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Riichan 24Hr TV Part IV – All DAT Sayacchu

YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00055
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00068 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00056
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00057
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00023 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00005
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00015

At this time everyone should at least have known about this show and have watched the 2013 version already so really, there is no reason for me to post this other than me just flipping my mind about that awesome Sayacchu and as already stated, how awesome this show is!

I simply cannot wait fir the 2014 vids to hit as from what I hear, they will start rolling out by the end of the month so I hope you all are prepared! From the tease pics I saw it seems like Milky will be trying to re-ignite the SayaMilky ship but from the few pics  I saw, it was mostly on her part as always! Sometimes I actually want something to happen between them that isn’t business relationship-like! You know like…

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Just a reminder…

A reminder of the birth of the idea. It seems to me that there are quite a few who didn’t know that the idea of Riichan 24Hr TV was from Maachun. Looking at this video, I remembered how cute she was with long hair. How long ago was that again?

And of course the reactions at the time from the members. Kind of similar to those of the fans as well (yours truly included actually). I mean I thought she was only kidding and didn’t think it would actually happen but it did! And they did it again this year too because it was so good! And Maachun was invited back just for this! I can’t wait for the videos to hit! I wonder if AKS with see the error of their ways and return her back to NMB, a la Mayuyu and Team A! Yoshimoto is probably in court as we speak fighting the long battle!

Ah Maachun, the world doesn’t deserve you!


Riichan-chan-chan, Riichan-chan-chan…

---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ オープング 130110.mp4 - 00037
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part3 - Photos like an angel that landed in front of us.).mp4 - 00093 ---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームMトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00049
---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームMトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00054 ---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームNトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00018
りぃちゃん24時間テレビ2014 - YouTube.mp4_snapshot_00.31_[2014.12.13_15.15.43]


I said….OH! MY! GOD!!!!

Why am I posting about this now? Well dearest Readers, that’s because it’s coming back!!! My favourite show and the only one that should ever have the label of 24hr TV is coming back! And fear not, Maachun will be back for this. Ripopo said so. Otherwise there would be no point is this, am I right?!

Dear God, this show, oh how I love this show! I was so depressed when I found out that Maachun was being transferred out of NMB and thus no chance of sequels, that I did not even get to finish blogging about the first Riichan 24hr TV. And the best parts were in those last videos, believe you me! But I can assure you now that with this great news, I am so going back and re-watching those last few videos and then totally blogging about them.

Riichan 24hr TV was the thing when it happened! I learned almost 80% more about NMB in those few videos than I would ever otherwise have! I am sure I speak for others too. And now that NMB has been changed during the shuffles, this news couldn’t have come at a better time! They could even do the same thing all over and it would be awesome! Then again, some parts had members that are no longer with us like Rena but I am sure someone can take over that, I am eying nana since she will be a part of this as well it seems.

---NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃんドラマ舞台裏 140107.mp4 - 00029
My feels right now

Thank you Lord! For this is the best gift I have received for Christmas yet. And to those that need a reminder, follow links, tags or jump over for some memory, refreshing caps.

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Riichan 24Hr TV Part3–Welcome aboard Renapyon

NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00108
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00074 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00115
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00120 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00124
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00088
Nana-tan no kyun kyun sasete

I-I don’t have a choice anymore. I give up. Renapyon, Team M’s Kawamami Rena, is now in my Top 10 Family 48 girls. Riichan 24hr TV just went and did me in big time! And she isn’t the only one! I have like, 5 Oshi from KKS alone in the few videos of Riichan 24hr TV that are available! I am going to say it again, this show is pure genius!

And this latest video to hit us is one that is so relevant! While Chupopo were off refreshing, It’s Nana taimu and the topic of the hour is to make Nana all hot and bothered with moe/romantic phrases. The gathered include mostly of Team M members – Yamada Nana, Shimada Rena, Mita Mao, Kinoshita Momoka, Kawakami Rena, Yogi Keira and Team BII’s Kato Yuuka and Umehara Mako (Didn’t she just announce her graduation? Damn, I would have called no coincidence except this aired like, more than a month ago.LOL)

The girls took turns trying to woo Nana even some times taking the roles of boys (which was stolen by Kinoshita of course) while interestingly, Keira stole the girl roles with twice scoring 100%!

Uuka was of course so cute, I would have taken her home. I really don’t know how Nana resisted the urge. I guess Uuka’s body is to blame, what with it being all tall and cool! But then the way she acts is such a gap that I just can’t resist. Indeed, my NMB48 no.4!

But, even more interesting…and somewhat shocking, is that while this was a yuri themed arc, somewhat, it was Renapyon that demanded my attention. Seriously guys,  I can’t explain to you how much I have come to love this girl in my viewings of Richan’s 24hr TV! It’s simply madness!

