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NGZ46 6th – When AKB48 drama ain’t enough


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♪ When AKB48 Feels aren’t enough, who you gonna go to?

Nogizaka46! ♫

First of all, another Nogizaka single already?!! WTF Yasusu?! It’s already almost summer and NMB has yet to release a single for 2013, like, WTF?!

We want our seasonal NMB48 cool single. What are we supposed to shake it to this year? Did you run out of ideas? I mean you already did the virginity and the sex (Junjou) songs so what else is left? Maybe an STD single?!

Any-who~ Nogizaka 46 on the other hand are already ahead to their 6th single and as usual, the line-up is done solely by management!

I shudder at the prospect being applied to AKB48 as well. There would never come a day that we see Yukirin on the front lines, ever, if this were the same for AKB48. Sorry Nogizaka!

The decisions being left to management alone, means that they can fuck with the poor girls as much as they want and did they do it this time! Forget the drama going on in AKB48, apparently that wasn’t enough already so Yasusu decided to hit the rival group as well….hard!

How hard?

Think a none-senbatsu election AKB48 single where Acchan and Yuko are shafted to the third line back for some 10-20th place senbatsu ranker! Think of those two back-dancing to a Paruru/Meru centre single!

That’s what happened here in Nogizaka! I ain’t even kidding you all!


First I was happy when Itou, the Marika, not Nene who was in the last single’s senbatsu. If you remember I was kind of sad that none of the Itou’s ranked in the earlier singles but first it was Marika, then Nene and now Marika again. I was happy for her really but the happiness did not last!


The first hit in the gut came from the supposedly new favour-rite Akimoto Manatsu. She is one of those girls I sure thought would spend her life as one of the Eight Deities (opposite to AKB48’s 7 Gods) but alas! She was so far away from the Deities it wasn’t even remotely funny!



That’s 7places away from the Deities! I think I broke a jaw muscle when they announced it! I suddenly got a very bad feeling! My gut never let me down. I might try it ignore it but the truth always hits me whether I like it or not!

But the brick was not enough, nope, a knife had to be thrown into the mix!


Let me tell you as one who has personally experienced it that the moment the tip of the blade makes contact with skin, it’s as if the victim suddenly grows super powers because the levels at which your sense of touch increases at that moment is just…inhuman!

The pain….

Is what I felt when Waifu Minami-chan was called, and not one of the Deities!


Can you say…Huh?!

Even Bananaman was like – Eh?!

I mean come one! 13th?!! What the hell happened in these two or so months since the 5th single?! Scandal?! Ha! We should be so lucky!

A Deity since the very first single and suddenly, not even close to them! Like…What in the name of


Cry not my love, I will do something!

And so, yet another couple has been split! 

God darn it Yasusu, what drugs are you on that make you come up with all these ways to bring despair to us fans!?!

doko80-10 doko80-09doko80-15
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They were not done though…the Sadists!

They twisted the knife in my gut when Lo and Behold! The Established Centre since the dawn of time fell five places to 6th! That’s right, Ikoma Rina is in 6th position which puts her on the second line behind!


Should I be happy that she is right at home next to Ikuta (at 5th) and right in front of her Waifu Minami who is centre of the last line at 13?!

Fuck that!

Even Asuka-chan was like – IS this for real? Is it even allowed?!

Dear Asuka-chan, welcome to the reality of the Yasusu world!

The members actually cried for her. I guess they had gotten used to and accepted her as their Face! Well, not all members I guess…

doko80-21 doko80-23

Where are the tears? I don’t see no tears?!

OMG, did she know something?!

That’s right, Shiraishi Mai is center for the 6th single and probably a few more from now on! She is flanked by both Hashimoto Nanami and Matsumura Sayuri. A very strong triangle to be truthful but I have to apologise right that when I say those three aren’t my cup of tea. Well, maybe Sayuringo a little bit but these three as centers? Well, I guess they deserve a shot too so what the hell…

Besides, this just means that I am going to have to look forward to those couplings way more that I should! Actually the couplings for Nogizaka have proved to be quite better than the main dish a couple of times so….


Oh Akimoto you devil you, I see what you did there!

There was other good news…


Takayama joined the Eight Deities!


Amazing! Indeed

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “NGZ46 6th – When AKB48 drama ain’t enough

  1. The center changed from my 2nd favorite member (Ikoma) to my Nogizaka oshi (Maiyan) and I don’t really know if I’m so thrilled about it. I’m sure Maiyan will do her best, so let’s see how it turns out.

    And yeah, I felt really sad for Manattan and seeing her pushed to the back row was devastating to me. Hope she can move back to the Top 8 for the 7th single.

    • This is prolly just a dummy test, hopefully.

      I know your Oshii is actually quite popular with fans as I said, along with Sayuringo but something about them being centre is…I don’t know…

      But I gotta say I am surprised. Usually when someone’s Oshii catches a falling star like yours did here they would eagerly die happily. So for you to be this…er…I don’t know…I just don’t know >..<

      • Yeah, I know, I’m weird. I guess I’m feeling that Maiyan is so overly popular (she’s easily the most popular member of the group) that she doesn’t need the center position as much as Ikuta and Ikoma would.

        That said, I’m eagerly be awaiting seeing how Maiyan looks being front and center. Hope the next single is awesome.

  2. Hmm well I am in the position of just being happy that My MyuMyu (Wakatsuki Yumi) gets into the senbatsu at all so It’s all good for me.

    Yeah some amazing changes in places but I do remember back that this was the original plan of Nogizaka, to give different girls a chance to lead and be at the front, it seems as though they were going to ignore it till now but seems as though they had not forgotten after all

    It is a shame they decided to do it after the single when Nogizaka got their singles sorted out a bit more finally, hoping the change-up does not derail a train they finally seemed to be getting on the right tracks……

    Also I will say that the thought of Management being the only say in AKB singles chills me to the bone as so many of the girls I like (across all the groups even) are on the whole fan darlings and not management darlings at all!!!

    • Actually that’s how I am too (on the akb management thingy)

      All my Oshii are fan Oshiis and the thought of the fans not having any-more effect on the line-ups is just Arg.

      It’s bad enough with the non-senbatsu singles if all were like that, God!

      As for Wakatsuki, hasn’t she been in the senbatsu for a while now? Why worry?

      • I felt as though you would feel the same about the AKB management thing as we share a fair we of the same girls as favorites….

        As for Yumi, it’s not really A case of worrying, more that I’m just happy to keep seeing her in there even if there is little chance (now probably a big chance as I have just jinxed it!) of her not being in but yeah, nice to make it official If you know what I mean…..

      • That’s good.

        The worry for me of course is on my Goddess. Yes, I know I shouldn’t worry but darn all these people who are making me worry when they all say stuff like – She’s losing her charm because of the HS line being a person or two shorter, because of the shady scandal, because of her not motivating fans by lying that that really wants that centre position so they should vote for her!


        I wanna throw a tantrum so hard right now but I believe in my Goddess to do…some more magic and shut their traps! Hopefully for good this time!

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