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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep06


Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;32;50.477
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;04;16.075 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 02;46;12.499 - 00001
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;30;39.111 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;29;34.728
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Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;35;50.543

Punish me Mistress Kairi

For, I am about to sin by going off on Yuri in this episode and I feel no guilt! Like, I can kind of understand the other side but what the hell is wrong with Yuri?! I mean, I figured this episode would make the last one seem like child’s play but I wasn’t expecting this!

What exactly did Kairi do to warrant her being reduced to a freakin scared child cowering and crying in a corner?! The fact that she reduced Kairi to such a state and it did not even disturb her really, really pisses me off to no end!

Yeah, okay, sure, Yuri has no idea what is going on exactly but whatever she thinks is going on does not deserve such a reaction either! Like, most especially not from someone like her! She was supposed to be the one! She was supposed to be that un-breakable character! She was supposed to be pure!

Well, at the very least Kairi now knows Yuri a little bit better. She is no angel. She is just like the rest of us. Only her sheltered life separates her from the other girls. If she had the same knowledge she would not be any different!

Look, I can even understand the side of Shiho and Tomomi. Their views of Kairi are warranted because they do not know Kairi. But Yuri knows her probably more than any other person but her mother! She has bared all of her self to Yuri! She has told her the darkest secrets of her life, her hardest times, her family relations – things that only the most trusted of people in your life should know!

And yet there Yuri was, going around spreading this information like she was sharing a location of that nice restaurant, or the recipe of that perfect meal she had the day before, or how she missed the train on her way to the concert! Like, I don’t care how innocent and trusting you are of people but there should be something on the inside that stops you from sharing some things! You can just feel it in your gut that it is wrong!

She knows Kairi and she does shit like that and yet she has the audacity to…

Ah crap, this post is gonna be like this throughout, huh? You have been warned…


Yuri da 06.mp4 - 00;22;33.099 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 00;27;04.766
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 00;32;51.520
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;03;19.828 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;03;15.420
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;11;30.111 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;21;53.263
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;33;44.604
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;40;27.861 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;36;03.675
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;46;29.684 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;46;46.087
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;47;09.997
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;57;31.457 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 01;55;50.786
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 02;03;47.110

Okay, let’s put the mood swings on the way side and have some nice moments, like the opening of the episode! As per usual, the series finds a way to drop some major sexual bombs, which I will be calling the inti-porno bombs from now on, and this time what we got took me back to my 4chan/JAV days. Yuri called it the dark-web, the place where this type of porn is found but back in the day, this was everywhere! Those sites were as easy to find as Amazon.com is!

So anyway, Yuri walks into Kairi’s place, apologising about being late like they had a date or something, which I wouldn’t put past Kairi, I mean, she had romantic candles, sorry, aromatic candles, all over the place and the lights dimmed, totally making an atmosphere, which by the way, was totally missed by Yuri! I mean, she did not the candles but that was the extent of her observation!

Like, come on girl!

Yeah, sure, Kairi just went all the out doing all that, even whipping out a bottle of wine just to invite a friend over for some lazy chat! Like, get with the programme already Yuri! God, I swear this girl is just begging for a slap sometimes!

After pouring Yuri a glass of some fine red, Kairi to no one’s surprise, once again shares a private piece of her life! It begins with Yuri wondering if Kairi had eaten dinner yet, to which she answers that she rarely does. Yuri wonders if she is on diet because she doesn’t look like she needs it. If anyone needs diet, it’s her because the moment she eats she puts on pounds. Somehow, that talk of food and bellies swivels into ‘SCAT’ (short for scatology, look it up but be warned!). And then from there on things escalate quickly to Kairi letting us know how she worked in an S & M club once, which lead to giving Yuri an in-depth lesson on Masochism and Sadism and me too, because I did not have a clue beyond what the two terms meant.

For example, Masochism was a term coined by an Austrian psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, who named the (at the time considered a medical) condition after the famous writer Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch. Leopold apparently, in addition to writing books about the subject also lived the life of masochism when he signed a six-month contract with his mistress to be her slave and would later coerce his wife into it as well.

