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So, Majisuka Gakuen 4


150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00034
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00024 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00026
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00040

A little bit about this season in general first of all. Exactly what is it?

150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00019
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00030 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00031
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00033 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00044
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00007 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00001
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00014
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00013 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00017
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00035 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00049
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00010
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00036 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00050
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00041 150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00042
150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00038

For a fact we know it is not an actual sequel neither is it a re-tell of the original story. If it was a re-tell, we would have the same exact story (which it kind of looks like it is) but with different characters, or with some characters reprising their old role (new take, same story, same characters but with different actors). On the other hand if it was a sequel, Salt wouldn’t be the leader of Rappappa, Team Fondue would still be around and most definitely so would Center and Nezumi and Otabe wouldn’t be around let alone demoted to a mere Queen! If it was a sequel set a bit further in the future then there is no way Wota, Salt and Otabe would be around.

So then, what does that make this? Well, seeing as it contains both world, it cancels out the prospect of it being a new story/project which means it is a REBOOT! people seem to be mistaking the concept of reboot with a remake/re-tell!  Which is why I chose to put a few words out before getting to this. A reboot doesn’t necessarily mean the story stays the same! Nor do the characters in the story have to remain the same. Take the Spiderman series for example. The Amazing S is a reboot of the Sam Raimi series and yet even though both have the same foundation of the story (Birth of Spiderman), they took totally different approaches and some characters changed and so did others their roles (Mary Jane for Gwen, Peter’s and Harry’s parents etc).

So, the story is still the basic one – Transfer student comes to Majisuka Gakuen, story revolves around her making her way to the top etc…But the approach is different. While before Atsuko transferred to the school and had no intention of fighting and the fights were forced upon her, here Sakura has transferred with the intention of actually fighting her way to the top!

Another change is that while in the original story there was a concept of a rival school in Yabakune, it was never truly utilised as opposing enough to be the final big bad, even though it might have looked like that was the original plan. We didn’t learn nor did we come to care about it until the 2nd season when Shibuya turned into a betrayer and took over Yabakune and then we got to see some interesting characters in there with the likes of Miso (The Monster destroyer that took down Gekikara) and many more. This time though the rival school’s threat and presence is real and in fact looks more promising than Majisuka Jogakuen even! It might sound like spilled milk but I actually had a plan to introduce two other rival school in my Joker fic related to the groups and one with the NaMBa girls was to be led by Sayacchu and it pleases me to no ends that they actually did this for this season!

That is the other thing I have gripes about with the fourth season. When we cry for the original characters to return the new fans think that we are crying because we can’t handle the fact that things have to change and that we have to accept the new Gens because our girls no longer need promoting because apparently this show is about promoting! Yeah, like Sakura and Shimazaki and the rest of the big players need promoting!

Anyway I am saying that is not the reason! In the first seasons you could feel, see, the threat that Rappappa and Atsuko had about them. When they got on screen you couldn’t help scream! Remember those special episodes when the four Queens would appear! I can still remember the screaming I did during episode 7-9 and the final episode! The characters had a presence about them that gave off an aura of power! You knew Atsuko was in for a fight of her life! Hell, even the Sansho sisters were fearsome! And yet even as paling as they were, you knew too that Acchan was no douche! You could see this underlying animal ready to be unleashed!

Now then, tell me you feel the same way when you look at the characters in this season! Like, you just need to see that opening scene with Torigoya, oops I mean OG Kojiharu. That is the level the old Rappappa were on. It’s the level the new Rappappa should be on! Salt maybe has the looks but her temper/lack of discipline/always picking fights kind of takes away the threat and turn her more into an inexperienced but very strong fighter! She seems like one that hasn’t lost a fight in a very long time and is losing that something. Kind of like Gilgamesh in Fate/Stay Night! He is no doubt the strongest servant but he is a dull blade which is why he always loses in the end! Shimazaki is kind of like this!

Discipline is also the reason why Koby (Milky) is just a few points off! Her character is really good, she has basis for a scary girl but the way she always seems to dive head in and challenges Antonio’s plans makes her immature and thus more on Shibuya’s level. Shibuya was a Queen but no doubt the weakest of the four. Antonio is also missing a point from being perfect. Actually it’s something very simple. She doesn’t look the part. She is strong no doubt but the look doesn’t match the aura. This is actually how Sayanee always is so I doubt this is gonna change anytime soon. Who knows though, she might surprise us and give us a real mean look that will send even Koby scrawling!

And so this season is a reboot of the original series, despite having some characters return but they are not exactly the same. Either they have changed names (Wota –> Scandal) or they have changed roles (Otabe Rapappa’s leader –> mere Queen) but this time the story is more solid in that they seem to be getting Rappappa out quick and setting up the final fight to be between schools instead of Sakura/Salt.

