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Never Rarely Sometimes Always [Trailer]

Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;49;07.114
Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;22;21.134 Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;01;28.035
NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS - Official Trailer #2 [HD] - In Select Theaters March 13.mp4 - 00;03;46.776 Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;47;21.530
Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;29;48.937

Hmm, this movie apparently came out March 13th? Where? I can’t find it anywhere!

Anyway, I am a sucker for movies like this! Even when they turn out to be merely subtext they always leave an impression that I just have to keep them with me! These deep friendship movies where two people face life together are really life fulfillers! They just give me that much needed emotional boost that I crave from now and then!

This one seems to be just that kind of movie! And I don’t know about you all but I am getting major vibes from these trailers! I am not sure if our two main girls are really cousins or if it was just a cover (why though? It’s usually friends in these kinds of situations, no?) but no matter which way you slice it, tying pinkies while one of them kisses a boy just sends my gaydar into a frenzy!!!

And okay, there is another big elephant in the room that we can’t ignore, that being that the reason they are eloping is because one of them is prego! It still takes lots of love and dedication to run away with your friend so you could help them with their problem! It is basically major breaking! But really, what are rules in the face of love?

I would have loved a bit more hints in the trailer to be sure but that one kiss scene somehow seems like a major bomb drop so I am all in and I won’t even mind if things don’t pan out! Like I said, I am a sucker for friends that would go to hell and back for each other and if some lines are blurred in the mix, all the better!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and caps.


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Where We Belong [Trailer B]

Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;14;11.400
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;25;03.140 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;23;45.138
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;03;28.379 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;02;37.902
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;21;09.427 - 00001 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;22;09.753
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;18;26.302

So, it turns out it was a marketing decision after all, that the first trailer was from Sue’s POV (if you read my first trailer post). As we can see here, this trailer is from Belle’s POV and it is about Sue where as the first trailer was from Sue’s POV and it was about Belle!

And while we are still on the first trailer subject, I got something wrong then and that is that there was no boy issues here and while I don’t think they are fighting over him, there is still one and it looks like there will be a fight in that department too. The question is, does Belle know?

This might be a marketing ploy but it makes me intrigued by how exactly the movie is structed! Maybe it won’t have any POVs at all and this is just for marketing purposes! Or maybe it will be a three POV story like Fingersmith? In that we will have a part from Sue’s (Jennis) POV, then off to Belle’s POV and finally the third POV? Either way  I will take it!

The way the trailers are cut is really very refreshing and interesting too. It is interesting to see the two sides of the coin! Like, 99% of stories you always get one side of the story so I pray that this movie subverts and gives us two different perspectives! Just from the trailers alone it was really enjoyable to see how different the two think of each other!

Like, Sue is like, Belle is my best friend but everyone thinks us a couple, but Belle on the other hand is like, Me and Sue are more than friends! Yeah, Belle definitely has it bad!

And that means this is going to be brutal and painful, that is if executed truthfully because these trailers are promising one heck of a rollercoaster! What are the actual feelings between them? I mean their actions are kind of questionable but while Belle seems to think there is something more between them, Sue on the other hand only thinks them best of friends and seems to have something going on with a guy!

Yeah, this is going to be painful and I can’t wait for it to appear on physical!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and some pics…

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Where We Belong [Trailer]

Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;47;33.370
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;15;05.473 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;16;01.458
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;20;20.668 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;43;00.349
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;23;41.808

First ever BNK48 post?

That it is! But as someone once upon a time said – Better Late Than Never, am I right? Especially since the other 48 sisters aren’t doing anything for me as of late unless Yukirin is involved.  I am sure you have noticed the lack of posts about them, surely!

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LAIKA [Trailer]

映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;08;52.703
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;20;05.308 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;22;14.591
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;10;42.965
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;06;21.234 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;34;17.515
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;44;13.937 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;47;03.499
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;49;17.224


Another collaboration between Japan and another country?! You betcha I am so there for this! The last time we had a similar collab it was with France and as you remember we got ourselves a hidden gem in FLARE! I already know this is going to be good! I already know I am going to cry like a baby! I already know this movie is going to look absolutely stunning! And I also already know the chances of a Blu-ray of this are very slim…


Just like FLARE, LAIKA is also titled after our main girl and in this case it is Laika, played by Miyajima Sae who went from a theatre actress to winning best Newcomer Award for this movie. Our other girl meanwhile is played by multi-talented Kseniya Alistratova – skilled in dance, piano, skating, skiing and so much more.

Also just like FLARE there seems to be promise of some real serious drama in this movie that is so desperately missing in most Hollywood movies but really, I guess that is why Indie Films like this one exist – To keep Art alive!

But really, those two words ‘TABOO’ and ‘LOVE’ already had me salivating at this movie so…

Any who, this just basically finished its cinema run so the wait for that DVD is going to be torturous! But you know how the saying goes – Good things come to those who…

I’ll be waiting!

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Nacchan wa Mada Shinjuku [Trailer]

「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00050 「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00036
「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00039 「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00058
「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00048

Oh, hi there Yuu-chan, it’s been so long! We missed you!

Actually she is quite active on social media. She is ln LINE, she is on YouTube, she is on Instagram. She is on Twitter…Jesus, the girl is everywhere. SO I guess it is on me for not finding out sooner!

But anyway, there is new movie of hers that just raised my curiosity. It seems to be something we have seen before a lot of times already and it is probably not gonna have a GOOD END but once again, I commend effort, even if in the end that effort is thrown out when they realise they can’t go in the intended direction but have to conform to some unseen force field.

