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Riichan 24Hr TV Part3–Welcome aboard Renapyon

NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00108
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00074 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00115
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00120 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00124
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00088
Nana-tan no kyun kyun sasete

I-I don’t have a choice anymore. I give up. Renapyon, Team M’s Kawamami Rena, is now in my Top 10 Family 48 girls. Riichan 24hr TV just went and did me in big time! And she isn’t the only one! I have like, 5 Oshi from KKS alone in the few videos of Riichan 24hr TV that are available! I am going to say it again, this show is pure genius!

And this latest video to hit us is one that is so relevant! While Chupopo were off refreshing, It’s Nana taimu and the topic of the hour is to make Nana all hot and bothered with moe/romantic phrases. The gathered include mostly of Team M members – Yamada Nana, Shimada Rena, Mita Mao, Kinoshita Momoka, Kawakami Rena, Yogi Keira and Team BII’s Kato Yuuka and Umehara Mako (Didn’t she just announce her graduation? Damn, I would have called no coincidence except this aired like, more than a month ago.LOL)

The girls took turns trying to woo Nana even some times taking the roles of boys (which was stolen by Kinoshita of course) while interestingly, Keira stole the girl roles with twice scoring 100%!

Uuka was of course so cute, I would have taken her home. I really don’t know how Nana resisted the urge. I guess Uuka’s body is to blame, what with it being all tall and cool! But then the way she acts is such a gap that I just can’t resist. Indeed, my NMB48 no.4!

But, even more interesting…and somewhat shocking, is that while this was a yuri themed arc, somewhat, it was Renapyon that demanded my attention. Seriously guys,  I can’t explain to you how much I have come to love this girl in my viewings of Richan’s 24hr TV! It’s simply madness!

Really getting to know these girls a bit more than one already knows really, really, helps to get attached to them. But I guess that is common sense, huh? Well, in most cases. Can’t say the same about the girls that get pushed!  I guess it’s about you finding out yourself than someone pushing the girls in your face forcing you to love them. The latest gusta girl being Mako of course! God, She is now even sitting with the likes of Takamina and Yukirin! Like…Bitch you have to earn that shit!

Any way, what was left in my mind after this video was that I want to learn more about Renapyon. The girl really hit me hard out of the blue too! Before Riichan 24hr TV, I really couldn’t stand Renapyon! But now, I crave to hear that high pitched voice singing the Udon song!

What?!!!!! There is no such song?!!! Why?!! Why Yasusu, why?! It needs to happen!

And of course  I can’t talk about Renapyon without mentioning Kinoshita. After all, it’s partly thanks to her pushing Renapyon on from the back and giving her a pat of support that I came to care for Renapyon. And not only that, even without the evidence of her gashing out her love for Renapyon during the Team B games arc (I didn’t talk about that?), one can just see that she cares for Renapyon. In fact, I am already shipping the two like crazy. I mean how can I not?


I was already crazy about Kinoshita and now that Renapyon has joined the Oshi list, well, can’t help but board that ship, am I right? And they both are similar in a way. I already mentioned it but their worries about character goes for both parties and yes, you might argue that there are many other girls who are having personality issues but not to the extent of these two. The lines between a character and real personality is not as clear cut as it is for the rest of the girls. Especially in Renapyon’s case.

Oh God Rena, now I am really hoping she makes senbatsu next single. At least in the White and Red or maybe even Teppoutai. I will buy three copies of each type for that single if she makes it darn it!

Any way, more gifs and all caps for this hour after the break…

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NMB48 Samurai Blade Razor CM

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00003

Somebody give this girl a Goku Uniform so she can take on Majisuka Gakuen’s Yuko-senpai Satsuki and her 4 Queens Elite Four ^^ I can totally see it. Maachun has the BOSS factor. It isn’t there to be seen by the naked like Sayaka’s but you can just sense it – that inner baddassdery! ^^ Sometimes it makes a cameo though.


フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002

Good to see Sayanee still has this need for Maachun. Personally it tells me quite a bit about these two.


I have no words. Well, where Maachun is concerned. But if we direct our attention to a bit on the right…Milky, please. And Fuuchan too. I sometimes catch them when they have these looks and it concerns me that others don’t seem to see it. That darkness just doesn’t cut it for me. Probably better to see it in a still…

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00013
フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00014

Yikes! And speaking of Milky…

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00021
フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00022 フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00023

That’s really perverted! And really, really dangerous. But more perverted. But dangerous too. But Ahhhhhhhhhh >.<


Any way, Maachun for president ^^

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Riichan 24hr TV Part 2 – What a show!

NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「りぃちゃんの部屋1」 140122 - YouTube.mp4 - 00057
NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「りぃちゃんの部屋1」 140122 - YouTube.mp4 - 00013 NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「りぃちゃんの部屋1」 140122 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010
NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「川上うどん庵」 140123 - YouTube.mp4 - 00022
NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「川上うどん庵」 140123 - YouTube.mp4 - 00009 NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「川上うどん庵」 140123 - YouTube.mp4 - 00063
NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「川上うどん庵」 140123 - YouTube.mp4 - 00020

NMB48 YNN配信 りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「川上うどん庵」 140123 - YouTube.mp4 - 00023

Guys I don’t know about you all but I really, really love this show! It can easily be the most boring thing, especially in regards to the segments I am writing about now which are the Kawakami Udon one and Riichan’s Room 1 that just got leaked. Usually I would be bored out of my mind in cooking episodes. If you want to know how bad an attention span I have, remember those AKBINGO cooking episodes of Team Red VS Team White? I could never sit through a full episode of that. I used to fast forward through them like a BOSS.

Those episodes were much more exciting than the ones in Riichan 24hr TV and yet I loved them so much it’s just madness! I really can’t explain it. But now I understand a little how 3000 fans could sit there at 4 in the morning watching Shimarena do absolutely nothing! I did not watch it LIVE, by the way, this Riichan 24hr TV happened like, last year, a week or so before Christmas. I did not watch it LIVE but I sat through those 4 hours of Shimarena boredom without even taking a break. That’s how confusing this whole deal is.

I guess if a show can make you love a girl like Renapyon, who is just being her typical annoying self, how can I help but love it! But that’s it is, isn’t it? This show, in it’s 24hr running should have helped girls gets fans and be loved way easier and faster than any other show would have. I most certainly would not have learned of the girls that I did, girls I got to love, to meet for the first time, I would not have gotten to know them and love them otherwise without this show!

Riichan 24hr TV is just, genius! Chupopo really deserve to be recognised for their work here. You will never get to see the girls as you see them in this show. You will never get to know them personally like you will in this show! I totally wanted to cry at some point for Renapyon during her Udon segment. And who knew that even that Kinoshita had actual honest to God worries, worries about her personality too! Who knew Keira also was a bit lost!!?

I just…This show people, I won’t go selling it to anyone to watch it but really, if someone, maybe those NMB fans out there, were thinking of watching it but needed a bit of push, do watch it. Do not be deceived by the title. Don’t ignore it thinking that it is about Riichan or Chupopo who you do not like. On the contrary, this show is about the other girls but these three. It’s like an NMB promotion show and it is doing a really good job of it. It shows the girls in a way you’ve never seen them before and you can’t help but fall for them and want to support them.

Despite the fact that they were LIVE, the girls bared themselves and spilled things you will never learn of any where else. I just love this show guys! I love so damn much! It deserves an award! I don’t what award, excellency? innovation? Guinness record breaker (it might be!) It just deserves something!

But concentrating on these latest segments…

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Maachun didn’t get any that night

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00181
130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00177 130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00187

So, during the tour broadcasting, there were these cuts to back stage and among those were the Maachun Camera segments. Of course not one to waste an opportunity, she had to capture some Riichan loveliness. And really, one has to agree with Maachun’s fan-girling over that girl’s cuteness. She is just…Hanyan~

I mean just look at her people, just look at her! And she is not just a pretty face. Under those clothes is a body to die for! Ask Maachun, she would know. ^_-

Any way, despite the fact that she just drooled over her crush’s cuteness, who even let her film her all close and personal (Maachun is Riichan’s bitch now LOL) Machun goes and does this right after words…

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00191
130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00199 130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00188

She talks with Keira and asks her to do a weird face impression. Now I do admit she was cute and that embarrassed reaction afterwards was hard to resist but…


You being Maachun in that moment, it has to be the worst mistake going all ga-ga over Keira’s cuteness right in front of Riichan, whom you just called cute too not even a minute prior!

Needless to say, Riichan was not pleased.

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00195

Riichan: …You!!!!

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00243

Riichan: Any girl is cute to you, aren’t they? It means nothing when you say to me, does it?!

Maachun: Ri-Riichan, that’s not..

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00203 130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00244

Riichan: NO! That’s it! I’m done with you! Tonight’s plans are cancelled.

Maachun: Bu-But Riichan…

Riichan: I said No! Go bother someone else! I’m done with you.

130609 NMB48 Nishi Nihon Tour 2013 at Orix Theater Osaka.ts - 00245

Riichan: Like your Chummy Sayanee over there. See if I care. Hmph!

Sayanee is like, ‘Not listening, not listening. I’m just enjoying my instant noodles over here. Yep!

This went over something like that LOL

Needless to say, Maachun did not get laid that night as planned!