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Making Of Shishunki Gokko PB

Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00135
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00055 Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00105
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00162 Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00166
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00157

I hope all my readers and those of the community, but especially my visitors, I really hope that you are all as happy as I am right now. This year, dear Readers of mine, this year has been, is, and promises to be a great year, if not the best so far.

Seeing as I have no scanner right now which saddens me greatly to think that I can’t share Shishunki Gokko PB scans (sharing is caring and I care for my Readers, it just so happens that Japan is being super great this year too, for they included the Making of of the PB. The PB that was shot by our supporter Aoyama Yuki Sensei.

If anyone is curious as to what’s in the PB like Panparu is, then this video with quench your thirst, or build it up because sometimes, if not most, a moving picture is always better than a still one. Not to mention that you get to see the NG shots or those that didn’t get cotton picked. I tell you there is a complete difference between seeing a picture of two people holding hands and seeing a video of them holding hands! it is why I have a hands fetish in the first place.

Dear Lord though, Takane and Mika (or Honoka and Misato, whichever way you wanna look at it) are just so cute together. I can’t wait for that movie, seriously. Oh I also don’t know f it ill make a difference to you (it does to me) but Aoyama-sensei said that the PB is also not about Honoka and Misato but about Takane and Mika, which means that this is all part of the movie-verse! Take that as you will.

Anyway, hit the jump for the vid and more caps.

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Fan Fiction…

Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mp4 - 00001
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00208 Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00402
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00287
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00466 Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00032
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00516
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00479 Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00380
Shishunki Gokko Spinoff.mkv - 00012
That’s what this video is!

Seriously people, I was not expecting this! I was thinking that that Shishunki Gokko Spinoff DVD would be nothing but actually a making of of the actual movie. I was not ready! Yes, the DVD does have a Making Of of about 30 minutes but that was not all. There actually was a Special of another 33 minutes of the girls doing nothing but having fun at their empty school. That should be boring in and of itself especially if you have seen countless Idol Videos of girls doing just that, and in under-wear most of the time but for some reason it took me a whole two hours (and 1000 caps later) to finish watching this 33 minute video!

I kid you not!

I don’t know what is it about this 33 minutes but my God! And that talk towards the ending! JESUS! Even if they have been referring to their character names from the movie, meaning that this video is actually a part of the movie but something like a Director’s cut or deleted scene (A long deleted scene) I had somehow not gotten that fact through my skull because until that scene, I had been thinking of this video as some special starring Misato and Honoka.

Then came the scene where they had this conversation that bitch-slapped me back to my senses and reminded me that this was all taking place in the movie’s universe. The scene though dear Readers, the scene! To put it briefly, Takane (Honoka) was telling Mika (Misato) about her future plans saying that she had decided to go the artistic route and she was going to an Arts College. She says that she came to love Art that much because of Mika when she modelled for her that one time (Think the Movie trailer).

After some intense time of silence, where I thought that Mika was gonna pull the dramaz, she instead also says that she was actually planning to do the same thing. Having explained her reasons for deciding to go that route, Takane asks Mika hers but Mika doesn’t tell Takane. You know what these two going to the same college means, right?! Nay, even before that, I am pretty sure that in the movie Mika was said to be interested more into Literature than Art. So why go to the same Art College as Takane? And no, she wasn’t going there for literature but Art as well!


But wait, that wasn’t all. Takane starts saying something about how now that she thinks of it, that (the time when she was sketching Mika) was the moment when…she doesn’t finish it but Lord knows if by their reactions there is anyone who will watch this and not know! UI swear I thought we were gonna have a surprise END with them kissing, I kid you not!


Fan Fiction because I know for sure, and really, anyone can tell from the trailer that the movie is gonna be one  FEELS ride! What I don’t understand though is exactly when this scene is supposed to take place! Was it before the Teacher that rocked their relationship showed up or was it after? Because they looked so happy here and Mika seemed to have love for Takane even though not near the same level of what Takane has for her. I am not sure too if they are in a relationship by the time of this scene. Mika seemed to understand what Takane was talking about at the END of that awesome conversation and they act like they are kinda lovers so…

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Stupid 2015 Spring, get here already! I want to watch my Movie! And why oh why was this not a BD release!?! I don’t care if it cost 100 euro I would have bought it! Way to take out 20% of the fun in watching this! I sure hope to all that is Holy that the movie gets a BD release.

Seriously though, now I don’t even mind what ENDING we get from the movie. If it’s a BAD END, I am coming back to this and washing away all those FEELS from the movie and making this the TRUE END! My God!

