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Wowowo Back up! Back up!!

百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00004
百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00009
 一天還有一天甜 _ What sweet everyday- _ 甘いの天然.mp4 - 00001
百合的測驗(レズの実験/Lesbian Test).mp4 - 00007
 百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00013
MWAM Teaser.mp4 - 00010

What in the name of all that is Holy, is this?!!

After some proud detective skills starting from those poor quality cap dumps on twitter, I finally found a meaningful keyword ‘moetage’ which led me to this YouTube channel.

But that turned out to be only an advertising channel so I went searching but I could not find something meaningful. Man, this is as frustrating as trying to find an online shop that ships internationally for Hasegawa-san’s yuri Mooks. I guess it is time to contact my old friend at JList.

And so if anyone knows something more juicy about this moetage, please do not hesitate to let us know. I am sure there is a site out there just waiting to be discovered that has a well of all those projects in their entirety! Man, if only I understood as much Chinese as I did Japanese, my world would be 100x better because no fandom is as wealthy in content as the Chinese fandom.

Man, finding this channel was like finding a pot of gold, only there was one coin inside! In other words, got so excited that it was impossible for my thirst to be quenched by the little bits that I found.

But really, I am very happy. All those kisses! Seriously, they could have saved those for the real deal but they chose to share them for free so I am very grateful. Thank you moetage and Trolling Worker Company (No, that is a real thing. There is even a major member named Troll. I kid you not)

Before I go back to re-watch these lovely short vids, here is some more caps from them…

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[Ahgassi] God is in Heaven, All is Right With the World!

20160830_145902 20160830_145837
20160830_150039 20160830_150217

Oh God, the happiness! The happinessssss! I am so very happy dear Readers! Oh my Lord! I love this movie so very much! I love everything about it! Nothing, and I mean nothing, has been a let down for me when it comes to The Handmaiden! Everything is just so perfect! So perfect I decided to but everything related to this movie! I don’t care that I don’t understand the language the good are in (I am looking at you Script Book), and I don’t care how much I need to dish out (bought four versions of the OST just to get the two above posters), this movie deserves everything after making me so damn happy!

And so today here comes the second swag of Ahgassi (the first being the Photobook). And my God, I feel like I just upgraded to  higher plane of happiness than the one I was in before. And I thought I wouldn’t be more happier when it came to this movie! I was so wrong.

I had my doubts! Actually, as I opened up the box, my happiness plummeted quite a bit because there was only one poster holder. I was like – A_ah, I knew it! They would only give me one poster per purchase, doesn’t matter if I bought both the Hideo and Sook-hee version of the CD. It never even occurred to me that there might be more than one poster inside!

There were two posters inside! And you already know which ones!!! Like, how even?!! Let me tell you now, I am never lucky in things like this that require chance! I bought four version (other two from YesAsia) because I wanted to increase my chances! Well dear Readers, it looks like I don’t even need the YesAsia CDs anymore! In one hit, I got all the posters I wanted! In one hit…I don’t believe it!

I can only think this is because of The Handmaiden! This movie has been so good to me that it has even now increased my luck! Like, how am I supposed to love Ahgassi even more?! I already love it like no other!

With the posters, of course came the two CDs – The Hideo ver (with Sook-hee on the Disc) and the Sook-hee version (with Hideko on the Disc). The version sold on itunes store is of course the Hideko ver (as seen by the Sook-hee image used).

The other good that came with is the Script Book for the movie. As expected it is in the original languages only. By that I mean Japanese and Korean of course. But I am pretty sure that we will be seeing an English ver later on, especially after the movie hits English theatres from September and more hearts are stolen by The Handmaiden! For now I can only guess scenes from the Japanese, like the scene I took the photo of. That is the Scene where Sook-hee barfs at The Count’s attempt at seducing Hideko during the fruit painting lessons in the living room.

As for the OSTs, you already know what I am going to say in regards to the music – perfection! I have had the CD (Sook-hee vers since I have Hideko ver on Digital) playing all the day non-stop since I got the goods! It is oh so good! So good that I did not even bother skipping those lewd tracks as well even with other people in the house, because IIDGAF!

