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[NMB48] So I heard…




coup2-17 coup2-21




I google’d it and it tells me that today…

an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”)



My heart is sold to Yukirin, and other Idols.

And so, I will be sharing, finally, who my top girls are in the Family 48!

And since NMB is my favourite child, I might as well start with them. Also since today is February 14th >_>, I figured I might as well update my top couples while I am at it since there has been graduations lately at every corner, with almost four of my favourites disappearing and thus taking my ships with them >.<

Any way, we all know Yukirin is my Megami Oshi, just to get that out of the way.

That is a fact that will never change!

When she graduates, I graduate from the Idol business too.

Any way,

First up,

My Top 5 NMB48 Girls!


maac-1 maac-2
maac-3 maac-4
maac-5 maac-6
maac-7 maac-7 (2)

My No1 NaMBa Tigress;

Ogasawara Mayu (Ma~chun)

Yeah, like anyone did not see that one coming!

saya-4 saya-2
saya-5 saya-6

No.2 Yamamot Sayaka (Sayanee)

She was my No.1

Before le Maachun puberty hit!

And you know what they say about puberty – Once you hit it, there is no…

akar-01 akar-02
akar-04 akar-06
akar-07 akar-09
akar-10 akar-11

No. 3 – Yoshida Akarin (Akarin)

If she never took that six months break, I am not sure how the standings would be right now.

I still think of her as the Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo Centre after all.

I simply lover her body build! You wanna know how much?

I think it better than Yukirin’s, that’s how much >.<

miru-01 miru-02
miru-03 miru-04
miru-05 miru-06
miru-07 miru-08
miru-10 miru-11
miru-12 rtrtert
miru-13 miru-14

No.4 Shiroma Miru (Mirumiru/Mirurun)


You didn’t see that one coming, now did you?!

A few months back, this wouldn’t be so but alas.

So goes the story with the next and last one,

uuka-1 uuka-2
uuka-3 uuka-4
uuka-5 uuka-6
uuka-7 uuka-8

No.5 Kato Yuuka (U~ka)

Stop scratching your head!

Yes, a BII member is in my Top5! Deal with it!

Those last two spots were previous filled with Kikawa Ayame and Matsuda Shiori but alas…


Any way, those are my favourite girls in NMB48.

As for the couples;

coup1-01 coup1-08
coup1-02 coup1-03
coup1-04 coup1-05
coup1-06 coup1-09coup1-11coup1-10coup1-12

Sayacchu still rules them all!

These two are just…


For the next favourite couple, there has been a change!

coup2-02 coup2-05
coup2-01 coup2-04
coup2-06 coup2-07
coup2-08 coup2-11
coup2-25 coup2-26
coup2-13 coup2-10
coup2-14 coup2-15
coup2-16 coup2-18
coup2-19 coup2-20
coup2-22 coup2-23

Fuuchan and Keicchi!

I just discovered them like, this month >.<!

They just came and dictated their way into my life just like that!

Needless to say, I have fallen for them so hard!!


Milky and Riichan have been pushed to No.3 as a result

And is it me or has there been a lack of these two for like, a year now?!

I blame Maachun for this



coup3-01  coup3-03
coup3-04  coup3-05
coup3-06  coup3-08
coup3-09  coup3-10  coup3-11

ShuUuka (Shuu and Uuka) then pick up where Shiokichi left off, because, well…

Don’t make me cry again, okay!!


Anyway, there be my Top 5 girls and couples of NMB48 that would get my love today!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

22 thoughts on “[NMB48] So I heard…

  1. hmmm… My NMB oshi is non other than Yamada Nana… We share sense of humour! I’m still screening to complete my chart ( 2 spots left)…..suggestions?? I’m not placing Yuihan on my list because she’s also AKB, but if she’s one of my favourites!

    • Well, if Nana is your cup of tea and you like her sense of humour, then add Ainyan on that list, like, NAO!

      they are almost the same in terms of funny!

      I actually ship them too ^^

      • Really? Maybe I’ll get in her lane next handshake… I’ve been to four or five NMB hand-shakes, and actually never bothered to check the other gals…I always make sure to have a ticket for Nana’s lane!

      • So lucky you are, you don’t even know >_>

        I can only dream of actually meeting Yukirin face-to-face.

