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My Poor Team B Babies!


Alright dear Readers, we need to talk about Team B!

Last year they broke record of team losing members and this year they are already set to break their own record!

4 months! four months into the year and we already have 6 members graduating! SIX MEMBERS!!!

Like, what even?!!

Remember when Team B was the the tightest team? I almost don’t! Seriously, how are MAYUKI supposed to relax, let alone graduate with ease of mind any time soon?!

At the end of 2016, Team B was already the smallest Team and now six members out of that smallest team, including BOTH our leaders BOTH OF THEM!!!! Both Ryoka and Yuria, are now leaving us!!!

Like, why?!!

Remember the things Yukirin said she could do instead of being a part of this year’s SSK members? Which you can take as reasons she decided not to enter? One of them was that she could appear more in Stage performances! Well, dearest Yukirin, you most certainly have no choice now!

Add in the fact that she is also a member of Team NIII and that image of B5 I used is most apt for this post! Theater no Megami? You are about to revisit that title dearest Yukirin!

Seriously, like, why girls, why?!

Oh yeah, these members are; Umetan, Aeri, Kira, Ryoka, Yuria, Miku! Ah crap Miku! With Aichan gone we now only have two 3rd gens left in Japan, like…

Okay, I think I need that MAYUKI song right about now! I so totally feel like listening to sad music right now!!



Dearest Team B, What is happening to you?

teamB_logo_透明Uchiyama Natsuki

Uchida Mayumi

Kuramochi Asuka

Hashimoto Hikari

Kobayashi Marina


Members we have lost within mere months! The new Teams haven’t even started and we have lost five!! already!! Damn it AKS!! This is all your fault! If you had just got it through your skulls to think before you talk (announce shuffles when everything is prepared – new stages etc…) we wouldn’t have this problem!

Now that I think about it, the only thing that saved the first Team Shuffles (bringing us Kashiwagi Team B) was because they got to start building relationships right away! That was the most volatile assemble ever but they stuck like glue through it all because they had a purpose! But now…

Being down with so many members, who is willing to bet that we are going to have the new stage (new? HA! HA!) postponed once again?! Well, we are still in the 16-nin safe-line but that is if all the Kennin are present! If they are not then we are down to mere 15 members! As if being the smallest Team currently wasn’t bad enough! Oh well, I guess the Draftees are to be promoted to full members all together. They will just have to work a bit harder to catch up but I know they can do it. But that then brings us back to the delay again.


And I was just about to post a New Team B appreciation post listing all the members in anticipation of the new Team Stage this month! Dear AKS Staff, come here. I have something for you all, starting with you Yasusu…

fuck everything


Dear members, welcome to Mayuki world


Um yeah, every member is like ‘get a room you two, geez’. And I was like – ‘Um sorry people but you’re standing in it! The Mayuki bedroom follows Mayuki every where!’. Seriously though, you could totally see the world of distance between Mayuki and the other members. They were like, what are we doing here? At one point I almost even forgot that the whole team was around during that MC. it didn’t help too that no one was saying a thing to interrupt the two. But really, who would want to be that villainous?! LOL

Oh Mayuki, how I totally missed you! I heard Mayuyu was transferred to team A to grow up? I heard she had changed? I see no difference at all to the days of B5. hahaha. Well, except her hair style matured but other than that…Heh! Darn, their love is like no other! It’s like they weren’t separated for almost two years! Then again, I guess you have to look somewhere different to see what changed! And that’s what I did. The surprise is that the change was on Yukirin’s side! Maybe it’s just a delusion but to me Yukirin seems to be more…feely towards Mayuyu for some reason! While before it seemed like emotions flowed from Mayuyu’s side to Yukirin more, this time it’s the reverse! Now it’s Yukirin who is voicing her emotions towards Mayuyu!

Well, I guess then that Mayuyu’s growing up project worked since it seems Yukirin sees her as an adult now and not a child anymore so she isn’t afraid of putting her feelings for Mayuyu out there.

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Oh Yasusu, U so funny

MV】Bガーデン ダイジェスト映像 _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00011
MV】Bガーデン ダイジェスト映像 _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00000 MV】Bガーデン ダイジェスト映像 _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00007
MV】Bガーデン ダイジェスト映像 _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00009

I don’t know even what to feel anymore every time this shit happens. They are probably trolling with us right? I mean there has to be a sick sadistic person up there that totally gets off on watching us Yukirinians go through roller-coasters of emotions every darn time!

That’s it! Hundred more bucks for my goddess this week for Sousenkyou! Wait for me Yukirin World!

