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Don’t Cry Mommy [KMovie]

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돈 크라이 마미 Don’t Cry Mommy

I have seen a fare share of disturbing and emo-inducing movies in my time (Thank you Japan, Korea and France) and I thought I was at the point where nothing could move me like I have never been moved before. I mean come on, who could do worse than Noboru-D or Martyrs (2008)? I was prepared for anything cinema would send my way. Well, at least I thought I was.

Then I watched this movie!

The despair, the feels! Oh God the despair!!

If anyone ever asked me what it feels like, what it really feels like to lose the one thing most important in their life. If they asked what they would do were they to lose that one precious thing, I would but one thing and one thing only – point them to this movie!

And here is a thing. All who are into K-entertainment are very familiar with how dramatic Korea is. Knowing that, then the creators going so far as to force you to care for the characters so much in the beginning of the movie then BAM! The train of misery hits and keeps hitting until the inevitable WORST END! And all through out the course of the movie one has to put up with all the over-dramatic feels!

No seriously, Korean actors and actresses are so good that they blur the lines between great acting and over-dramacting (I don’t care if this isn’t a word, I will make it into one)! They slice and dice the most challenging of scripts like hot knife in butter and make the best written of stories come off as a comedic joke.

They are that good!

And I can’t say that it’s just from experience because the age differences don’t seem to matter!

Thinking of this and then adding in the genre/theme of this particular movie and I was in for a ride of my hellish life! It has been months since I saw this movie and it is now that I decide to write about it. Let me just say now that it’s not that I forgot about it or that it wasn’t relevant.


I wasn’t ready!

I think I am now though so let’s do this. Oh by the way, there are still no subs for this movie and the ratio of my knowledge of Japanese to Korean is like 1000:1. I ain’t even bluffing! But despite this, I understood the movie because to hell with words, only 1 picture is worth 1000 of them after all.


So much skinship >.<

dcm-002 dcm-003
dcm-013 dcm-015
dcm-017 dcm-018
dcm-019 dcm-020
dcm-021 dcm-016

Shipped them in the beginning…in the beginning!

dcm-004 dcm-005

Oh Mommy, where could it be that you are looking? >.<

dcm-007 dcm-008
dcm-009 dcm-010
dcm-011 dcm-012

Surprise public flash and grope?! Oh Mommy…

The movie began all happy go lucky as we are introduced to the characters. Yoo-rim (mother) and Eun-ah have a strong bond as expected of a mother and daughter who live by themselves. They are obviously each other’s best friend even though Eun-ah does have a close friend her age from school too (lack of subs meant lack of me getting her name right so I won’t write it wrong).

I do confess that yes, I do ship those two! Blame Korea for always making me ship incest. They just do it so right! or wrong in the eyes of some people. I mean boob-grabbing in public? Right after checking out under her shirt?! Colour me whipped!

I did ship Eun-ah with her GF a while too. They were the typical shippable friends, so to speak, and I tried to ignore the vibes coming from BF that were not quite right but I tried to ignore them. My mistake! I guess that was Mommy’s mistake too but let’s not cry over spilled milk, ne!

But the fun didn’t last! All those smiles go as far as Eun-ah finally getting a call from her crush agreeing to meet. The vibes from BF were over-drive at that point and so were my nerves but since she didn’t say anything, my brain took it to be as jealous on her part and thus in effect increased the fuel in my fire of shipping them too, hoping that when things don’t work out, they would be the reverb couple.

I was wrong…again!

dcm-022 dcm-023
dcm-024 dcm-025

The denial all over her face that what she sees ain’t true …


(Sorry, just me being a perv ^^)

dcm-030 dcm-031
dcm-032 dcm-033
dcm-034 dcm-035
dcm-036 dcm-037
dcm-039 dcm-040
dcm-041 dcm-042

The smiles – where did they go?!

Sorry to you all Dudes out there but you are the villains in this story! Even the good ones were bad, if that makes any sense. The supposedly good guy that Eun-ah fell for turned out to be the evil boss of the movie. I mean he isn’t the one that did the deed but he was the one the put things into motion and even if he himself did not take part into the evil act (of rape. Note this cause I am not going to mention it again), he was the darn initiator of this whole train of suffering for Eun-ah and in effect Yoo-rim.

Can you imagine how happy a girl is when they finally get to meet and talk to the crush of their lives, only…only for this to happen?!! For crying out loud, they hadn’t even gone on a single date let alone find out anything else about the other other than their names!

I mean come on!

But this is Korean we are talking about here so feels over heels or something like that!

Mamarim (why the hell not?) is called up to the hospital and that look on her face of pure disbelief at what greeted her eyes – Eun-ah lying there, un-conscious and her face and body all bruised….God! It’s like some one went up to a Church and threw a stone through those antique windows. Take St. Petersburg for example. Who would do something like that?!

That was probably how Mamarim felt, but 10x worse.

