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Yuridano Kandano Ep07

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Move along people, nothing gay here to see, nope, not at all…

Keep Calm and rejoice BG, this was a great episode. Save the ranting for the next one, whether it is the last or not!

I mean, Kairi and Yuri practically got engaged EMISON-style this episode! And all that right after Yuri declared herself in front of Kairi’s mother! That’s powerful! And yes, I know I just spoiled the best part of this episode in the intro but who cares!


Be prepared, lots of beef ahead…

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep06

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Punish me Mistress Kairi

For, I am about to sin by going off on Yuri in this episode and I feel no guilt! Like, I can kind of understand the other side but what the hell is wrong with Yuri?! I mean, I figured this episode would make the last one seem like child’s play but I wasn’t expecting this!

What exactly did Kairi do to warrant her being reduced to a freakin scared child cowering and crying in a corner?! The fact that she reduced Kairi to such a state and it did not even disturb her really, really pisses me off to no end!

Yeah, okay, sure, Yuri has no idea what is going on exactly but whatever she thinks is going on does not deserve such a reaction either! Like, most especially not from someone like her! She was supposed to be the one! She was supposed to be that un-breakable character! She was supposed to be pure!

Well, at the very least Kairi now knows Yuri a little bit better. She is no angel. She is just like the rest of us. Only her sheltered life separates her from the other girls. If she had the same knowledge she would not be any different!

Look, I can even understand the side of Shiho and Tomomi. Their views of Kairi are warranted because they do not know Kairi. But Yuri knows her probably more than any other person but her mother! She has bared all of her self to Yuri! She has told her the darkest secrets of her life, her hardest times, her family relations – things that only the most trusted of people in your life should know!

And yet there Yuri was, going around spreading this information like she was sharing a location of that nice restaurant, or the recipe of that perfect meal she had the day before, or how she missed the train on her way to the concert! Like, I don’t care how innocent and trusting you are of people but there should be something on the inside that stops you from sharing some things! You can just feel it in your gut that it is wrong!

She knows Kairi and she does shit like that and yet she has the audacity to…

Ah crap, this post is gonna be like this throughout, huh? You have been warned…

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep05

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This show did not just do the thing!!

*She hates guys because of A and B that happened to her, so she needs a good man to help her overcome her ‘fears’*

You fuckin did not!!!

In fact, fuck this whole episode! First of all, it’s totally in the wrong timeline of the whole series! This is not an episode that comes after last week’s episode! Yeah, sure Kairi met Sensei last episode and Yuri met Boss last episode but regarding Yuri and Kairi’s relationship, this is not an episode that comes after last week’s episode!

I am so pissed at this episode that my Japanese even failed me, and you know what that means! Like, what the hell are you doing Yuri?! You are literally going in the opposite direction! Kairi is over there doing her best to pave the way for you two’s future together, literally sacrificing herself for you!!! BUT there you are, totally going the other way!


I have no idea what the hell is wrong with you but #WakeTheFuckUp!

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep04

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Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;34;15.212


Basically, my reactions through out this episode! I don’t know how but this show keeps out-doing the episodes with each new one and I am all here for it! Forget about the kisses, that is like, 99% of all dramas so basically, it is normal and thus shouldn’t be taken as a negative unless we are considering all other dramas failures.

I expected this conquest to be a long-winded one but apparently that is not the case! Kairi’s game was just too strong that it rendered my musings about Yuri not wanting her last episode, basically, irrelevant! The Teacher’s impact on Yuri’s life, though it will still be there, looks like it is going to be the opposite, not of the good kind! And I am still confused by Yuri’s relationship with Shiho and Tomomi!

Anyway, my mouth was left hanging from the very beginning, then during that climax and again at the end! Three shocks to the system in a single episode is not healthy!!!!

And I am here for it 100%!!!

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep03

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Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;12;27.082 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;17;19.314 - 00001
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Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;22;04.668 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;34;06.607Yuri da 03.mp4 - 10;08;24.747
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 10;05;12.770 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;38;23.191
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;58;15.371

True Love!

That’s the kind of love that our girl Kairi is after and it was kind of touched upon during the last episode, but I did not mention it I believe. Though to be fair I did not expect it to play into the story but now that I think it will, I might as well start touching upon it. In the last episode it was mentioned in passing when Kairi called the love the Teacher has for his wife True Love and the kind that Yuri respects.

But so far it doesn’t seem like Yuri understands what that is and I believe this series is about her learning what that it. Meanwhile Kairi knows what it is but she has yet to attain it and if this series is to deliver, then she will, on her part, finally get to have it in parallel to Yuri both understanding it and attaining it.

That is, if everything goes according to plan.

And now that we are on the third episode, I think we can surmise what the structure is going to be like going forward. Now sure the overall story will pick up steam as time goes by like usual but as per episode, I think we are going to have both light and heavy moments within each episode. Like this one, started out silly like usual but then it took a sudden turn for the serious, which I admit had me worried there for a second, but then ended on another light note, just in time to start off the next episode light.

And did I mention I loved Kairi last episode? I am out right smote by her after this episode! If you don’t want her Yuri, don’t worry, there is a line for her, and I am at the front. Shiho is behind me, interestingly, and so is Reader piilottaa!

But before we begin, I want to say THANK YOU all who have stayed with me for ten years and those who came after and kept coming back thus keeping me going. Yes, it’s been ten years as of this weekend, surprisingly, turns out I joined twitter at the same time. So, I am celebrating two decades on social media. Thank you!

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Now then, let’s move on…

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep02

Yuri da 02.mp4 - 10;11;24.563
Yuri da 02.mp4 - 09;40;56.331 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 09;24;30.475Yuri da 02.mp4 - 07;14;58.666 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 05;29;27.605Yuri da 02.mp4 - 00;56;42.164
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Yuri da 02.mp4 - 06;17;05.677

Master of the Craft!

This episode hit me like the train from Inception! There was like, 10% of things I expected to happen but the other 90% took me by surprise! First of all I did not expect the kiss to happen so soon! I mean, sure there was an inkling that we would get something early on given the ‘L’ question but surely that could have come after another thing Kairi did? Then again with how ‘open’ Yuri is I guess it had to be something extreme like a kiss to finally get her to start asking questions.

Next, I did not anticipate things going dark so soon. That’s what the kids these days call serious tones in stories – dark! And just like Gentleman Jack they chose the route that is less thorny in that though they mentioned our very own AKB, it was the other kind of Idol industry that they went after – The Gravure Idols, or more specifically in this show, the Junior Idols. Everyone that knows of this side of Japan must have had certain questions about it and the show does touch upon it, albeit lightly.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the way things turned! And this is not all…Seriously you all, remind me never to be on Kairi’s bad side! Jesus Christ that girl is scary! And she wasn’t even in anger mode! I can only imagine when she is pissed enough for it to show on her face! The person at the receiving end would probably surrender their lives!

Even the Stalker story seemed to have changed, that is if what we heard from this episode was more than speculation and spite! Add in the little details we learned of Kairi’s mysterious life, especially her past and yeah, this seems like it is going to go ways I did not think it would. Speaking of, this reminds me that we know nothing of value about Yuri too other than her current present self!

So much we have yet to discover, so much we have yet to learn about our girls and they too about each other and their feelings. But one of them has started to shape their future and love life from this episode and she is so good at the chase she has already overcome the first hurdle.

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