        In fact I think it will be a dreamer’s dream because I doubt I will ever get to meet her T_T

      • I guess I’m fortune’s favourite and sometimes most forgotten child… I’m certain you’ll meet Yukirin perhaps when you least expect it! Also being able to meet your oshi and talking to them is part of what AKB and sister groups stand for “Idols you can meet” right??!! Next time I meet with Yukirin at an event I’ll give her your regards, (>.^)

      • Bouse…

        But what if your oshi’s going to graduate? What then? How will you find them? With my SanOshi is leaving aka Moeno… -_- This idol business is getting sour day by day…

      • But your love is young!

        Think of those who have had their Kami Oshii since the dark days >.<

      • Thanks for making me feel old… Dark Ages, feh!…Well someone had to turn on the lights, right???!!!

      • I meant dark ages as in the state AKB48 was in at the time. They were too clouded that they only had like 7 fans or something, and I doubt they were fans just then, they were just curious people. ^^

        But in the other case, that makes two of us since I was into AKB just after the 3rd gens came about.

      • Yes my love was young when it died… and someone has to turn the lights off as well… I ain’t doing it, that’s for sure…

      • I am pretty sure you will, once Souchan graduates ^___^

        Though chances of that happening are worse than me winning the lotto.

      • I see Souchan losing the battle for my no1 oshimen place as Yuihan became quite dangerous for her. This is the first time when someone is endangering Souchan’s spot for real. Yui’s not alone though. (She gets help from someone else)

        The irony is that I never got off-topic in my comments on this post so far…

  2. Ah you have the same favourite top 2 as mine, it’s just switched around. Sayaka and Maachun are just too much of a weirdo, dorky, strange beings to not fall in love with. I need to know more about BII members, I only know a little bit about Shu and Yuka but haven’t really gotten to know them in details.

    Do you have a recommendation on where I can get to know BII members more? I love N and M and it would be nice if I can get into BII too.

    Though for couples, idk why even though Milky is not even in my top 7, I actually like SayaMilky a lot. Sayaka and Maachun are just too much of a dork when together, I need someone flirty and proper for one of the pair, kinda like MaYuki where Yuki is the flirty and proper one while Mayu is over active naughty one.

    I like KeiFuu (I call them FuuKei, I don’t think they themselves have coined a pair name for them). The gorgeous couple, those eyes of theirs whenever they looked at each other is just too much to handle.

    • For now only LODs are the way to get ot know BII members.

      You are lucky, the LODs only started coming out late last year. We didn’t have that back then >.<

      As for SayaMilky, I guess you bought what they were selling. They are like WMatsui, rarely happen outside of Mag shoots or other works.

      I have seen others calling them FuuKei too but I like the sound of KeiFuu, like a type of art (martial)

      • I know that SayaMilky aren’t exactly all that close, they have even admitted it that they hang out with different people off screen. I actually know that even before I actually liked them as a pair. IDK what made me exactly liked them, I think they just looked good as a pair tbh. IMO they’re still better than WMatsui though, they have meals after work together, they have been to rock sauna together, so it’s not really as scarce BTS.

        I wish NMB has more shows other than Docking, I want to know more about the members but I can’t really keep DLing LODs because that would take up so much space on my HD. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

    • There should be a Hen Gakuen drama.

      “If you are not weird, you can’t win!”

      Let the battle of the weirdos begin!


  3. I don’t see a reason to address my favorite couple from NMB… So I won’t do it here… But I too like that crow… khm… Nana a little. She might take my third oshi spot on NMB front… Like seriously! Getting exciting by being talked to? Even if it is only a ‘fake’ member… XD

  4. So much NMB goodness here. Honestly, you can pair any two NMB members together and I’d love that pairing, though I’m particularly fond of Sayacchu.

  5. Maachun won your top NMB? It’s so un-shocking that it’s almost shocking! :p

    Still cheering a Maachun win though so that’s all good!

    And KeiFuu too! You are right this is like the bright shiny new ship just sailed from harbor, and what a gosh darn pretty ship it is too though of course there is also the KeiRin ship to consider (Keicchi and Akarin) which is another very pretty ship!

    My NMB top 5 if you are interested

    5)Ripopo + Fuuchan (I know that’s cheating a bit but I don’t care!)

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