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Misumisou [JMovie]


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Misumisou / ミスミソウ / Liverleaf

I love it when the lesbian is the sole survivor of chaos and madness!



362775_01_07 2018年日本電影_三角草的春天_押切蓮介_山田杏奈_清水尋也
5de360ed1fd22a6f8539316715a88bfee053c30a_xlarge misumiso_201801_02_fixw_730_hq

So, it’s only been a good few months, okay, fine, 5 months since we last talked Japanese movies but hey, it isn’t my fault! There’s been a great deal of lack of content, but things are looking up in Jan! So, heads up about that! I am definitely starting the year off broke, but it will be for a worthy cause believe you me!

That aside, there is this movie I have had my eye on since I saw the trailer of but I did not write about the trailer because I was reserving my hope! I was really expecting a bad end for our lesbian because she was shown all cut up and fighting for her life in the trailer, but the thing is, I did not know she was a lesbian back then too so really, I had no reason at all to write about that trailer!

And so, this is much a surprise to me as all you when I found out that she was not only a lesbian but that she pulled of a task so hard, it can only happen twice in a million! She not only survived the chaos in this mad, mad world but she was the also the only sole survivor!

Yeah, I still have no fuckin idea how that happened! I have watched the movie twice now and I am still shooketh! No one, and I mean, no one who starts watching this will have any hope for her! Not at the beginning, not in the middle and definitely not towards the climax! I mean FFS the main girl died!!!! Like, how can you have hopes for someone else when even the main girl died!?! It doesn’t make no sense!

Spoilers? Welcome to my site!

Anyway, the main girl is the black haired one in the pics above while the lesbian is the blonde one! Our main is Nouzaki Haruka, she is played by Yamada Anna, who very few will recognise as Mako – the glasses girl from the SAKI live action show and movie! Meanwhile our lesbian is Oguro Taeko, played by one Otani Rinka! I confess that I don’t know about her at all! All AsianWiki has on her is the role in this movie so I guess she is new to the scene?

Getting to the story of things, let’s start with the overall picture! Haruka just moved, well, not just, she’s been here a while, anyway she moved from Tokyo due to her father’s job I guess! But for some unknown reason as of yet, she is the receiver of the class bullying! Bullying that no one does anything about! Everyone in this small town is so fucked up that even when a teacher gets bullied by students in the walls of the school no one does shit! Heck, I don’t even think we saw the principle once!

Anyway Haruka puts up with the bullying but when she decides once not to go back to school for a while, things take a turn that change the lives of everyone forever, well, the children not the adults! Those are fucked till the end of time!

When Haruka takes time off from school, her bullies switch their target to someone new who they tell to bring Taeko back or she would be the next target! When Haruka still refuses the new target, also quite not right in the head and has a major demented crush on Taeko, takes matters into her own hands and decides to punish Haruka by….killing her!

Yeah, I already said this town was messed up, what else do you need from me?

Anyway the girl, Rumi, along with all the bully brigade (minus Taeko), give Haruka’s home a visit armed with a jelly can of petrol! Rumi proceeds to power the fuel over Haruka’s home and while she is doing that Haruka’s mother walks out and she gets some fuel on her for her troubles. One of the Dudes lights a match in intimidation but the match burns along to his finger which makes him drop it and viola, mother is on fire!

But despite it being a wake-up call for these foolish kids, they instead are changed for the worst! Father and younger sister to Haruka come out upon the mother’s screams and they too get baptised with the fuel before being doused with fire too! The father covers the child to protect her but she is badly burned too.

Meanwhile Haruka was on a date with Dick! She passes by two of her bullies on her way home and catches a fire in the direction of her home! Something clicks and she runs over only to find her whole home on fire! The only survivor being a charred little sister’s body that was retrieved by her charming Dick! Aww, ain’t he such a great guy!? *rolls eyes*

After some days Haruka walks back into school as if nothing had transpired! The foolish bullies, still not learning a damn thing, decide this is a great time to continue bullying the puppy when it is already down! But Haruka is so done!

She wastes all the fools!

Time for a happy end, right? She is moving to Tokyo with her ‘boyfriend’, and sister and Grand Dad, right?


Her sister is still in a coma! Her grand dad is in intensive care after her ‘boyfriend’ stabs him just like he had killed his own grand mother because that way they can be independent and live on their own or some bullshit like that! That time he was so heroic he walked int a burning house to save Haruka’s little sister? The fucker took his time taking pictures of Haruka’s father and sister burning because he wanted to show Haruka how heroic her father was!

Like, Bitch fuckin please!

And as you can imagine, the final show-down was between Haruka, Dick and Rumi – the crazy ass lesbian-wannabe! No one survives that battle! At least I don’t think they do! I mean one can argue that if Tae-chan could survive the heavy cold, with sever loss of blood due to multiple stab wounds including a shredded hand, cut up thighs, a chef knifing into the chest, and curving in the face, then surely Haruka too survived, right?!