As for Sadism, unlike Leopold, Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade or Marquis de Sade for short, earned his name proper! He was a pure living sexual deviant! Like Leopold, he was an author but also a politician, a philosopher a noble man too. As his name gives it away, he was French. His like was more exciting than fiction from what I could read! The man did it all! He was like a one-man porn industry! His most loved area? Sadism of course! He was into torture mostly! He was into debauchery as well. And oh yeah, affairs come with the territory and I am speaking sleeping with your wife’s sister type of territory, though I guess that’s not such a shocker!

Anyway, as you can see, we all learned a great deal from Kairi. She even told Yuri that she has a whip, which when she asked Yuri if she would like to see it, poor Yuri almost had a heart attack (of the good kind). Thankfully it was just wine that got spilled. Although Kairi does tell her that she was just kidding, she does own a whip! And the candles too obviously. I guess she was joking about the part where she wanted to whip it out?

There was already smoke in the air though and where there is smoke…As Yuri wipes away the wine, Kairi out of nowhere calls her a pig. Yuri’s face was priceless! Then Kairi stands up, the candle in hand, she puts on a mean face and looms over Yuri. She says…sorry…commands Yuri to take off her pants and stick out her butt! She brings the candle to Yuri’s face. Yuri had no choice but to say, ‘Yes Mistress’.


Okay, that was one of the best openings of the show! Unfortunately, we did not get to see more as this is where the title card comes in but there was more as we will find out when Yuri talks to Shiho and Tomomi. Damn though, that was very unexpected! And we haven’t seen the last of Mistress Kairi!

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 02;27;19.591
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 02;41;56.775 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 02;46;12.499 - 00001
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 03;05;44.364 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 03;07;37.764
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 03;42;29.441 - 00001 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 03;46;55.984
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 03;58;05.998 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 04;06;37.308
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 04;33;58.328 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;11;41.467

The face of a girl in love ~

Alright, fun is almost over! Look, I get it! I know the writers probably think that they have Yuri’s personality down to a T. I know she is supposed to be this good person that doesn’t keep secrets or whatever. I get it, but she is also human for crying out loud! We have a conscience! It’s what separated the humans from the rest of the animals! It doesn’t matter how good natured you are but you at least have to know what other people are like and how different they are from you!

I understand if Yuri goes to talk to Shiho and Tomomi about the S & M subject, who by the way, Yuri for the nth time pointed out how they are still not wearing their friendship rings. I understand that, but what I don’t understand is Yuri mentioning that Kairi worked in an S & M club! Like, how can you not separate the two things?! One is obviously private information! Like, what the hell Yuri!? What, couldn’t you just say that the conversation came up because of the candles or lie that Kairi just read about it in some book?

Who am I kidding, this is the same person that went to a stranger, Kairi’s Boss, and started blubbering about Kairi’s family issues! So her talking about this with her so-called friends should not be out of the realm of the possible. Still, doesn’t mean I don’t hate it every time it happens!

And okay, she gets points for defending Kairi from Tomomi and Shiho, who were accusing her of dragging Yuri into her dark world and saying that once you are broken, you are broken. First of all why are you talking about Kairi like she was serial killer or something?! She did not choose that life! She did not choose it but she grew up in it! It’s all she knew and even then she managed to rise out of it! I do not know myself but I can guess that being in that industry is like being in the drugs industry! It is not easy to ‘get out’. One either has no choice or the temptation is too strong, especially with the money.

So the fact that Kairi managed to rise out of it on her own, start a new life by herself, a completely different and clean life, that is some exceptional! Yuri seems to understand, at least a small part of this! So she gets points in defending Kairi here but those points are about to be lost. And I know it seems unfair to blame her because she doesn’t have the full picture of what is exactly going on but what she knows about Kairi is enough to see that she was way out of line!

I don’t blame the friend as I said. I would probably feel the same way when I see Yuri talking about these strange things that she previously wasn’t interested in. I too would be worried. Some call it being associated with the wrong people. So I understand their side of things. To them, Yuri is being turned into a different person by Kairi and not for the better given the things Yuri comes out with as conversation topics.

See? If she kept those private conversations to herself, none of this would happen! Kairi is not out to turn Yuri to the dark side!! We all know she hates the idea of Yuri changing! She likes the fact that Yuri is that much different from her! She loves her for her. All Kairi is doing is showing her true self and sharing her life with Yuri! Precious things that Yuri takes for granted and just throws it out the window for strangers to grab like it was trash!

So yeah, I am totally pissed at Yuri!

