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The Visit – Final Chapter 1/2







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The Visit

Black Gekikara

Final Chapter of the Visit series

A Majisuka Gakuen 2nd Black x Gekikara fan fiction

Italics represent Inner Gekikara

Amakuchi stood in her hospital room looking out of the window. Her mind wandered as she tried to do what Black had asked of her, which was for her to stay put and make sure she healed properly. She wanted nothing more than to do just that and please the other girl but she was still worried about Black. Yes, Amakuchi was very well aware of how Black could take care of herself just fine but she was also aware of how accidents do happen, herself being a visual example and Black had already been victim of such accidents not so long ago. It was that time too that Amakuchi finally knew that Black was just as delicate as any other girl, if the right spots were hit, she would crumble just like a diamond!

Amakuchi didn’t know exactly when it happened but just like that, she had come to care for her friend way more than she has ever cared for anyone else before. Now Black, Yuki-chan, the girl Amakuchi cared for the most was going out there to join the other fellow founder members of Rappappa which would put Black in another situation just like before and while Amakuchi couldn’t deny that one of the reasons she wanted to be there too, along with her friends as they fought against Yabakune led by the now defect Shibuya, was the thrill of the battle that always crawled at her insides like an insatiable hunger, this time, this time it was not that but the need to protect Black, that drove her so mad now that she did everything she could to not just up and out the window she was looking through at that moment and go stand by the other girl’s side!

What’s stopping you? I don’t see anything binding you to this place…

Amakuchi paused in her nail-biting when a voice she knew very well crept as it always did into her thoughts. She soon went back to biting her nails after a pause, dead set on ignoring the tempting voice that always seemed to creep up in times like these. This time Amakuchi was determined to not give into its lures and stay put as Black asked.

Ignoring me, eh?

Amakuchi only continued tried to bite her nails, which turned out to be quite fruitless seeing as her nails had been cut by none other than Black just two days ago after the meeting had ended. Decisions had been made and everyone had gotten a mission for the day. Well, everyone except Amakuchi – she was to stay behind while everyone was out there having fun fighting for their school and friends. Yuko-senpai’s sisters Yuki and Yuka were to be the ones to confront Maeda and see if they couldn’t talk some sense into the lost girl. Amakuchi had eagerly volunteered to take on the task but she was denied just as fast, which confused her. Well, since soon after Black had forbid her from leaving the hospital, it could be because of her injuries…maybe. Sado had suggested that she be left with the rat problem as she knew the perfect exterminator but when asked who, she did not give any hints. Amakuchi might have had an idea though. Usually their problems were solved with fists but just in case this particular problem couldn’t be solved with mutual pain, the girls discussed long into the night as of what to do were their victory not as fruitful. Amakuchi not being one for long talks was the ever gladder when the thing finally ended and she had some alone time with Black before she was whisked away due to visiting hours curfew!

Thinking of the night, a smile ghosted across Amakuchi’s lips when she thought of the sisters who in turn made her think of Yuko-senpai. She still couldn’t believe the coincidence and the similarity of it all. Just weeks ago she had just had her final and farewell conversation with the one person she respected in her life, when she was in a coma and knew that she would forever be grateful to her for the way that she had come into and changed her life. If Yuko-senpai had not taken her in that one fateful meeting, she would still be just as lost and might never have met Black. Amakuchi remembered that time that she was introduced to the first Queen that had temporarily sucked the light right out of her with Black’s simple mysterious gaze.

But Yuko is gone and now you’re willing to chance Black’s life by not being there for her

There went that voice again, and just as always, its game was levelling up too much for Amakuchi to keep on ignoring.

*Sigh* Even though it’s hard for you to believe, this time it’s not about me…us

“Yeah right, since when has it not been about you?”

I am pretty sure you know the answer to that quite well. We are the same after all, you and I.

“Yeah, and that’s why I am talking to you right now”

People talk to themselves all the time.

“Well, be that as it may, I am not going to betray Black by not listening to her request. We are staying right here until she comes to visit and that’s that.”

Amakuchi turned away from the window and struggled her way under the covers as she tried her best to bury the voice.

You do that. Just remember who is responsible when you get a call like last time and it’s too late. It seems that one of us has forgotten that haunting site under that bridge. Maybe this is good after all. Perhaps you need a reminder

“Stop it!”

Perhaps just as planned, the images easily came to the fore-front of Amakuchi’s mind as soon as the voice finished the sentence. She could see it as clearly as if she was back in that alley under the bridge, standing over the body covered in black with the symbolic cross and jacket missing, obviously taken by the victor as spoils! But that was all secondary input next to what occupied all Amakuchi’s senses – There lay Black on her back, with a face covered in her own blood and eyes half closed, having gone unconscious while they were open. The vision before her was in such a way that the Pope would find the altar covered in shit and piss.

The voice didn’t bother to speak again as the outcome was clear when Amakuchi sprung up and away from the bed then proceeded to change into her uniform in a moment so fast she could have made Black proud.

Moments later, only the sound of petals licking against each other as they swayed in the gentle breeze that entered through the open window was all that could be heard as the flowers from Black were the only living thing left in the room.

Black was furious, so very furious, as she worked the barcode-reading machine to its limits trying to get rid of all the customers at her job. She was late, so very late and if she didn’t leave soon, there was no doubt that everything would be over by the time she got there. She was already an hour and half late and though she didn’t have a specific mission like the others, if MajiGaku lost the battle because of her absence…No, she couldn’t afford to think that. Besides, it wasn’t like the others couldn’t take care of things just fine without her. Yes, they would be fine. She had to believe in her comrades. The other fact that the craziest of them all was sitting this one out also put some comfort to Black’s racing mind. That girl brought more chaos than anything else whenever she was involved – chaos to the enemy party, chaos to their own team and…chaos to Black’s mind.

“Thank you very much. Please come again.”

Black said automatically to the current customer for what seemed like the thousandth time that day before she started on the next batch of goods. Ignoring the irregular beeping the machine gave and the weird gazes from the queued customers, Black’s mind went wandering again to Amakuchi. It seemed that lately the other girl was always on her mind. Black couldn’t come up with any reasons why except that she was always worried about Amakuchi. The revelation made no sense whatsoever since if anyone could take care of herself it was Amakuchi…not like her, not like Black at all. Really, Black couldn’t really recall when she came to feel that way for the girl. Ever since that incident Black has never trusted anyone let alone care for someone else. In fact it took her some time to even come to terms with her baby. Strangely it was the complicated Amakuchi that began the holes that now filled Black’s hard heart.

