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Yukirin Is Love. Yuri Is Life!

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210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_02.26.242 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_21.13.152
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_08.59.001 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_16.40.408
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_05.24.362
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_09.23.693 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_09.17.001
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_24.46.301
 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_03.54.739
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_07.12.626

What do you get when you combine Yukirin + YuiYui + Maika-chan?!

My death of course!

Yukirin is a no brainer, to those who have been with me for a while. I mean, just look at the side bar in the tag cloud and see what the biggest name in there is…I love Yukirin like I love no other! And with that tendency comes the ability to virtually ship her with anyone, well, except the rivals for example, Sae-chan or Haruka-chan. Only Veteran AKB48 fans will recognise those names!

As for Maika, she is like the current Gen crush that I have. She is my favourite in the group =LOVE, produced by Sashiko. I have already made various posts about her on here, mostly with her other significant other Hitomi-chan!

As for YuiYui, hey, I am not made of stone! And as things go, she is like that secret passion ship that is standing in for Sakura-chan until she returns as the forbidden ship with Yukirin!

Seriously, I crave content of the two like I crave no other! In these desperate times for content we should really have another series with these two as the mains, Veteran Kamis vs New Favs!

Seriously, I thought AKS was revamped, or was that false news?! I mean, it was on April 1st so…

Ah, that aside, this particular point of discussion is about ep18 and a bit of 19 of the show Tokumei Pekopa! these particular episodes, the only ones that I have watched to tell the truth, were narrated by Maika herself!!! Maika narrated a YuYuYu episode!!! Like, how in the name of all that is possible did this happen!?!

Moore/s Law really is legit! Something that can happen will happen? Yeah, this did just happen!!

I just get these weird feelings that I can’t explain when I see these two together! It’s just…they are somehow very compatible despite appearances and logic pointing to the contrary!

I just want to write a fic about them so bad!

Why not…maybe I will…maybe I will!


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=LOVE – Shukipi [MV]

=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.29.588
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.06.735 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.16.043
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.12.446 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.18.786
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.43.009
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.59.717 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.06.834
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.37.603 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.38.950
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.46.769
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.37.052 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.44.631
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.26.344 =LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.48.182
=LOVE(イコールラブ)  しゅきぴ【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_00.37.329

drag me to hell nosebleed

So, the word MOE still exists, right? Because I need it to express exactly how the Shukipi MV from =LOVE made me feel for starters!

Like, have you ever gotten a Music Video that feels as if it was made specifically for you? That’s how I feel about SHUKIPI from =LOVE!

Like, how long have I cried out for some Maika love!! Nit only do I finally get it but is it is far better than I would have ever imagined!

Firs of all, this MV was directed by none other than our very own Miichan…That’s right, I am talking about Minegishi Minami! Sashiko (The Producer of =LOVE, in case you did not know) asked Miichan to help with the MV because she figured Miichan was the perfect choice for the concept she was looking for and my God, did Miichan deliver!!!

Sashiko said it best, this is like Mika Ninagawa levels of production right there and she was totally right! This MV is just on a whole different level! And the fact that it wasn’t the likes of cutesy members like the Saitous or Mirei but Maika, the girl I consider the coolest of the group no matter what everyone says, that subversion worked wonders for this MV! It worked so well that when all the members had twin-tails for hair-do it was frikkin perfect instead of being all around weird!

I had actually planned on making this MV post part of my Hitomaika series but since the internet let me down by not giving us the camping extras from the Type B accompanying DVD, I decided to post this now and buy the DVD myself but it won’t be here for a few days and I just can’t wait! I want to put this post out before the MV hits 1m views, which it is already close to for a video that has only been released just over a week!

And so you can surmise that me wanting to put it in that series means that there is some Hitomaika content and indeed there is some, indeed, there is much more than just Hitomaika as this MV went all in for the ships as well, even if it was missing AnRisa! But theirs is a weird ship, as in it is one where I feel the friendship more than anything else! It doesn’t have that vibe that Hitomaika or Iorino have, you know!

But in this one case, for some reason the yuri took a back seat because I have apparently underestimated my love for Maika! I love this MV so much first and foremost because Maika is the center and the amount of screentime…Jesus! There really is balance in this world!

And that balance also covers the newly released MV today which is about Hitomi and Nagisa, just the two of them! Yeah, I haven’t watched it yet and it will probably take me a while to because I just don’t get that pairing. Maybe because Nagisa is like the 2nd centre? The favourite girl while Hitomi is the Ace? I don’t know, I don’t get it!

But to tell the truth I felt a bit cheated seeing that because then I started to feel what others were saying about Shukipi being more of a Nagisa or Kiara single instead of Maika because then I think that if those two got Shukipi then chances are we could have gotten a Hitomaika solo MV instead of Hiinagi?

But again, Shukipi balanced everything out because of how so good it is and Maika being the centre of it! Was it a cheap cheat? I don’t care, I got a Maika centre, a kick ass Maika centre that is probably the best MV from the group (outside of Caution of course).

I frikkin love this MV!

Hitomaika having a second hand kiss with the milk tea! Iorino almost kissing! Some MaiKiara! Some Saitouchu! A good amount of Risa (She is still my second favourite after Maika and speaking of Risa, apparently Maika is having a Risa boom currently so I expect some content from then too in that Camping Vid)!

And them twin-tails Jesus Christ!!! This MV is just all around deadly! And to all normal girls out there, Iori is of course on fire with her coolaid but I was kind of disappoint with her scene with Sana in the shower! Come on Miichan, you can do better than that! They are in the shower for crying out loud!! Oh well, I guess Nonno wouldn’t have had none of it!