But there was only one graduate among the group in the end and all we saw was the lesbian reminiscing over her good times with Haruka before things went to shit!

That is the main story!

And before we move onto the lesbian story, I want to thank Japan for bringing it back to me! I have missed movies like this! So bloody awesome! I mean hell, these are all junior high students getting cut up, nailed in the eye, frikkin punched in the face to death! Like, they had a Dude punch girls in the face till they lost their shit! They had kids set a family on fire! A family that included a frikkin child! They had a teacher being turned into mash with a machine that rakes snow from roads!!

All this was in their visual glory! Nothing was cut or left to one’s imagination! Yeah, sure they added that humour that seems to take all the edginess away but things were still as metal as all hell!

I have missed this kind of cinema and I hope they are going back to that now that the stupid pandering seems to be waning off!

That aside, another great gift I did not expect but go, was the lesbian aspect of the story!

The thing is that you can’t figure it out until we get spoon fed later! But once you get that, you go back to watch the movie and then you see all these clues you missed and you are like, damn, they got me good!

The first thing is that despite everyone thinking that Taeko hates Haruka because she stole Dick away from her, Taeko keeps telling them that she has no feelings whatsoever for Dick! She says that every damn time anyone brings it up but for some reason it doesn’t click in your brain until it is too late!

But here is the kicker, Tae-chan never even hated Haruka! All her ‘friends’ or maybe we should call them lackeys, they were bullying Haruka because they thought that was what Tae-chan wanted but she never asked them to do it! They just did it!

The second is that Tae-chan never showed aggression towards Haruka! Not a mean look, not a mean word, in fact she looked at her with a kind of admiration which one might think is bad acting on her part but that is far from the truth! Though she never stops the bullying, she also doesn’t actively take part in it.

There is this part where Rumi goes to gloat about burning down Haruka’s home to Tae-chan! It is the first time we see Tae-chan display any form of aggression or confrontation when she gabs her pencil and stabs the crazy ass lesbian wannabe in the hand! I totally bought her lie the first time around about her simply being annoyed, but totally forgot she hadn’t displayed this type of behaviour before!

She was obviously pissed at Rumi for hurting Haruka and even actually trying to kill her!

Another sign is that during the first bullying scene, there is this quick moment where Haruka and Tae-chan lock eyes and despite being one that doesn’t back down so easily, it is Haruka that looks away from Tae-chan, who is staring back adamantly! This was the first sign of a ‘history’ between them but you don’t know it then so you simply dismiss it!

Another sign is during class when the bullies are at it again and Taeko turns and looks at a suffering Haruka and you can just tell she is feeling for her but she can’t do anything! Tae-chan then looks out the window, at least I thought that at first! On second watch I realised that it wasn’t exactly what was outside the window that she was looking at but rather, what was at the window!

The curtains!

It was done on purpose! Those curtains were shown covering and uncovering the two on purpose and that as we find out later means a great deal to Tae-chan!

That’s right, the two were Curtain Lesbians!

Jumping to the future, or is it the past, we know that those windows and the curtains were Tae-chan and Haruka’s secret spot! They spent their love-dovey free time there. All so happy! Those smiles you will never see again of either of their faces! Those curtains and windows meant so much to Taeko that even at the end after graduation she still had vivid memories of a life that was and could have been!

What hurts though is the fact that Haruka, if she had died, died without knowing Taeko’s feelings for her! I mean, only a dumb, really dumb person would not get it but this is fiction! I mean they looked like they both had feelings for one another in the past scenes! But Haruka maybe thought she had no chance seeing as she thought Tae was into Dick but even then, why did she go for him if she knew Tae-chan like him? When Dick came over to them and asked to speak to Haruka, Haruka looked back at Tae-chan then and there was this look in her eyes that I swear…

But then again, every other person was all like Tae-chan hates you because you stole her flame so I guess she got her views skewed! But even then, that last talk the two had in the present should have clued Haruka in! Nay, I am pretty sure she knew even then! During that conversation Tae-chan once again tells Haruka that she did not have any feelings whatsoever for Dick! She almost spills but stops herself and Haruka tries to help her get it out but Tae doesn’t!

Then even as she leaves, Haruka stops Taeko and tells her to get things off her chest! Why/ Does she know something? I think she does! Taeko of course finally breaks down and shows us a side we did not know about her! She runs back to Haruka, kneels in front of her and asks her to forgive her for everything! We only hear that part of the conversation so we are not sure if she says more but I don’t think she does! I mean the movie still sucks in that way that Japan sucks at conclusions but surely they would have nodded at the way things concluded between Haruka and Taeko!

So I guess I will have to go with the conclusion that Taeko kept her feelings to herself till the end! Either because it was too late after hurting Haruka so or because she had hid away from them for so long the time for them is long passed!