Black now knew that there was nothing she could do to stop the infection that was the feelings for Amakuchi in consuming her heart’s muscles so now all she could do was to make sure that Amakuchi didn’t join the other people that Black had cared for. That time she was useless, powerless and Black will never forgive herself for that failure. There are no powerless people, only that they don’t care enough to be strong. She learned that lesson the hard way on that starless and wet night that everything she had come to know and love for the fifteen years of her life came to an abrupt and messy end. She had found the strength that night but it was seconds too late. It was strength to not protect her family but to avenge them and while most would have taken some comfort in that, Black’s failure at finding that strength just a tiny bit earlier to save her family or at least Sakura, her little sister that was the last to go, will forever outweigh the satisfaction of vengeance.

Sure if anyone was present they would have defended her by saying that she was in no condition to save anyone seeing as she was the first victim, but Black already thought of that and nothing helped at all. Sure she was the first but the damage was not as fatal. So she had been roughly raped in front of her family then beaten to the point of unconsciousness but that was nothing compared to the sharp steel that parted her mother’s neck muscles as if it were cutting through butter when she proved strong enough to avoid Black’s fate and thus she had to be put down. It was nothing compared to the pieces of bone in her father’s now decaying brains as an aftermath of receiving a hammer in the back of the head as he walked in through the home doors from work right at the worst moment.

It was nothing compared to what her 12 years old sister went through when all four men had decided they needed to wrap things up fast so they went to her at the same time.

Right in front of her eyes

It was two minutes later when one of the men saw it fit to squeeze some more fun out of the situation by strangling Sakura-chan as he reached his momentary nirvana that Black finally found the strength.

But it was already enough seconds late

Vengeance…truthfully to Black it was anything but that…not at all…She still does not remember what really happened that night after she screamed at the horror of what was happening to her family. She remembers the light…the blinding light that could never bring light to her soul no matter how bright it was. It had taken her a full minute to realise that that light had come from the torches that the armed police men in front of her held along with their drawn weapons. She remembers automatically raising her hands at the unmistakeable command even with all the mush that was her brains at that moment.

It had been then, as her limbs passed her field of vision as she raised them that she saw the sleek dark red that started to slide down her arm like some kind of live red mercury. The spectacle was bizarre and for a moment Black thought she might have looked like a true psychopath as they studied their work. Then she had looked down only to find the mess she had added to the already messy floor. She didn’t remember looking around because the body that was right under her, was it even a body if it was missing a couple of its parts? No, it was a carcase that was broken so very oddly that Black even now still wondered what she had done to those men. It was at that moment as she sat, half naked, on the chest of the once a man, whose head was missing, arms half-whole with what had looked like bite marks! Then she had tasted the strange substance in her mouth that she only knew of instinctively. Her senses had returned to her then as she emptied her stomach and made an even worse mess and finally passed out again. The next time she had woken up had been two days later at a hospital with doctors and detectives around her and bound like the criminal she was.

She had been let go when they realised she wasn’t some deranged girl that needed to be locked up after she had been forced to explain the situation and since she was underage, and apparently the four men had been on the most wanted lists, she was to be let go after three months of probation in the hospital. Those three months were the hardest of her life as she had come to realise the true nature of the world and come to terms with it. She had almost failed…almost….but then she had been found.

During the days of ‘healing’ that followed, Black had sworn to never let anyone close to her get hurt. She had actually decided to never ever get close to anyone again, really, who would ever want to be with her anyways? Even God wouldn’t let her in his land of purity with the way she was soiled now. But a certain girl had gotten close…impossibly close…even with the cold countenance that Black emitted for everyone to back the fuck off, the oddest girl still made her way through the stone walls that were lined with black-pumping arteries…and since Black couldn’t stop Amakuchi from getting that close, she just had to take the other option – let Amakuchi all the way through but to make sure she was staying.

So Black now had two very important people in her life, her un-planned and at first unwanted baby and the crazy girl that spent most of her life behind bars. Really, her life was still messed up even now but she didn’t care. She had been worried sick when she got that call from Sado about Amakuchi’s predicament weeks before. She was not prepared for the worst and Black was never gladder for Sado’s playful side than she was that moment when she got to the hospital room to only find a grinning Amakuchi lying there in the disinfected bed.

Black will do anything to protect all that’s meaningful to her and she just knew that though Amakuchi had promised her to behave and stay put, it wasn’t the first time she had disobeyed her requests. Perhaps she could have made her promise then maybe…Nah, Black decided to give Amakuchi the benefit of a doubt into not thinking of her a child. The thing was that Amakuchi loved a fight. While other people are addicted to technology and drugs, the younger Queen was addicted to pain, blood and fear and she fed of it as if she could survive only on it and nothing else. This fight that was taking place as Black stood here still servicing customers had to be the first time ever that the Queens had gotten together, well minus Shibuya and their leader Yuko-senpai, and fought for the same goal since that time they took on the Osaka Leopards of the NaMBa Girls’ High.

Yabakune was nowhere near as good as The Leopards but they had numbers and no matter how good an individual was, numbers always won out in the end so Black and the others really had to step in. Not to mention that though she didn’t like to think about it, the current power levels in MajiGaku was a joke. To think that three of the four girls she took on by herself had the nerves to call themselves Queens…Their anointed leader Maeda? What a joke? Brooding on weed, it isn’t even weed, it was just the damn sakura petals for crying out loud! Acting like Yuko-senpai’s death was the end of the fuckin world. She didn’t even know her for that long and there were people closer to Yuko-senpai than this new transfer student and yet you didn’t see Sado going on a killing spree or Torigoya jumping off a building and into a hen’s den.


Black’s searing gaze snapped up and locked the terrified girl in front of her in place as if she were frozen in time right after seeing the most gruesome thing appear right out of thin air to devour her. And with the way Black’s body buzzed and literally oozed blackness that seemed to evaporate in the air around her, she was almost the spitting image of such a beast. The poor middle scholar would have probably pissed herself had Black not been knocked back to her senses by the familiar cries coming from her back. Her demeanour changed from that of oblivion itself to a caring mother so fast that everyone who was a witness could only blink, as if they had just imagined it all.

“Perhaps it is best that you took that early leave, ya?”

It’s two hours late you stupid fuck

Black only gave her manager a weak smile if it will help her get the hell out of there faster. It indeed worked as she was soon replaced by her co-worker, the sweet, sweet Nina. They could be best friends, that is if Black was into late-night clubbing, nightly love motel visits and body piercing!


