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Sankarea 05 – Dinner is served!


sankare5-16 sankare5-17


I just realised something guys…There is no justice in this world!

After I fell upon this scene from episode 05 of Sankarea from a certain blog I follow, When the BDs came out I wasted no time in getting the episode so I can see how that scene went. I expected a crappy quick scene thing that was only fan-servy but I was slapped for my silliness. The scene was very intense and the music in the background complimented it so well that I could do nothing but ship! Yes, Even a single scene can get a shipper out of me and this was one scene that was irresistible! After countless times of replaying the scene I wasted no time in hunting down fics about it as you might expect.

There was none!

That’s right people, I could not find even a single fic about the scene above! Un-believable!

Mandarin (Ironman 3) was right –

“Heroes, there’s no such thing!”

I mean Lord, how can such a scene not have a fic? And judging from the audience’s reactions, this was one of the popular series and yet…and yet…

I mean, have a look at this story material…(if you have no idea what Sankarea is)


sankare5-01 sankare5-02
sankare5-04 sankare5-05
sankare5-06 sankare5-07
sankare5-08 sankare5-09
sankare5-10 sankare5-11
sankare5-13 sankare5-14
sankare5-16 sankare5-15
sankare5-18 sankare5-17

Rea (the black-haired one obviously) is one of them Living Dead creatures. That’s right, she be them zombies! As far as I know, she is the only one in existence. Being what she be, normal food doesn’t do it for her anymore so all she eats is them flowers of the dead (forgot their name) and…something else.

Only she hasn’t tasted that…something else that we all know them zombieassmatharfakkas eat. Hmm, why> Is it because no temptation had been so strong so far?

Either way that all changes when Rinko accidentally into Rea and …stuff hits the fan! There was Rea, chillin in her tomb, in all her almost naked glory (only a towel on her) when in saunters the most delectable dish she had ever seen in the form of Rinko. Something in her snaps! All reason be damned. She wants some of that, like, right now!

And so she pounces, or falls from the sky and into Rinko. Limbs tangle, food meets predator face to face, first time ever that the two things acknowledged each other’s presence. Can you imagine starving for a month and then finding yourself infront of whole grilled chicken? That be prolly how Rea felt at the time.

Oh ho? Kiss first?


Nope, straight for the jugular (as the saying goes)

sankare5-21 sankare5-22

Ooh, she so felt that one. And Rea, stop playing with your food girl!

sankare5-26 sankare5-27
sankare5-28 sankare5-29

Okay, calm down! I didn’t mean for you to be rough!

sankare5-30 sankare5-31
sankare5-33 sankare5-34

Oh Nomnomnom!

Can I be zombified, like, right now too please?

sankare5-35 sankare5-36

Look at the male char, just standing there doing nothing! Please keep it up!

She so was feeling that, that Rinko!

I really doubt that Rea would have actually eaten Rinko. I mean after all the passed time all she did was lick, lick and lick some more! That’s a different kind of eating. That’s how living humans eat each other…out!


That sounded so lewd but I ain’t apologising since it is what I actually meant! Think of the glorious moments that would have followed had the MC not interfered! Rea’s sense of smell (which is guiding her at the moment) would have led her to a new and most powerful scent that Rinko was sure to have been releasing (with all her red cheeks and hard breathing she sure as hell was watering something) and everything would be glorious!

THAT! That right there, is why I was expecting swarms of fics about this scene!

The disappointment….

If there are any anime fan fic writers out there, I beg of thee, please write a fic about this scene! Such potential…wasted!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

13 thoughts on “Sankarea 05 – Dinner is served!

  1. The reason there is hardly any yuri fanfics of this scene is because this is the ONLY yuri scene on the show. Also, do you SERIOUSLY want a crack pairing fanfic? That is desperate dood.
    I suppose I’ll enjoy the scene for what it is and question its purpose other than inducing raging otaku boners. Since you visit your buddy’s blog, you do know this scene was pointless. I HATE POINTLESS YURI!

    • I have a feeling that if there was actual eating going on, that is that if Rinko was actually eaten, this wouldn’t be thought of as pointless but I digress.

      It’s crack pairing but I would read a well-written fic about this scene. I wouldn’t care that they had just met or that Rea was about to devour Rinko but even if it ended in a BAD END for Rinko (Not so bad since she would then turn into a zombie herself, right?) or Rea just wanted a different kind of satiation, I would enjoy it no less.

      I really don’t mind crack pairing actually because to me, every story i read where I don’t know the characters, seems like crack to me. If we get a yuri couple who were so in love but later in their life end up marrying and having kids, that’s crack as well but again…No big deal. Be it a scene long, seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, as long as it happened, I am all for it.

      Any way what I am saying is that I would enjoy a Rea/Rinko fic either way. I would forever think of that time they did it every time I see them or think of them. Which is what everything is all about.

      Don’t tell me you don’t read fics about crack pairings OG, because most of them are crack anyway…

      • I am assuming you know what the difference is between subtext and crack.