Everything seemed to change all of a sudden. It was like an Evil force finally made it’s way into the most holy of places. Mamarim and Eun-ah’s world cracked like glass and there was no hope of mending it. The incident was not talked about because Eun-ah couldn’t, wouldn’t put her Mamarim through that!

I was actually a little thankful to the directors for sparing us the real act because it did happen. They went to court and everything, even though that was as fruitful as a homeless person winning a court case against Bill Gates! And Eun-ah’s refusal to talk added a –0.99 probability in their favour. Even without knowing what actually went on, it was easy to see how Mamarim’s soul seemed to leave her. It was like the two were symbiotic, at least where their feelings were concerned.

And so I was grateful for them sparing us the ordeal and towards Eun-ah for sparing Mamarim the facts. I doubt she could have handled it the way she was when she knew only 1% of the truth. She might have suspected but but without word of God (which to her was from Eun-ah) she did not believe her suspicions.

I was naive and stupid!

Spare us the real deal? Mamarim would have been better off without knowing the truth?!


So stupid!

dcm-043 dcm-044
dcm-046 dcm-047
dcm-048 dcm-049
dcm-050 dcm-051
dcm-052 dcm-053

The eyes of one who is lost to hope. (I think I died a little here too…)

Mamarim tried and tried to get her baby girl to talk but it is all in vain. There was no way that Eun-ah would have let the truth onto her poor mother. But with the keeping such a heavy secret comes the side effects of her shoulders. The life leaves her with every day that passes and even though her goal was not to worry her Mamarim, it was having the opposite effect obviously. Eun-ah mis-judged the level of love Mamarim has towards her.

Ah but the Evil maniacs were not done! No! The first time was just too good to not go for seconds and so they do just that! With evidence of the first act, they threatend poor Eun-ah who obviously could not refuse and so she went over to her ‘boyfriend’ again. When she received the message she lost it and since she was in the house, Mamarim heard that one.

Feelings through the roof (or the floor) Mamarim ran over to her Baby’s bedroom door and she would have broken it down if she had to to find out what the hell was going on. She didn’t have to break down the door because out walked Eun-ah, all neutral as if nothing had occurred, as if she did not just scream the ceiling off their apartment.

She tells Mamarim she is going to practice, with her musical instrument in hand and everything. Mamarim had no reason to doubt her daughter. Her love for Eun-ah was so strong it was blinding her to all the signs. She probably thought there was no way Eun-ah would lie to her. And even if she was, Mamarim would never force her hand of Eun-ah and so she watched her walk away…

Then it happened!

The directors laughing in my face that is! You thought that was it?! This ain’t no PG13 biatch!

They said.

Then I felt what has to be the worst ever feelings I’ve ever had about a person, even a character in a movie!

Eun-ah goes into the Lion’s den knowing full well her fate from last time. I felt so proud of her when she tried to fight back but it was like watching an ant on a beach trying to fight a 3 meter wave and a shark! I want to say that she lost horribly but there was no reason to even use the word – lose. It was all just inevitable!

Then the act. This time in all it’s happening glory!


I watched this movie in the middle of the night and I clearly remember the profanities I bellowed to actually wake my sister and brother. They thought we were being robbed!

Seeing Eun-ah just lying there, unseeing, as the act look place…



dcm-055 dcm-056


dcm-059 dcm-060
dcm-061 dcm-062
dcm-063 dcm-064

Is dat a frikkin cake?!

Emergency! ALERT…ALERT!

At this moment in time Mamarim and Eun-ah were like walking un-dead! A hand the God of Despair was as visible on their shoulders as heat to snake eyes.

And then there was that moment that Eun-ah looked at Mamarim and I could just see her whole being coming to a revelation. I was crying out in denial for her not to do it. I just knew what she was thinking. She walked out and I was ready to just lie down and cry like a wuss until the dusk of time.

But then she went to a cake shop!


I was like, Oh thank the gods. It’s just Mamarim’s birthday cake!


Take that Fate and Destiny! Screw you both!


I—I can’t…

dcm-067 dcm-068

Their last conversation, for all time!

dcm-070 dcm-071
dcm-072 dcm-073

She actually fainted when the Doctor called it!

dcm-076 dcm-077
dcm-078 dcm-079
dcm-080 dcm-081

But it wasn’t a dream~ And that’s how the world ends

The fat joke was on me!

The fuckin cake! I swear, one would thing that after Mami-san, I would have learned the truth behind  a frikking delicious cake in media like this! But no, I am such a sucker and I bit that bullet all by myself and there is no one else to blame!

Watching Mamarim fight against fate as she tried so hard to save her Baby- Girl and when it looks like she succeeded and I was ready to breath a sigh of relief only for Fate to kick her and us in the feels!

Eun-ah died, right in the presence of two Doctors and endless number of nurses!


Things went dark for a moment there on my first watch so I guess it wasn’t only Mamarim that fainted when Eun-ah’s head lol-ed to the side like a sack of bricks!

