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[NMB48 & Yukirin] Here we go…


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Pardon, don’t let the delicious pics of Yukirin fondling Milky fool you (well do but you know what I mean) for this is not that kind of positive post. It is about Yukirin and NMB, that is her Kennin position, and me essentially defending her. Though I am not sure why I need to, especially from this!

Now, I know and I am sure everyone too does, that it was bound to happen. She was bound to get back-lash for it, it was inevitable. Really, even I questioned that decision of her Kennin when it was first announced and still do but for some reason, there seems to be a fire building now for some reason. This fire was of course sparked by the announcement of the new NMB single, first one since the shuffled in fact which makes it Yukirin’s first NMB single too.

Now, all Yukirin fans out there will know that we are alike she and us in that we like to keep to our selves and let things pass us by and I was planning to do just that this time around too. But then a second person posted a comment that was like and  in support of that first one which went on to say how not okay it is that Yukirin gets to be Centre, um, to be the 2nd, Oh wait, the 3rd, nope, the fourth Na uh, the fifth in the new single’s line-up when she rarely is in N stages. She has in fact only appeared twice!

Now I ignored that first comment because I figured maybe they are new and needed to get this off their chest.

But then another user on the same forum posts the same point about Yukirin. I also ignore that. But then I go to another of my many public hangouts that I frequent and guess what I find? That’s right, another discussion going on about the same subject. Now, I am pretty sure that it isn’t the same people judging from the sites’ natures but I realised that unless someone actually tackles this, the fire might spread and our Kami would start getting negative exposure. We might be quiet folk but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and let our Kami be walked all over especially for something as silly. Silly because this is not new, this has been going on since I can remember. The more popular a member is the more busy they get outside AKB and thus the less AKB activities they will be involved in. Members who are only in one Team were already having difficulty performing in stages some spending even over half a year without appearing now factor in being in two different Teams, that are located in different parts of the country for those members and what do you expect?

Of course these views already started with things like ‘It isn’t her fault’ or ‘I don’t blame her’ but we all know what the sentences following these disclaimers always shows (I mean no disrespect…, I’m not racist but… >_>).

I know some NMB fans are frustrated, wait, why am I saying NMB fans? Yukirin is NMB too so by saying that it means she is not NMB, or they don’t think she is NMB and why would she be in a single if she isn’t NMB? And if she isn’t, if she is only AKB, that means that she shouldn’t be appearing in AKB singles as well because she just as rarely appears in Team B stages.

Speaking of that, let’s take a reverse approach. Take all the Sister Group members that appear in AKB singles, despite never appearing in an AKB stage! Why are they in them then? Ask yourself that first then get to Yukirin.

And first of all, think of the member you are questioning, their position in the whole 48G, their importance, not to you but to the product that is AKB as a whole! She could have easily been the Centre of the single but she isn’t! Not only is it Sayanee but Milky is ahead of her, and she was in line with Nana in Ibiza girl, not ahead of her. For this single, she is in fact 5th in standing. You already have it good, asking for more is being greedy.

Just because you are an employee at a restaurant, it doesn’t mean that when you go there for dinner as a customer you are going to be looked after better than if the Prime Minister went there. Crud example I know but it should pass the point across.

Besides, it makes no difference if she was in the last row or third or second, the point is that she isn’t in the first one despite the difference (power) between her and those in front of her.

But why now though? I shudder to think what these comments would have been like if she was the Centre in front of SayaMilky. Oh God, thank you so much for this. I didn’t think I would be grateful to Management for their disservice towards Yukirin.

Why is she getting a position when she rarely performs or even appears on NMB TV shows? Why? So that you can then turn around and complain about how she is taking up other chances for other members to get exposure by taking up a TV place? So KKS members (and other Team members in the case of Team B)  lose a chance to be known by taking over her place in her absence? if anything we fans should be the ones complaining because we don’t see her as much in AKB-related works! Really, this whole thing is…

Anyway, that’s that! I hope this doesn’t go any further! I am usually calm but when the pushing turns to shove, I am forced to stand up for my Kami to her defence because she is too good to do it herself sometimes unless it is about someone she cares about then she does act! But when it’s about her, it is on us as fans to protect her and so I write this post, in reaction to the comments about her getting free stuff by getting a position in NMB senbatsu when she doesn’t perform in stages as often.

Apparently she is a nobody member lazing at home doing nothing and only shows up to take away positions in senbatsu from the other 60 odd girls that deserve it…


Okay, enough is enough…So, that groping though>.< Would that make Milky the first ever girl to be groped by Yukirin? She is really breaking new ground these days. First that Yui-han kissing (she is really not good at affection to those who don’t know), then during Haachan’s graduation performance she comes out and says how unfair everyone even management were on 3rd gens as a Team (Yukirin isn’t really a person to say things like that) and now she is groping? And in front of thousands of people too!