I mean they had a great deal of opportunities to wrap things up between them! First of all Haruka is the main character and if Taeko could survive her injuries, no one would have complained if Haruka had survived too! Then the two would have been at that graduation together! A perfect ending!

Or if that won’t do, have Haruka die after finally knowing of Tae-chan’s feelings for her! There was a chance in that final battle for that to happen! When Dick’s pictures went flying, they should have had Haruka not only find her sister and Dad’s photo but also the photos of Haruka and Taeko in their secret spot, so happy together, since I am sure Dick took photos of them then! He even mentions of her smile during that time too! Then Haruka would have flashed back to Tae-chan’s weird behaviour hand her words and then things would click into place for her!

Or maybe Tae-chan would have visited a now awake young sister of Haruka in the hospital and as they talk someone walks into the room and Taeko turns around at someone calling her name in a familiar voice then the screen going black as Tae-chan’s face changes…

Or, or, or, during the finally battle a bloodied Tae-chan comes to Haruka’s rescue! Like, that would have been so frikkin awesome and worth so many points in Haruka’s eyes! I wouldn’t even have minded Tae-chan dying if it was like this!

But alas, I am but a simple observer! Now I want to get that comic this movie has adapted and see if the ending was different because either way you cut it, there is no way in hell that Haruka stayed with Dick even if he had survived!

Speaking of Haruka and Dick, I don’t mean to be one but I am kind of happy that Haruka got her just desserts in Dick ending up being a demented psychopath when she chose him over Tae-chan! Now to be fair she was fragile and Dick put up a great pretence of a knight in shinning armour but still!

Anyway, yeah, not GOOD END here, at least not in terms of relationships but at least the lesbian lived, right?

I am keeping this one, obviously….



[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00494
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00482 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00487
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00499 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00501
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00502 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00504
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00505 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00508
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00511 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00512
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00520 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00521
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00528 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00529
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00541 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00547
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00561
Me thinks these two are gay too
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00567 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00568
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00578 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00583
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00591
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00598 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00599
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00601
Yes, gay
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00606 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00607
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00608 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00610
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00624
A lesbian scorned!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00627 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00632
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00640 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00642
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00644
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00655
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00663 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00680
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00683 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00692
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00695 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00696
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00704
A bloody mess
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00706 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00707
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00710 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00719
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00729 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00737
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00747 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00751
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00754 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00755
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00768
Purity vs Taint!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00773 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00779
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00789 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00802
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00825 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00811
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00834
The gay, it blinds!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00830 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00837
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00841

[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00847 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00848
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00850 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00849
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00856 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00860
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00869 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00872
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00874
Curtain Lesbianing!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00877 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00878
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00880 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00889
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00905 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00906

She’s go it bad…bad!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00931 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00932
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00937 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00947
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00964 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00954
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00968
Kind of romantic atmosphere to propose actually…
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00979 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00985
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 00998 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01001
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01004 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01006
Surviving this is the power of Yuri, Ladies and Gentlemen!
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01009
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01012 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01013
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01020 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01031
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01033 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01037
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01039 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01040
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01041 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01044
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01048
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01051 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01052
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01055
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01056 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01058

Still more students than my graduation…kuekuekue
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01062
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01065 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01070
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01074 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01082
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01092
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01106 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01108
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01137
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01118 [MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01123
[MOVIE][BDRIP] ミスミソウ.mkv - 01131

Where’s my spin-off damn it!!!?

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “Misumisou [JMovie]

  1. This was one lesbian character that actually kinda deserved to die… Ok, not really. She wasn’t the one who set the house on fire. Still, she was such a passive aggressive bitch! Couldn’t stand her character. She could have stepped in at any moment but she didn’t. Her silence only gave the bullies the affirmation they needed to do all that shit. I don’t think she was guilt-free in the slightest, she even cut that one chicks hair. This showed us that she was also capable of being a huge bully herself. She might not have done anything to Nozaki directly but the indirect bullying was evident. Guess she rather saw her crush/love in pain than not being able to have her.

    I really liked the campiness of the violence and the seriousness of all the drama. Some articles mentioned that the director should have gone in one direction and not both but I disagree.
    One thing I did think was lacking was that the character’s motivations were a bit lacking. Guess boredom, jealousy and teen emotions can get the best of you though it all just felt a bit too much. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t get to know much about the characters involved? Because I seriously didn’t give a damn about any of them. What happened to Nozaki was sad but they should have given us some more time to get to know her. all the other characters felt very one-dimensional too.

    Also, I do think the acting was a bit questionable from certain characters. I liked the casting choice for Taeko, too bad the actress wasn’t that great. Yamada Anna also had some troubles with the more emotionally taxing scenes. Like when she dropped to her knees and started crying. It was the worst fake crying ever. I shouldn’t complain. The movie was actually really entertaining and I loved the contrast between the blood and snow.

