuki couldn’t hold her curiosity back any more.

“No thanks. And why would you wish for Jurina to be rejected?”

“Aww. You know that saying about Death taking fun out of life? Well, they obviously never met you.Hmph. Besides, I was just kidding. Jurina will come out successful, I think.”

“So are you coming or are you going to stay there talking to yourself?”

When Mizuki tuned around, Yuka was waving the tickets around for their ride. The third one. It seemed that Yuka fell in love with the roller coaster and this left Mizuki wondering where all her fears she had the first time around had gone off to.

Sighing but most definitely not displeased, Mizuki followed with a smile on her face. If Yuka was going to hold her hand every time, she would roll for as longer as needed.


The sky turning a red shed found Jurina and Rena entering their gondola on the Ferris.

“Rena-chan, it’s our turn.”

Rena turned her attention from all the couples they were surrounded with and turned to Jurina. She was nervous to say the least. There they were, two girls lining up for a romantic attraction. Hopefully no one realised their true identities.

Another of Rena’s embarrassed actions later, which Jurina found quite cute by the way, the two got into their booth. A couple of minutes and the wheel started moving.

Jurina shivered. She really should’ve brought that fluffy coat but the thought of carrying it around considering where they were going wasn’t a positive thought so she had settled for a simple sweater. Big mistake it turned out to be.

“You feeling cold? You really should have brought a jacket with you. It is March after all.”

Rena having caught Jurina’s fidgeting commented.

“I thought this would be enough but I guess I was wrong.”

Jurina folded her arms around herself trying to keep warm. Jurina was startled when she felt an arm around her shoulder and being pulled. Before her brain caught up she felt soft flesh as Rena drew her nearer.

“Is this okay?”

“Ye…Yeah much better thanks.”

Jurina’s pulse picked up speed. She couldn’t meet Rena’s eyes. The small space was quiet as the wheel went round and round a couple of times and sometimes pausing to give each couple a some alone time at the top. In no time at all, at least to Jurina time had seemed to come to a stand still, they were at the top just as the sun was half way out. She would’ve missed it had Rena not spoken albeit in a small voice.

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen the sun like this.”

Jurina looked to where Rena was looking at and felt her breath catch as well. She didn’t have the words to describe the view she was seeing. The mixture of colours in the sky that the setting sub painted were out of this world.

“Have you ever seen anything even as beautiful Jurina?”

The wonder was overflowing from Rena’s words. Jurina too was close to agreeing but something clicked in her mind as she tried to place a likeliness to the beauty she was seeing on the other side of the glass. Jurina turned and took in the features that were so close she could not only see but smell them as well.

“Yes. I have.”

Rena turned to Jurina in astonishment.

“Really? Is it that common and I was just not looking then?”

“No. I haven’t seen anything like that but I have seen something more beautiful than it.”

Jurina met Rena’s astonished eyes dead on. She was shaking inside from what she was about to say but it was now or never.She felt that moment was the one. Her real feelings she felt for the girl right there next to her both newly discovered and just then being discovered surfaced and gave her strength.

Rena didn’t say a word. She was trying to think of what exactly could be more beautiful than the sky outside.

“A couple of days ago I saw boy. The moment my eyes met his I clearly felt the world and time come to a complete stop.”

Rena felt a chill run up her spine. She had a bad feeling as to where Jurina was going. she just hoped she was wrong.

“I didn’t understand what I was feeling at first. You see, this boy was actually a girl dressed as boy. The girl was someone I knew quite well and we spend almost everyday together. We had this show on where some girls would dress up as boys and we voted for the one that was a better boy-looking. I had never seen anything so…so out of this world.”

Jurina paused as she turned to look into Rena’s eyes to see if Rena was on the same page as she was. By the ‘O’ expression she had on, Rena was indeed on the same page. Jurina feeling bolder rested her head on Rena’s shoulder and looked out once again as she continued.

“I didn’t vote for her and I even said that she hadn’t moved me but that

wasn’t the truth. After that every time a thought came to mind it was all her dressed as that boy. That night I…I dreamed of that boy. That night I had my first period.”

Rena sucked in a breath.

“Still I tried to deny the thoughts but the more I didn’t want to think of him the more he evaded my thoughts.”

Thinking that she needed to show that she was listening Rena gave her thoughts.

“So that was why you have been acting unusual these past days!”

“Yeah. I am sorry if I created any burdens for anyone.”

“No you are safe. I don’t think anyone noticed apart from Yuka-chan and Mizuki-chan.”

