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Look, I know I have been giving crap to Japan recently but I am ready to turn over a new leaf given recent developments.

Yes, yes, I know you are dying to know what spell was put on me in order to change my tune and I am ready to tell you all about it, in the coming four posts! Yes, four!

While not all these projects are recent, I have only come across them just recently (see what some time off does for you?!) and I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe this part of current Japan existed! I thought it was deaded and degrading while the rest of the world moved on!

I’m glad I was wrong!

One of them is what I consider the best of the best SUBTEXT content in history, if I was any other person, because that movie – MIO’S COOKBOOK (Direct translation – MIO’S WONDERFUL KITCHEN), but as we know I am not any other person and personally I consider it excellent SHOUJO AI, to use the old ways! Or SOFT YURI to all the millennials. Though I think most will fail to see anything because apparently if there are no kisses or sex it ain’t gay!

But, that’s conversation for another time!

Two of the four movies; STARTING OVER and WHILE YOU STAY FOREVER YOUNG, totally surprised me in their maturity! They were no-nonsense movies that tackled young adult (college life) issues so earnestly, something that I have not seen before and left a huge impact on me! Like, I am talking sleepless nights after watching them because I could not stop thinking about them!

But most of all it was the way they handled the relationships! Like, just wow! Serious business here, no bullshit, all emotion! Hall of Fame material right here.

That, is what is coming in the future posts!


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Hiraite ひらいて [Trailer]

01 (4)
06 (3) DC4
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No, like, seriously!!! When was the last content we had from Japanese Cinema!?! And who is that?!! YAMADA ANNA!!


And she is…she is kissing a girl!!! Lie, what dimension did I wake up in!?! Is it finally time!? Has Japan finally come back with a vengeance!! Are we finally over that death stage no/compromised content!?!

What a a time to be alive!!!

And is this, like, my favourite kind of story they are going for? You know, the one where there is a choice between a boy and a girl?! Like, unless you are new here, you will know how I love those stories!

Blame Kannazuki no Miko! That anime is the one that infected me with the disease when Chikane totally won Himeko over Souma! I don’t know about anyone else but I prefer a fight instead of free platter service! There is a choice so when she chooses the girl you know it is a legit choice!

Ah, is this a dream?!

BTW, thank you to my old friend and one of my longest Readers for this recommendation. I was out of the country at the time and I would not have found out about this in time if at all, given that I was not even following the official channel that had the trailers up! You know who you are, you lovely person you…


Basically from what I got from the trailers, Ai (Yamada Anna) is in lust (the obsession was strong with this one) with a guy (who the movie is titled after BTW, red flag) but either the Dude is a player or he doesn’t care for Ai at all and is actually interested in another person – Miyuki (Imou Haruka).

Out of jealousy (and stupidity, but in our favour) Ai decides to steal Miyuki away from the Dude by making her love her instead! If you have seen these types of baby plans to make you love interest jealous by feigning being in a relationship with someone else, you know things never, NEVER, ever go according to plan!

Now, the train-wreck wasn’t in any of the trailers but you just know it is coming! In fact there are several ways this can go horribly wrong but the one that I am interested in most and which I see hints of from all I’ve seen is the one that services our side!

That is that fake love turns into real love, either from Ai’s side (which I doubt very much and if it does happen I shall give this movie all the awards) or from Miyuki’s side, when she falls for Ai instead for reals! They released a clip where Ai and Miyuki are at a karaoke bar and the way Miyuki was staring lovingly at Ai to the point of even losing attention and then after wards when it was Miyuki’s turn we also saw Ai’s own look!

Oh and speaking of that karaoke, if you listen closely one of the lines Ai sings are ‘BE MY GIRL’, like, talk about subtlety being thrown out of the window! Now, she either picked it intentionally, all a part of her plan to steal Miyuki’s heart or she did it unconsciously and then it affecting Miyuki making her fall for Ai even more!


