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Vid – Your Love [Jack & Diane]


I have been going through my videos and I realized something – all my vids are SLOW-BURNERS!

I know these days people’s attention span is 1 min into a video before deciding to jump ship, but just letting you all know, if you are one of the said people and are reading this, some MVs are like dinner courses! They get better in sequence!

Like me personally, I usually leave the good stuff either for the second chorus or the finale! I feel like that’s the way to do it. If you blow your L from the get go, kind if makes the MV lack rewatchability. But that’s just me.

Anyway, enough talk, hope you enjoy…




Vid – When I Found You [Pim/Pat]


I just realized I never talked about this movie! So I instead made a small video about Pim and Pat.

Still to this day I am surprised at seeing Apinya in this role! That took me by surprise! Kind of like Mizukawa and Fumiyo in Shinku (The Deep Red) movie! And so with that I have the Bluray on hand (The only Thai movie I have on physical!)

Anyway I remember too how surprised I was with the movie itself! I have to say that I never saw that ending coming! From the beginning the movie baits you to think that it was Pim that would be biting the dust and that beginning where they start off with a wedding had so many red flags I was watching this movie with a heavy heart!

But forget about the death, that wasn’t the most depressing thing about this movie! It was Pim and Pat’s relationship and what they had to go through because of it! Jesus, if you thought the concept of homophobia was bad, you have not seen anything yet if you haven’t seen this movie! Our girl were being beaten even as they were already down! There was no relenting!

This is such a sad, sad movie, which is why I chose to go the happy route in this video I made! Yeah, don’t be fooled by it, the movie is really, really, really DARK (as the current Gen like to say)!

Anyway, enjoy…

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Love Exposure [J-Movie]

Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00408
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00086 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00120
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00379
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00013 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00199
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00319
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00323 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00353
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00399
Love Exposure / Ai no Mukidashi / 愛のむきだし

Wow, just WOW!

I have already watched this movie way back, it came out in 2008, and speaking of which, what a year that was!! Almost every country had something. This from Japan, Miao Miao and Beautiful Crazy from Taiwan, Martyrs from France, I Can’t Think Straight and Affinity from UK, The Baby Formula from Netherlands and many many more, from evidence that was, hands down, the best year for yuri!

And so I have already seen this movie, I even wrote a blog on tumblr putting out my wish for a Blu-ray of the movie and guess what happened, we did indeed get a Blu-ray of this movie! It has been out for a while but it was a challenge to get to watch it again. I had plans of doing just that way back and with the Blu-ray, it meant a chance to enjoy it in its full quality glory! It had nothing to do with the fact that it is a 4 hour movie, no, the reason I waited was because I was dreading it. My body and mind tells me that I did not have the best experience watching it the first time, it has to do with the way things ended and now that I have re-watched it, I can understand why.

I was really pulled in by our main girls Aya (the bird-petting crazy lesbian) and Yoko. The ending disappointed me so much, especially since I was still green back then but after all the experience of BAD ENDs, it doesn’t seem so bad now. So I held off watching it again but now that I have finally been able to, man, what a roller coaster of a ride!

A warning to all green horns out there, whenever you see the signature SION SONO logo before a movie, brace yourselves! This is another one of those directors you will never forget once you see their movies! I seriously forgot how crazy this movie was! So much so that I was even surprised by some of the yuri scenes because I did not remember them at all! I am not sure if they are added scenes and this is some kind of ultimate cut of the movie, since really, I thought it was about three hours long and not four!

Yeah, this is one long movie but as far as I am concerned, directors need to do this more often! You get full back stories of all the major characters, scenes play out in their full lengths. You don’t miss anything!  But really, Japanese movies are on average 2 hours long, especially the dramatic ones so a four hour cut once in a while shouldn’t be so strange! We should be getting these instead of this new trend they have of splitting movies into parts!

Anyway, what a movie, what awesome yuri! It takes itself no so seriously but it seriously turns real life beliefs over their head like it’s nobody’s business! Our main girls were ridiculously so good in their roles, really, everyone was just so on point, despite most of them being so young!

This movie is four hours long so I am not going to be talking about everything. if you think I missed something, I know it is there but no time to mention it. it’s not that I am going to pick things from order of importance but rather what I remember on top of my head because this is a huge movie! Of course I remember all Aya/Yoko scenes so I have to leave out even those I remember…Oh the suffering, but the movie has been out for over 8 years, you should be able to get your hands on it by now so I recommend you watch it yourselves to get everything.

Alright, where to start…

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Yuri Movie Recommendations!

Eun-ju & Hye-jin 3
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korean_movie_photo_1184694438484 tb

Okay, so one of my lovely Readers asked me on Twitter to recommend them some other yuri movies to watch after I posted My Top Ten. It turned out that we have the same taste (too many things we both love) and since they have watched My Top 10 movies already (That’s what they are telling me and I believe them, same taste and everything), I figured that I might as well recommend something not yet discussed.

With that and the fact that I might never get the chance to discuss them, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post those few recommendations here on the blog. So jump over for the short list and remember, this site s ‘yuri goggles’ meaning that you will need them goggles for some of these movies! I know I have said it before but I love light ‘yuri’ (or subtext as it was known before) and I am aware to most that is a not so good thing so I am warning you.

You will need to crank up your visors to >9000 for some of these movies. If you are looking for 100%, there are some in here but not all of them. I want to particularly warn you about ‘The Twins Effect’ and ‘Naked Weapon’. Some of the ‘Tomie’ movies also aren’t ur yuri so go into these without expectations.

And yes, I am aware of the amount of Korean movies, especially horror  but what can I say? Korea knows their movies and Horror is my favourite genre so, um yeah!

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Be With Me [Si-Movie]

Be With Me

If there ever was a movie with so many feels, this is it!

Perhaps the only reason it isn’t perfectly rated (all ratings are over 7) it is because there is just too much feels! It is one of those silent movies that I love so much! They are silent and yet so very attention demanding. The feelings are very raw without being played upon by creepy and moody BGM!

It is basically a story about love at each generation and it actually has more than two stories (couples) to tackle but their stories are kind of linked in together that even though I was very tempted to scroll through to the yuri parts, I couldn’t help but hover my hand over that scroll button.

Different stories, different circumstances but one movie.

But be that as it may, I am only going to focus on the yuri part.

By the end of this movie, I was blowing into my sleeves like a sissy because, my God!

No, no, don’t start panicking, yet.

It’s not that kind of a BAD END. Both are still alive at the end of the movie. and only one man might have died though we didn’t see the corpse so he might be in the hospital or something. Though I doubt it.

So no. No deaths where our yuri couple is concerned. But remember the tears? Well, let’s just say that death would have been better in this case.

Okay, now you can start panicking.

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