“Yeah. That time when left the classroom in a hurry and Yuka-chan came after

me, we kind of talked about it. Mizuki forced her into telling.”

That was so their Mizuki-chan. The smile was forced off Rena’s face by the next spoken words though.

“I think I am in love with that boy. no…I am in love with that girl. I have never been in love before so I can’t be absolutely sure but I hope she gives me a chance to find out.”

Jurina met Rena’s eyes. Rena for her part couldn’t even blink because if she even blinked the wrong way things could turn ugly but not doing a thing was a no no either.



“I…I am sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

Matsui Rena was indeed lost on how to go about it all.

“Oh! Oh…I understand. I mean I just came out of the blue and told you that I like you. What the hell was I thinking! Ah ha ha. I mean in your perspective there are a lot of negative issues to us together, right? The age difference, the same sex thing, the idol fact. Hahaha, this is all kinds of embarrassing. I…”

Jurina got more frantic by each wording. If things continued on as they were, the young girl might have broke out into tears. Rena wasn’t about to let that happen.

“Jurina, calm down…”

Rena tried to bring the girl back to her senses but…

“No no, it’s completely understandable. Let’s forget…”

Rena, in a quick move that would’ve made even her proud of herself had she been attentive to it, grabbed Jurina’s chin and turned the young girl to face her eye to eye. There were tears starting to build up after all but at least she had stopped her rumbling.Jurina took in a sharp breath and held it. Rena’s face was so close their noses were atmospherically touching.She tried to avert her eyes but the girl’s gaze was too much powerful for her to even force her eyelids to move.

“Calm down. As I was saying, I really don’t know what to say. I’ve never been put into this kind of situation before and it is a delicate one too. No, it is the most delicate I think as far as anyone is concerned. That being said, it is the same situation with you so I really can’t be that selfish either.

Let’s say that I do agree to go out. I am scared that I wouldn’t be up to what you expect of me. I mean it sounds to me like you fell in love with that…visage I put on that day but that isn’t the real me. You know the real me. There isn’t a better description of a country girl that the normal Rena. I mean even I know that the level of shyness I have is not a good thing. Do you really see yourself liking the plain Rena that is before you?”

When Rena was finished talking then realised that no response was forth-coming, she realised the proximity they were in. Blushing as easily as she breathed, Rena quickly let Jurina’s face go free and backed as far away as the small booth could allow her.

“I…I am sorry.”

She squeaked out!

“I…It’s okay.”

Jurina took in deep gasps of breath. After she was okay to speak normally again…

“It’s true that I realised my feelings after your cross dressing but truthfully, now that I am aware, I was already very taken by you even before then. It’s just that on that day I realised what exactly it was that I was feeling. I mean you do know how much I like cute girls, right? According to you, when I see cute girls I can’t but kiss them!”

Jurina made sure that Rena gave her all her attention before continuing.

“But those are the normal cute girls. You Rena, the character you think is a bad one, the way you get so easily embarrassed and shy, the fact that you are so simple in everything you say, those traits make you so very adorable and cute that were there a cutie-metre, your cuteness would fry it!”

Jurina’s already deep voice got even deeper and sexier than Rena would’ve thought it possible of a girl. When Jurina spoke next, Rena’s small body tingled all over.

“If I want to kiss normal cute girls, what do you then that I want to do to you? No seriously, I don’t know what it is I want to do but it is such a great feeling that I am very scared yet very curious to find out what it is. I know that it is possible to find out with a different person but I…I hope that it is with you Rena-chan.”

“I…I err *ahem*”

Jurina backed off slightly when she saw how uneasy she was making the smaller girl.

“You don’t have to be that confused you know. We can go on a couple of dates and if I fail to seduce you with my charms and steal your heart then that is that, right? All I ask for is a chance. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, at least I would have had those precious moments where I will think that ‘Yes, I am dating the Matsui Rena of SKE48’.”

Jurina grinned but Rena could see the unease in those big eyes. She smiled back to try and put the girl at easy.

“Heh, how did this conversation suddenly turn into you comforting me to the situation?”

“Well, I am the mature on of the two that’s why.”

“Na ah. You do look like the mature one but it’s a different story otherwise, Oh yee who hearth never laid alone to sleep.”

“Yeah, quite mature resorting to that just now. This is where the ding would go dong for my victory.”

“Hmph. Well, I am more mature than you by definition and that’s that!”

Rena pouted in defeat and turned to look away from a laughing Jurina.

