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Why AKS, Why?!

Seriously, to this day I am still asking myself why Maachun was moved to AKB48! Why?! So she wasn’t at the level of SayaMilky in NMB but even there without the rankings you still felt the powerful presence she had! She was the life of the N stages, their shows, and the butter to the bread that is Sayanee!

I mean just take this clip for example. This is this year’s show. Just feel how so in sync she ahd Sayanee are! Even after this time apart they are still so connected! And she is even funnier than when she is in AKB! I have been noticing that actually! Her talent that makes her so lovely is disappearing into the wind the more time she spends in AKB! Hell, it is even affecting us fans, if this Sousenkyou is any indication! I mean come on, Maachun not making it has to be the clearest message to AKS I have never seen!!

Give this girl back to NMB!!!


Riichan 24Hr TV Part IV – All DAT Sayacchu

YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00055
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00068 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00056
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00057
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part1 - first half).mp4 - 00023 YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Adult Time 140212.mp4 - 00005
YNN [NMB48 CHANNEL] Rii-chan 24-hour TV - Time of adult (part2 - Nana's Cafe).mp4 - 00015

At this time everyone should at least have known about this show and have watched the 2013 version already so really, there is no reason for me to post this other than me just flipping my mind about that awesome Sayacchu and as already stated, how awesome this show is!

I simply cannot wait fir the 2014 vids to hit as from what I hear, they will start rolling out by the end of the month so I hope you all are prepared! From the tease pics I saw it seems like Milky will be trying to re-ignite the SayaMilky ship but from the few pics  I saw, it was mostly on her part as always! Sometimes I actually want something to happen between them that isn’t business relationship-like! You know like…

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I Miss You Sayacchu

21 - 1klklk
13 - 1tytytytyt tumblr_ndjlkg4Yrw1ruyok7o1_400IMG_0033
tumblr_nf16po330d1qf4yc3o1_1280 tumblr_nf16p5gbjN1qf4yc3o1_1280
tumblr_ngi7pjLchY1ruyok7o1_500 tumblr_ngxuwsfco21qgexrvo4_1280

I miss them so very much! I don’t think that I will ever forgive AKS for taking Maachun out of NMB! So what if Maachun wasn’t going anywhere in ranks while in MB48? She was really happy there and she was the reason why I loved N stages so much! Not only the stages, these two and the other members’ dynamics (though mostly these two) managed to make NMB my favourite sister group in the curse of a year. So it goes without saying that NMB no longer is that and I don’t even remember the last time I watched a N stage.

Oh well, at least they still meet up in some events like the handshakes or Riichan 24Hr TV. Speaking of which, where are the vids for that internets!? Do we have to wait a month like last time as well?


Request Hour 2014 100-1 Part 1

rh14a-014 rh14a-030
rh14a-098 rh14a-097

So, for some reason I couldn’t finish watching the 4hr video of Janken (Stopped when Yukirin was defeated in the Top 16) before I went to start on the second part of RH (100-1). That as well I haven’t finished yet. I haven’t watched the Making Of yet neither have I finished the first Disc (100-76) but I have a galore of caps already, as per usual, but those will have to wait until I finish the whole thing before I post all of them (prepare your bandwidth). But for now, I am only mention those things that caught my eye most.

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Question/Answer Taimu! My Top Couples?

mayuki2 mayuki3

wmas1 akb48m.blogspot.com wmas3
SKE48 – WMatsui

sayac3 sayac1
sayac2 sayac4
NMB48 – Sayacchu

sakum2 sakum3
sakum1 sakum4
HKT48 – Sakumeeru

ikomi1 ikomi2 ikomi3
Nogizaka46! – Ikomiona

mima2 mima3
X21 – Mai-MIHO

So, Lolly asked me what my No.1 ships were in the 48 Family and X21 so instead of a quick comment, I am using this post for some pics sharing and a wider word spread!

None of these should be a surprise really to all who have been Readers of Yuri goggles for a while now. MAYUKI dominate the Main Dorm in Akihabara, WMatsui, despite the fact that they are a professional ship still are my favourite even as I have yet to see blog pics of the two being lovey dovey. Seriously I know they might be busy or something but still…Not even one!?! Talk about bad Fan-service! Thank the Lord for the PVs!

