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NMB48 11th Single – Don’t Look Back

DLB b.mkv - 00061
DLB b.mkv - 00000 DLB b.mkv - 00063
DLB c.mkv - 00013
DLB d.mkv - 00002 DLB d.mkv - 00076
DLB d.mkv - 00152
DLB e.mkv - 00042 DLB e.mkv - 00044
DLB e.mkv - 00068
DLB e.mkv - 00073 DLB e.mkv - 00076
DLB e.mkv - 00082
All dem Yukirin! Maachun!! Ainyan!!!!!!

BEST! Just simply BEST!

You know, someone jokingly said that Yukirin’s position and screen-time in the Don’t Look Back single was better than her own group’s singles combined and after watching the PV and Team N’s MV, I am inclined to agree! And OMG did Yukirin slay both the cool ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the Sexy ‘Renai Petenshi’ like she had the blood of NaMBa flowing through her veins or what!!! But really, what can one expect? She is after all the Idol no Kishin! I sure hope AKS are taking notes and realising how so under-used and un-appreciated Yukirin is. All her songs are slow songs, she is always left to the back lines like she was some kind of back-up dancer! Seriously, seeing all those singles you wouldn’t think for a second that she was the No.2 of AKB48 better yet No.3 of the whole darn 48G!

She was so cool in Don’t Look Back, didn’t even look like she was breaking a sweat and of course when it comes to sexy Renai Petenshi she is gonna slay, after all, Kuchi Utsushi yo! I was right, this was the single to get and even the fact that I still struck out on getting what has to be one of the sexicoolest Yukirin CD photos to have ever graced the face of the earth

Gimme, me want!!!

The amount of Yukirin screen time in all three of these PVs (including the dance version of Don’t Look Back) was like God food! Not to mention that this is Yukirin’s last NMB single which is really sad! Her time of going all out is already over! And I was so looking forward to seeing her interact with the new Team N! I will never see her together again with Jo-chan and Natsuko now! Baka AKS, always getting in the way of happiness!

Then there is that delicious, delicious surprise PV that hit me like a train! I was like, what’s this? There is a lot of things on this DVD! 10mins? A making of? That’s strange, those are never on the Type A (which I got). So anyway I checked it out disinterested and even when I saw Nana staring with FEELs at a photo that I gave no attention to, nothing really jumped out at me until I saw that flashback of the girls training on the track and my eyes bulged! I had spotted Maachun! I could not believe it! Then the title hit the screen and I cheered!

Sorry Mirurun but when I found out that Nana was not solemnly staring at that photo just because she broke her leg and was sad that she would not get to compete with her friends but rather that she was thinking of Maachun, even going so far as to give us cool Maachun in a flashback, everything else about this PV disappeared and all I saw was Maachun, and Nana and Shinkirou!

I am telling you, with my copy arriving and getting to watch Seishun no Lap time, add in those Draft Meeting from last year clips shown on last night’s AKBINGO, all I was seeing yesterday was AKS mistakes! Their mistake of taking Maachun out of Team N and NMB as a whole and getting the Draftees out of their Teams!!!! Doesn’t anyone in that Management see these and feel the guilty weighing on them? Don’t they see their mistakes?!!

In addition to delicious Maachun (who was missed by Milky too BTW), we also got to see Ainyan!! I think my faced melted right off with how much I was smiling when she appeared! This PV was like a gift from God and I am taking this cd, sealing it away and keeping it until the end of all time!

I didn’t even realise how much I liked Nana until this single! More specifically until the Lap time PV! Then I thought of Shinkirou and the FEELs hit me from every angle! Now of course Nana was brilliant in Don’t Look Back, nay, she shone the most but that Lap Time PV was in a league of its own! I am going to miss her!

And now Maachun has been taken out of Team B, which means the distance between her and I is increasing since I don’t watch Team A stages that often but seeing as now Team A has two of my 5 Kamis (Sakura and Maachun) and Team B has been reduced from three to one (Ikoma-kun and  Maachun out) I might be watching more Team A stages, especially if those two appear as often and really, Team B stages without Yukirin are kind of less delicious! Especially now that Sayaya won’t be there as well. Seriously, I am beginning to think that AKS and I are natural born enemies! I watched those new Draftee videos and frankly there was no one that could ever replace Sayaya! Maybe my mind will change during the actual event but I doubt it that much, now that the point behind the whole thing has been rendered meaningless by those Devils!

Any who, jump over for caps galore of these PVs. No need to point out that Yukirin will dominate of course…

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So, Majisuka Gakuen 4

150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00034
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00024 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00026
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00040

A little bit about this season in general first of all. Exactly what is it?

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Riichan 24Hr TV Part IV – All DAT Sayacchu

YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00055
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00068 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00056
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00057
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00023 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00005
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00015

At this time everyone should at least have known about this show and have watched the 2013 version already so really, there is no reason for me to post this other than me just flipping my mind about that awesome Sayacchu and as already stated, how awesome this show is!