Looks like something is awakening in her. Time to awaken something more within myself too it seems. Next Sousenkyou is gonna be marvellous!

Ja ne

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

19 thoughts on “[NMB48 & Yukirin] Here we go…

  1. First off I will say that I’m really liking Milky and Yuki together, I mean there is just something about them that I’m really into right now, it’s like they just click when they perform together, and I do like Milky a lot more when she’s with Yuki, I dunno, she just seems to feel a bit different around Yuki than with others….

    As for the whole Kennin thing, well, they have always seemed a double standard to me from the start, if you are in HKT,SKE,NMB whatever, getting to go to AKB as well is a golden ticket to the promised land where you get all that exposure in Tokyo (and always warmly welcomed) and when you return back to your group you are treated like a returning hero.

    The people who go the other way however….. suddenly they have to prove themselves “good enough” for the group they go to like they have been randomly just picked off the street rather than busting their asses in their own group for years before the kennin and even if they do work hard they are still generally met with a mild indifference, plus they have to deal with comments like these (aaat least Yuki is not a standout in this regard)

    Yuki has it worse because she is the first truly popular member to be sent out from AKB to a sister group (still I think possibly as a bargaining chip for Sayanee going the other way) in the past the AKB members who have been sent out have been of no consequence really (apart from possibly Yui but she did not have the responsibilities she has now then) so they have been able to give time to their new group, Yuki (arguably the busiest AKB member) hardly has the time for her own team B so how on Earth is she supposed to also fit in team N for goodness sake!!

    But then stages is not why Yuki is there, no she is there for her selling power!! Because looking at it, honestly NMB’s “star power” sucks right now, now they have loads of great members, many of whom I like but none of them are doing that well, I mean look at the election, NMB got whopped by everyone else, arguably making them the smallest group now in a way and it feels as though Yuki is a bit of a stop gap to fill the problem short term while they try and sort it out (proof? the newest single methinks) and hey it’s not like she’s coming in and killing chances for people (unlike three certain members of team K who are from sister groups and get to lead an AKB team too…..) in fact Yukirin herself said that she was coming to support NMB, not rule it!!

    And before you people who are complaining go on I suggest you look at the girls in NMB themselves, most of whom are thrilled to have Yukirin with them and many who treat her with some kind of awe, plus you know going forward that she will help Fuuchan and Mirurun in their center roles, sure they have the NMB girls to help them but in Yukirin they have a kind, experienced, gentle presence to help them out as well.

    I’m kinda rambled through this so sorry about that, I hope that these are just random, everyday rumblings that go no further, I’m pretty sure they won’t, I just hope people come to realize that Yuki will always do what she can in NMB for the best…. And while those people in NMB complaining about this are up on their high horses I have a thought for you, How often is it you think that the almighty Yamamoto Sayaka has not done NMB related activities to appear on AKB stages or programming and then consider that NMB is her actual group and she is deciding to appear with AKB rather than her own group…… just a thought……….

    • I sure too hope that this is the end. I don’t like going out of my shell for something that even as stupid as it is, Yukirin is still negatively affected and then I will have no choice but to confront the problem.

      It’s great to see that others feel the same way as I do on this. So thank you for that vote of confidence.

      As for Milky, you know already my thoughts on her as I mentioned a bit about her already and how her Kennin to Team B made me love her, something that Team N couldn’t. So of course I find her more attractive when she is with Yukirin as well.

      So happy when I find I have a lot in common with my Readers.

  2. I don’t get why people complain.
    Last night I saw a comment on fb about this issue (not about Yukirin actually, but about the kennin members) they described what the video/show was about and under that the one who posted it wrote something like “Kennin members are overshadowing NMB members or is just me? Sayaka and Milky didn’t spoke too much either” or something along those lines.
    So curiousity took the best of me and I watched it. I don’t really remember who are the kennins tbh, to me kennins or transfered members, they are now NMB. However I only recognized Reinyan.
    Without watching the video I thought that maybe Yukirin was there, then I thought Yukirin + show = WIN, of course she would stand the most.
    But then there was no Yukirin around. And,as I said I only could recognize Reinyan. She spoke a bit more than the others, and true to the description, Sayanee and Milky barely spoke, but then the other members also spoke. Now, They didn’t went all excited and jumping in front of the host, yelling “pick me! pick me!” on the contrary it was the HOST who picked the one who would answer and/or talk.
    And then I thought, hold on a second. Sayanee and Milky ARE kennin too. Sayanee in AKB48 and Milky in SKE48. WHY IS THIS PERSON SAYING THAT THE KENNINS ARE OVERSHADOWING THE OTHERS?
    I however didn’t say anything, mainly because it was late at night, I was tired and I had work later. But just as you said, why when the kennins are from X48 group to AKB48 is okay but when is someone from AKB48, and especially someone as Yukirin, it is wrong?
    I really can’t understand why fans are like this, tbh.

