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Yukirin is the Fierce God of Idols! – Takamina


Calling all Yukirin fans out there. There is an article of Takamina’s in Weekly Playboy that you have got to read! Our friend over at KashiwagiYukirin.com worked hard on translating it. You have got to read it! Like…


If this doesn’t make you feel like flying, I don’t know what will! These are words from Takamina’s, Souchan’s mouth! No more rumours! I am so happy and proud of Yukirin. So so happy to have her as my Kami-O, so very happy! And if Yukirin is to see this, or if we are to believe that they have had this conversation before (otherwise, why mention it now?) It is safe to say that Yukirin won’t be going anywhere, not before she is at least 26.

Ah, I am so giddy right now and it is  20 to 6…AM! Yeah, no sleep for me. I can’t sleep right now. Time to go Yukirin performance watching! Yamagata in FullHD and RH2014 sound good right now…


Pics – Prepare Thy Bodies Ma Comrades

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For, the Goddess of Gavure is about to descend upon us!

I have a question, and I know you know what it is I am going to ask because I ask it all the time but I have yet to get an answer – How? How can she project such a different personality when it comes to Photos?! It seems to me like she has a different side that she gives off in every media, be it acting on screen, taking professional photos, or the usual idol be it in performances or personal photos.

Seriously, can you just imagine if this side she gives off in shoots was the one she always showed in AKB performances?! I can’t even handle it! I am aware I am coming off as a fanatic but the other members are so damn lucky she, for whatever reason, decided not to bring this in AKB because the slayage would be out of this world!

Actually now that I think about it, maybe this is the side that Yasusu wants Yukirin to bring to AKB but she just isn’t doing it (She is so good >.<) but dear Yasusu, are you sure you want this Yukirin in AKB? Think of your poor babies!

Anyway, the battle continues after the jump!

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AKB48 Team Yakiniku!?

tumblr_njgh6bXbAF1tx55bao9_1280 tumblr_njgh6bXbAF1tx55bao4_1280


  • Yukirin
  • Mayuyu
  • Sou-chan
  • Miichan
  • Sashiko

I saw the top pic on Twitter and though I raised an eyebrow wondering at that get together (There is an odd girl out!) I totally dismissed as just another party I should have been invited to. Queue a couple of hours later on Tumblr and this post pops up. Now I really wish I was invited and wanna know more about this.

The first thought I had when I saw this and saw Sou-chan’s get-up, was that they were at her cafe from Majisuka Gakuen 4! Obviously from what others are wearing and the lack of a certain someone that couldn’t be right but still. Also couldn’t help the presence of a certain someone that for some reason seems to be not of this crowd. But then I remember she is already 20 (Otona da yo).

Oh yeah, in case someone is wondering this isn’t a real thing, by that I mean Team Yakiniku isn’t an official thing though I would totally eat it up if it did happen. But Sou-chan is only around for a couple of months more so…

And dat Mayuki moment though >.< No matter how you slice it Yukirin’s awkwardness towards Mayuyu speaks volumes! They have been together for over eight years and she still hasn’t gotten her act straight when it comes to Mayuyu! Seriously, even those so called perfect couples in all those teen romances get to the point where they are used to one another even going so far as getting sick being together for so long but these two…No, there is no other like Mayuki, maybe Sayacchu but they haven’t been tested enough.

Meanwhile on a un-related note…

IMG_20150207_102533 IMG_20150207_103106 B9Nh-U4CYAEChnV.jpg large

So, let me see if I understand this – Yukirin pretended to not be looking when Miichan was looking through Yuihan’s 1st PB and when Miichan excused herself (it’s a trap!) Yukirin scooped up that B like a Bruh and after scanning through it decided it was a keeper and didn’t think twice before taking it with her. She stole Miichan’s Yuihan PB! Oh Yukirin I am disapp–


I approve. I APPROVE!


[AKB48G at Tokyo Dome 2014] Dear 48-Fandom I Love You!

tdc2014_p1-002 tdc2014_p1-168
tdc2014_p1-075 tdc2014_p1-173

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have already watched TDC and the sugar is my system is enough to give every single person on the planet diabetes! You won’t believe it but despite the fact that this TDC, especially the first AKB only day, coming off like a Mayuki wedding than an AKB concert, though I really enjoyed that, I fear that the spoilers kind of took some of the fun out of it! But even with that, all that Mayuki was not what impacted me the most out of this concert!

This is the reason why I am thanking you all for not spoiling this for me because I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much as I did, well, after I had to re-watch the performance a couple of times to get the facts through my disbelieving mind! When it clicked, Mayuki was almost erased from my mind! Actually it was erased from my mind in those two or so minutes! So, what exactly is it that I am talking about? Well…

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Still Waiting Yasusu…

b4617e40 AKB ga Ippai ~the best music videos~ III.mkv_snapshot_00.01.40_[2014.12.09_21.23.16]

I am still waiting for Yukirin’s moment. All that talk about her being more suited as support for the members more than being Centre I was thinking that maybe he is saving her for the next Soukantoku but it seems like that wasn’t the case either seeing as he chose  Yuihan as the next Successor.

And so I am still in the calling bullshit on all these excuses about why Yukirin can’t be Centre since all of them have zero gravity behind them! Oh well, it always puts a smile on my face when I see members, especially Yukirin’s very own Senpai show great appreciation for Yukirin. It seems like she does much more behind the scenes than we will ever know but I am always happy to see these members talk about it and thank her even from time to time.

I am still trying to figure out what she would have done for Yuko-senpai that she was thanked for during Yuko’s graduation handshake.

But anyway,since Aki.P had no plans to make her the next Leader, especially after all that talk I posted about before, I guess we should give up any hopes of seeing AKS doing something for her. Oh well, maybe someday Yasusu will see the light but until then, I am sure Yukirin will continue giving and giving until they get rid of her.

All this does is make me love and support her even more. So, keep up your villainy dear AKS.

On a different note, I am now free for about two weeks so I can post to my content. So prepare yourselves for post-dumps.