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[Pics] Oh Goddess…

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Oh My Goddess, you are really looking to end me, aren’t you!

And I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last worshipped! I am not going to give excuses (Muh MAYUKI >.<) no, this is unforgivable! Even more so when you think of the fact that I did not even talk about her new look!

It’s madness!

I am sure some of you thought I died after that life-changing event but while it came close to end me (I frikkin love that new look! Yukirin with short, messy hair is something I never thought I would ever get to see) my attention has mostly been else where.

I am ALL IN come November 16th (17th to ‘Murica)!

But anyway, leaving that over there, jump over for the usual pics of muh Goddess and the girls…



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Never Forget


Dear Yukirin Fans out there, never forget that one time that Yukirin got to stand in front of the Elite, in front of Yuko-senpai (who was No.1 at the time during the Everyday Kachu period), in front of all the Kami 7 (she wasn’t yet a Kami at the time, man now that I think about it, this should have been such a spoiler for her new title of God Slayer but really, no one was expecting it!), Mayuyu and Sashiko on the last line with Yukirin at the front alone!!!

I shall never forget! Now I am only waiting for that moment to happen again (which I doubt it will because if she is to centre again, I am betting it will be with someone else again but if it is Mayuyu, no complaints whatsoever! If it does happen though there will be tears! Probability of Yukirin centring as single at the time was way higher than it is right now and the wait too long compared to the first time! And if this time it is not a TV performance but a single, then all that much more delicious. Though actually centring on TV is actually also quite powerful in and of itself. But then again, the feeling won’t be the same as say being in front of the likes of Yuko and Acchan.

Ah, the trifles of being a Yukirin fan…



[NMB48 & Yukirin] Here we go…

ynmb-1 ynmb-2

Pardon, don’t let the delicious pics of Yukirin fondling Milky fool you (well do but you know what I mean) for this is not that kind of positive post. It is about Yukirin and NMB, that is her Kennin position, and me essentially defending her. Though I am not sure why I need to, especially from this!

Now, I know and I am sure everyone too does, that it was bound to happen. She was bound to get back-lash for it, it was inevitable. Really, even I questioned that decision of her Kennin when it was first announced and still do but for some reason, there seems to be a fire building now for some reason. This fire was of course sparked by the announcement of the new NMB single, first one since the shuffled in fact which makes it Yukirin’s first NMB single too.

Now, all Yukirin fans out there will know that we are alike she and us in that we like to keep to our selves and let things pass us by and I was planning to do just that this time around too. But then a second person posted a comment that was like and  in support of that first one which went on to say how not okay it is that Yukirin gets to be Centre, um, to be the 2nd, Oh wait, the 3rd, nope, the fourth Na uh, the fifth in the new single’s line-up when she rarely is in N stages. She has in fact only appeared twice!

Now I ignored that first comment because I figured maybe they are new and needed to get this off their chest.

But then another user on the same forum posts the same point about Yukirin. I also ignore that. But then I go to another of my many public hangouts that I frequent and guess what I find? That’s right, another discussion going on about the same subject. Now, I am pretty sure that it isn’t the same people judging from the sites’ natures but I realised that unless someone actually tackles this, the fire might spread and our Kami would start getting negative exposure. We might be quiet folk but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and let our Kami be walked all over especially for something as silly. Silly because this is not new, this has been going on since I can remember. The more popular a member is the more busy they get outside AKB and thus the less AKB activities they will be involved in. Members who are only in one Team were already having difficulty performing in stages some spending even over half a year without appearing now factor in being in two different Teams, that are located in different parts of the country for those members and what do you expect?

Of course these views already started with things like ‘It isn’t her fault’ or ‘I don’t blame her’ but we all know what the sentences following these disclaimers always shows (I mean no disrespect…, I’m not racist but… >_>).