She tried not to let lose her true self until she was out of eye sight but just as always, as if sensing her mood swings, her cute but unwanted miracle wailed to try and get her back to herself. Really, the kid was as bad as Amakuchi. It was like they were having secret meetings behind her back to try and control her. Yes, though it wasn’t to the naked extremes of Amakuchi’s, Black too had her problems, problems that ran too deep that even she couldn’t dig them all up, even in her sleep when her brain was at max capacity. The family incident was something like a trigger, at least that was what Black had come to the conclusion of. She had thought of her parents countlessly after that conclusion and sometime it was in a less than nice way. What had they done to her? There had to be secrets but it was too late now to learn of them. They were buried along with them.

Black sighed as she set the baby down on the locker room bench to check and see if she needed changing before she dropped her off to the monastery while she joined the others. When she saw that all was okay, she pulled out a warm bottle that she kept close and used her body as an oven and tried to feed her but it seemed that she was not that hungry yet. The girl was like an anaconda. She ate a lot when she was hungry but spent more time than normal before she could eat again. At first even Black had thought it as a sickness and had taken her to the doctors but everything turned out to be fine and after a month of study and observation that concluded without incident, they bottom-lined it as the natural, or unnatural way of the little thing.

Well then, Mama is off to save the world…again

Placing the bottle back in place Black nudged her belly playfully which made her burst into giggles before she secured the bundle of goodness close to her. A split of a split second later, she had disappeared from the locker room space.

As if her own body was built for war, Rena sensed even before she saw and heard it! Her blood reacted to it as potassium would with water. The closer she got, the worst it got and soon the battlefield was right in front of her and she could hear the screams and cries that sounded like lovely music to her ears. Her heart drummed so hard against her ribs to the point of being hurtful but Amakuchi tried her best to keep the urges at bay as she grit her teeth so hard they almost shatter, just like the metallic IV holder she was dragging along! She was not there for the battle or the thrill. She was there to make sure that Black was okay.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that…if it helps

Amakuchi only matched on forward towards the main entrance to the school which was already covered with unconscious bodies and blood. Upon seeing that, the itch got so bad that it no longer was potassium level reaction but Caesium. She tried her hardest to calm herself down which proved so hard a task that she almost fell to her knees. It was hard but she succeeded and after taking in some needed calming air, Amakuchi navigated her way towards the back gym but as she rounded a corner…

“Look girls, we’ve got ourselves a stray”

Four girls…The one that had spoken quirkily registered to Amakuchi as the leader of this little pack of idiots. She gave them a once over.

“Perhaps you will be of more use to us. You see-What’s with you?”

The leader finally noticed Amakuchi’s condition and she seemed to have mistaken Amakuchi’s struggle for control for pain. She eyed the IV drip, then Amakuchi, then back to the drip before she shrugged carelessly then resumed her crooked smile that she probably thought to be menacing.

“Oh well, sucks to be you right now. You see, we have a problem that requires some…practical experimentation but as you can see, the results have been…what shall I say…incomplete.”

The lackeys burst into laughter and they were soon joined by their idiotic leader laughing at her own lame joke. Amakuchi let them have their moment as she surveyed the floor. She did not recognise any of the girls there but by the looks of things, they were first years. They were out but probably more from shock and fear (what with the wet puddles and all) than the implied. She returned her gaze to the speaker when she resumed her rant.

“So, maybe you can help us out? You see we want to record all the sounds a person makes and today’s chapter is ‘pain’. How about it, you game?”

Amakuchi just stared at them…

“I will take that as a yes. Well then, first let’s find out what sound a person makes…WHEN YOU BREAK THEIR ARMS!”

The girl yelled as she charged with a pipe that looked to Amakuchi as if it was made of real steel. Perhaps those first years were downed by more than fear. Amakuchi didn’t move at first and her face began to stretch in that familiar smile but she instantly stopped it and took action to evade the attack instead of taking it dead on like she had been about to do. Black wouldn’t like it very much if she left with more injuries than she had before.


The girl yelled out a battle cry as she slashed an arc down towards Amakuchi’s weak side’s mid-section that holding onto the IV-drop stand. Just as the steel whistles from the hollowness as it started to descend, Amakuchi took two easy steps – One to place her behind the IV stand so that it stood between her and the weapon and another to place her forward in position to deliver a fatal blow with her right fist straight to the girl’s exposed jaw. The fist connected right at the same time as the steel hit metal, making the most curious combinations of sound from bone and teeth breaking to grating of metal. Then the deafening scream that almost succeeded in breaking Amakuchi’s resolve…almost.

“Not arms breaking but you don’t mind skipping a step, right? That was the sound of the jaw and teeth breaking by the way. Now then, about the arms…I actually have quite the experience in those but why talk about it when I can show you? This is after all…practical class!”

The three girls that had their jaws slacking as they stared at Gekikara. Everything happened so fast that they could only stand there, stupefied. They had even forgotten about their leader as they just stood there staring at this girl that had come out of nowhere, looking all sickly and weak and ready to be put down by their merciless leader and yet it was that leader that as far as they were together, they had never seen her lose a fight, that was rolling on the floor in such ear-grating painful cries that begged attention and yet…yet they couldn’t seem to take their eyes off this…this thing that now had its eyes – eyes that seemed more like pits of hellish fires to them – right on them. The deceitful facade final broke and the true monster revealed itself when that face suddenly broke out into giggles, then crazed laughter. The girl in the middle didn’t even flinch when she heard the drip-drip of piss on both her sides. Her vision was getting blurry and whether it was from not blinking, really who would when facing death, or from pitiful tears she didn’t know. She knew though that they were done for. She just hoped she would wake up in this world still. It was all she could do to scream when the monster started towards them.

Two floors above, on the rooftop, a lone figure lay on its back with arms and legs stretched outwards, seemingly lurking in the sun. From what could be seen, the head was just like any other, in other words, messy and uniquely coloured hair flowed out from the scalp and all around the shoulders that loosely supported a heavy duty dark coat that had what seemed like purplish flowery pattern on the inside of it. Getting closer, the figure got smaller and it could be seen that she was a female. She had her eyes closed and looked deceptively cute, if one didn’t know exactly which school she was at. Though from closer inspection in the inside of the open coat, it could be found out that this girl was not of Majisuka but the other one! It was quite the dilemma as to why she was way out here seemingly enjoying the rays instead of down there and helping her school in winning. From her physique though, she might have been one of the weak and thus had come out here to save herself until the madness down stairs was done for. But then it begs the question as to why she had come at all. It is incomprehensible that she was forced to come. This was a weekend after all which meant no school…not that anyone attended if they didn’t want to. No one gave a fuck as to what these failures of society were up to hence why they were shacked into these schools in the first place.