I was really dedicated to enjoying this new season and tried to not compare but without that excitement at seeing interesting characters it gets hard to enjoy this season. I am not sure too if the character designs added anything to the other seasons for others as it did me but the lack of those designs left me really under-whelmed! I was expecting to be blown away by Rappappa and the rival school badass designs but alas! Plain, plain character designs! Whatever happened to the designer from the other series? Were they fired or something? Better hire them pronto Yasusu! There’s still a chance to fix things! The characters could just transform, a la Torigoya and Gekikara/Amakuchi in the 2nd season.  Actually maybe that is what they are going for here too! I will await judgment until I see the Queens fight then we will take it from there. And from the looks of things, it won’t be too long as Yoga is looking to be ready to fuck Sakura up pretty good in ep03! Still, really disappointed at these designs! Way too plain if you ask me. Salt and Antonio though, they pass! Yes, they aren’t hardcore dressed-up but they look the part of badassadery so they pass.

Continuing on after watching four episodes and I confess that this is going to be the least posted about Majisuka! In fact this might be the very last post about this because I apologise but the excitement factor just isn’t there! At first I was all ready for Dark Sakura but I am not sure if she was just given a crappy personality or what. Either way I am not that taken with her and this is Sakura-tan we are talking about here! My No.3 in the whole of the 48G next to Kami Yukirin and Rena (Maachun brings out the rear of course)!

Now don’t get me wrong, my complaints aren’t what others have with Sakura herself. It was the character they gave her! The two just don’t fit! Now some might argue that a good actor would make any character their own but that isn’t the case at all! We have seen a many great actors being bashed for a single bad role from a bad movie making people forget the other 99 good roles those said actors have been in! So my qualm isn’t with Sakura but with the character they chose for her!

I also was rooting for Salt because she looked the part but after 4 episodes, her character’s character is also turning into a negative! Her personality totally clashes with the physical especially when she starts to speak! She should have been given a bit more. The silent low voice drawn out words just doesn’t go down well.

Now going back to the 4 Queens, they were actually okay. The story just butchered them. They just didn’t have that impactful menace about them that the original Rappappa had. Despite the Hinabe members going on how great the Four were, they didn’t do anything to prove those claims! Bakamono got close but she too still fell short.

I’m I complaining too much? Sorry but that’s just how it is. Is it because I was there for the original and it is why I can’t appreciate this new series? Maybe but even as bad a concept as MG3 was, the characters were really great. they had impact. Hell, even Paru was actually awesome there! And don’t get me started on team Mongoose! An’nin and Yoga? The choice is obvious! There is just something off about this 4th season that is preventing me from enjoying this! Character designs are a bug about if it that’s for sure! After Black/Gekikara and just about everyone lese in Season 1, Miso in season 2 and Messi/Yagi/Nobunaga/An’nin and others from season 3, I was ready for another favourite character but alas!

There is potential in Koby and Antonio but it’s 4 episodes in and they are still lurking! I sure hope that the fact that they are getting the Sakura VS Rappappa out of  the way this early (Have already taken down two of the Four) it means that the Rival school will be the Final Boss! But seeing as they haven’t gotten anywhere at all, I am worried that we will be repeating our mistakes! But the trailer promised us this inevitable meeting and I am sticking around until it happens! if it doesn’t…

Any way yeah, Apart from Koby and Antonio’s side of things, I am quite bored and disappoint in this! It’s most definitely not a series that one looks forward to each week (to me anyway) but I will be getting the episodes whenever they popup and watching them when I want.

One thing did get upgraded a little bit though, which is a good thing. The actions is kind of tolerable somewhat thanks to the magic of editing. Meaning there is no way I am passing on making a vid of this. I might need to wait until the series finishes airing to save my YT account though (On my last straw before being deleted!). Any way the action is improved this time which brings out a sign of relief! Speaking of action…

150119 Majisuka Gakuen 4 ep01.ts - 00000

Hey! I know that move Otabe! Now where have I…


Ah yes of course! Case in point too, while we are on BLACK-san here, how badass were the original Rappappa, seriously!!

So, what about you dear Readers, what do you think of Majisuka 4, if you are watching? 

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

47 thoughts on “So, Majisuka Gakuen 4

  1. It is a series that is worth being reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic… because… “he remembers is, so you don’t have to!”

  2. “This time though the rival school’s threat and presence is real and in fact looks more promising than Majisuka Jogakuen even! It might sound like spilled milk but…”

    Should the spilled milk… be wiped up perfectly with just one cloth?