“So cute! Come here and give me a kiss!”

She meant it as a joke but when she had her arms around Rena’s shoulders and was already half way to a surprised Rena’s face, it dawned on her. Jurina froze in her action and Rena too surprised just stayed still. They looked into each other’s eyes not seeing anything or anyone else but each other’s souls.


None of the two girls moved an inch or even bat a lash. When the cough came a third time the two jumped part so fast they both hit the corresponding glass windows. Then they recoiled in pain only to butt their foreheads next. Jurina, it seemed, had the hardest skull of the two so she got her senses back first. When she say Rena still nursing her fore head, she went to help and Rena let her examine hers. Not long after, Rena was okay gain but then they found themselves frozen in the same state of mesmerising each other with their eyes.

“Excuse me ladies but you are holding the queue. Could you please step off?”

Even though the catering boy was kind of enjoying the antics, the angry customers sounded like demons so he had no choice. Rena and Jurina impishly and kind of embarrassed, got off the Ferris and disappeared in the crowd.

No one talked for some time but the silence brought Rena back to the current events. She still had yet to respond clearly to Jurina’s feelings. Thinking as much as she could in the given time, Rena took the young girl’s hand at her side without looking at her. Seeing that she had the attention she spoke.

“You are an interesting person Jurina. Despite your age you have an air of maturity that girls your age don’t have. I know how it would feel were my feelings to be dissed because of my age were I you so I won’t to that either.

I can’t promise you anything because I frankly don’t see what would make anyone like a girl like me. But you do and for that reason alone, I accept your feelings. Just like you I have no idea what to do from now on but if it is okay, please let me walk the path with you Jurina.”

Jurina was silent for a while. She was just happy and touched that Rena would go out of her way to walk the difficult path that Jurina had presented. From all the movies and TV dramas she had seen, they made it seem like Love was a very painful thing but Jurina was determined to make it the most wonderful thing to this beautiful girl that accepted her feelings.

The feelings over-whelming her being, Jurina could only retrain herself so much as just to place a quick kiss on Rena’s cheek. As expected Rena shade deep red. She was just so cute. And Jurina thought the love she felt for the girl wouldn’t get any stronger!

“I would never be most glad if it were with you Rena-chan that I walked this path that I promise you I will make it the most enjoyable experience for both of us.”

Poor Rena was still recovering from the kiss that she couldn’t say a thing though it wasn’t necessary. Jurina flashed her a kilowatt smile before slipping her arm into Rena’s and leaning in and the two walked on in silence to their rendezvous with Yuka and Mizuki.


“May be we should go and look for them. it’s already been thirty minutes!”

Nakanishi Yuka was seriously getting worried. it wasn’t like Rena to be unpunctual.

“Calm down, will you. It’s only been thirty minutes. Besides, it is understandable from what they were discussing.”

Mizuki tried to sound convincing to her friend but the other girl’s antics were getting to her as well. But just as she was about to agree to Yuka’s suggestion and go looking for their friends, she spotted the two.

“There they are! See? there was nothing to get worried over. From the look of things, it seems everything went well too.”

Yuka looked to the direction in which Mizuki was facing and saw for herself what her friend was on about. There they were, Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina. Jurina had her head rested on Rena’s shoulder and holding onto Rena’s arm. She had her eyes closed looking to all the world like she was in bliss. Rena for her part looked around nervously, her face almost to the point of boiling.

“Well hello there Ms and Ms Matsui. Has it been so long since we last met? Seems a lot has happened, huh?”

Mizuki wriggled her eyebrows suggestively to a startled Rena, who hadn’t noticed the two yet until Mizuki spoke. She went even redder if it were possible. Despite the embarrassment though, Rena made no move to untangle from Jurina’s hold, who by the way, didn’t seem that affected by the sudden appearance of their friends. That wasn’t fair! All she did was give a thumbs up to the pair, which made Rena suspicious of the lot.

“Hey~ What’s the meaning of this? You two weren’t in on this, were you?”

“I don’t have a clue as to whatever you are going on about. Now in case you hadn’t noticed, you are over half an hour late. Let’s get a move on.”

Mizuki turned to go trying to look blameless but she failed miserably.

“Ohoho. Oh no you aren’t get away that easily Mizuki-chan. Spill it.”

“Make me.”

And the two raced off playfully towards the cinemas leaving their two companions shaking their heads.


Jurina spared a grin for Yuka who returned it.

“So, it seems everything went great for you. Care to tell me all about it? Maybe I can pick up a few pointers for myself.”