Ah, those tracks I am talking about are the ones with the sounds of Hideko and Sook-hee during that last sex scene with the bells! Yep, that is a track on the OST! Just pure sexy sounds that maybe anyone who hasn’t seen the movie would not know what they are doing! I mean, they are hearing bells, what could they possibly be doing with bells? (heh)

The music is just so good! And continuing on the awesomeness that this movie already is, they gave musicians a present out there by including sheet music for some of the songs so they can play themselves! Like, how not to love that!

To the less educated, there are lyrics (in Korean of course) and some pics in the booklet! They have everyone covered!

As for differences, I am sure there is something different from the Hideko ver as opposed to the Sook-hee version (other than the visible of course) so I will just keep on searching for them.

Meanwhile, I am still listening to this soundtrack and have already found my favourites, while I decide what to do with the yesAsia purchase. I don’t need it but the orders (yes, two of them) are already on their way here. I wonder if I can return them and get a refund? I will maybe wait and see what posters I get. If I got the 3P one, I will keep them. Otherwise, they are returning!

As for my favourite tracks:

  1. My Tamako, My Sook-hee (Track 31)
  2. The Footsteps of My Dear Love / Imi Oneun Sori (Track 38)
  3. Wedding (Track 18)
  4. The Tree From Mount Fuji (Track 01)
  5. You’re My Baby Miss (Track 07)
  6. Four Small Silver Balls (Track 36) <- DON’T SAY A WORD!!!!

I love The Handmaiden. I love Ahgassi!

My Ahgassi, My Handmaiden!

Good night!


Only you Japan…

神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00017
神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00050 神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00044
神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00054 神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00055
神戸女子大学 2013 最後の青 FULLver - YouTube.mp4 - 00016

Only you can make a College Ad super gaey!

I kid you not, these are advertisements for the Koobe Girls Uni that they release every year for the new Academy Year (In Spring I think for Japan). Most of the ads focus on students still in High School soon to finish up and show their troubles about their futures and the feels of taking a new turn in their lives.

I think they are actually a brilliant idea. these ads come in short movie form and I found some on youtube going as far back as 2009 actually. This one though, this one – the gaey one to rule them all is the 2013 one!

DAT Confession!

I was totally caught off guard by that I tell you dear Readers! I mean I thought they would be just BFFs and they seemed to like the same guys (At least it was implied, or maybe one of the girls was only jelly of the guy) so I wasn’t expecting anything. I mean Japanese experimentation happens in High School not in College like the Westerners and their friendship is always bordering on they would be gay in the West border so I wasn’t expecting that ending!

And they didn’t half-ass if! Not at all! Any way it’s graduation day (CM for College, remember) and Sora is sulking alone in the playgrounds when Nami (The one with her hair tied back in that scene) comes over to her. Nami asks Sora to say whatever she wants to say. Sora says that there is a lot of things she wanted to say but didn’t say.

Sora: I always never say things I most want to say
Nami: Is that all you wanted to say?
Sora: Nami….I am sorry.
Nami: Is that all? (kinda smiling)
Sora: Thank You! (Trying to hold in her tears)
Nami: Is that all? (Totally smiling now)
Sora: I love you (whispers)
Nami: I can’t hear you!
Sora: I love you Nami! (In a louder voice)
Nami: I said I can’t hear you! (That devil is smiling wider now)
Sora: I said I love you (Her feelings flowing out through the tears now as she whispers)
Nami: I too…I love you Sora (She is closer to Sora now)
Nami hugs Sora. Sora cries out the burdens as they lift
Nami: I will always catch up to you!

Like, can you say D’OW! If I were a Japanese student, I would so be in this Uni right now it wouldn’t even matter if I was halfway across the country from it! Any way, watch it yourself after the jump and some more caps as well…

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Enlightenment, I have achieved it!

[Kaylith] Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - 12 [720p][38929CB6].mkv - 00012
Them Hands are my Kryptonite!

Sorry people but I just have to talk about this! I don’t know what’s going on and I will probably get a very very bad day in the future to balance out this happiness I am feeling right now but today has been a very full-filling day for me. So there I am watching episode 12 of Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and guess what happens…

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