  3. I was not hoping for much, and it’s still a let down …

    There’s some moments, and I’m thinking about a recent dialog between Sakura and Salt, when I thought I was dying because of crappy acting. I don’t think I ever saw anything worse on a screen.
    And Salt low and slow voice is almost unbearable on it’s own. Walking Sakura is a sad thing to see too; I never noticed so I hope it’s part of the character …

    Globally, it’s mediocre but, for a fan, bearable with scenes even enjoyable. Oh, and I think the action scenes are looking better than most of those of precedent MG (by memory only, not a big enough fan to go check).

    • Shimazaki needs a big sign on her back saying: “I R Acting” is so bad… The fight scenes are actually a bit better than previously, but the long talking scenes after the fights are pain in the as…

    • No you are right, the action is better but mostly due to camera magic. You are right too about Sakura. And for some reason it’s like a thing, with that I mean that we must have a long scene of her just walking around like she is doing exercise or something!

      Yeah, only reason we are watching this is because we are Fans, no other reason at all!

  4. I seriously wasn’t hoping for much either despite being excited, because yeah, it sounded promising with the old setting and everything. But now that I’ve seen it… To me every episode feels kind of dull. I guess dull is the perfect word. There’s zero suspense, there’s zero character development or well built characters in general! It’s not even the girl’s acting’s fault because they wouldn’t be that bad if their roles were better. Or some story to show off the characters.

    Like, let’s look at season 1, there was the main character and a sidekick and then the interesting characters happened and that were all those girls trying to test Atsuko’s strength. And they weren’t even Queens! What happened to characters like the Kabuki Sisters, Gakuran or Chokoku? Why does Sakura have to fight the Queens from the first episodes on? It makes me wonder if they want to concentrate on the battle against the other school more, but that just makes it even more boring if they “only” fight. Because that’s what this season seems to be all about, fighting and Sakura winning and walking on. The only character I really like is Takamina’s and she doesn’t even have more than two minutes screentime every episode.

    I really want to like this season, but there’s not a single character that’s worth watching it. Salt would be so great if she just stops talking that horribly. Being desinterested and bored doesn’t mean talking like in slow-motion. Sakura is lacking the two-faced expression Atsuko had from blank to furious during fights. The Queens seem to have only one character trait each. Not even sure about the others.

    That comment has gotten way too long, so I’ll end it with stating how much I miss the character development of season 1 :/

    • Nein, nein! I love long comments so please Laura, keep em coming ^^

      And you are so not alone in your observations. You are indeed right, dull is the word I was looking for. The Four Queens, the strongest girls in the school and Sakura takes them on in the first six episodes, all of them!!! Like, we didn’t even get any character growth, we are not attached to anyone, and what happened to Scandal? I thought she was a student there!?!
      And why is Sakura so desperate to get to the top anyway?!! Why did she transfer schools all the way from Kagoshima just ot be at the top of some school in Tokyo?! I am pretty sure Majijyo is not the strongest school in the country, well, maybe during Yuko days when she was still super healthy (before Maeda showed up) but now?! HA! And if we get a reason and it doesn’t include Black-san in there…Yasusu, pls, you are being too transparent. Why don’t you just wear a shirt saying ‘I Hate Yukirin’!
      And they do have everything they need to make this great. The Rival school is very relevant this time around, unlike last time where the girls were not df the 48G and yet they are wasting Sayanee and Milky planning and planning and doing nothing except wait! Wait for the one last episode for them to cram everything there!
      You know, MG3 doesn’t seem so bad after all!

      • After watching the fifth ep… I surprisingly liked the fight. While I don’t like Magic’s character in general, I seriously loved Yuria’s fighting. It looked a lot less half-assed than the fights before, she didn’t seem to be scared of getting hurt and went in fully. What I also liked about that ep was the implied thing between Otabe and Salt? I would love to see Salt going against the rules and Otabe punishing her for it. And I wonder if they’ll squish the two from the other school in the same episode as Otabe. Which would be a bit too much lol. But seriously, at this point, the only thing that seems to be able to save this season, is betrayal of any kind.

        And oh god, Sasshi. This is bothering me so much. I don’t like Sasshi that much, so I don’t mind her not being there too much, but it’s bothering me that they put in Scandal randomly and then she has like only two minutes in the first episode. WHICH would be fine, see Kojiima, if they didn’t say she would stay there for another year. So where did she go suddenly? She’s supposed to be there, she herself even said she’s still going to MajiGa! Why bring up such things when they’re not going to keep the character? Would have been a lot easier to simply go with the joke and let her say something “Ah, right, what am I even doing here?”, but nope.

      • I am waiting for Monday’s super quality version before watching 5 . But from the sound of things Yuria is saving the day?