Yuka wondered as the two followed their hyper pair. Jurina had her eyes glued to a distant Rena, her smile too profound for Yuka to label. If that was the face of a girl in love, Yuka couldn’t wait for her time to come. She had no idea what was in store for the two girls but she knew that their idol lives were sure to get interesting.


If anyone has not seen Majisuka Gakuen yet, I command you to see it. Episodes 7 & 8. You will …. bricks!!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

26 thoughts on “Matsui² – A Matsui J/Matsui R FanFic

    Last week I was looking for some AKB/SKE fics and I didn’t found any!! >.<
    Besides it's nice to see Jurina's dere side for once. XD
    They are cute together. Thanks a lot!!

    • Ha ha ha
      Thank you very much for the lovely words. Real glad you liked it and thanks for commenting.

  2. Sugoii *-*
    I loved the story!
    Thanks for posting ..
    Rena-chan kawaii! n_n

  3. すごい !!!!

    I like your fiction so much ></b

    Matsui² couple sugoi !!

  4. GREAT~! Fanfic! Rena is so cute~

  5. Finally I could come back here for more. I worked my @ss off since the last time I was here, and I am happy to be here again.

    I wanted to write something about this one. At first I was about to write a critic, then I threw that idea away. This piece of fiction felt so… wrong and so right at the same type. This had a lots of ‘Anime’ feeling in it. Everything was just… so unreal to my taste. I know I shouldn’t talking like this, ’cause I’m not much different either, but… I don’t know. This definitely changed the characters of the girls in a strange way I can not describe.
    At first I felt the crying girl was not Jurina. Bus I as read forward I felt like the joking one was more like her. I do not know her that much so I don’t have a right to talk like this, but this felt a bit off-character to me. (To me! Our opinions may differ!) On the other hand this had a nice atmosphere as I was reading through it. There was only one thing what hurt my heart. First love supposed to be, well… painful when you realize whom you ‘actually’ love. Like Rena mentioned about that ‘image’ Jurina might fell love in. But then the little girl said that it started before the miraculous appearance of what you call ‘Ren’. BUT! Jurina is more mature then I was in her age, and that was the first thing what made me feel like a human thrash. Anyway. If I pretend that I’m Jurina in this situation (I’m really wishing for it! Seriously! 😀 ) then I feel the story might change a bit. No happy endings for me, because I can’t imagine myself to have a girlfriend like Rena. I just… um… never mind…

    I don’t know if you will read this or not, just wanted to write my thoughts about the article or what is this called. I hope you don’t mind.

    • Erm…Well, thank you for reading and commenting first of all.

      I probably did not mention it here since I was just archiving the story (I had originally written it for Nihongogo) but I already noted the OOC before hand. Really, any fiction based on real people, unless is a biography by said person, it is 99% guaranteed to be OOC. And since this is fan fiction, why can’t I make it so that Jurina’s first love goes according to plan? And really, where WMatsui is concerned, the possibility of a happy ending is actually pretty high.

      Any ways, Rena did mention this as you found out and I kinda made sure the ending (without counting First night) was open-ended – Rena might not develop feelings for Jurina and they might break up later on but she gives her a chance which is the right thing to do really even in real life!

      Actually, I would prefer if they were OOC, otherwise things would be too real and thus kinda…disturbing, don’t you think?

      Okay, enough rambling…

      Thanks again for commenting kragorin

      • Of course that you have the right to do with the situation whatever you want because… well you kinda wrote the story so… yeah. I did not say anything against the success of Jurina’s first love. It fits in just nicely in this environment. I was just talking about my life experience. I won’t say the way this flows is bad. It isn’t bad at all. Just it’s a bit unreal to me which is fine. And as you mentioned this IS a fan fiction and as far as fiction goes anything can happen. That’s the point really. But even if revert the situation still nothing will gonna change. For others my story could be strange or unrealistic too. It is actually 🙂 but I did major changes to the characters not just slight ones as you did. Either way is fine because this is supposed to be a fiction.

        And one more thing. You wrote in your comment that: “she gives her a chance which is the right thing to do really even in real life!” I’m not starting a fight here. I’m just wishing for this to happen more. Or maybe it happens more than I know. Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about this. I can be wrong with this one. I can be wrong entirely. Maybe it’s just a personal thing of mine, who knows…

        So the thing I’m trying to say is that this is your way of storytelling and I’m totally fine with it. If I was writing a fiction like this it has 100% chance that it would go in a different way than yours. But that’s fine too because we are not the same. To tell you the truth my style is totally different from yours. Yep. We are not even close but… that’s the charm in thew hole thing.