How many times are we going to go through this? Nay, I have a feeling this is now a thing for them and it will keep happening until Yukirin leaves AKB! Now not to say that I blame the other girls that are ahead of her. No, even if some think this is the new thing where Next Gen girls are being promoted in all teams ( I doubt that will happen for SKE and NMB though) this has been happening to Yukirin way before the Next Gen thing even came into speculation by AkiP.

I should be used to it now, I really should but…but…

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AKS You monsters!

AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00127
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00117 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00118
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00119 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00130
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00131

So am I though, a little bit! Why? Because I didn’t even think about Miorin’s position until now. I am super ashamed of myself! The girl is only a 9th gen and she has been in KKS, 4-1, B, N and now BII! That’s five teams already! How many different performances has she had to learn through out these few years in AKB?! A delicate girl like her! We see her always being positive about everything and we totally forget.

I totally forgot what she must have gone through. And let’s not forget that the KKS days had to be hell learning stages for the three teams then their own as KKS! Then only a year later she went to 4, half a year later into another team! not a full year later she was transferred to N then she had to do two different teams at the same time. Again not even a year later, N got the new stage. She had to slave to learn that. Now not even having perfected that yet, just months later she has been moved again!

Seriously, that is pure torture right there!

I am more shocked by the fact that her body hasn’t given up on it’s own yet! Seriously! I am so very sorry for not thinking about you Miorin! Forget every other member, no on has had it as bad as she has, no one! I hope the people who watch this Umeda Team B’s Last performance will also get some sense knocked into them like I have been so we can support Miorin more. I really hope she get rewarded for this.

God, my hear was twisting in every thinkable uncomfortable way during her speech! Be strong Miorin.

I can’t believe they took her away from N after going through the learning curve of N3 that must have been one hellish road! Now she has to tally forget about that and has to, in fact has already even learned the new BII stage!

Monsters I tell you!

Any way, more caps from the stage after the break…

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[Team B] Let’s put a face on that name!


Team B

Kuramochi Asuka (C)
Oya Shizuka (VC)
Kashiwagi Yuki / Team N
Watanabe Mayu
Ogasawara Mayu
Ikoma Rina / Nogizaka46
Kawamoto Saya
Yokoshima Aeri
Takahashi Juri
Owada Nana
Tomonaga Mio / Team KIV
Takeuchi Miyu
Takajyo Aki
Tanabe Miku
Oshima Ryouka
Nozawa Rena
Hirata Rina
Izuta Rina
Umeta Ayano
Natori Wakana
Uchiyama Natsuki
Hashimoto Hikari
Fukuoka Seina


[Team B] Glorious Anticipation!

140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00015
140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00024 140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00004
140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00023
Day 4 (Noon) - AKB48 Group Concert Disc 1 (1080p).mkv - 00033
Day 4 (Noon) - AKB48 Group Concert Disc 1 (1080p).mkv - 00039 Day 4 (Noon) - AKB48 Group Concert Disc 1 (1080p).mkv - 00040
Day 4 (Noon) - AKB48 Group Concert Disc 1 (1080p).mkv - 00036
140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00002
140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00007 Yobisuke Fantasy.m2ts - 00052
BD_VOLUME.Title0.m2ts - 00061
Who’s it gonna be Yukirin? Mayu or Mayu? Make your choice!

OMG guyz, I forgot the most important of things?!! These three are together now! Oh Jesus! Management better start placing all kinds of fire equipment around that stage for things are gonna be combustible-levels of awesome! These three have different kinds of humour yet somehow they manage to connect, well, Maachun and Mayuyu can connect with Yukirin but I am not so sure about Mayuyu and Maachun but with Mamarin there, nothing to worry about, am I roit?

Seriously though, I am looking forward to the new B stage now even more than I was previously! It’s so going down! I can’t help also being exscited to see how both Yukirin and Maachun integrate into their new very different teams. then again Maachun is already adorable as she is (members call her a baby) and Yukirin is really an all round star so I guess they won’t have much trouble mixing but I am still a bit anxious!

Ahhh, now the wait for new Team stages. God AKS, why you have to do this to us?! Can’t a fan have just great things for a change? Oh well…And I totally forgot that Yukirin once adorn an NMB uniform and she looked fab in it.

Day 4 (Noon) - AKB48 Group Concert Disc 1 (1080p).mkv - 00062

No wonder they put her there! Her height and Akarin’s will make one great combo if they put together. Though the way things are looking, she is taking Milky’s and not Maachun’s (as in the partner for Akarin). Really though, beggars can’t be choosers and  I am one alpha beggar right now!

Either way you cut it, Yukirin is in a win/win situation here, right people?! Even if AKS still keeps its Yukirin-phobia, there is no way she can be booted just the same in NMB, No fuckin way! If it happens, OMG if it happens!!!