    Lady snowblood 2: High school revenge.

    • I think where Taeko concerned there are two reasons why she lived, other than her perseverance of course.

      First, compared to the others, she was actually pretty sane! Unlike the hero, she did not give into her darkness towards the others. In fact she was more the type to inflict pain onto herself than others (the bedroom scene)

      Also, cutting Rumi’s hair is that bad? You forget that if anyone it was Rumi that Taeko actually might have hated, minus Dick of course!

      Second, Unlike all the other characters, Taeko saw the error of her ways and despite Haruka saying she is not one to forgive people, she still forgave Taeko when she apologized (didn’t kill her, right?) In other words, Taeko showed empathy where the other kids totally failed!

      Also, while there are other completely innocent people in the movie, You could argue that it is why they had to die! This world of the movie issuch that you have to adapt to either sides to survive. You had better have a fire in you but also you had better have some innocence in you!

      Basically out of the bad guys, Taeko is the one that can be considered innocent! Why does she have to act? If she doesn’t act in the bullying why does she have to act in the saving?

      And out of the good guys, Taeko knows how to survive! Her life at home of a oppressive father and a useless mother might have taught her that sometimes you have to keep things to yourself lest you get cracked.

      Actually, thank you for your comment because the more I think about Taeko the more I see why she was the only one to survive!

      As for the other aspects of the movie, this is typical Japanese horror! Nothing should be shocking! yeah sure it kind of hits some hard with the mix of genres but what rule says they shouldn’t be mixed? Now that it has finally happened, I can totally see more Directors taking this approach in the future!

      The acting goes in the same category too! Japan makes an art of bad acting and just like you mentioned, this is a mix of arts so that is also intentional, in some cases anyway!

      Either way, I enjoyed it and it being a mixture means one won’t get bored of it easily!

    • Also love the snowblood comment

      • Wrote it in a bit of a rush because I had to get up early the next morning.

        I agree with everything you said about Taeko. She did carry her guilt in a different way than the others and decided to stay passive and put instead of going after Nozaki. She also decided to self-harm by biting her right hand. The hand that later got destroyed by the knife attack. The hand that holds her hopes and dreams of becoming a hairdresser.
        She also went on her knees to apologize. Someone with her kind of pride would never do that for another person unless she really has to.
        Some of the other could have probably been spared as well if they didn’t go looking for trouble, yet they went through with it anyway. Like two out of the three girls. Two of them had clear regrets and felt terrible about what happened. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stand up for themselves and followed their ring-leader like sheep. They could have survived if they thought for themselves for once.

        All of that said, I do think she had a part in what happened. She might have taken a passive stance but she did nothing to actively stop the bullying either. Her interference could have changed the course of events. Most of the kids did see her as the queen bee and they might have stopped if she said something. I understand that she wouldn’t have anything to do with the bullying if she were a mere bystander or someone who didn’t hang out with the group, just another classmate. But she wasn’t. She was in the middle of it all and that makes her guilty as well to a lesser extent. Guilty by association.
        She was also one of the reasons why Rumi had a mental breakdown. Rumi might have been a tad obsessed and couldn’t think clearly but do you blame the poor girl? She saw what happened to Nozaki, I would be terrified too. Even if she were a ticking time bomb already, the others sure paved the way for her madness to come out in full force.
        In short, Taeko didn’t do any direct damage, that is true. But she was definitely the one who knocked down the first stone. Whether she wanted to or not.

        I think ”bad acting” which is typically just overacting compared to Western standards can be a pretty nice touch to some movies. Especially if they are based on anime or manga. Bad acting will still be bad acting, regardless if it’s a subtle or over the top performance and that did come out in some scenes. Still, she was a newcomer. I shouldn’t be too harsh because she did well for her first big acting job.

        Thanks for the reply and I hope you have a nice week.

        PS. Have you ever seen the Swedish movie Alena from last year? It has some similar themes and a similar vibe to it. It’s also very very gay.

      • About Taeko, yes, I’ll defend my lesbian to death, you have to remember that even if she meant it or not, Haruka (Nouzaki) did hurt her. So while Taeko did not do anything to stop the bullying she had a reason to not to or even be more active in the bullying.

        We see this a lot where girls take their frustrations on their love. I mean you remember Kannazuki no Miko and how Chikane raped Himeko?!? And they were considered the best anime ship…until they were urprised by MadoHomu, who also had one basically strip the other of her Godhood and kinda imprison her!

        So really, I am more surprised that Taeko did not do more that just be a spectator.

        Also maybe Haruka understood where Taeko stood which was why she wasn’t that mad at Taeko. She felt guilty even though the reason she thought she hurt Taeko with was the wrong one.

        As for Alena , I don’t know of this movie. Will look into it.

        Thanks for the rec

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