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The Stranded [Thai-Drama]


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Dear Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the rest of yous Easterners, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Thailand be out here stealing the show in television since 2008 and yous all are sleeping!! And while I don’t like the odds of yaoi to yuri content, Thailand has been consistent in their yuri content and rarely do they have BAD ENDs when it happens! Not only that they actually put in effort in their endeavours and aren’t afraid to go through with what they put forward!

Not only that they are actually wish-fulfilling! Now, in this case it might just be me but here we are, them awesome country giving me not only yuri but with the flavour of my favourite genre – horror!




Well, to be fair it’s more like Adventure and mystery but fuck that, there be ghosts, red moons alt dimensions, otherselves and madness so as far as I am concerned, this right here is horror! As the story goes, students from a certain school are partying on their graduation by the sea only for disaster to strike with a tsunami the beach and they all…die?

Only they wake up and they are cut off from the rest of the world, everything is wreaked and the students have to learn to survive on their own as they look for a way to go back home! You can of course fill in the gaps on what happens in the rest of the story but I am not here for that!

Yes, I am here for the gay and as per usual, Thailand doesn’t play around!

First thing I should get out of the way is that this is like, almost like, season one of Runaways. Almost, because while there was no grey areas as to where Karoline and Nico’s relationship was going by the end of season one, here the line is not so clearly drawn! People who ship Ying with her boyfriend still will have hope, and those of us Aring shippers will also have hope because while Ying and her boyfriend got back on good terms, they did not have any physical affections and girl, were they horny rabbits in the beginning!

But back to the not playing around…You know how people give Central and West TV series and movies flack for not casting cute, hot or sexy actors in gay roles? Well, Thailand doesn’t have that problem! Unless there is a show or movie I have not seen, I have yet to come across a disappointing couple!

Secondary, their student characters actually look like students! And what’s more, they know what their audiences like! Seriously, this series is like the culmination of all the popular series’ cast all come together for this main dish! I have seen cast from the likes of Hormones, #TheUnderwear, Waterboys and Pommanatur, to mention but a few! I was freaking out a little whenever I saw someone I recognised, now imagine the actual fans of these actors!

Sadly, none of any I recognised were relevant, well, maybe, just maybe Pearwah (Nichaphat). Maybe, as in there is this secretive history of Arisa where she was best friends with Mint (Pearwah) but somehow ended up seemingly killing her with a screw driver after a betrayal we find out later, or maybe it’s a double betrayal?

Yeah, this is very a part of the full story and they just left it hanging in the air. There better be a sequel already in the works because it will be the worse way to cancel a show, and we know Netflix! Then again, this is Thailand and them people love their dramas, especially teen dramas!

Anyway, there is something there to be discovered between Arisa and Mint, but given what might have transpired between them two, I don’t see them kissing anytime in the rest of their lives. Oops, did I say Mint was dead? Apparently not, as per ending, because she is not only alive but she is hanging out with the very Khwan and Koi (Hormones).

Like, WTH!!

But that’s a story for the next season.

Right now the focus is on Arisa, the resident genius and Ying, the mature drop-out but dead sexy unicorn! Ahem, in case you won’t be able to tell, I frikkin love Ying! Yeah sure, she is older than the other kids (she would be in university if she had stayed in school, as per her own words), but nice doesn’t come with age. She is a naturally kind person and her interactions with Arisa…mein gott!

Seriously, the very first time the two exchange words my yuri-sense was tingling! Even as Ying was practically riding her boyfriend, my alarm bells were already going into overdrive! I am so happy to see that I still got it! With all these gaps in years without content, I was afraid I was going to get blunt!

What hit the nail in all the way though was the first time Arisa and Ying were together alone and as Ying was applying some ointment to her burns, Arisa totally looked down her top and I literally screamed…


Literally from then on it was honey jar upon honey jar until things escalated to the point of no return – the Kiss! A kiss that while it was tamed, I did not mind at all because it would have been totally weird for it to be a deep one! This was a kiss given with trepidation. No one should go that fast and deep for their first kiss. It was the perfect level of chaste, totally befitting of their moment in the lifecycle of their relationship, or lack thereof, if you think ‘dating’ when you hear the word ‘relationship’.

And really, this was their discovery moment for the both of them! In fact the both of them, before this moment, were straighter than the equator when viewed above Africa! Remember that history between Arisa and best friend Mint? Well, the root cause of everything leading up to Arisa hacking her and everyone’s phones to Mint’s death-by-screwdriver, was the fact that she had stolen Arisa’s boyfriend. And we of course know of Ying, who literally had a boyfriend even as they were cuting out with their gayness!

So really, the chaste kiss was the perfect choice! Otherwise it would have come off as forced!

Then of course things slowed down after that as Arisa went off on her own into the woods to play hero because the kiss was too much in fact. But then she came back and the vibes came back too and it was very clear this is going somewhere. Ying broke up with her boyfriend after he went back to getting high and even though he apologised to her and she forgave him and they still hang, like I said, there was no more intimacy between the two!

So, as things stand, we have to wait for season two and then the drama will begin! Why? Because even though they broke up, I think the boyfriend thinks they are still together-together because she forgave him and then there is the fact that Arisa and Ying have yet to talk about the kiss, like, really talk about it. Sure Arisa said she was okay right after it but she did leave on her own when they had decided to go together into the forest afterwards. And then there is the fact that Mint is still alive though from what we know that might not be a problem as Arisa’s visions of her showed her in quite an antagonistic light!

The bottom line is I can’t wait for them to return! But in the meantime, I will stay content with these very not enough 7 episodes and the third season of Runaways that is coming out way soon. Also Frozen II, please don’t disappoint!