I simply cannot wait fir the 2014 vids to hit as from what I hear, they will start rolling out by the end of the month so I hope you all are prepared! From the tease pics I saw it seems like Milky will be trying to re-ignite the SayaMilky ship but from the few pics  I saw, it was mostly on her part as always! Sometimes I actually want something to happen between them that isn’t business relationship-like! You know like…

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I have a confession to make

141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00014
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00015
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00024
Watch Milky just passing everyone until she reaches Yukirin
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00026
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00027
Those smiles on their faces!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00028
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00030
Not letting go until they are of reach! Milky’s smile!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00033
Milky’s SMILE!

I ship MIYUKI more so than I do SayaMilky!

There, I said it! You now have my permission to throw stones at me! Seriously though, what was up with that affectious scene on MS?! How come Milky chose Yukirin of all the girls there? Okay, so maybe Yukirin was the one that reached out for her but I am sure Jurina did too. Then again, at a closer watch, by the time Jurina extended her arm, Milky’s attention was already directed towards Yukirin so she might have missed it. Might have, in that a human’s field of vision should have picked up Jurina there. But then again, everyone has tunnel vision when it comes to Yukirin so Milky can be forgiven there.

Nay, there is nothing to be forgiven. I believe I said it already but I really love Milky when Yukirin is in the equation. I just can’t help it! No, it’s not the Yukirin effect, there are other girls I still can’t stand even when they are with Yukirin but in Milky’s case…Maybe it’s because she is also affecting Yukirin somewhat when they are together?…


Like, when do you guys remember ever seeing Yukirin be the Top? Even Mayuyu has to make the first move usually where Mayuki is concerned but apparently Milky has managed to get Yukirin out of her shell! You will never see Yukirin hold someone like that. Well, hopefully the effects are permanent and we might see more of this Yukirin taking the initiative.

Any way, back to Music Station, I can’t not talk about the observers too, starting with Rena! That smile of hers as she watches Milky rubs me the wrong way for some reason. And Sakura was watching that monitor like a hawk, even as she stood she was still watching, for what, I don’t know. Seeing if Milky does some funny business? Taking lesson? Then there’s Paruru, Paruru who is always watching from the side-lines. You know, I have a feeling that she has like, a ton of fan fiction stacked away in her room filled with the Adventures of AKB! I can just imagine her sitting there with glasses on and in nerd mode writing another chapter based around today’s happening!

The Secret Files of AKB48 – Shimazaki Haruka!

Coming soon to a world without AKB! Will cost you a kidney but you only need one!

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NMB48 10th Single is…

MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00043
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00049 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00005
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00009 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00020
Way GAY!
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00012
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00036 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00054
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00034
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00015

I don’t know about you all or what happened but this latest GAY in my NMB singles is a very welcome change! It started with the last single which was one of my Favs – Maachun’s last as an NMB member and now it continues in this single, the first with my Kami Yukirin as an NMB member. Coincidence? Um, let me get back to you on that!

And while Takane no Ringo just left things up to the viewer to speculate on that implied Maachun/Milky, things here in the 10th single (title ‘Rashiku’ BTW) are way more obvious! And really, when the setting is a catholic girl’s school you know there is gonna be yuri, where Japan is concerned anyway! And man, we did not get disappointed!

I am hoping too that NMB does something more differently this time and a longer slice of the movie dedicated to the drama parts because I want to enjoy all this teased yuri to its full glory! That hungry way with which Fuuchan stares at Mirurun’s perfect lips like she wants to devour them on the spot just has to going somewhere! Could it be we are going to get a BEST END where these two new Centres (Team M’s Shiroma Miru and Yagura Fuuko) kiss!?! Please God, take the luck you had spared for me when I play the lotto and give me this END! I don’t want nothing else!

Ah but it is not just these surprise Centres (A really good surprise! I am sure some of you caught me once complaining about the Sayanee domination in NMB at one point so this makes me really happy) but we also get a glimpse of an almost perfect threesome, well, the only threesome I would even ever consider and that is YukiSayaMilky! The way Yukirin had her arms around SayaMilky like they were her…

Lord Jesus!

So, Yukirin has not only brought the cute/sexy (Ibiza girl/Kyuusen Kyoutei) but she has brought her AKBGAY virus with her as well?

Heh, Just kidding!

Either way I am totally loving this single! And it has very little to do with the fact that my Kami is in it! Well played AKS, you totally got me when you managed to keep me around after getting rid of Maachun by bringing over Yukirin! Everything else < Yukirin so of course I would stay interested in NMB, well, at least part of it! Maachun was my link to NMB, the whole of NMB but now Yukirin only keeps me interested in only Yukirin related NMB activities.

Well, this means that I have to buy the new singles even as I had thought I wouldn’t after Maachun left! At the very least the yuri is also another strong reason to buy it next to Yukirin too but still, I miss Maachun in NMB! I still don’t understand that move from them! Maachun? Really? And what are you doing with her in AKB anyway, other than the fact that you are milking her of her comedian skills? Which by the way she doesn’t seem to utilize as much anymore.

I wanna cry in a corner so if you will excuse me…