I know some NMB fans are frustrated, wait, why am I saying NMB fans? Yukirin is NMB too so by saying that it means she is not NMB, or they don’t think she is NMB and why would she be in a single if she isn’t NMB? And if she isn’t, if she is only AKB, that means that she shouldn’t be appearing in AKB singles as well because she just as rarely appears in Team B stages.

Speaking of that, let’s take a reverse approach. Take all the Sister Group members that appear in AKB singles, despite never appearing in an AKB stage! Why are they in them then? Ask yourself that first then get to Yukirin.

And first of all, think of the member you are questioning, their position in the whole 48G, their importance, not to you but to the product that is AKB as a whole! She could have easily been the Centre of the single but she isn’t! Not only is it Sayanee but Milky is ahead of her, and she was in line with Nana in Ibiza girl, not ahead of her. For this single, she is in fact 5th in standing. You already have it good, asking for more is being greedy.

Just because you are an employee at a restaurant, it doesn’t mean that when you go there for dinner as a customer you are going to be looked after better than if the Prime Minister went there. Crud example I know but it should pass the point across.

Besides, it makes no difference if she was in the last row or third or second, the point is that she isn’t in the first one despite the difference (power) between her and those in front of her.

But why now though? I shudder to think what these comments would have been like if she was the Centre in front of SayaMilky. Oh God, thank you so much for this. I didn’t think I would be grateful to Management for their disservice towards Yukirin.

Why is she getting a position when she rarely performs or even appears on NMB TV shows? Why? So that you can then turn around and complain about how she is taking up other chances for other members to get exposure by taking up a TV place? So KKS members (and other Team members in the case of Team B)  lose a chance to be known by taking over her place in her absence? if anything we fans should be the ones complaining because we don’t see her as much in AKB-related works! Really, this whole thing is…

Anyway, that’s that! I hope this doesn’t go any further! I am usually calm but when the pushing turns to shove, I am forced to stand up for my Kami to her defence because she is too good to do it herself sometimes unless it is about someone she cares about then she does act! But when it’s about her, it is on us as fans to protect her and so I write this post, in reaction to the comments about her getting free stuff by getting a position in NMB senbatsu when she doesn’t perform in stages as often.

Apparently she is a nobody member lazing at home doing nothing and only shows up to take away positions in senbatsu from the other 60 odd girls that deserve it…


Okay, enough is enough…So, that groping though>.< Would that make Milky the first ever girl to be groped by Yukirin? She is really breaking new ground these days. First that Yui-han kissing (she is really not good at affection to those who don’t know), then during Haachan’s graduation performance she comes out and says how unfair everyone even management were on 3rd gens as a Team (Yukirin isn’t really a person to say things like that) and now she is groping? And in front of thousands of people too!

Looks like something is awakening in her. Time to awaken something more within myself too it seems. Next Sousenkyou is gonna be marvellous!

Ja ne


[Reblog] Yukirin @ AKB Janken 2014

tumblr_nc1yqm8kQ01rla8a2o1_500 ph03 ph06

Yes, that’s actress Sasaki Nozomi. Yes, that’s Annin (Iriyama Anna) and yes, they are going to be in the same drama about a hostess club titled Kurofuku Monogatari! Two of the beauties of the whole 48G starring in the same drama with equally as hot actresses is one for must watch award! The drama starts in October and will be on Fridays so do look out for that, I know I definitely will ^^

But anyway, that is not why I am reblogging , well kinda reblogging Maddie’s post over at Kashiwagi Yuki blog, nope! Let’s have a look at an excerpt from that post and then you will have an idea…

Following the tournament, Yukirin wrote on 755 and answered a few questions.

Yukirin mentioned she thought her name wouldn’t be called for the 38th single.

She was asked why she apologized to Sayanee. Yukirin said it’s cause she wanted Sayanee to solo debut. She felt like she robbed an important opportunity from the juniors.
(You can definitely see from Yukirin’s reaction when she beat Sayanee that she almost didn’t want it to happen)

Yukirin also mentioned about why she doesn’t declare her desires.