My anger grows even further when we get to Kairi’s workplace next where she finds out that Yuri talked about her issues with Boss, when he all but drops the Junior Idol business as soon as they say hello! The look on Kairi’s face! I totally expected her to be mad at Yuri for a change but that girl loves Yuri so much that she went the opposite direction! She defended Yuri!

Like, I can say 100% that had this been Sensei and Yuri instead, had Yuri learned that Kairi had shared some life secrets to Sensei behind her back, I am sure she would have gone off no Kairi. Seriously, at this moment I am thinking that Kairi is the nice one and Yuri is the bad one!

Kairi has literally been ultra-good to Yuri since the moment they met! Meanwhile, after this episode, that will be two or three times that Yuri had been mean to Kairi! The amount of good deeds Kairi has done for Yuri since they met is like 4:0 compared to Yuri. Like, what has she done for Kairi? Not counting the strawberry panties of course…

I mentioned it last episode and you will all see it this episode but Kairi all but sacrificed herself for Yuri! In this sacrifice she did three good deeds and yet all she got from either party was cruelty! Last episode Kairi found out that the identity of Yuri’s stalker was Sensei. But she could not go to the police and out him out as a criminal. Why? Because Yuri looked up to him. The level of her admiration is fully shown in this episode so yes, Kairi was right in doing that.

But if she was not going to the police, what was to stop Sensei from going on with his harassments? Last time he ran her over with this bike! What would he do next? So Kairi had to figured out a way to keep him away from Yuri if he wasn’t going to prison. So, she took Yuri’s place. If he had thing for younger girls or was just frustrated because of his wife and he was looking to project those feelings to someone, then Kairi would take them on to herself.

With this she protected Yuri, she protected Sensei’s reputation, she also protected Yuri’s psyche because can you imagine what it would do to her to learn that the person she looked up to was like that?!

And yet what is Kairi getting in return? Yuri is spreading her secrets to strangers. She is also doing the exact opposite of what Kairi wants by setting her up with other people (in this case Boss). Later on Yuri will do worse as a reward for Kairi’s sacrifice. Meanwhile Sensei is taking advantage of her goodwill and she is now the one and only target and he doesn’t want to stop despite them having an agreement to keep the get together to one meet up.

A meetup that Yuri saw, having woken up early because of another wet dream of Mistress Kairi, and saw Sensei leaving Kairi’s apartment in the early morning. There was no second guessing what happened that night. There were two used wine glasses. Kairi was in her room dressing up, her bed dirty with dried wax and a leather whip lying next to the patches!

She does have a whip!

Okay, I can see the state of Yuri’s mind here, especially after what Shiho and Tomomi told her. I can see the seeds of doubt being planted but come on! Are they trying to tell us that Yuri has a crush on Sensei or something? Because this is looking to be beyond just simple admiration! This is like, green eyed monster levels of fuckery!

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;20;19.106 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;21;29.417
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;28;04.367
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;30;39.111 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;29;34.728
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;32;50.477 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;33;06.659
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;35;50.494 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;36;51.913
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;37;56.306

I am on my knees!!!

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;41;09.180 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;42;28.029
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;55;16.475 - 00001
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;56;54.545 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 05;57;42.984

Speaking of that dream, Mistress Kairi in leather, nets, boots and holding a whip is THANK YOU GODSSSSSSSSSS! If I loved Kairi before, I don’t even know how to measure the love I feel for her now!! I don’t remember loving a character in a J-drama like this before! I don’t know what crack the writers were on, but I approve of it where Kairi is concerned! They got her character 1000% percent perfected!

Wait, Yuri dreamed this so she deserves some credit? Fuck that, her emotional reaction to the dream sucked anyway and I swear, if I hear the word best-friend one more time I am going to lose my mind! Which best friends play the S & M game? Hell, these two could even be fucking and they would still say we are best friends!

Yeah, I know best friends sometimes experiment or accidentally fall for each other but friendship is obviously not these two’s emo so you better stop it with that best friend shit writers or else!

Anyway, Kairi finally lets it be known that she wasn’t pleased with Yuri going around telling people her secrets when Yuri comes over after Sensei leaves. And as expected she picks the wrong route in this life game like every damn time when she goes on to say that she wants Kairi to have a normal life, to have a normal boyfriend and have kids like normal people and…Like, did I mention that I want to slap Yuri!!?

