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So Long 3rd Night – Team B’s Got Issues



Why a question mark you ask? Well, the fact that there was not a single male in the cast makes your thoughts roll, am I right? All males we saw were BG people. I bet were this anime, all males would be those blobs of white in the background without even a shadow, or simply faceless silhouettes.

This fact alone already puts Team B‘s episode ahead of the others, as far as I am concerned.

The other is the ships…

solong3-74 solong3-75

I ship it!

solong3-31 solong3-39

I so ship it!

solong3-44 solong3-45

I wanna ship it too ^^

Any way, since I actually captured way more caps from this than the others, I might as well jump to them instead of just writing a wall of text.



DAT ASS can only belong to one and only…


That’s right, Black-sensei!

solong3-09 solong3-10

Black-sensei who not only teaches English, but she does PE as well?

What, the school ran out of money to hire a different teacher? No, it can’t be. After all, they did just hire a new one to take over Nyan-sensei’s position as the homeroom teacher for the B class.

B for Black-hearted!

I wonder where they got that idea from….


Speaking of Black hearts, the winner here was Warukii!


If looks could kill, Paruru would be ashes!

Seriously, I have no idea what the people who were saying she was bad, were smoking because Warukii was pretty damn good! She pulled off the Bitch of the class role to the P!

I mean, even when she learned of Nyan-sensei’s real condition she said this…


Ouuch! Talk about desert heart!

But don’t be so quick to point fingers because even as big a fish as she seems, we all know the saying of there being an even bigger fish.

solong3-31 solong3-30
solong3-40 solong3-39
solong3-32 solong3-33
solong3-34 solong3-35
solong3-36 solong3-37
solong3-42 solong3-43

Meet the bigger fish – Minarun!

She is the one Warukii, yes, that Warukii, has nightmares about! HA! Not so tough now Warukii, are you!

Apparently, Minarun is in another school but used to go to the same school with Warukii when she was no to good-looking. She probably weighed like 120kg back then.

What magic did she do I wonder! Hmm, most probably black!


More blackened hearts.

I swear not a single good person here. Just when you think you’ve figured out top bitch, another one comes right along and takes the title for them selves.

This whole class is rotten to the core. They were all bashing Nyan-sensei as if they were a class right out of GTO universe.


That’s right. Not even our main character is a good guy!

I think Nyan-sensei was the only genuinely good person in all of this. Well, maybe Miichan too but I’m not so sure…

As to what’s going on, perhaps it’s high time I talked about the plot? In short…

solong3-03 solong3-07
solong3-11 solong3-12
solong3-14 solong3-15
solong3-16 solong3-17
solong3-18 solong3-67
solong3-69 solong3-70

A certain class in a certain school is only just over two months before graduation day. Their home room teacher, who it seems isn’t liked by nobody in the whole class, comes in one day and announces that she is quitting.

No one gives a single frack and they seem eager to get rid of her. Umeda-sensei comes in to replace her (I think that’s the last time we se Umeda-sensei).

By coincidence, Paruru, who is brooding over something that involves Miichan, who is absent from school for a long while, stumbles upon a conversation involving Nyan-sensei and another teacher which brings to light the reason why Nyan-sensei quit. It seems she has some kind of fatal sickness that only leaves her two months to live.

She won’t live to see her class graduate.

Paruru passes over the knowledge to the Queen Bitch and her lackeys as they gossip and bash their Sick Teacher yet again.

For some un-known reason, memories of how Nya-sensei helped her students started to surface and we see how great she was to the students even though they were not good to her. You would think that having done such great things, like helping Kato make friends with RanRan and Warukii, that she would be so grateful as not to forget!

Apparently, there was an amnesia bug going around because every single one had forgotten. An so they start to remember and in remembering discard their dark hearts (Or lean to hide them better) and decide to do something for their Sensei.

Since she was going to die before their graduation, they decide to hold their own ceremony for her which means all must attend – including the mysteriously missing Miichan.

Paruru knows what’s up though as it seems she’s been obsessing over her since the thing started, like leaving messages for her in public places and stuff.


solong3-54 solong3-53
solong3-56 solong3-57
solong3-59 solong3-60
solong3-65 solong3-61
solong3-71 solong3-73
solong3-74 solong3-75

But Oh so shippable!

Apparently, Paruru is the reason why Miichan is missing.


But here is the real kicker – whose fault was this all? The real Queen of black hearts of course!

Yes, it was Black-sensei, who chose Miichan over the better player Paruru for the tourney that was soon to happen that drove a wedge between the two, who seemed almost ready to get it on.

It would have been all lies any way, this way they overcome the challenge which will give them a happier love life later on.

And there goes the plot!

And No, I still have no clue as to how Paruru was voted best actress! For the love of God, she didn’t even shade a single tear is a real crying scene! She was bawling but her eyes…

Were dry as sand paper!


But there is one thing she came out on top –


Best Line Ever!



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

4 thoughts on “So Long 3rd Night – Team B’s Got Issues

  1. I haven’t really been following what team all the AKB members are in since the last shuffle, but if there’s one thing I learned from So Long 3rd Night, it’s that all of my favorites seem to be (or used to be, in Miichan’s case) in Umeda Team B.

    I was honestly surprised how much I loved watching this. A lot of Paruru, Miichan, and Milky time is always fine by me.

    • All my favs aren’t in B but I love it the most still ^^

      I was afraid I might not love it any more after the shuffles but alas, my Kami Oshi power is that scary!

      I guess I loved Team B’s drama more too, simply because the time was evened out between all the girls in the main roles.

      But really, this is Team B we are talking about so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

  2. do you have a link to the video -I can’t find one with English subs.

  3. ♫Here I am, rock you like a hurricane…♪

    No, not that one… Anyway, I finally managed to watch this. I think that this one was the… how should I say it… hm… I can’t seem to find the right word for it. This one had the most characters in the center, that’s for sure.
    Milky or Warukii in this case was a bit too much for me but her character was kind of needed for this plot to work so I endured it. Ranran was ok, Rena (Kato) was good too. Kojiharu is killer in short skirts and I almost died from clinical nosebleed. 🙂 It was also a good choice to not let Yukirin capture too much spotlight. (It would be disastrous for the other girls if they made Yukirin play the main protagonist.)
    Oba Mina was fine too. I couldn’t manage to “hate” her. That 5 seconds of flashback wasn’t enough for me to get into the mood for it. 😛

    And Miichan was Miichan… (私は私? 😀 ) She met my expectations so it was a decent performance from her.

    And finally Paru… I’ll be hones with you, I wanted to lick the screen every time the camera focused on her. 😛 Yeah, there were a few shots from her “bad angle” but other than that she was quite and eye-candy… (When KojiHaru was not shown that is 😛 ) I’m still having hard time putting these words together: Acting, Character, Emotions and Paru. 😀 As I was watching her… “perform” I had a random thoughts running through my brain. “Nothing has changed since Majisuka Prison…” But I can’t continue to really hate her. 😛

    Also this episode was the easiest for me to understand. Yes, I was watching these without any subtitles. Yeah, I love living dangerously. 😀 But since subtitles are sometimes impossible to find to these shows so I gave up on searching for them every time I want to watch something.

    PS: And DAT ASS would look better if… *long silence* … if it existed! 😛 Muwahahaha! 😀

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