  5. I think MG4 is pretty enjoyable at the moment. Offcourse it follows somewhat the same story like MG1 but we have 4 episodes now and their are already 2 queens down with episode 5 we will be at queen 3. If this keeps up we will have 4 queens down at episode 6. As these series are typically 12/13 (I go with 12) episodes long that means we will have 6 episodes to progress the story and get the fight between Sakura and Salt. That is a lot!
    I strongly doubt that the rival school fight and s vs s fight is going to take all that time so that leaves quite a lot of room for character development. Something that is desperatly needed for Sakura as currently she is looking more like the terminator then a real person.
    Don’t get me wrong, I doubt that it is her acting which is causing this, the script is doing this. But it would be so much better if we get some character development on her part. Looking at her now is almost painfull.

    Paruru as Salt however…
    I must say ‘wow’ I take my hat of for paruru. Currently in terms of acting ability (and character) she stands miles out from the rest. I think she is doing an awesome job, and I love her style. but somehow I have a feeling their is a relation between Sakura and Salt from the past. Maybe Sakura forgot, but it seems Sakura sparked some memory in Salt.

    All in all their is still plenty of room left for development and even though the story started out similar to MG1 I think the second half will be very different.

    • Well, I am glad you are at least enjoying it. There just has to be someone or else…still, I doubt we will be getting any logical character developments after this because that is supposed to happen before things go down so that we can care for the characters and feel empathy for them during fights. Doing development now after these useless fights is kind of…useless.

      And if there is a past between the two, they are doing a really crappy job about easing into it. Insteading of showing us Sakura vague past with her father, which seems all kinds of un-related, for now anyway, they then should have given us a glimpse of this possible past between her and Salt.
      But of course this is MG!
      Then again it is only ep4 and we still have 8 more episodes to so so a little bit of a benefit of a doubt is in order still, from passed experience…
      I do agree, Salt looks the part but…that’s about it! They really need to give these characters more depth or all this potential is going to be joining the other series recycle bin.
      To think that we are already fighting the Four Queens and yet we know absolutely nothing about them!

  6. Love the Sayaka/Takamina hug gif. ❤ Kragorin gets points for that. 😀

    Yeah, I think this season is okay, but it doesn't pal the punch that the other seasons did. The Rapappa doesn't seem as powerful, so to me at least, Sakura beating them won't be as big of a deal as when Maeda beat them in Season 1, or Center in Season 2. I'm curious about why Otabe's still there, and I feel bad for Yoga after episode 3 though. It's clear she really cares about Salt, but the same can't be said for the president herself. Poor Yoga. It'll be interesting to see Magic in the next episode. We already know that she can pull off the yankee act from MG3, so how will she do in this role?

    • Yes please, Yuria Jesus to the rescue! Though as we all know, plot will get in the way of her awesomeness, damn!
      Indeed, S1 may have not been strong on story but the girls gave life to their characters and indeed as you say, you felt the tension when the Four fought. Even in MG2 the Rappappa then seemed to pale in comparison with the original, hell, even Gekikara was almost a shadow of her original self. And then they went and did that thing in the last episode and it was HALLELUJAH! Kind of like NyaNyan stealing the first episode in those few seconds she was on screen, actually she is still the best moment in the whole 4 episodes and Torigoya wasn’t even one of the most interesting characters of the old Rappappa! So just imagine if Gekikara or Black or Centre showed up…

  7. Yes! So much yes, I want to see Gekikara. Please…gimme… I want her to show up and beat the **** out of everyone. She, Black, and Torigoya should turn up during the fight between schools and show people what it means to be the Rapappa. 🙂

    • Totally with you there Music Lover! Then again, they are just way above these girls’ level that it would be totally unfair.
      Ah who cares, give us the old Rappappa however way possible and I will keep my trap shut!

  8. Also I would have liked to see a scene or an episode of each of the current queens fighting. I mean, we know how strong Salt is, because she beat up…everyone in Majijo, and we’ve seen Otabe in Season 2, but we don’t really know how strong the other 3 are. Besides two of them being beaten up by Sakura now, we haven’t really seen them fight against any strong opponents. Please Yuria…save this season for me. I love the one-sided Yoga/Salt though. How’d you feel about it?

  9. I hate that. 😦 Yoga needs to make Salt see sense. I want another Yuko/Sado, Center/Nezumi pairing. I love them. ❤

  10. True, but if I shipped Otabe with anyone it’d probably be Maeda so…Salt can pick someone else. 😛 Preferably either Yoga or Peace…I mean Magic. 😛

  11. True. 🙂 They’d be an interesting relationship.

  12. Yuria is a real arrogant bitch in this one! DAMN THAT GIRL! I hated her in this so much that I liked it! I’m not spoiling it just yet but she improved a lot since her time in jail. 😛

    BTW I finally realized after I watched the first season again of whose character they tried to copy with Shimazaki… and also why it will be a big letdown whatever the outcome will be.

    Does this image ring any bells to anyone?

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