Are there different directors for episodes in this fuckin show?! Did no one fuckin watch episode 4?! Did we not see Yuri fuckin coming to terms with her feelings for Kairi?! Did we not see her asking for a good night kiss?! Isn’t that like a, we are girlfriends now, sign if there ever was one without confessions?!

Like, GTFO with that shit?!

This conversation goes on longer, and there are some moments like them thinking of having a NanoFate and Vivio type of life but I am so pissed off I am cutting that short. You will have to wait or the subs!

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 06;14;08.172 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 06;19;27.051
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 06;19;47.513 - 00001 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 06;25;05.243 - 00001
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 06;37;24.209 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;00;31.263
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;04;16.075
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;06;19.861 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;08;30.186
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;33;59.969 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;35;33.252
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;39;24.994

Ho? Didn’t know she had it in her…

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;51;19.540 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 07;57;04.816
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 08;12;36.622
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 08;20;00.038 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 08;29;33.701

What’s more confusing is the fact that we still get moments that show that Yuri is starting to ‘wake up’. There are those dreams and when Yuri goes to Dick and gets him to talk dirty with her, that is to say, to be Sadistic with her, unlike how obeyed she was with Kairi, when Dick talked dirty to her she only just got pissed off.

Like, given what the deal is with S & M, given that both parties must be enjoying it for it to be considered as such, here she was not pleased! That should tell you that Kairi means something more to you but alas! We are back to that time before episode 4 where Yuri was still confused about her feelings when it comes to Kairi!

And to make the pill that much bitter, we are thrown right into Kairi and Sensei’s conversation at Yuri’s workplace where we find out the deal that Kairi and him struck. We also find out that he is thinking of taking advantage of Kairi’s goodwill by refusing to put things to an end and wanting to continue seeing Kairi, despite what it would mean.

But anyway, it was too late. Yuri did not need to see him leaving her apartment few more times or catch them in the act for things to go south. That conversation comes up that night when Yuri finally confronts Kairi about the other morning when she saw Sensei leaving Kairi’s home.

Yuri da 06.mp4 - 08;42;51.635 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 08;50;32.188
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 09;03;06.671 - 00001 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 09;14;30.281Yuri da 06.mp4 - 09;18;21.178 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 09;44;38.575Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;10;47.660 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;01;45.889
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;16;56.108
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;20;15.535 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;22;24.617
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;23;35.414 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;31;27.409
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;33;30.727 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;35;50.543
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;40;56.785 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 10;46;01.291
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;13;02.130 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;22;01.823
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;32;52.832 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;36;51.974Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;36;05.699
Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;39;03.231 Yuri da 06.mp4 - 11;45;26.593

Before Yuri even got to the scene, things were not looking good. Kairi was already in the deep. She was already six feet under, in a grave that she dug herself. When Yuri walks in, she is already numbing everything with a bottle of wine all the while staring sombrely at the ring on her finger.

I noted that Kairi only started drinking wine after striking that deal with Sensei. If there is a drink trope it is that people with life troubles are usually shown chugging some wine so seeing her drinking it was already a give away that she was in darkness.

So, remember that Kairi had left that life behind? Remember that I saluted her for having the courage to do that as it is not something easy to do? But she is back in it! She is back there in that hell after finding a way out somehow!

All because of Yuri!

She stepped back into darkness because of Yuri! She discarded all her progress, undid all the work she had done to leave that life behind, all so she could keep Yuri safe and protect her both physically and emotionally. She did all this without mentioning a thing to Yuri.

And what is her rewards?

Getting dumped, riled upon and spoken ill of by none other than Yuri!

Like, can you imagine how much damage that did to Kairi?! This whole scene made me so angry I literally cursed out loud at the screen!

Seeing Kairi trying to act all normal and happy when Yuri first walks into her home as if she hadn’t been dour the second prior, only for Yuri to start cutting away at her without even saying a good evening first…It hurt! And then things escalated from there beginning with Kairi leaning that Yuri saw Sensei leaving her home and you can just see her world crumbling down!

Things got worse but my brain was filled with so much anger that I could not grasp what was being said, not that I wanted to. All I wanted was for someone to slap the heck out of Yuri! When she asked Kairi to take off the ring my jaw literally dropped! When Kairi escaped and crumbled into the wall for protection I saw red!