Everything was calm up here with the faint cries and sounds of battle going on below and the police sirens that were most probably coming to this exact place. With the calmness the girl continued to relax with a beautiful smile upon her face that would have made anyone squeal with wanton of crushing the cute thing into a hug and never let go. Three seconds later that smile faded so fast it might have been a layer on an image that had been deleted from the set, when there came a scream so different from the ones she had been hearing for the last most boring ninety minutes of her life. Her closed eyes were then printed wide open and she was up on her feet and running towards the rooftop entrance when soon after the scream a very familiar series of laughter and giggles followed.

It could not be! She had a hard time believing it but her body had reacted in a way that the girl could never ignore. That laughter was unmistakeable and this…this feeling that crawled right passed her spine to the nerves within was confirmation enough, if she ever needed any, that it was indeed ‘her’. But how? Sure she hadn’t stuck around for confirmation but the feeling of the act upon her bladed fingers was so very satisfying that she had been sure there was nothing but success at the end. Had the location played a part in this turn of events? Damn it, she should have done it away from right inside a hospital. But then again, this was a very good turn of events. She had felt somewhat…disappointed at herself for how quick things had seemed to come to an end. There were stories about ‘her’ after all…legends even. So for those legends to end without her putting her print on it when she had the perfect chance kind of took the fun out of the quick victory.

The more she had heard of ‘her’ the more she wanted to know of her and the more she was angry at her own self for destroying the chance of finally…finally meeting someone like herself. From what she had gathered, ‘she’ was quite the cheese even among the big ones at Majisuka Gakuen and if this was really happening, then ‘she’ really might have to be up to par with the legends. She couldn’t help it when along with the adrenaline that suddenly started at the prospect of the fun to come, giggles of her own and then laughter made its way out of her throat, through her mouth and all around like a siren as she rounded a corner at the top flight of stairs to the first floor.

She hadn’t been this excited since…since when? She couldn’t remember. Her opponents, and everything really, had become so boring that she just decided to try out new thing. The knife was one of these new things and she found that she liked it. Discovering how fragile a person really is was quite the finding and she had used the law to her advantage thanks to her age, to explore more of this new hobby. It was that hobby that had assumedly put an end to ‘her’. So it seemed that ‘she’ had survived…Not only that but well enough to apparently come right back into a fight. She picked up speed when she literally could feel her body buzzing and almost magnetically being pulled by this new and strange force. As if it was a trick of the eye, the innocent eyes hardened and seemed to grow in both the outside and the inside. The lower lids changed to a dark green as if an invisible hand was putting on perfect air brush strokes and the green in her hair lit up a bit more into the green spectrum before the girl’s figure rounded the last flight of stairs.

Everything seemed to disappear from her vision but a doorway that beamed out light like a light-house window during a stormy night. All her senses were concentrated on that spot as everything seemed to push her forward to that room. Was ‘she’ there? ‘She’ had to be because the girl could almost taste ‘her’ presence’. She ignored the horror-struck looks on the girls that might have been from her school but she simple blew right passed them. She might have heard one of them whimper her name out of urgency but she simply ignored them. Everything that was her was pushing her towards that room – a room that now painfully stood only five metres away from her.

Amakuchi stood there, with her hands before her and her eyes fixated on them. They were back to that form that was now like a second skin. There was blood on them and skin wedged uncomfortably in the spaces between her nails. She had gone and done it again. It wasn’t even that necessary and yet she had gone that far again with only a few minutes in. She surveyed her grim work with watery eyes. She hadn’t wanted to do it but she had gone and disobeyed Black and now…Now she had let down Yuko-senpai once again. What was wrong with her? Was she doomed to be like this forever? If she is stay this way, then what of Black? Will she….Will she also…

Amakuchi roughly scrubbed away the tears before they came. No, she wouldn’t cry, at least not yet. She should be used to this by now. It’s been seventeen years for crying out loud so she should just get with the programme already. Crying wouldn’t help her anyways and it would be like she was un-fulfilled with her life. That would be like denying her existence. That was no road to go down again and had she not talked about it with Yuko-senpai already?

Amakuchi closed her eyes and tried to pull herself together. A moment later, they were snapped open when a very painful feeling like a chainsaw cutting right through her very soul, hit her so suddenly that she was forced on her knees. She gasped for breath and tried to fight the fog that had suddenly erupted within her mind. She quickly reached for her wound, thinking that someone had snuck up on her and wedged something in it right to her insides but confusion soon followed the haze when she felt…nothing. There was no dampness let alone a foreign thing sticking out of her as she only met roughly bandaged surface under leather. There was no blood and also not the amount of pain she expected. Still not believing her own hands, Amakuchi looked down at herself to see and indeed, there was nothing there.

She blinked then having realised that the pain was no longer there, her mind clear again as if nothing had happened at all. What the hell was that all about? It felt so very real…personal in fact. Still pondering she looked around to find that she was the only one around the room, well, anyone conscious. Doing that, she became aware of the wet feeling on her knees making its way over her leg as it socked into the high socks. It was blood of her victims soaking in her clothes. She realised it was about time to leave and get to why she was there. Black was most probably in the gym, right in the middle of things so she should get there on the double.

When she hit the exit, girls were gathering around, most probably having heard the screams. She should know, she too was almost proud to having produced such results. Hm…perhaps this practical stuff wasn’t so bad. She should maybe-NO! Amakuchi shook her head furiously as she walked down the corridor, having been given way by the onlookers, both Majisuka and Yabakune’s school students. She gave them a no no-sense look as she went by that warned their very souls to not try anything or else. She had a girl to find and no more distraction were acceptable. She just knew that if she got lost once again, this time it would take longer for her to come back and whenever that happened, police cars and ambulances were involved. That wouldn’t be so bad except with the first, came bars and did she hate bars!

Amakuchi turned a corner and headed out towards the back as the sounds of battle grew clearer and clearer the closer she got. A different kind of excitement took over her when she thought of seeing Black again. She hadn’t seen the girl since the meeting and these feelings of wanton were getting stronger as the days went by. At this rate, the day when she can’t stand being apart from Black by just a mere second wasn’t far behind. As her mind got crowded with thoughts of Black, Amakuchi disappeared within the chaos that was the school gym.

Using the door frame as a buffer stop because she almost went past it at the speed she was going, the stranger almost dislocated her arm as she came to a sudden stop, knocking some poor girl into a wall as she came upon the room that looked more like a butcher’s shop than a classroom. She straightened her jacket before she trudged purposefully and almost greedily, into the room. She surveyed it with gleaming eyes looking for one person and one person only – ‘her’. The swirling orbs didn’t even blink when they passed the girls, both Majisuka and Yabakune, as they helped their fallen victims to the waking world, as if they were ghosts left over from a gruesome massacre years ago and thus didn’t have the properties to this world anymore.