Really getting to know these girls a bit more than one already knows really, really, helps to get attached to them. But I guess that is common sense, huh? Well, in most cases. Can’t say the same about the girls that get pushed!  I guess it’s about you finding out yourself than someone pushing the girls in your face forcing you to love them. The latest gusta girl being Mako of course! God, She is now even sitting with the likes of Takamina and Yukirin! Like…Bitch you have to earn that shit!

Any way, what was left in my mind after this video was that I want to learn more about Renapyon. The girl really hit me hard out of the blue too! Before Riichan 24hr TV, I really couldn’t stand Renapyon! But now, I crave to hear that high pitched voice singing the Udon song!

What?!!!!! There is no such song?!!! Why?!! Why Yasusu, why?! It needs to happen!

And of course  I can’t talk about Renapyon without mentioning Kinoshita. After all, it’s partly thanks to her pushing Renapyon on from the back and giving her a pat of support that I came to care for Renapyon. And not only that, even without the evidence of her gashing out her love for Renapyon during the Team B games arc (I didn’t talk about that?), one can just see that she cares for Renapyon. In fact, I am already shipping the two like crazy. I mean how can I not?


I was already crazy about Kinoshita and now that Renapyon has joined the Oshi list, well, can’t help but board that ship, am I right? And they both are similar in a way. I already mentioned it but their worries about character goes for both parties and yes, you might argue that there are many other girls who are having personality issues but not to the extent of these two. The lines between a character and real personality is not as clear cut as it is for the rest of the girls. Especially in Renapyon’s case.

Oh God Rena, now I am really hoping she makes senbatsu next single. At least in the White and Red or maybe even Teppoutai. I will buy three copies of each type for that single if she makes it darn it!

Any way, more gifs and all caps for this hour after the break…

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Riichan 24hr TV Part 1–The Foos actually did it!

---NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃんドラマ舞台裏 140107.mp4 - 00038
---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームBⅡトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00104 ---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ 研究生トーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00017
---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームNトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00086 ---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ チームNトーク 130110 - YouTube.mp4 - 00025
---YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ オープング 130110.mp4 - 00037

It very real people! Very real! 24 hours of straight NMB goodness! “”TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Look at that schedule Ripopo is holding above if you think I’m lying! Let me assure you that I have watched four hours of it already so it is real!

---NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃんドラマ舞台裏 140107.mp4 - 00025
My FEELS right now!

I don’t believe it still! They they actually went and did a 24 hour thing! And you could see it in all the members, especially Chupopo who were like the MCs for the programme! Even as awesome as Team N is, their time really showed the toll the long hours had on these two lovely  foos! Maachun just looked ready to drop. The probably should have slept a whole day prior like Shimarena had done.

It is real people. Now granted it was not a whole 24hr of following Riichan around but more like a promotional day for the whole NMB. Which was all that more sensible without SayaMilky. Those two would so totally steal the whole audience thus stealing the time away from other girls so I am not that bummed out due to their absence.

But really though people, Ripopo and Maachun were really great! You will never see this Ripopo anywhere else. She is so different from the one we usually see in media but I have seen her before and I know this is the real Ripopo. It makes no sense but when put together, she is even crazier than Maachun. Seriously!

You wanna know how serious I am? Well from now on, these two steal the Best Bros award away from Sayacchu! Chupopo are the best combi ever! And when you factor in a certain Angel on earth, then my friends, you are in for a world of Brosomeness.

I haven’t watched the videos I have so far, which are actually not everything, in fact they only cover like 4-5 hours of the 24 and I wanna thank lovely LN for pointing me to the wonderful videos or else I would have missed them, so thank you LN. You don’t know how happy you have made me.

Talking about everything that happened in the view videos I have seen would take up hours to type up so I am going to stick to the relevant first. What is that? The yuri of course!

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Hohoho Merry MaaChristmas Christmas

NMB48 「TeamNサンタ」 - YouTube.mp4 - 00003
NMB48「研究生サンタ」 - YouTube.mp4 - 00001 NMB48「研究生サンタ」 - YouTube.mp4 - 00004
NMB48 「TeamNサンタ」 - YouTube.mp4 - 00002

Love how tumblr basically ignore how awesome Maachun was. So simple yet so effective because while everyone was trying to be so NMB, she just went and did the nomral Santa…Okay, maybe not so normal but it was gold! Also dat Ripopo and Riichan seg really got me going LOL. I wonder what Maachun thinks of this thing between Riichan and Ripopo that’s growing. And speaking of Riichan…

NMB48 「TeamMサンタ」 - YouTube.mp4 - 00003

Darn it all Yoshimoto!!!! I can’t handle the suspense! Stop with all the teasing and just gimme me already! I want ma 24hr Riichan last month!

Any way, chances are I won’t be positing anything until way after Christmas (Busy busy days ahead. I’m even working on both XmaS and New Years….Sigh….So just to be safe…

Merry Christmas to you all lovely followers and Readers.

Jump ahead for some anime pics you may already know but they are those I think should be posted at everything Christmas until the end of time!…

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