Everything after that is a blur because my mind was just…gone!

I will just tell you this, it is going to take a miracle of an action for Yuri to get back into my goo graces after what she has done to Kairi!

Like, I had to go back and delete a whole lot of lines of just going all out on Yuri. If this girl is not on everyone’s worst character list, you are lying!

And that’s that. I know the ending doesn’t make sense but like I said, I deleted a whole lot of ranting on Yuri. I doubt anyone was prepared for my anger so I will spare thee.

And to cleanse your souls a little bit, here is episode 2, with subs as well. Once again a huge thank you to Ryu Jin, Minh Crytallis and Maki for the lovely work!




Episode 2 RAW | SUBS




Author: Black Gekikara

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16 thoughts on “Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep06

  1. I’ve always been content with shipping characters, but if Kairi’s getting hurt by Yuri I’d gladly take her. How can they fix it in just two episodes???😭😭😭 Thanks again for the recap!

    • Since it is Kairi, it won’t take much for her to forgive Yuri. But where I an concerned, it’s going to take more than a simple apology for me to like Yuri again.

      Yuri has to do something for Kairi that only she can do. Then we might be square, maybe…

      But from the look of things from the previews, Yuri is about to do something stupid again…

      Seriously, I feel like these writers are going out of their way to have us hate Yuri. I sure hope there is a plan in play e we know nothing about.

      Still praying for a surprise.

      I feel too like all this is somehow tied to Yuri’s feelings for Kairi and that she just doesn’t know how to deal, hence these stupid actions…

  2. I read on a forum that this show is in deep trouble since the number of Japanese who are talking about it online is apparently very low. Can’t blame them, seeing that bullshit comment about the plot made by the scriptwriter. That’s why FujiTV’s planning to broadcast it on TV for free after it ends online.
    Still, I highly doubt that would help the show regain its fame, because at this rate, chances are we’re heading towards a bad end. Lol I’m starting to lose interest already.

    It could have been much better if Yuridano Kandano progressed smoothly like a vanilla drama with an obvious pairing and an expected HE, even if that means it’d have few to no highlight, and we’d soon forget it in a year or so.

    However dumb and hopeless my idea maybe, I sincerely hope they realize the problem and grant us an extra HE epilogue or something if Ep8 ends like crap :).

    • Everything was going so great by episode 4. I wonder, can we pretend that the show ends there? If it’s a BAD END of course.

      Also, what’s this comment that the writer made? I think I missed it…

      • He said something like “this is not a lesbian love drama”. I think you’ve heard it before already.

      • No…he didn’t…

        If he did, what was that shit about making this series because there was lack of lesbian representation in TV lately?!

        Ah damn, I think I just learned of something I shouldn’t have…

        Still, he is just the writer! I am sure directors and producers have a say in scripts and stuff so…

      • So, this is what Google Translate gives me. I also asked my friend who knows Japanese for confirmation.
        “There is no intention to draw love between women in this work.”

        Here’s the source.

      • I'm calm I'm calm

        So, um…what the hell was that in episode 4?! Like, who sees this and doesn’t think ‘relationship between women’?! If they are just screwing with us, I hope they get whatever is coming to them!

      • Well, “aishiteru” is indeed pretty bold words, and we haven’t heard a response from Yuri yet. Also, in ep7’s trailer, we see the girls making up with each other, that’s a positive sign in their relationship.
        Really looking forward to a “happy life, happy home” ending haha, since that’s the best we could hope for, for now :D.

      • I know I am counting my chickens by my eggs but whatever may come,, you have to give this series props. We have had a great many bait series that never even gave us half the stuff Yuri and Kairi have done.

        And, someone might see this and decide to do better next time. That is, if we end up disappointed.

        Still, though, if there was to be no romance, they sure went about it the wrong way, especially in the earlier episodes. No amount of ‘best friend’ word bombing is going to change things!

  3. Thanks heaps for the raws and subs.

  4. Hey, I just found this show, where can I watch all the eps with Eng subs?

  5. I remember this “There is no intention to draw love between women in this work.”
    Then why would they give the viewer the scene in ep 2 and 4. Why.?!
    If this is not a yuri drama, then it must be one of the misleading drama. Haha

  6. 2 ep left ooo

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