At the sudden entrance, everyone had stopped mid-motion and it was almost comical at the way everything was still, except the turning of the girl’s neck as she looked around for something that might as well have the value of an Egyptian Pyramid. Such was the disvalue of everyone else around as those eyes passed through everyone like they were non-reflective glass. The ones that wore the same uniform as this new arrival were the first ones to freeze at the sight of her, which had in turn stopped those of Majisuka Gakuen that didn’t know of her. They were most probably confused, wondering and searching of the big deal about this girl that seemed to be too young to even be a first year. She seemed that way, to the ignorant Majijyo students. To the ones that knew her though, it was time to get the hell out of there, but for some reason, they found that they could not will their limbs to obey. It seemed like the worst mistake ever to make sudden movements at that time. Breaths were held as everyone waited for something to happen. Which it did and they wished they hadn’t been holding their breathing.

“Where is ‘she’?”

The words haunted the air around everyone and it was no surprise to witnesses as to why. The Majijyo students only silenced momentarily with the question as they didn’t know who this new girl was referring too. The fellow school mates were frozen by the chills that the voice sent down their backs. They knew her well enough to know what each change in pitch of the voice of the girl meant. Having been holding their breaths, they could do naught but choke, which was not the answer that the girl was looking for.

“I asked you a fucking question – Where is ‘she’?”

Even though the asker wasn’t actually looking towards anyone in particular, those wearing the same uniform as her started to sweat as if the question was directed right at one of them. Majijyo on the other hand, it seemed like they were back to their senses because one sorry Anon lifted up her ass to regard the entrée.

“You mean Amakuchi? Little girl, I hope you are tripping because if you are indeed looking for her then you must be completely bonkers. Wait a damn minute, who the hell are you any w-…”




The ‘little girl’ smoothly brought her now raised leg back down to its normal position and her face – that had been obscured by her Elite Spider Magnum boot-covered foot, came back into view. The face was not the same as the one before the moment that might or might not have even happened. It was the face that now everyone in the room recognised to some extent. Those that were of Majijyo saw a reflection of a certain Queen in it and that in itself was enough to finally sink the gravity of the situation right into their very cores. To the fellow students of this spawn…That was the face that only a few saw and came back to talk about it…in wheel chairs!

The girl it seemed was not pleased to find that whoever she was looking for was no there and she was extremely pissed. It was too bad then that her no longer recognisable gaze was on everyone in the room. Though she wasn’t looking to anyone in particular, they just knew it was them now. Worst the luck then that their problem stood between them and the exit. This being Majijyo, the windows on the first floors were all of course broken so wooden boards had been nailed in as replacements. In other words, even if one was suicidal enough to think of playing TV hero and jump out of the glass window, to safety, it was impossible. Their fate belonged to this girl that to Majijyo students, they didn’t even know of. The Yabakune students were foolish enough too to think that they were safe just because they were on the same side. If the incident that just happened was any indication, this reaper didn’t discriminate.

Just one kick to the side of the head of the Majijyo girl that had talked back, had sent her flying into the two girls behind her that happened to be Yabakune, who were helping their friends that had been victims of Amakuchi only moments before, to fall into a hip of bodies and desks with two more unconsciousness following right after. Terror enveloped the five other within the room as the girl reached into her pocket and pulled out a mini pair of cuffs that resembled the purple coloured ones that were suspended around her neck. The ones that were looking on from outside in the hallways took that as queue to run for it. They were here for a girl fight not this…

As for the ones whose fate had already been decided, they could only look on as the girl first dangled the things in their face with a deceitful smile before it quickly disappeared and for her to raise two fingers in that immiscible sign before she separated them then pushed them through the two little holes and wore it like a ring. She then folded her fingers next into a fist.

When Amakuchi got to the gym, it was already a battlefield. Everyone was fighting everyone even the no-names that were just called together out of necessity. Majijyo was practically out-numbered 3 to 1 but really, that was Shibuya for you. It seemed her thirst for revenge went so far as to do absolutely anything she could to have it. Amakuchi wasn’t really sure what Shibuya was looking for in re-challenging Maeda since it was pretty obvious that she was out of her league. Not to brag but there was no way that someone who can go head to head with Amakuchi, let alone defeat Sado, could be defeated by Shibuya. She also doubted Shibuya had gone through some Bruce Lee training drills since their graduation last year. There probably was something else to it that Amakuchi did not-

She was interrupted when someone hit her in the back with a wooden sword. She paused in her contemplation as at the same time, two girls flanked her at either side. She giggled at the familiar tingling of pain in her back before she blocked the girls on the right who had thrown a punch her way and instead back handed the one on the left then kicked the puncher in the abdomen before she turned around to face the sword-wielding girl behind her. Those two moves had happened almost instantly and the girl behind found herself taken aback by the scene. Amakuchi only stared right back as she tilted her head to the side. She then burst out into her usual laughter which sent chills down the girl’s arms and froze her to the core.

“Heh…U mad?”

The girl could only tremble in sudden trepidation but to her confusion and much relief, Amakuchi turned her back on her before she walked off in search of Black. As she looked for the familiar tresses of dark and red dash in the forest of weird hair-dos, Amakuchi also watched the others to see how they fared. Team Hormone and Team Fondue were doing a good job of actually protecting their flag from the waves of onslaught. They had help from three other new Queens so Amakuchi guessed they would be okay. That troublesome Nezumi was also present and by the looks of things, as they fought back to back, and was that an actually honest to God smile Nezumi just flashed her, it seemed like Centre had done her job right.

Oi! Amakuchi…over here”

A voice stronger than the average girl’s reached her ears and Amakuchi only turned a few degrees before she caught sight of the other new Queen, Youran – whom Amakuchi had grown close to in this last year. If Amakuchi had anyone she could call a friend, Youran would be her. She hadn’t stayed in school long enough before to have a relationship with anyone. Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t spent that much of time with Black so she wondered how she came to feel this strongly for her! It was a mystery but a very good one. Speaking of which, when she reached the boy clothes-wearing Youran…

“Took you long enough to get here Amakuchi. I was starting to wonder if you would ever show up!”

Amakuchi returned the other girl’s grin.

“Since when has a little stab wound here or there kept me from a fight?”

“Yeah, you are the only person I know who feeds off of fights just like Superman does on Sunshine!”

“Actually, I am not supposed to be here but I was worried about…you guys. Anyway, have you seen Black around?”

“Black? She is coming too?”