    • Hello secnecrom, I don’t believe that we have met before. Welcome to YuriGoggles and I gather that you are a fan of Yukirin as well! I am really pleased to meet you. Hopefully we can rave about her here with you from now on.

      As for the issue at hand, some people just don’t think at all before they go blurting out their thoughts. Others are trollers that just want to see the members they don’t like fall by starting stupid rumors.

      I am also really missing Yukirin on the AKB shows, especially AKBINGO where apparently the plan now is to have all the young members there. Oh well, at least Ariyoshi still likes her. From what I gather, she’s actually on this Monday’s episode, with Yuiri I think. I am expecting something great as usual.

      So anyway, welcome and thanks for commenting too. 😊

      • I was some sort of a silent reader tbh, but I decided to comment on this issue, because I thought I was the only one thinking the same (not only related Yukirin, but in general with all the transferred and kennins).
        I know that some people don’t think and others are just trolling and all, I don’t usually fight with anyone on the internet though, but there are times that it is so much and I just have to say something.
        I have a special place for Yukirin in my heart. I like everyone, but I am biased when it comes to the first generations. And now more since just a handful of them reminds in the group. Yukirin, always makes me laugh when I have a bad day and just go home and play old AKBINGO episodes. It just makes my day. My forever Kami, however, is Takamina. But I do like your posts about 48G in general. Especially, Rena, Milky and Yukirin. (I like them all)
        I will try to watch that show then! Thank you for telling me!
        And since you like Yukirin… probably you will enjoy the 2 OS that I wrote with Yukirin in it. 1 of them is a BlackGeki OS (and I know you like that ship) the other one is YuiYuki with hints of MaYuki. Just check it if you want!
        And certainly, thank you for always writing interesting things! 😀

      • Souchan is your Kami Oshi?! Okay, why am I feeling a great need to get down on my knees and kiss your feet! OMG! Does her power extend to her fans as well😲

        And if what you say is true, and that you are also a Rena fan as well as BuraGeki and that you have a fic of them already then the resistance to kneel is getting futile.

        I love Takamina as well (really, who doesn’t) so if I find out that you also have a fic of her and Yukirin, I will go absolutely bananas. Unless of course the two are just so incompatible as far as you are concerned😕 Hopefully not. Now I really want a TakaYuki fic!😐

      • Hahaha are you a mind reader, are spying me or something? Because I am working on a TakaYuki fic right now xD
        Still in progress though…
        And no don’t kneel down xD I’m just another human with some crazy ideas :p

      • I so knew it! I can’t wait to get home so I can check out your site. For some reason the WordPress app doesn’t link names with sites.

        Oh, and just don’t ask me to do something because I might not be able to say no. Damn it all, I shouldn’t have said that. Stupid Souchan power!

      • Hahaha is still on my notebook though, been busy lately so I don’t know when I’m gonna work on it… But now definitely I will give it a priority status xD
        /rubs chin/ what should I ask now?… 😛

      • Do not! Do not even think about nothing! 😠

      • Hahahha I wasn’t thinking about anything! :v

      • Yeah right, I can totally read your mind from all the way here across the internetz!

      • Hahahaha maybe!

      • Now you made me think though… XD

      • Okay, I am so shutting up now and disappearing!


      • XD have a good disappearing 😀

  3. I have to share this blog of you !!!
    I have seen those kind of ‘discussions’ too. I’ve tried to ignore them.
    But some people just goes too far and really take all the blame on Yuki =____=
    And just like you mentioned… she’s not even 3rd liner in this single
    Those kids should go to see the placement in AKB singles…. #sigh

  4. When NMB held their own 2015 Senbatsu vote which was open only to Japanese fans the top 5 in NMB are 1. Sayanee 2. Nana 3. Rippopo 4 Miorin and 5 Milky, yes Miorin actually finished higher than Milky. So this hate for invaders to the various groups is not from the Japanese fans but International fans. NMB’s members are upset that Yukurin is leaving, she has the character and ability to fit in anywhere this will be NMB’s loss and NGT’s gain. Some Kennins and transfers have been successful such as Peace to AKB, Minarun and Tani to SKE and Reina and Miorin to NMB others are a disaster to the girls concerned Maachan and Chiyori to AKB they have all but disappeared, Kannon to HKT hasn’t lifted off and Rippopo to Team 4 was just the height of stupidity. However, saying this it really is none of our business as AKip said during an interview AKB groups are for Asia and primarily Japan not for world consumption so yes we can enjoy them but our opinion doesn’t matter a jot to AKS or Yoshimoto. Some 14 year old hormonal kid ranting in his/her bedroom in a country that most of the 48 Group members have never heard of is silly and pointless and just makes them look foolish.

  5. Yuki Kashiwagi / Yukirin is always the best and she will be always the best! She’s magic, divine!!!

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