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Yukirin Is Love. Yuri Is Life!

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Yukirin Stealing Hearts of Members Since…

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Mote Level – Over 90000!

It’s February 14th dear Readers. You know what that means. While you and I are sitting there dreaming of getting even 1 chocolate gift on this romantic day, here comes Yukirin!

These are only a fraction of the girls that Yukirin got chocolate from this Valentine’s! That’s right, only a fraction! Who gets that many chocolates! These are no gifts, these are offerings!

Offering to a Goddess!

And you know what Yukirin says about all of this?

Yukirin: Mayu, I think I am losing my touch in my old age.

And Mayuyu after loling her eyes be like…

Mayuyu: Good. I was running out of conspicuous ways to kill them all!

I mean, come on! I thought it was record breaking last time! And here is a thought, girls who gave last time aren’t even listed here! And you just know that there is no frikking way that Riorin is not going to give Yukirin some chocolates, no frikking way!

What is also interesting is that this time we have some older members who also gave Yukirin so you can’t excuse it as a fresh crush any-more.

Who are all these girls you don’t recognise you ask? Well, those will be 2nd Draftees and NGT members! What is so significant about the girl in that first pic? Well dear Reader, that girl be Honma Hinata (Hina-tan). She is like, my NGT Oshi! You know I have one for each group! AKB48/G’s and the Goddess of the Kami is of course the one and only. SKE48’s was Rena, NMB48’s was Maachun, HKT48’s is Sakura-tan, JKT48’s is of course Harugon and in SNH48 I have Xiao-Ai there to take care of things!

Yup, I have no idea what happened there myself either. I was so sure that OgiYuka would be my NGT48 Oshi but things really got weird when I got to know the girls and it was really hard but Hinata-chan (Goddamn I love that name) just put out her foot farther than others. I will of course do a Top 10 list of my NGT girls at some point. I was just so taken by this group. I see a very bright future for this particular sister I tell you all!

Today, I also learned of some juicy and much needed info too. First I learned that Yukirin actually not only knows of Ayu-chan’s (Yamabe Ayu – Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Yamabe Miyu’s imouto!!!!) but she totally finds her all sorts of adorable! Yukirin said this on yesterday’s Yukirin Time! You rarely get to hear Yukirin gush about how cute a girls is, in the context of cute young. The only two girls I have heard her to to lengths of like this are Ayu-chan and NGT’s Okapa!

If you have been here a while, you know I love TGS and that Yamabe Miyu, the former leader (now Mei is the leader) is like totally my favourite among my favourite Idol Group! That’s right, TGS is my favourite Idol Group now. Well, they are no longer Idols but…you get the gist! When I heard Miyu’s imouto not only joined AKB but got into Team B, the Team with my favourite Idol/person/ ever, well, no need for me to spell things out.

I was worried at first because unlike the other two Draftee, Yukirin wasn’t on Ayu-chan’s radar. But from what Yukirin said on YukiTai, I don’t even know why I was worried! We have all heard this over and over, of how members just can’t help but get pulled into the Yukirin World once they meet her, perform with her, see her perform. We have witnessed it ourselves and even Ayu-chan here is more proof if one needs it. Come a new questionnaire of who is one’s favourite Senpai, I guarantee you that Yukirin would fill that box on Ayu-chan’s paper!

This info just fills me with great joy, you know! And this is happening all over in NGT48 too. There is already proof enough for anyone. I know I keep getting back to it but that New year Nico Live Special is a must watch! Watch as girls wet themselves just at a simple phone call from Yukirin, who was at NHK hall rehearsals for Utagassen, then proceed to go into depression when the call ends.

Seriously, what is it about Yukirin? I mean I know what it is but, what is it?!! It doesn’t make sense to me I am just saying! This level of popularity among fellow members is just so out of this world! I have most definitely never seen it not even in other groups out there. So it all comes down to the member in question – Yukirin, what are you!!?

Yukirin World is real dear Readers, and its populace is growing!

Back to Valentine’s, the girls from which Yukirin got chocos, some reluctantly so (Tatsumaki, I ma looking at you!!) include, the above, Hirari, Aeri, Seichan, Naochan, Renapon, Yuami, Mihachan, Nanakochan, Miyabichan and MauMauchan.

Whew, I felt out of breath just typing those! And these are the only ones that handed them over at the Handshake events. There is definitely more that didn’t get photo’d!

I mean, damn girl, if I wasn’t a worshipper, I would even feel remotely jealous! This level of attraction is inhuman! Photos of these other listed girls are after the jump…

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Valentine Wars – Sayaya VS Jurina VS Soukantoku!

Sayaya’s Chocolate to Yukirin
Jurina’s choco to Yukirin
Yukirin’s chocolate to…Sou-chan!!!!!

Takamina wins? Sayaya says ‘not so fast!, I have a letter!’

Dear Yukirin,
It’s Valentine’s Day

If it’s okay with you, please have this
The next time you are free
Please play with me again
From Saya


Well, that was sure surprising! Not only did they go on a date together to an amusement park, first of all, how did Sayaya manage to accomplish that!?!! Girl have known Yukirin for years and haven’t had that chance yet! Apart from the usual crowd (Sashiko, Miichan Mayuyu etc) I don’t remember Yukirin having a day out with anyone else just the two of them!!! That Sayaya, how!?!! But wait there is more, she has apparently landed herself a guest appearance to Yukirin TIME as well! Not even a month has passed since the date and she has already!!!!

Riorin, what are even doing!?!! I have yet to hear about your chocolate to Yukirin! Sure you already went insane imagining what you would do if Yukirin gave you chocolate for Valentines

大川莉央 29分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

Basically she would turn into a Goddess!!! Oh Riorin, still, that choco you are making better be for Yukirin or else Sayaya is gonna beat you! For crying out loud, even Jurina, a girl from Nagoya beat you to it! Girl, you better impress with that hand made chocolate!

But while all that is well and good, Yukirin, a person we know who sucks at cooking, (Have you ever seen her cook? me neither!) went out her way and made Soukantoku chocolate!!! I mean this is their last valentine as members but still! You better preserve that chocolate Takamina, for it’s the most precious thing!


Yukirin really is Black hearted! Probably having read about Riorin’s fantasies, she went and got her a whole bag of chocolates! What is it you want the poor girl to do Yukirin, die of happiness!?!!

Yeah, looks like Riorin is a step ahead after all! I mean come on, she went and got a bag of chocolates from Yukirin!!! Then again maybe they were just bought from the shop because I can’t think of Yukirin putting Riorin and Takamina on the same stance, then again, why didn’t she just make extra instead of buying and then making choco’s too!!

Yeah, that Riorin must be the happiest camper this Valentines! Oh yeah, Miion apparently gave Yukirin a cake too. Not chocolate but a whole cake! I only wish there were pics, >.< And not just her, other members too got Yukirin chocos, seriously, she is super hot in the 48G at the moment! I wonder why!