“Yes, we all were. Sado and Torigoya are here somewhere too, right?”

Amakuchi looked around in an attempt to locate her fellow premium Rappappa members.

“Oh yeah, they are already here. Torigoya is over there” Youran gestured to where Torigoya had some Yabakune student bent over a table and seemed to be in the middle of spanking them “and Sado went over to have a chart with Shibuya though from the looks of things, I don’t think any talking Shibuya out of this is going to be successful.”

“Well, sometimes a girl is got to do what she’s got to do”

“Do you think Maeda will show up here? I mean the police is practically outside waiting for her!”

“The plan was to help her get away but if I know her…”

“You don’t really think she will actually show up even when she knows!”


“…Right…A girl’s got to do what she’s got to do”

“Not to worry though. From what I hear those two have a history…I mean Maeda and that police woman…”

“You met her?”

“Well yeah, she was the one who annoyed me with questions about the hospital incident.”

“Oh yeah…Speaking of which, I hope ‘she’ is not here as well. I guess it’s a good sign that I haven’t seen her yet. I mean it’s kind of hard to miss someone as crazy as…”

Youran stopped herself but it was already too late. She flashed an apologetic smile. Amakuchi just returned one of hers to show that she wasn’t bothered by it.

“Yip-yip-yip…Are you going to talk us to death or fight?”


Apparently without them knowing, the two had attracted quite an audience who seemed to have reached the end of their patience.

“I guess I will do some stretching while I wait for Black to come. I almost died of boredom in that smelly bed!”

Amakuchi didn’t even break pitch as she fought off the attack like a person swatting at flies in the air.

“I am just surprised anyone managed to keep you in that room even for a week.”

Youran grinned as she fought off her own attackers.

“Believe me, if it weren’t for Black, I would have been out of there so fas-…”

Amakuchi suddenly cut herself off and whipped around, her expression changing from amusement to seriousness so fast that even the attackers were taken aback by the suddenness of the act. Youran turned to see a wild look on Amakuchi’s that was so far from the wild one that she was known for and more of the normal wild that a person seeing a charging tiger would make. Except it looked like Amakuchi couldn’t see this tiger judging from the roaming said eyes did all over the place. She came off as a mad patient that just woke up from an induced sleep and finding themselves tied down in an unknown place.

“What’s wrong Amakuchi?”

Youran received neither an answer nor a sign that the other girl had even heard her. A shiver ran down Youran’s body when she saw beads of sweat start to form on Amakuchi’s forehead. Something was very wrong – Oh so very wrong. It also seemed that just like Youran herself, Amakuchi did not have the slightest idea on what exactly that wrongness was. Finally coming to the conclusion that she should also add to the field of vision with her own eyes, Youran too started to survey their surroundings but for some reason, suddenly as if from out of nowhere, the fight had gotten closer to them. There were girls fighting all around them and it was hard to see anything out of place.

“Amakuchi…What is it? I don’t see anything-…”

When Youran turned her attention back to look at her friend, all her words and frustrations due to fear died in her throat. A figure so slight and small stood there, like a solid steel pole buried in concrete, right in front of an even more shocked Amakuchi. The scene was so striking with the falseness of it on so many levels, from the alien features that Youran had never seen nor expected to find on Amakuchi’s face, to the madness that came off this new figure that was now rooted in front of Amakuchi. When it finally spoke, Youran could now imagine how emissaries of hell itself sounded like when they spoke.

“Oho? You are already up and about? I guess I did a crappy job on you. Well, not matter…I will just have to try again…practice makes perfect after all…”

The smile that marred that little face was such that will never leave Youran’s mind. Before she or even Amakuchi herself could make heads or tails of the situation, the IV-drip stand was no longer in Amakuchi’s possession, let alone connected to her arm but in the girl’s. She was studying it with gleeful attention from top to bottom before she licked her teeth. A *ting* sounded from the girl’s neckline that grabbed Youran’s attention when purple light reflected off of it in turn.

“You even brought me a weapon? Why, thank you so much” That nightmarish smile was smeared on the face that Youran could not even guess the age of now before the monster among monsters spoke again “well, seeing as you are so nice, I hall tell you my name.” The giggle that escaped was worlds apart from Amakuchi’s. “Do you want to know my name? Do you?”

When she received no answer, what would have looked like a pout on anyone else’s face crossed the girl’s features before that smile returned.

“What to do…what to do…Oh well…I need someone to deliver a message for me to the Queen Bitch in the underworld and I can think of no better candidate than you” she gave a dramatic pause…

“The name is MISO!”

With the ‘so’ came the combination of sounds of Amakuchi being scissor-kicked in a back-flip then crashing into bodies before landing a ways off from where Youran and the satisfied Miso now stood.


A shocked Youran cried after what seemed like an eternity of a scene-play. She debated running after the girl that she could no longer see – no thanks to the masses that were getting back to their feet after that on-coming train, and attacking this very real threat. The threat winning, Youran charged.

“You bastard…You will pay for –mmnf-”

Youran’s war cry and charge were stopped suddenly when she found a hand over her mouth, squeezing the bones in on themselves. The girl had appeared right in front of her and now were eye to eye. No, that was not right. It was eye to abyss and Youran found herself getting lost in the darkness within. She could only hear the spoken words like weak whispers in a void.

“Watch your tongue little girl, or I will be very happy to remove it for you. Now then, how about you go to sleep and have some reflecting done on how to behave when in the presence of your superiors, hm?”

Youran didn’t see what happened before she blacked out but Amakuchi did. It was something as simple as a left hook but it spoke volumes about Amakuchi’s nemesis. The punch had span Youran once in the air before she fell to the floor, not to get up again for a while. You would think that it was Youran that was half the size of the girl but it was the other way around.

It was her dream all over again but this time everything was real and she could see her attacker clearly. Her body hurt all over and her stab-wound had been re-opened but that was the least on her mind. The figure approaching her had all her un-divided attention. For some reason that voice that would usually be a nuisance especially during fights was unusually quite now too.

Amakuchi did not like it.

Quite a ways away near the Majijyo flag…

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing…”

“Uh huh…”

Five members of the somewhat famous Team Hormone all looked on with seeing but disbelieving eyes. One that went by the name ‘Unagi’ nudged their leader and best friend ‘Wota’ to get her attention as she asked the question of her to make sure that what she was seeing wasn’t just a figment of her own imagination. She needed proof that her friend was also witness to this…this surreal scene. Have you ever seen something that was so out of this world that the mind takes forever to grasp the concept of it? Unagi felt the same way right at that moment as she took in the vision of fear itself in the name of Amakuchi…being afraid! She was afraid and in fact she was backing away, all right in front of Unagi’s two wide open eyes that saw and yet could not translate the message for her brain to understand exactly what she was seeing. Unagi turned her attention to the abomination that was so out of this world it would strike fear in that Amakuchi! It was the muthafuckin AMAKUCHI for Christ’s sakes and she was afraid! She was afraid of whatever this thing wa-

“Oh God~”

Unagi’s breath left her like it was her last when she saw exactly who, or what had their Amakuchi so afraid.