And when they cut to the scene of Mamarim waking up, I was in complete denial with her, hoping that she had collapsed as soon as she had gotten to the hospital and that it was all in her imagination. Yes, Eun-ah was lying in a hospital bed some where all safe and sound. I mean come on, we did make it to the hospital with her still breathing, right?


Watching Mamarin as she takes the reality in forced me to come to a conclusion – There were two souls lost that night not just Eun-ah’s.


Stupid Cake!

dcm-084 dcm-085

Jesus Christ!

I wish to apologize for the feels I have forced onto you dear Reader but I am not as strong as Eun-ah. I can’t handle this all by myself self so there you go.

But before you go off on the deep end, I want you to take those feels and weight them against Mamarim herself in this scene. What she felt has to be 1000x worse than what we feel!

That cry still haunts me.

It’s really hard for me to throw this movie on the side as just another work of fiction. How am I supposed to differentiate the feels from this as fictional from real ones? I just…I just can’t!

Mamarim finally finding out what was going on with her Baby Girl, the one who was no longer with her – Finding out the truth and how heavy, how dark, how evil it was and her girl shouldering all that with her fragile young heart was just….

My God!

dcm-094 dcm-096

The only member of this family left with a soul. And it’s bitter and thirsts for some blood!

dcm-098 dcm-099
dcm-100 dcm-101
dcm-102 dcm-103

Such satisfying revenge!

Mamarim had suspicions. In fact at the very beginning of the movie, we are shown her scrutiny of those boys. I doubt she liked what she saw but finding out that they were the very boys responsible for Eun-ah’s suffering!


God may forgive them, after some pain but she was no god!

Watching her trying to take on the boys by her self (since the fuckin police was useless) and being made a punching bag of was just…so wrong and made me hate those bastards so very much that I think if Satan existed he would be very interested in the evil intention I was permeating! How the hell could they treat a woman like that?! The fuckers!

But Mamarim was long lost to reason when her soul left her body to keep Eun-ah company in the better life. She planned and started picking them off one by one.

The revenge was sweeter than the frikkin cake of lies!

dcm-105 dcm-106
dcm-107 dcm-108
dcm-109 dcm-110

The BGM here was fantastic!

dcm-111 dcm-112
dcm-113 dcm-114
dcm-115 dcm-116

Lady Vengeance needs to take lesson from Mamarim!

I can’t clearly remember but I suspect that my face was splitting in that last school scene!

It was like God herself had come down to deliver the hand of justice to those evilest of them all!

Scratch smiling, I think I was dancing as well for the amount of happiness I was feeling when the muthafucker got the knife in the gut and crawled like the bitch he was on the floor!


I was hoping for that FAke BF to get it too and I actually thought at  first that she would be be the first to receive the sharp blade after that call where Mamarim informed her that she ‘knew’. Yes, That BG of lies was actually aware of the whole stuff going on but she kept her trap shut. For fucks’s sakes her father was the Detective in charge of the case! He was friends with Mamarim and she was friends with Eun-ah if she had talked, her father would have believed her without any doubts but by the time she had spilled the beans, it was too late.

And Mamarim was already on the final mission!

The bitch was spared!

She was watching while Eun-ah received the evil act the first time and I think Eun-ah saw her too. She did nothing and it seemed that those times she was all weird about Eun-ah falling for the guy, she was aware of his evil intentions but she did nothing!

She deserved at least a knife, or two. She didn’t have to die but going off Scott free?! Fuck that!


Look at all the fucks she gives about her death!

dcm-120 dcm-121dcm-122

The bastard died nicely! Too nicely if you ask me!


They are together again now!

The Detective ran over to the school with the intention of saving his daughter obviously. I so hope she was gutted then he would feel the despair of true hopelessness. But she survived and even pointed him in the way that Mamarim had gone to take care of that monster.

Darn betrayer even till the end! She so deserved a knife!

The detective makes it on time as the little bitch is still alive but with a couple of knives already on his name! Mamarim never looked so majestic as she stands there over him! His life was in her hands and not even a bullet or 6 had a say in the matter.

That’s right, dearest Detective’s warnings went in through Mamarim’s left ear and straight out the other!

Drop the knife or he will shoot?!

He obviously knew nothing at all!

She obviously did not drop the knife because life? What the hell was that to her now?!

Nothing, that was what!

The ass shot Mamarim straight into the heart any way but I have a feeling that that was her only intention at the end of this day! The little bitch died anyway so all was good. She was going to be with her Baby Girl again so it was a win for her either way!

The END!

I think this is the first time I actually think of THE WORST END possible to actually be a GOOD END!

There was no way Mamarim would have moved on from this had she lived! No way! And so I am actually happy that it ended this way. I believe in the after life and there is no doubt that with people who have a bond as strong as theirs, they just have to meet again. Fate can’t be that cruel, twice!

From South Korea, with love everyone.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

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