And also there was another clip which I thought I saw but now I am wondering if I dreamed it, where Miyuki had a fit (I think she’s diabetic given her shots) and the way Ai was taking care of her…like, they were so lovers by then! I mean an image exists as you see above so I most definitely don’t think it was only in my dreams but for the life of me I can’t find the clip!

Then there is the fact that Ai was bragging to the Dude how she and Miyuki had sex, well, she said they did it but really, one can only mean one thing when they say ‘we did it’, am I right!

And that kiss! Sure it is still a ‘drama kiss’ but still better than a whole shit load of fake kisses out there in the Asian drama club! very surprising though that they not only put it all over the trailers but even in the very first teaser! That’s another red flag!

Which brings me to some…

giphy (35)

Like I mentioned, this movie’s title is the name of the Dude Ai is in love with! This Dude is in love with Miyuki and one of the outcomes of the failed plan is for Miyuki to end up with Dick because I don’t see Ai winning this given the dirty ricks she pulled!

But then again, we see her and Dude almost kissing and the whole shenanigans from her are so she could have the Guy to herself! Basically this movie revolves around Dick! A very large flag!

Finally the fact that Ai and Miyuki’s love is actually fake, given that Ai is only pretending to love Miyuki and when Miyuki finds out, I don’t think this is gonna be a pleasant moment! Will she still love Ai when she finds out? Will her love be stronger that the betrayal?

Then there is the other fact of Miyuki’s disease! Will that be used for ‘emotional’ value towards the climax?! I sure hope not! We have had a pretty good record so far of very low records of ‘BURY YOUR GAYS’ clichés!

Don’t ruin this Japan! You are treading on very thin ice as it is so please, please for the love of all that is Yuri, please do this right! I beg of you!

Enough with the pessimism though, YAMADA ANNA KISSING A GIRL!!! Sure she’s been in relevant roles a bit before (SAKI, MISUMISOU, etc) but this a legit relevant role!

I am going all in even with all the flags! I don’t care, whatever happens I have immunity already from my experience anyway! I will just flag Japan some more for future rating!


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Vid – I Surrender [Shinmai Shimai]


You have my permission to cry while watching this video (especially the last third). Seriously, I made it and even I couldn’t resist!

Happy tears of course!

Hands down the best ‘yuri’ content to come out of Japan! Hey, if you don’t believe me, check the Amazon ratings! I have never seen such ratings on a series before, let alone yuri content!

As for but they are Shimai, no, we don’t do that here!!


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[Pics] Four Days To Go!

DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00173
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00153 DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00145
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00172 DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00020
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00158

Only four days to go and SAKI (‘m gonna use caps to differentiate between the Anime and the Live Action) is back to unleash its demons upon the world of Mah-jong. And so I decided to go through the blurays for the four episodes we got so far. I am planning on posting about them before the series continues but first I have gone through the 90min behind the scenes video.

Since this is about those four episodes we got, the other schools are not in here. It is all Kiyosumi just like the early intro episodes of the anime. And also just like those episodes, the girls are still not quite close but I kind of love that fact. Just as Saki and Nodoka grew closer as the series went on, the girls too will get closer as the show goes on.

From what I have seen of them though, they are all as what you see when you watch the show, except one! The girl who plays Nodoka (Super✰Girls’ Asakawa Nana) is totally different from the character she plays! While the other girls are in-line with the characters they are playing, man even that Hirota, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s Hirota Aika, was the perfect choice for Yuki. They are like animated and real versions of each other), Hamabe Minami is Saki and the same goes for the other girls but Nana, she is like the only one actually acting while the other girls are simply themselves.

Off-screen she is totally different from Nodoka. Quite funny too which was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, no, those aren’t fake! The other schools, as we will see, have their own girls who are as big or even bigger than her and since they went out of trouble to find equal representations of the characters, I don’t see how they would settle for a fake when they obviously have access to the real deals.

Anyway, I grabbed some caps from the video so jump ahead to those interested…

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