“We are doomed!”

No heads even turned to consider the fact that the usually mute member Mukuchi had just spoken. And besides, the words had just been taken right out of everyone’s mouths. They were royally fucked and they knew it. Their victory dance was short-lived when not only Torigoya and Sado had showed up but also Amakuchi. Now though, it seemed that Yabakune had a super Ace right far up their ass they only chose this moment to reveal it. Unagi was almost proud of the bastards. That is if the played hand didn’t spell her doom. Hopefully, Ms. Doomsday would be occupied by Amakuchi and forget about getting the flag.

“Guys, we have to do something…”


“WTF Bungee, are you nuts?! Did you get your head smashed on something?”

“Yeah Bungee, there is no way I’m going near her!”

“I know but there is something strange about Amakuchi guys.”

Four heads turned to the strange scene which they couldn’t hold any longer than two seconds before looking quickily away. A cowardly Amakuchi was one for fiction, not reality, at least not theirs.

“Well, a scared Amakuchi is not something you see every day.”



“Look, let’s just vote on it, okay?”

“But why? We already have a task to perform!”

“Team Fondue can take over, right guys?”

The other yellow jersey-clad group was suddenly put in the spotlight.


“Okay, now that it’s settled…”

“Wait a damn minute Bungee, since when do you give the orders here?”

“What?! This isn’t the time for…”

And so they went on for another minute, then two then ten…totally forgetting about the actual problem at hand.

Amakuchi was afraid, so very afraid. The feeling was quite new to her so it was a mystery to her as to what to do. She had tried fighting back but for some reason she couldn’t get any damaging hits in. The pain was now so intense that she could actually feel it. The fact that her IV-drip was now an active weapon might have contributed to all the cuts that covered her body. She was losing blood fast and her head was starting to feel funny, and not in a good way.

“Pathetic…I was expecting a lot more from one that bares legends such as you. Was it all rubbish then?”

The nightmare continued to mock her as it seemed was either a habit or just reserved for Amakuchi. Well, she imagined she might deserve some of it as she placed a hand over her stomach. It came away wet and sleek with her blood which wasn’t so good. She had to protect it lest the inner bindings also come undone. She didn’t think she would survive with her intestines dangling out of her stomach all the way away from the hospital. Thinking of it, a smile ghosted her features.

Black was going to be very mad at her.

“What’s so funny? No matter…I am getting bored of you. Time to put you in your place”

Miso took Amakuchi by the collar of her jacket to right her on her feet before she let loose a series of quick punches into her chest then finished them off with one final hard hit that might have broken a rib or two. Amakuchi hit the wall behind her hard, before she crumpled on the floor, totally winded. She wondered if this was finally it…Was she going to join Yuko-senpai whether she wanted it or not after all…Amakuchi didn’t want to go yet though for some reason. There was something that felt un-finished. Even though she didn’t know what, she felt she could not go without taking care of it. Finding some strength from that thought, Amakuchi willed her hands to brace her to the floor and began to push her body up, only for her to be interrupted again by a voice.

“Want a hand? I don’t know about a hand but…here is a foot!”

A powerful kick to her stomach lifted her off of her front and up in the air but then the pain and gravity brought her back to earth and on her back. She was seeing stars. The pain was that much more intense that it was all she could do to keep awake. Amakuchi didn’t want to go before she saw Black again one last time. She had to hold on…but…it was too much. What had Black asked of her the last time she had seen her? Oh yeah – “Take it easy and have some rest to heal properly”? Yes, that was it…Amakuchi would do just that. She would do what Black had asked of her, like she always will.

And then everything went dark…

And within the darkness, a pair of glowing eyes opened wide and a sinister smile appeared.

Miso raised an eyebrow when the body before her twitched.


A hand took a hold of her ankle with a vice-like grip before she found herself side on her back and staring at the lights on the ceiling the next second. Miso blinked stupidly at the lights before her line of sight was cut off by a shadowy figure. She hadn’t even taken a third breath of air in before she was lifted by her sailor blouse by the figure before five hard punches that felt like hammers were delivered in her face. Finally came a head butt that not only burst a couple of vessels in her nose but was meant as a finisher which sent her back down to the floor. A contorted cackle filled the air before it escalated into mad laughter.

Miso just looked at the girl now that she had thought of as a pathetic loser just moments before stand there over her like she hadn’t just been on the brink. Everything about her was different now. There she stood crookedly as she cracked her neck and bit her nails, her bleeding wound and deep bruises that were starting to change colour, seemingly forgotten like they didn’t exist.

“Sigh…It feels so very good to finally be free” the figure spoke before it surveyed its body like a girl checking their get-up in the morning “Hmm…not the greatest of shape but really…who cares, am I right?”

Miso was still lying there on her back, staring up at Gekikara with an unreadable expression. Gekikara turned her full attention on her when there came no answer…

“Ne, U mad?”

Her trademark mad laughter soon followed as she threw her head back and let loose the sound that sent chills in all around.

But then a whole new level of hellish nightmare was realised when another cacophony of twisted laughter, in bass, joined that of Gekikara’s tenor.

“About damn time…I was starting to doubt my senses” Miso supplied after their laughter had paused “do not disappoint me again”

She performed a coiled flip that brought her back to her feet and the two stood face to face, nose to nose and their like abyss of madness that were their eyes, as if to bend more laws attracted instead of repelled each other. Gekikara was two heads taller than Miso but no observer made a mistake of judging this book by its cover! Well, all made but one assumption and that was to back the hell off.

Gekikara struck first with a head butt, whose sound could be heard even over the ruckus.

Miso’s head snapped back but only to counter with a head-butt in return.

Their eyes never left each other.

A space of about one foot between the two and little discolouring on each other’s foreheads were the only outcomes from that attack.

The space was enough for a hard hook, which Miso sent soaring into Gekikara’s side.

Just like before, Gekikara also returned the favour with equal force in Miso’s other side.

The hits were so strong that had any other been hit by them, they would be doubling over themselves and yet, only another foot of space appeared between the two.

The gazes still held each other. There was no more mirth but seriousness within those reddish brown and dirty green orbs.

