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[AKB48G] Appreciating UZA


Well, other’s are, because I have been appreciating UZA since it was released way back in 2012 (which feels like ages ago)!

Just today a fan in Japan posted this as he praised the senbatsu that was UZA! While I love the single and the post was originally about how godly the senbatsu was and UZA is still to this day my favourite single from the whole 48/46 Groups, You damn well know why I chose to make a post about it now!

It always puts a smile on my face when I see people recognizing Yukirin’s first biggest feat! It actually isn’t the real first biggest – that was her becoming the first ever Handshake Queen, which in turn enabled her to pull off that legendary feat – breaking into the feared Kami 7 and thus earning her the name- God Killer! She slayed so hard they had to turn the name from Kami 7 to Kami 8, which essentially means that since then the Kami 7 was dead, so was its legendary status! Sure the girls still use the term these days but its glamour is long gone!

In case you did not know…I worship only one Idol! Welcome to Yukirin World!

Anyway, that’s that. Some pics to take us back to the old times after the jump…

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Never Forget…


I’m just finding it funny that everyone is all over Keyakizaka now because they are doing all these cool MVs and I a over here like, where were you when the AKB48 Fall single was the Cool one?

All seem to have forgotten that it was these cool singles that started the Million trend! Well, Yasusu remembers which is why he dedicated those types of songs to Keyakizaka. Everyone is all drooling thinking KKZ is the best thing since sliced bread meanwhile Yasusu is laughing his way to the bank!

Anyway, forever promoting UZA! That is one of the few songs that never left my On the Go playlist. Add in that kick ass choreo and well. And now that I can post these vids, maybe I should do more dance vids of the 48 group. Kazeifu, River, BEGINNER, BwT etc need some more love too. Too bad there is like, only 1 full performance of BwT and no Dance Ver. I want so bad to make a vid about it! I guess I have to wait for the Next PV BD Collection.


UZA + Zena x Yuri = Instant WIN!

[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00179
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00180 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00181
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00026
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00025 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00027
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00135
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00068
 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00048


Just when I thought UZA couldn’t possibly get any better SKN48 goes and proves me completely wrong with their version! While Yukirin, Jurina, Yuko and Sayanee to mention but a few were fabulous in the AKB48 version, there is just not beating anything with yuri in it! Now, sure we got a bit of Mayuki in the original with Mayuyu going complete fangirl mode over Clown in a box Yukirin (or was it Black in a Box?), SNH stole the gold with the hand holding, and embracing! And you know me and my hands dearest Readers!

But SKN did not stop there. They went and dressed the girls up in battle leather that no matter how hard I try to not compare them, those costumes remind me of Xena and seriously, who in the community doesn’t love or know of Xena the Warrior Princess?! That was my first ever non-cartoon show I remember ever following and it probably is the one that first introduced me to the concept of shipping not to mention the community. Remember the term ‘subtext’ anyone? Apparently it was invented with Xena too, no kidding!

And the girls really pulled off the badass look in those costumes! Especially my lovely, lovely, Xiao Ai! And speaking of her, I don’t know how she knew but for some reason her going long-haired for this was like, the rightest decision ever! A boyish girl in a Xena costume just cannot do and she always wears her hair short so I was very happy she went for the long this time around. Totally brings out the pure strong woman within which really, is all Xena is about!

In addition to that, the PV story itself has a layer or two deeper than the AKB version of UZA, at least from my understanding. There is more thinking involved in this SNH version then what I needed for the original and I love me some mind-games too! (Yep, I worship Christ Nolan!)

But the thing that took the cake for me, and for most  I think is the yuri! Now sure one couple lost their love to dreams (JingYi & YuGe) but SNH being awesome, they give us a backup couple (Si and JiaQi) to counter the bitter-taste feeling of the other tragic one. And to that I have no choice in the matter but to salute thee SNH48! You took on a very hard challenge (seriously, making a better UZA?!) and succeeded so plops to you! And thanks for the yuri as well! Really would’ve preferred some Xiao Ai and Savoki loving but really, I am a beggar and thus not allowed to choose so I will take anything really! That applies to the lack of sword fights!Like, can you imagine the epicness if there were awesome sword fights?! I guess there was and Savoki is the reigning champ thus why she is lost on the battle field because she has no more challengers to face! It really is lonely at the top, isn’t it ^^

Also for some reason the instrumentals themselves sounds better than the AKB48 version to me. So SNH wins there as well. As for the vocals, I have to confess that I think Japanese goes much better with the music but that might just be me and my complete ignorance towards the Chinese language.

Anyway, hit the jump for more caps and the YouTube link…

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[Pics] UZA BD Caps cause…

UZA.m2ts - 00075 UZA.m2ts - 00079
yukiuza10026 yukiuza20000
UZA.m2ts - 00239

Because UZA was frikkin great and still to this day is my favourite AKB48G single/song/pv etc! That and Yukirin was frikkin fabulous in it and Mayuyu going all fangirl mode totally stealing my thunder was a joy to my joy! UZA is simply glorious really! This PV I feel is what almost perfectly represents AKB48’s position as the Emperor in this so called Idol Dynasty! Almost perfect because it was a little too late. If Acchan had been in it and centred this or even doubled it with Yuko, UZA would have been the perfect ID for AKB48.

Seriously, the life coming from this PV is just jaw-dropping! The intensity, the power, the stardom!! Jesus Christ! I am telling you now, UZA is the one song that has never left any of my playlists! You know how even if you love that song so damn much but you listen to it way to much that soon you get sick of it? Well, for me UZA is not that song! It is that favourite song that follows me everywhere and that every time it comes to its turn,  I feel a grin come over my face like a creeper!

Hmmm…That explains the weird looks I get in the streets and on the luas sometimes I guess…Any way, moar!

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