HKT is mainly about my personal tastes than anything else because I have yet to find an actual honest to God couple. They all haven’t found a firm ground yet being all flighty, maybe Madoka/Natssun. I had found a grounded ship in Chori/Aanyan but alas, they went and dismantled them with the transfers! And speaking of transfers…





Damn you management, damn you! All the fucks I’ve given about NMB since the shuffles have only to do with Yukirin and we all know how little of her appearance in there is. NMB has gone from being my favourite group and Team N almost thrashing Team B for favourite Team  and me watching every single N stage to me not even caring anymore! They even split up my Shuuka, like…

I guess I under-estimated how much Maachun really meant to me. Seriously I thought I loved that girl but not to this extent! I didn’t think her leaving NMB would make me lose so much interest in it to the point of not even watching any of their stages! Since new team N’s debut, I haven’t seen a single NMB stage! I don’t know how she affected me so. Before, I watched almost all Teams’ stages even the KKS (Thanks to Riichan 24hr TV getting me interested in them BTW) but now…Paruru gives more fucks about anything than I do NMB!

Anyway…moving on! It was a hard decision to decide between Yumi/Reika and Ikomiona but my love for Ikoma-kun and Hocchan totally cheated the test to have a perfect score! There is just something about those two and Hocchan’s hobbies give that un-expected spice to the relationship whereas Reika and Yuki are your typical perfect couple and we have enough of those going around so…

As for X21, MaiMai and Miho are still my favourites. I never get tired of the way they watch each other during interviews when the other speaks and how they somehow always end up next to one another. Now granted if you were asking me who was my favourite from their TV show, then of course Rina and Ichigo totally take the cake but that is only within the show’s universe. Outside in the real world, I actually ship Ichigo with someone else so…

Any way, I hope this answered your question perfectly Lolly! Be seeing you around (I hope)


Sayanee has a confession to make!


I don’t believe it still! Sayanee’s reaction LOL. Looks like even now nobody knows WTF they were thinking doing it! Can we all agree that this was the only time Sayanee kissed someone? unless of course I am totally missing something. Really though, denying these two’s connection is just incomprehensible! What a way though to end our Sayacchu? I mean not that this is the end but we all know what distance does to couples. Even if Sayanee is a Team K intern and usually is in AKB singles as Senbatsu, they still won’t be meeting usual as they were during NAMBA.

And probably someone has noticed but I have changed Maachun’s place in the tags to AKB48 since it is all over. She is no longer NMB48 now. Even TV programmes are labelling her as AKB…

140421 UTAGE! ep01.mp4 - 00000

Sad, sad times. Not to mention that she has already had her send off/last Team N performance already and a birthday/send off party. Which by the way Sayanee did not attend? Like WTF Sayanee?! That was what I was thinking when I started watching that YNN episode and she was nowhere to be seen. But of course she explained herself in her video message she sent Maachun. Yes, it’s the same video in which she confesses to the world how she and Maachun kissed during the Kinki Concert tour way back in 2012. Umm sorry to break it to you Sayanee but the whole world knows! Then again, it was probably aimed towards the members who knew nothing of it.

Maachun though, how much is that girl loved?! Seriously! One would think she was graduating the way Namba management and the members were treating her! I swear I am still baffled by this mystery surrounding Maachun and the fans! She is so obviously loved in reality but when it comes to things like Senbatsu voting its the exact reverse! I don’t get it! What is really going on? I mean even management don’t hate her that much. Seriously every single single since Oh My God she has had that real centre spot in each and every one of them. And by Centre I don’t mean the front centre, I mean real middle Centre. you know, like the position Acchan had in the early days? Remember? No?

 AKB48 First Live Concert Normal Version 720P.mkv_snapshot_00.03.37_[2014.04.22_12.46.55]
AKB48 First Live Concert Normal Version 720P.mkv_snapshot_00.03.43_[2014.04.22_12.47.11]

There it is! That is the position Maachun has right in the middle of Sayanee and Milky and to me, that is the real Centre! While the masses are split between looking to the left or right for SayaMilky, Maachun is right there in the middle like a BOSS! But alas, all that is over now. Seriously if not for Yukirin moving to N, I don’t think I would have stayed over there. Damn those smart bastards!

Music Station (Full) (2014-04-18).mp4 - 00004
Music Station (Full) (2014-04-18).mp4 - 00006

Damn it, Imma gonna miss Maachun in NMB. She was really a great existence in there and if anyone didn’t appreciate her, I have no words for them really. I have not felt that a member was essential to a team since Takamina and Yukirin to their respective Teams so while I am pretty stocked that she is in my favourite Team since the ice age, she really defined NMB for me. That’s right, not SayaMilky but Maachun. Those two are like AKB’s representatives to Namba while Maachun is the exact opposite.

Oh well, things happen and all we have to do is try to adjust lest we lose our way and wither away. I love Team B, and now my Kami has gone to N so my two favourite Teams are still my top two favourite teams. Speaking of new Teams…

B Garden!

That is Team B’s song title for the summer single guys! B is still taking all the attention when it comes to titles. B Garden?Seriously? More like Garden of Eden! Damn you Yasusu! Just make the song good to take another title of best Team song and we are good. Though I doubt it. We will probably have to wait until the new stages to get a Request hour topper B song again.