Rough translation…

Kashiwagi Yuki 2014-09-18 00:01:48

It’s been said that I don’t have any desires. Especially for the janken tournament. lol

That’s not the case.

Even if I expose my desires, I feel that no one will feel good cause of it.

I prefer to keep it to myself. When it is achieved, I ‘ll like to do a “guts pose” in my heart.

I try to say things such as this, occasionally.

All of my rant posts I have been trying to convey this exact way of Yukirin as response to all those negative views that twist Yukirin’s kindness and the way she tackles situations into some negative thing! Some going even so far as to quit and dump her as their Oshi! It seems that it has gotten so bad that they even went as far as telling her these things!

Like, WTH?!!

But I already said my due on this issue and it seems some people’s minds will never be changed. And if they don’t see the light that Yukirin is that different from anyone else, that she is that good, that she thinks of others that much more than she does herself, that she is just as human as all of us only she handles things differently, in a way that will not hurt other people, I have nothing more to say to them except that they are right in moving on from Yukirin because they don’t deserve her!

I am so happy that she didn’t write an essay explaining herself to answer these…these questions! I am glad she put it in simple sentences like that. It should make clear her stance on things and how she truly is, to those that still didn’t understand her!

And yet what hurts me, and probably her, is that she doesn’t get rewarded for this, even her fans (though now I am questioning their validity) are questioning her behaviour but not only that, even as she wants to accomplish something for AKB, almost no new members ever mention her as their favourite senpai. Even if it seems to change when they spend some time in AKB(And probably get to meet her thus knowing her better) it is then that they start mentioning her name but never new members. I don’t think there is one in Team 8 that has her as the Senpai they respect at all. Maybe I missed a few but it really hurts. Some respect Shuu, or Miorin even the three musketeers but not her.

This world is really cruel!

Any way, I hope this answer finally puts this dumb discussion of her intentions/motivations (or luck there of) to rest and separates the fake fans from the real fans! Better to have few true fans (Never truer in her case) than fake fans as far as I am concerned!

Any way, yeah, that’s that!

PS: Thanks to Willmark and Maddie for your individual help in me finding out about this ^^


Arm Thy Self my Comrades!

Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00027
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00031 Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00005
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00003 Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00016
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00028 Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00006
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00018 Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00010
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00032 Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00000
Tegetege (2014-09-01).avi - 00014
For the Goddess has spoken and her word is our command.

Yes, Our dearest lovely Yukirin has finally spoken the word. Having gone back home and appearing on TegeTege for the first time in 2014 (Looking smashing as always too), she was asked her hopes for the coming year. Guess what she said?

That’s right, after stating her wish to improve as a musician, she went on to ask, that is right, she asked her fans that if it is okay with us and that if there is Sousenkyou next year, she said that it is about time to Aim for the Top.

She finally said it dear fellow Yukirinians! She has said it! But I think we all were expecting it to happen now that Mayuyu has had her chance. I really feel sorry for those who couldn’t stand the test of time and wait. Yeah, I am talking about all those who ditched Yukirin as their Kami because she couldn’t come out and say that she wanted to be No.1 too. There is time for everything and it wasn’t time yet for our Goddess.

I am very happy to know that I understood my Goddess well enough to hang in there and wait for her time to come. That time is nigh my friends and the world is banding together already from what I here.

It’s so on you all! I am already working like a horse to start saving for the battle. Next Elections are gonna be magnificent I can already picture it. I don’t even care if she is No.1 or not. The number of votes alone will please me if they are legendary, as far as Yukirin is concerned.

The strategies are already in effect so I am passing the word along. If you are a fan do visit the usual Yukirin sites and blogs for more information. Once I am sure of what is what I will share too. So prepare yourselves brothers and sisters, sharpen you swords, shine your shields and brace your bodies with armour for…

The prophesied time is upon us.


Tagarin 01 – Prepare for Cuffs!

130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00018
130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00013 130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00021130413 Tagarin ep01 (Kashiwagi Yuki).mp4 - 00031

Dat Police-girl Uniform! Dat Ponytail!