        OK. I stop my words now, because I don’t want to sound like I’m lecturing you. I just envy Jurina in this situation that’s all 🙂

      • Well, I think I understand. But I am suprised since most fiction should be about giving the characters things one couldn’t get in their own life, right? But as you said, everyone is different and I might be wrong.

        You are right though, when I write fan fiction about a pair, it is because I want to place them in the situation I would like them to be in, like say for example, My Joker fic in which I put Black ahead of everyone else where as Majisuka was originally headed by Maeda. or a movie or anime couple that don’t end up together I would write them so they do. When I see a drama/movie/anime and I don’t like what happened with something, I write a fic about it in the way that I would’ve liked it to happen.

        That’s the kind of writer I am.

        In fact I only read fiction that is about things that are totally different from the original story.

        I apologise if this is not what you like…I hope I won’t lose you as a reader….>.<

        Thanks for commenting.

  6. Oh you won’t lose me. You can’t lose me! 🙂 I cannot be shaken off this easily! And I never said I don’t like this piece of … um ‘art?’. The thing I was trying to say that this just changed a few things about the characters I’m used to. And I am following a specific frame of mind which says: “If you don’t like a story then feel free to write a better one.” That’s the thing I’m doing. As I can guess you are doing it too because hey, we are human beings. We have the power to be creative and create a world of our own. So in a different light we all are… ‘gods’ in our little universe.

    Also you wrote that: “…giving the characters things one couldn’t get in their own life” This is the same thing I’m doing while writing a story. I’m putting in… my ideas, my wishes, my feelings, my hopes. This might not be the best example for you, because I hardly ever use … um… original characters, stories. This is the main difference between us I guess. But as I said before, this is a good thing.

    I haven’t read The Joker yet, but maybe I will go through it soon, so i can’t say anything about that.just yet. I just hope I’m not being too rude with you by always pointing at the parts of your work I think different about. It is not my intention to “ruin your youth” and braking down your confidence in writing. I want exactly the opposite of this, I want to encourage you to keep writing if that’s what makes you happy. I’m doing the same, so we are floating in the same boat.

    Just one more thing. (I’m more and more becoming like Columbo hehe 😀 ) I don’t want to write always 10 full A4 pages in my comments, because I don’t want to ruin the whole blog of yours, (Or what is this called.) If you are fine with this we could continue with our conversation by email. What do you think?

    • I don’t mind the comments really >_>. I mean, have you seen the comment sections before you arrived?! HAHA! You are probably the only constant commenter here.

      But if it makes it easier for you, you can mail me or MSN me on Black-Gekikara AT live DOT ie.


  7. Even though I haven’t read this fic yet I’m so glad that I’ve found something about my beloved Rena <333. Jurina is so cute and I like her !
    Defiantly, I will read this, and I wish if I could find a fanfic about Rena and Mayu :$..
    I'll be back again after I read this fic to post comment about what I think !! 😛

  8. I’ve read it and it’s awesome.
    Really love the part when Jurina tries to confess her feeling. I try to imagine it and see a confuse jurina xD. She’s so cute when she is like that…
    Anyway, great fanfict! I like it 🙂

    • Thank you very much 48fans, first for visiting and then reading and commenting.

      It is quite hard finding WMatsui these days, what with RenAiri dominating outside of work and all that.

      As for Jurina, though is is a little more confident for her years, we have to remember that she is still 14 (12 at the time of this fic) and thus she had no concept about ‘feelings’ as of yet.

      I hope it came out alright >.<

      Any ways, thanks and welcome!

      • thanks!
        well, tell me about it. i only find 4 WMatsui fanfict (2 from you) until now
        and about jurina, yes im well aware of that and umm, isn’t she already 15 by now?

  9. okay, I almost cry because I’m too happy, i love both of them and I do think that they’re attracted in many different ways, I’m so.. oh God, I’m overwhelmed :’)

  10. I’ve read your WMatsui fanfics long ago but now I decided to comment because I am so emotionally invested in this ship it’s not even healthy, and I like to make myself suffer, and ARGH!!! A delusional masochist, that’s what I am, lol.

    I’m not making any sense probably but whatever. I ain’t jumping no ship, that’s not how I roll, yo.


    Sorry I took out my sensitive fangirl problems in you comment section. X°°°D
    I’m okay now.

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