No words were exchanged…

Gekikara sent a strong right, only to be blocked by Miso’s left. Miso answered with her own, only for it too to be blocked by Gekikara.

Miso bent her arm at the elbow to try and bypass Gekikara’s arm and hit her in the jaw and she succeeded but Gekikara did not give free victories. She raised a knee that connected satisfyingly with Miso’s hip.

This exchange happened within a single moment.

The two still regarded each other.

Four feet separated them now.

Gekikara delivered a fast kick to Miso’s mid-section. Miso caught Gekikara’s leg when the kick connected but didn’t let go. She instead used her body to smash Gekikara into some broken furniture on her left.

Gekikara was up the next second and tackling Miso onto the floor. She quickly got atop of her and put in a couple of punches before she was flipped over and it was her turn to be at the receiving end. She lifted a leg up and over Miso before legging her away from over her and into a wall.

Miso felt that one.

Their fierce eye-contact was finally broken when Miso’s eyes momentarily blinked. It was a bad move, on her body’s part, as the next thing she felt was Gekikara slamming into her throat elbow-first, and pinning her back against the wall.

It was starting to get difficult getting air in for Miso.

She began raining short punches into Gekikara’s stomach, who shrugged off the first few but after some time, she began twitching when a few hits made contact with the now-open stab-wound. Her dark blouse and part of short skirt were now visibly wet with her blood and her body was starting to shut down in emergency response. The force of her arm against Miso’s throat lessened enough for Miso to pry it away and using the wall against her back to her advantage, Miso pushed them away from it far enough to pull Gekikara by the same arm and slamming her face-first into the wall.

The hit stunned Gekikara long enough for Miso to grab Gekikara by the hair and begin slamming her head repeatedly against the gradually reddening wall. When she stopped, Gekikara’s nose was burst and so was her lip.

Though Gekikara still had plenty of fight in her, the body was at its limit with all the blood loss

She pushed it to its limits by defending and attacking against Miso but it did not last.

It was not long before the change from ‘fight’ to ‘beating’ as Miso, now very mad and blood boiling, pummelled the weak-bodied Gekikara.

Only sounds around now were of Miso stomping, punching and slamming Gekikara into a mess as it seemed that all around them the fighting had stopped and a ring had formed about them in a semi-circle and against the wall. With Gekikara and Miso having said not a word since seriously getting it on, the scene was that much more disturbing…like a silent movie with sound but no effect. You felt a crunch when bone met ligament. You felt that crack when bone met bone and made damage.

The fight for the flags was forgotten.

The wait for Maeda was forgotten.

All attention was on this surreal scene of what made their so called fights seem like little girls playing house!

But even with all the attention on the two before them, no one sensed nor noticed the emergency of the situation. Gekikara’s body no longer moved but twitched to the force of the hits from Miso. No one present noticed except one of the new arrivals.


As if appearing right out of thin air even before their wide open eyes, the last of the four Queens was suddenly kneeling over the bloody Gekikara.

Miso was nowhere to be seen.

Gekikara can you hear me? It’s me…Black.”

Black tried to get Gekikara to respond by shaking her, slapping her lightly on her cheeks but to no avail. She quickly took in the messed-up form of her friend and memories that had been buried deep within her mind – memories of her family….her sister as she lay there in the middle of the living room, came crushing forward in her thoughts like a river down a rocky mountain.

All of a sudden Black went very still and her head bent forward. Just like she appeared, Black was suddenly on her feet, her head still dipped, and her face obscure.


Then she disappeared…

The only one who knew where to look to see her next was the other new arrival.

Maeda Atsuko could only see Black get Miso from Gekikara because of the distance and the fact that she had entered the supposed warzone with Black. Miso hadn’t been deposited quite so gently so when Black returned to her, she was still in the same place, probably wondering what the fuck just happened.

When all eyes turned to her instead, Maeda could only stare right back.

She couldn’t blame them. Black and Miso were nowhere to be seen.


…To be concluded in Part 2…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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      So thank you and I am very glad you recognise the effort, at least

      • Well sorry about the late reply as I tried to read your fiction so many times. So many times I opened this page in my browser but I was so tired that it wouldn’t be a good idea to read it when I was not in the mood. I was so busy as there was a festival here and I volunteered to watch out for handball player girls’ assess… I mean valuables… (aka security service of some sort). I haven’t slept much in the weekend. But it is finally over and I got my prize (not a girl from the teams though…) but “free time”. Am I getting old? 😀

        Anyway away with my rambling. I hated Miso’s character in MG2. It was… a failed copy, it was totally messed up it wasn’t even interesting or funny… Gekikara had a bigger effect on me in the first season. Well I almost sh*t my pants when I saw her with the pencil… getting closer to Wota’s nose… then the scream… I don’t have anything against Kanon in real life though… But that face in MG2… I can’t live with it… I know what your are thinking right now: “Shineba ii‼”

        Now back to your story. It really looks like you spent so much time and energy (feelings?) writing it. Also I am not always a bad troll… So I am glad that I am a special person in your life. 🙂
        Marry me? [insert forever alone meme face here]

      • You are not the only one that hated Miso in MG2! I just couldn’t forgive her for what she did to Gekikara but the fact that she did it was so attractive that I just couldn’t resist! >.<

        I fee like Gekikara really needed a rival and that is Miso. All other players seemed to bore her but Miso!

        Only I felt cheated when Miso didn't appear again or be relevant in ratio to her character!

        Actually now that I remember, MG fails at feeding characters, even as the much potential they gave them!


        But that' why there is Fan Fiction, am I right ^_______^

      • As I always say: “If you find a story you don’t like, just write a better one!” And yes the MG series had a lots of wasted potential. I started to write a critic about the first season but I stopped because it would be worse than my trolling on Shirou. So yeah… MG2 repaired some “damage” but made just as much so in the end it is hard to judge which one “sucks less”… So in terms you made a better job writing this than AkiP. 🙂

  3. your story is the best fanfic that i have read

  4. this is the best story i have ever read so far. when will this story continues?


      Ahem, I mean to say that welcome and thank you for reading and commenting first of all.

      I am happy you think so much of my little story so I am sorry to say that you will have to wait for a month or so before seeing the conclusion >.<

      It will all be over this summer so hang in there please…

  5. Not yet? :(

  6. update please

  7. whooaaa~~ its coolll~~~ what’s going to happen next? i hope geki will be alright

    • Thank you very much for reading, visiting and commenting. As for Gekikara, I sure hope she is because killing her off is like taking Lois away from Superman or Batman from the DC Universe. In other words, world-shattering consequences!

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