Please Art, come back!

Anyway Yuu-chan (Sugimoto Yuko, ex-HKT48 1st Gen member BTW to those who don’t know) plays Nacchan, who I am pretty confident is going to turn out to be a figment of our main girl Aino/Ai-chan’s imagination (played by Ikeda Natsumi). Meanwhile I can see Ai-chan and her other friend having this thing where they are in love with the same guy and with a little chance, one of them having a crush on the other. Yeah, it’s little but if there is even a 1% chance…you know the rest! Besides, if Schoolgirl Complex could do it (albeit without a guy but with three girls) so can this one!

But, as you know I hate threesomes, no matter what combinations they come in! So I guess I shouldn’t be wishing for one here!

Anyway the meat of everything is between Nacchan and Ai-chan! Even if it turns out to be just Ai-chan’s imagination, in which case there has to be a strong basis for it anyway, I am good. I have seen a good deal of ‘all in my head’ type of movies, one actually like last night, so count me in.

The DVD is set to be released sometime in May so you best believe it I a going to be getting it. Sadly for now it seems you can only pre-order it on those Japan-only sites but I am pretty sure the closer we get the international stores will be listing it as well.

Anyway, jump over for some pics, caps and the trailer…

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Houkago Senki [Trailer]

ネクストブレイクの美少女たちが大集結!NMB48・市川美織主演『放課後戦記』予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00020 ネクストブレイクの美少女たちが大集結!NMB48・市川美織主演『放課後戦記』予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00039
ネクストブレイクの美少女たちが大集結!NMB48・市川美織主演『放課後戦記』予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00035 ネクストブレイクの美少女たちが大集結!NMB48・市川美織主演『放課後戦記』予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00057
ネクストブレイクの美少女たちが大集結!NMB48・市川美織主演『放課後戦記』予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00029

Lemon-chan, you go girl!

Can’t believe that her stage play (of the same name) got turned into a movie! The design and everything reminds me of Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (which reminds me, I have yet to share my thoughts on that movie!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same team were behind this one too!

As for yuri, the trailer looks promising but this being the type of movie that it looks to me (Life Games eh…) I have low hopes of a GOOD END! But like I have said sometimes BAD ENDs are not so bad given the context.

And I am curious about the relationships too. From these trailers I can see two possibilities where our main character Sena (Miorin) is concerned. First there is Yudachi (Ririka) with whom Sena is presented on the posters. It also looks like it is her that she is about to kiss there. At least for this one I know it will survive towards the end of the movie, at the very least. What is bothering me is the possibility of the two being P&A and thus ending up clashing in the climax.

Then there is the other possibility in Araso (Moeka) but something tells me she is not going to survive this one! I mean, not only is she pretty low on the character list but she did not even appear in the pictured characters in the other trailer! Yeah, her future doesn’t look bright but who knows, maybe she is not going to b a part of the whole ‘game’ thing…

Wishful thinking I know but the way she was being all tender with Sena there (lying on top of her) they looked to good that I am already falling into my trap of shipping characters before I watch the damn story! This habit of mine has almost always backfired on me and I have a feeling it is going to here!

But I don’t care! Anyway even if the bad happens there is still Yudachi and she will probably even be better developed so chances are I will get to like her anyway!

Enough talk, the trailers and caps…

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The Promise Trailer

ตัวอย่างภาพยนตร์ เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก (Official Trailer) - 7 กันยายนนี้ ในโรงภาพยนตร์ - YouTube.MP4 - 00034
ตัวอย่างภาพยนตร์ เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก (Official Trailer) - 7 กันยายนนี้ ในโรงภาพยนตร์ - YouTube.MP4 - 00040 ตัวอย่างภาพยนตร์ เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก (Official Trailer) - 7 กันยายนนี้ ในโรงภาพยนตร์ - YouTube.MP4 - 00051
ตัวอย่างภาพยนตร์ เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก (Official Trailer) - 7 กันยายนนี้ ในโรงภาพยนตร์ - YouTube.MP4 - 00049
“This place…a reminder of love. A bond and a promise!”

My two favourite genres! Horror and Yuri! oh how I missed you! South Korea seems to have given up on it despite its profitability but alas, no use crying over spilled milk! And just when i think we are to never see something similar ever again, here comes Thailand, ah good old Thailand, that is relentless in the delivery of gay content (mostly yaoi at a ratio close to 100:4 in favour of yaoi) lately.

Just from the posters alone I was like “Say no more Thailand. Take my money”! And then seeing the trailer and my yuri sense once again proves to be spot on! Those quoted words are the first you see in the trailer! Talk about not cutting corners!

And while one might be inclined to think that this being horror, there is no chance for a GOOD END but one might be wrong! What is a GOOD END when one is dead? It can be when the other dies too, as it can when one comes back to life, it that were possible. Actually it is possible in horror. Just lately Annabelle did just show just that when Annabelle came back by possessing Janice’s body!

Actually, here this ghost kind of cheated in that it won twice, and thus giving us a GOOD END either way! If the trailer actually did spoil the ending, like I spied at a certain point, I stress ‘IF’ the movie was spoiled, then Ghost girl not only does she get her love to join her in death, but she also gets to have her Love’s daughter in the world of the living!

Either way, win-win situation for us!

Anyway, you all were lucky because when I first came upon the trailer for this movie there was no English subtitles but when I went to grab the link to post here, I found out that good GDH had an International (EN) version up now.

So jump over for that and some more caps…

See ya

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