Any way, I am done talking. Hit the jump for the Link and more caps…

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Zero & Shishunki Gokko Interviews

中条あやみ 監督も絶賛「主人公はこの子しか」 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」発表会(2) - YouTube.mp4 - 00027
中条あやみ 監督も絶賛「主人公はこの子しか」 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」発表会(2) - YouTube.mp4 - 00028

中条あやみ 監督も絶賛「主人公はこの子しか」 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」発表会(2) - YouTube.mp4 - 00045
未来穂香、青山美郷らが劇中の制服姿で登場 映画「思春期ごっこ」初日舞台あいさつ - YouTube.mp4 - 00133
未来穂香、青山美郷らが劇中の制服姿で登場 映画「思春期ごっこ」初日舞台あいさつ - YouTube.mp4 - 00048
未来穂香、青山美郷らが劇中の制服姿で登場 映画「思春期ごっこ」初日舞台あいさつ - YouTube.mp4 - 00103
Shishunki Gokko

The movies are out in cinemas now which means there is videos of the girls being interviewed for the Premiers. Thanks to youtube and Japan, we of course have our hands on them so do hit the jump to check out Aoi and Ayami being silly together  and Honoka and Misato teasing us with their chemistry that I can’t wait to see in the movie as well! That Misato is really something too. I was expecting that from Honoka but it looks like she is all grown up now which leaves Misato to put the fun in everything. Meanwhile Aoi and Ayami seem to have created their own world as well while filming the way they were being silly in front of all those reporters.

Oh man, is next Spring here already? I want my BDs/DVDs!

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Are you like, kidding me right now!?!

Goodbye Piggybank, thank you for your services!

No. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! Those are DVD and Photobook covers you are seeing. And Yes. That is Shishunki Gokko we are talking about here! Believe you me, if you are confused, you aren’t alone! I just stumbled upon this madness when I paused my long queue of video waiting to be watched just for tumblr (Don’t you just love the way tumblr controls our lives?) and guess what I find on my dash…

A goldmine of Shishunki Gokko pics that make the rainbow pot seem like fake gold. Following the links, turns out our two girls from the movie (Miki and Misato) were out promoting something movie related. I of course waste no time in downloading everything (after the jump for said pics) but if you thought I would stop there, big mistake! I went on a rampage and started turning the internets down wondering what the big deal is. Guess what I find…That’s right, apparently there was already a PB of the movie that completely passed by me! A Photo Book photographed by none other than our very own Aoyama Yuki sensei! If you don’t know Yuki-sama, shame on you!

But that wasn’t all! While I am staring at the Amazon Japan page with the PB with mouth agape, Guess what catches my eye in the related links…A DVD with the title of this movie in its title! I was like, WTF?!! Turns out it isn’t the actual movie! Which kind of makes it possible for me to get my senses back a little bit! It seems this is a Spin off story from the movie!

Guys, there is a spinoff DVD of the movie! A movie that isn’t even out yet! A spinoff that centres around just Takane (Miki) and Mika (Misato) playing some water games! Like…

Give me a moment please…

Okay, I am calm. I am calm.

NOT! Sorry savings but this is an emergency! Off to Amazon to order this like, right now!

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Shinshunki Gokko Trailer

思春期ごっこ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00041 思春期ごっこ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00034

Heck yeah!

After days and days of having that teaser image as my Desktop Background, we finally get the trailer for my most looked forward to movie of next year (There is no way you will be seeing DVDs of this, this year. Nope!)

I have really, really tried to resist writing about this until a trailer hit. believe you me, it wasn’t very easy. And so when it finally did, I couldn’t even wait for a Full HD trailer before I gobbled what I got all up!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! That is Honoka Miki, who, if you aren’t into JDramas then you might remember her as that girls that played Yumi in the LIVE action Marimite movie way back in 2010. She has been in other movies and drama since then so she shouldn’t be that alien seeing as most of those dramas were popular.

And yes, this is serious romance/yuri/threesome business! Those caps you see are indeed the two ships about to take flight with kisses! Here is a synopsis of the movie, courtesy of AsianWiki…

Takane (Honoka Miki) is a teenage student interested in art. Her friend Mika (Misato Aoyama) wants to become a novelist. They are best friends and have developed feelings for each other. Their relationship though becomes shaken by the presence of Namie (Yukie Kawamura). Namie is an ex-novelist and works as a librarian.

See?! Total SRS Business in this movie yo! And as such, there is going to be pain. But really, at this rate we should come to expect something  of the negative to balance out the good! And really, taste is always best with a bit of salt, right? But there is a breath of freshness in this one from what I see in the trailer. Takane is willing to go the complete mile. She doesn’t start things she won’t finish. We clearly see her fighting for for her love Mika, even going so far as taking the fight to Mika’s crush, the new Librarian Namie.

I can’t wait for this movie guys. It is gonna be good! Aggressiveness and Miki aren’t things that anyone would associate with the other but she seems ready for murder if it means getting Mika back.

A reminder that yes, this is a yuri movie you all!

I mean can you believe we are actually getting something like this? We have yet to get a lesbian character that is so dominant  like Takane is looking to turn out, let alone the opponent being a girl too. Seriously not even Ai had the guts to take the fight to the enemy or actually put up an aggressive approach to their lover like Takane seems ready to do in the swimming pool scene with Mika.

This is really gonna be gud!

And from the look of things it seems it will be s story told by a grown up Takane of their love during those years in Junior High I guess? And from what Takane says about her feelings towards Mika, I don’t even care if this is gonna be a heart-wreaker, I am keeping this for the books and it looks ready to join my favourites list.

‘Be it ten years or a hundred years,  iwill always love Mika the most!’

No way I am missing this for the world. No way!

Any way, jump over for a few more caps and the trailer…

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