Episode 01 of Yukirin’s mini-drama Tagarin is out and about and I am so ready to go bad in hopes of being cuffed by her Awesomeness!

Speaking of titles, Tagarin? Bad Boys J? Why not just cut the crap and call them Yukirin and Dear J? They are obviously sinking their teeth into our girls’ skins!

Dat Yukirin in a Police uniform though >.< Oh Yukirin, Y U so hot? It was only five years ago that I gave absolutely no fucks about you, didn’t know you existed even and now I just can’t put any one else on your level.


For my first two Anniversaries with AKB, MaiMai (Oshima Mai) was my Oshii and when she left, the other Oshima took over as my favourite. That’s right, Yukirin did not even exist to me back then, can you like, believe it?!

But then I watched the very first AB48 tour where she filled in for Yuko.

Actually there is s little story about this. The reason I searched out this DVD was because I was in super lust with Yuko and after MaiMai left, I wanted to know way more about Yuko so I was looking for her and I got news of this tour. By this time, Yukirin was already out and about but again, she did not register on my radar at all.

So I watched the tour, only to find that Yuko was not in for the second day where she was subbed in by Yukirin. Note again, this concert took place before Team B actually debuted. They were still KKS but Yukirin was picked out among the stack. This was probably due to her well-known quality of memorizing dances the fastest.

That was my first real observing and meeting of Yukirin! I was simply blown away then! But the love for Yuko was still stronger. Having come a little bit late in the game, I debuted almost at the same time that B came official but as I said, I wasn’t into them. My eyes were all for the Oshimas!

From that concert I stated to notice Yukirin. I started to search her out. But there were huddles in my way because the early days Mayuyu and Ayarin were the stars of B and are the ones that were picked as the representatives of new B. Yes, the Yukirin dissing began since the dawn of time! Only her skills got her where she is and that is a point you all should take to heart!


It wasn’t long before I learned of AKB48+10! It was plain as day and night that she was the star of the B then. Cindy stood above her because she was an older Gen member previous of Team A transferred to be Captain of Team B but no one else, NO ONE ELSE stood above her. Obviously Mayuyu and/or Love-tan were intended to be the Centres of B but they were just still egg lings. Yukirin had all the capability but not the freedom. She was like a legendary weapon left to rust because no one would use it. But just like said weapon, her brilliance demanded attention from the masses and that is how she got there. She is the weapon that produces a great force not her wielder! I was just so blown away by her!

The fact that even MaiMai was impressed with her (You have to watch the first two RHs guys! Especially 2009) gave me the final push I needed! Finally it was like…

“Sorry Yuko, but I just found my true love. Let’s just be friends, okay?”

Then I started to see her everywhere!

She became my Goddess!

I am very well aware that she has flaws. I am not so blindly in lust with her. Interestingly, the flaws I and other fans see in her are different from the reasons why those that don’t like her, don’t like her. This just makes me love her more for her complexity and her flaws that make her stand away from the general masses. I mean she could fix them with a word from someone but no one says a thing to her and we like it that way. She is Yukirin because of both her flaws and brilliance.

Okay, I apologise for it seems this has turned into a Worship post but why the hell not? Everyday is Yukirin Day over here at Yuri-Goggles! I already said that.

But I will spare you so let’s get to Tagarin!

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Mielino Kashiwagi – Kicks off This Friday!

ミエリーノ柏木:テレビ東京' - www_tv-tokyo_co_jp_kashiwagi

Official Site

Just reminding you, in case a miracle happened and you forgot, you fellow fans you, ^^

It will be a miracle that a yuri couple appears, let alone some AKB cameos but Yukirin is the lead so I will suffer for the greater good!

Also sorry for the lack of posts these days as I am trying real hard to concentrate on exams. One more to go though, that requires intensive reading. After that the others can eat my dust! So by the time Yukirin hits, I will be free, freeeeeeeeeee!