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I have a confession to make


141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00014
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00015
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00024
Watch Milky just passing everyone until she reaches Yukirin
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00026
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00027
Those smiles on their faces!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00028
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00030
Not letting go until they are of reach! Milky’s smile!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00033
Milky’s SMILE!

I ship MIYUKI more so than I do SayaMilky!

There, I said it! You now have my permission to throw stones at me! Seriously though, what was up with that affectious scene on MS?! How come Milky chose Yukirin of all the girls there? Okay, so maybe Yukirin was the one that reached out for her but I am sure Jurina did too. Then again, at a closer watch, by the time Jurina extended her arm, Milky’s attention was already directed towards Yukirin so she might have missed it. Might have, in that a human’s field of vision should have picked up Jurina there. But then again, everyone has tunnel vision when it comes to Yukirin so Milky can be forgiven there.

Nay, there is nothing to be forgiven. I believe I said it already but I really love Milky when Yukirin is in the equation. I just can’t help it! No, it’s not the Yukirin effect, there are other girls I still can’t stand even when they are with Yukirin but in Milky’s case…Maybe it’s because she is also affecting Yukirin somewhat when they are together?…


Like, when do you guys remember ever seeing Yukirin be the Top? Even Mayuyu has to make the first move usually where Mayuki is concerned but apparently Milky has managed to get Yukirin out of her shell! You will never see Yukirin hold someone like that. Well, hopefully the effects are permanent and we might see more of this Yukirin taking the initiative.

Any way, back to Music Station, I can’t not talk about the observers too, starting with Rena! That smile of hers as she watches Milky rubs me the wrong way for some reason. And Sakura was watching that monitor like a hawk, even as she stood she was still watching, for what, I don’t know. Seeing if Milky does some funny business? Taking lesson? Then there’s Paruru, Paruru who is always watching from the side-lines. You know, I have a feeling that she has like, a ton of fan fiction stacked away in her room filled with the Adventures of AKB! I can just imagine her sitting there with glasses on and in nerd mode writing another chapter based around today’s happening!

The Secret Files of AKB48 – Shimazaki Haruka!

Coming soon to a world without AKB! Will cost you a kidney but you only need one!


By the way, did I mention that Sakura is a lost cause? Because she totally is…

141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00039
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00040
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00041
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00042
Physics tells me that she is looking right at Yukirin!

Finally, she is cracking! No more hiding. This fact is also further proved by this behind the scene vid of the upcoming Tokyo Dome Concert BD/DVD (in Dec) where she just stands there on the side watching Yukirin no longer giving any tat how obvious she’s being…

AKB48グループ東京ドームコンサート ~するなよ?するなよ? 絶対卒業発表するなよ?~」DVD&BD スペシャルBOX特典ダイジェスト公開!! _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00005
AKB48グループ東京ドームコンサート ~するなよ?するなよ? 絶対卒業発表するなよ?~」DVD&BD スペシャルBOX特典ダイジェスト公開!! _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00011

Even funnier is that Yukirin trying to make it seem as if she isn’t very aware of Sakura-tan’s proximity! Like, sorry Yukirin but we can see you sneaking a peripheral glance in Sakura’s direction in the second cap. HA! Nice try!

Seriously, someone has to do something about these two before Sakura-tan loses it completely!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

3 thoughts on “I have a confession to make

  1. “HANDS LOVE is BEST LOVE!” Ohohoho! Phrasing my friend! Watch your words… I heard this phrase used in a special “single” relationship with… 😛

    Jurina has been easily… khm… “chicken blocked!” 😀

    Oh god I shouldn’t watch Milky smiling while listening to Hungarian comedians…. Ayayayay! When the cowgirl looked at the camera I heard this phrase in Hungarian: “Stupid, silk haired horse fairies!” That guy totally called women in general like this, so I lost it! 😀

    Yeah, random Kragorin weirdness… Anyway, enjoy!

    But I would love to hear the list of members whom you don’t like when getting close to Yukirin.

    Anyway, who’s that next to Rena? Daasuu? That laugh she does though…. 😀

  2. You are not alone in that view. They have a considerable dynamic between them. They somewhat soothe each other, I reckon.

  3. I liked them together for it was trendy!!! 😀

    But then there has always been a thing between them, from when Milky came to team B and said, almost strait off the bat that she would be Yukirin’s little sister (because daughter privileges were obviously taken)

    And it might be me but the thing that makes them stand out is that they always seem to be happy together, it’s not quite on the level MaYuki Mayu compared to No MaYuki Mayu but Milky seems to have something similar, put Yuki next to her and things just get better for her, they are obviously comfortable around each other too (which is maybe unsurprising as they have actually been around each other quite a lot since Milky started out in NMB when you think about it)

    I think why I like it is because Milky almost shows us what a fair many of the girls think about Yuki (discounting Mayu because, well Mayu) It’s obvious the love and respect that Milky has for Yukirin but there is a familiarity to it as well which just sums up what Yukirin is to so many and it nice to see a girl show it so visibly for a change.

    I guess for every Milky however, there is a Sakura, bless her she’s nothing if not endearing, but slowly but surely she is coming more and more out of her shell and moving her way closer, and more obviously, towards Yukirin

    Maybe the reason is there in that second picture though, the one where Sakura definitely isn’t looking at Yuki’s legs :p if you look to the right of Yuki, mainly hidden by her hair we can see the architect, Sasshi, always because Sasshi! 😀

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