        A pairing has to register in my radar as being subtext worthy for me to remotely care about any fics written by them. Rea and Rinko, for example. They had that scene, yes, but they both like the same guy in the end, Plus Rinko was temporarily scarred. furthermore, neither girl interested me.
        Just because I mentioned in my list that any contact counts, does not mean I will care about every single one. Why do you think I ONLY register canon lesbian content over subtext in Live-Action media?

        To answer your question, unless women have shown signs of being together MORE THAN ONCE, I am up for fanfics. Hell, Precure Girl fanfics are better. Otherwise, screw this pointless crap. It has happened several times before. In Medaka Box. Medaka kissed Mogana in the mouth once. I have to watch season 2 to see if it went anywhere.
        Heck, even the pairing that made you have a jizz, Sherlock and Henriette from Milky Holmes is more believable than Rea and Rinko.

      • I understand you preference now. For me sometimes it’s just about the characters themselves and/or one certain scene involving them.

        For example, a series might have characters that haven’t even talked let alone seen each other at all but that there is something appealing when you think of them getting together.

        This happens to me a lot every time I watch a movie or new TV show or anime. Sometimes just one scene that has nothing to do with there being romantic feelings just sticks in my head until I have no choice but to ship any way.

        Haruhi/Yuki are nothing but crack, Rena/Mion are nothing but crack, Ino/Sakura, and yet I ship em like crazy.

        Sometimes going with the flow is best.

        Besdies, I have no idea who the creator of Sankarea is so what stops me from shipping Rea/Rinko when I read a fic about them from an author I don’t know? To me either might just as well be canon. The creator created the characters but another author can easily change their feelings just like a person changes from birth and from their parent’s expectations along the way in life.

      • If that were truly the case, Rinko would be bleeding after their encounter, but that would upset the otaku hive mind.

        So it’s basically more like personal desire to pair girls (just because) rather than objective construction due to several hints and scenes thrown by the author as encouragement.

        You need to know who the author is? What? You know what, never mind.

        -Haruhi and Yuki makes little sense.
        -Rena already has a crack pairing with Nurse Takano, just like Mion has her own with Shion. Basically Rena and Mion makes even less sense than the two I mentioned. At least RxT has evidence to back it up (lousy evidence but evidence nonetheless).
        -Ino and Sakura. Two childhood friends hooking up because they were rejected by the same dork. Seen it.

        Again, Rea and Rinko like the same guy, thus making a pairing between them meaningless and desperate to me.

        I’ll end the debate here. It’s obvious that once again we have different principles on shipping.

      • Yes, I gave those examples to show how it’s not always about canon that I ship.

        Sometimes it’s all about personal preferences since really, if we were to wait for canon, I would be dead of old age (figuratively speaking of course).

        Sometimes the force is just too strong (or too weak) to resist having delusions about certain characters that have no chemistry whatsoever, you know…^^

      • Despite canon couples not being common, there is still plenty of subtext goodness that I have no need to go all-out crack building.

      • I understand that. But since there are yuri movies, yuri anime why can’t there be yuri scenes?

        I mean this scene from Sankarea is yuri, right? Putting the fact whether the anime itself is yuri, or whether the girls themselves are gay, this scene here is yuri. In all it’s 1 or so minute run it was yurific.

        Hence why I blogged about it, not the anime. At the end of the day that’s better than nothing.

        Imagine knowing, because the creator said so, that two characters are lovers, in a relationship. You know but you are never shown any evidence of them as a couple. No kissing. No dates. Just…being.

        What do then?

      • Most of the shows I’ve seen where the girls were labeled as dating, HAD scenes of them just doing stuff without sexually touching each other. Heck, I was tormented by a background lesbian couple during the course of watching Another. They barely spoke a word or did much for the majority of the scenes they were in, yet it was clear they were lovers.

        Oh well, if it’s any consolation, Sankarea is Grade-4 because of that scene alone.

      • It ranked?! Really? I didn’t expect that. I mean even I wouldn’t rank the anime with just that scene. Hell, hentai has a better chance than it since they actually do it!

        The scene only appealed to me because it had potential for a great YURI fic noth that I thought the anime was yuri or anything.

        Why do I have a feeling all this typing could have been avoided had I responded with this to your first comment ^_^

      • You would be surprised which shows made Grade-4 just because of one yurirific scene. I told you, if the show has yuri in any shape or form, be it only one scene, it will make my list. HOWEVER, that does not mean ALL Grade-4 shows on the list have potential couples. They could simply be girls having a sexual moment for the sake of raging otaku boners and nothing else. Thankfully some of the shows go beyond that and ARE worthy of fanfics…SOME.

      • I love how different we are ^^

        For me, the more dilute a relationship (so light goggles need to be x9000) the more I want a fic about them.

        The more canon a couple is, the less fics I want.

        I mean, I know already they are together, who do I need to read fan fiction about them?

        Example being that I have never read a Chikane/Himeko, Shizuma/Nagisa etc fic because really…I see no point.

        I only seek out fiction to feed my subconscious which wasn’t filled by the canon material.

      • Like I said before, I am not so desperate for yuri that I would make my own, I just want yuri. That’s probably why I only pick up doujins rather than reading scripts. Sure, doujins are the same thing but at least they get to the point instead of creating an alternate reality that won’t come true unless they animate it themselves.

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