And don’t get me started of the visuals! You all know me and beauty! I will let the caps speak for them selves…


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Hitomaika IX – Her Existence!


Quiz: What she (Hitomi) loves about Sasaki Maika?


Hitomi: Her existence!


Maika: Thank you~

髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.43.544 髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.44.872

Hitomi: That HA in Diamond Lily (Maika’s answer)…I Love it!

髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.50.366 髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.54.645

But I love that you more…Just you existing is enough!


Maika: Totally happy!

Excuse me, police? I wish to report a crime!


Like, how is that allowed!?!

I swear, if the answer to her most memorable =LOVE moment was Maika’s comeback 2nd Anniversary concert, I would have been so deaded! And it still might be! She said she forgot and that all she remembers is crying a lot so my money is on that! I mean, it could have been easy to pick Anna’s answer (their first TIF – Tokyo Idol Festival – appearance in 2017) but she did not!

Very suspicious!

Seriously though, who gives that kind of answer?! Liking somebody because they simply exist is…is..like there is nothing else that it could be!!!

My week has been slow and this definitely put some spice into it! As to what this is, it’s a small video on =LOVE’s official YouTube channel and the theme was to find out who is the Hitomi King! AKA, who knows more about Hitomi!

I already knew Maika would not win, and kind of surprised Anna lost! My money was on her! During the last episode of Maika’s radio where Risa was a guest (fuckin finally!!!) she had a similar quiz about Risa and she failed it miserably so I figured she would do the same here!

Speaking of Risa and Maika, they are like my Yukirin/Rena version of =LOVE but for some reason they never got to do anything together! You know this Ikotaimu series they do where two members host an episode together? For some reason these two seemed cursed by the universe itself! They could have met at least three times but for the first two fate was against them! The first one Risa was sick so she could not make it (even though we got Maika/Kiara goodness instead) and the second time of course it was the pandemic so they had to do it remotely! Here’s to hoping they get another chance now that things are back to normal and I have learned that Maika is having a Risa boom currently so all is good I guess!

But that makes things a bit exciting given that now Hitomi is back and she had brought a damn bazooka to a knife fight damn it! I knew I was in for some goodness now that she is back but this is too much too soon! Damn, I hope Sasshi and the Managers are watching this and writing down tips for the next single! It’s been forever since we got a yuri themed single!

Please God!


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Hitomaika VIII – Welcome Back Hitomi!

=LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.48.947
=LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.26.439 =LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.49.260
=LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.50.767 =LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_03.33.225
=LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.49.757 =LOVE(イコールラブ) _  青春”サブリミナル”【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_05.13.317

tenor (26)

Yes! Looks like we are back on the menu Bois and Gals!

It sure feels like it’s been 84 years without these two, hasn’t it!!? For sure though,  I thought for a moment there that Hitomi would not be back, given what happened this year and girls graduating left and right but my fears were for naught!

Hitomi was like, screw 2020, I am back Babes!

Seriously, my life in 2020 is so good I am starting to feel guilty for all the happiness I am feeling!

If this feels like deja vu, it’s because it is deja vu. I have already in fact done a Welcome Back Post in this series but that was for Maika. Yeah, right after she came back, Hitomi then decided to take a page out of Maika’s book and also go on break!

I nearly posted about that but I was too shook I couldn’t find the energy! In fact after she left I haven’t posted anything =LOVE related even if I had content. Content that even contained my betrayal for Hitomaika in that I was starting to look at other Maika ships!

Thank the Lord I persevered!

And just like when Maika came back…

mh (1)hitomaika3

…and the two went on the date, the very night that they had that concert by the way, this time too Hitomaika went on another date. This time it was a dinner date!

Like, I can’t even!

This date actually hit me harder because I was feeling a bit down since we did not get any lovely photos of the two during the return concert for Hitomi like we did for Maika. Seriously, those were some lovely pics! In fact I am going to change my header to that!

So yeah, it was a bit of a let down to not get any photos of the two together but this date totally made up for it, especially since I thought that we would not get that too! But we did and I am so happy! I can’t wait for more content of the two and put my heart back in its right place as I have been starting to wander, like I said!

But unfortunately things aren’t quite the same as they were before! Those caps you see above are from their latest single and sadly, the formation is not the same anymore! I really thought =LOVE was above all the pandering but I guess not! I thought we would be back to the original top three in Hitomi centre flanked by Maika and Nagisa but alas, Maika has been replaced by Emiri! Oh well, we still got formation where Hitomi was front of Maika and Maika in front of Hitomi and I am sure eventually we will get back to it!

No, I am not digging Maika/Iori! They are the SaeYuki to my Mayuki!

Anyway, it’s so good to have these two back and now we can continue on with the Hitomaika series! Now just praying for some content of the two while I go back and dig out that other content of Maika being shipped with someone else I was talking about!

Until then, have a good Friday!


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=LOVE – Iranai Twintail [MV]

=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;53;21.500
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;53;52.896 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;48;49.450 - 00001
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;19;27.860 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;04;13.737
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;35;38.343
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;24;28.646 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;28;38.455
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;18;40.940 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;24;09.710
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;49;53.222
=LOVE – いらない ツインテール

Hitomaika with rings. Yuri. Gothic and Punk! Twintail Lolis! Sexiness! Kickass Track!

What’s not to like about ‘Iranai Twintail’ – The coupling track on their 5th Single – Sagase Diamond Lily?!

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