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Why AKS, Why?!

Seriously, to this day I am still asking myself why Maachun was moved to AKB48! Why?! So she wasn’t at the level of SayaMilky in NMB but even there without the rankings you still felt the powerful presence she had! She was the life of the N stages, their shows, and the butter to the bread that is Sayanee!

I mean just take this clip for example. This is this year’s show. Just feel how so in sync she ahd Sayanee are! Even after this time apart they are still so connected! And she is even funnier than when she is in AKB! I have been noticing that actually! Her talent that makes her so lovely is disappearing into the wind the more time she spends in AKB! Hell, it is even affecting us fans, if this Sousenkyou is any indication! I mean come on, Maachun not making it has to be the clearest message to AKS I have never seen!!

Give this girl back to NMB!!!


NMB48 11th Single – Don’t Look Back

DLB b.mkv - 00061
DLB b.mkv - 00000 DLB b.mkv - 00063
DLB c.mkv - 00013
DLB d.mkv - 00002 DLB d.mkv - 00076
DLB d.mkv - 00152
DLB e.mkv - 00042 DLB e.mkv - 00044
DLB e.mkv - 00068
DLB e.mkv - 00073 DLB e.mkv - 00076
DLB e.mkv - 00082
All dem Yukirin! Maachun!! Ainyan!!!!!!

BEST! Just simply BEST!

You know, someone jokingly said that Yukirin’s position and screen-time in the Don’t Look Back single was better than her own group’s singles combined and after watching the PV and Team N’s MV, I am inclined to agree! And OMG did Yukirin slay both the cool ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the Sexy ‘Renai Petenshi’ like she had the blood of NaMBa flowing through her veins or what!!! But really, what can one expect? She is after all the Idol no Kishin! I sure hope AKS are taking notes and realising how so under-used and un-appreciated Yukirin is. All her songs are slow songs, she is always left to the back lines like she was some kind of back-up dancer! Seriously, seeing all those singles you wouldn’t think for a second that she was the No.2 of AKB48 better yet No.3 of the whole darn 48G!

She was so cool in Don’t Look Back, didn’t even look like she was breaking a sweat and of course when it comes to sexy Renai Petenshi she is gonna slay, after all, Kuchi Utsushi yo! I was right, this was the single to get and even the fact that I still struck out on getting what has to be one of the sexicoolest Yukirin CD photos to have ever graced the face of the earth

Gimme, me want!!!

The amount of Yukirin screen time in all three of these PVs (including the dance version of Don’t Look Back) was like God food! Not to mention that this is Yukirin’s last NMB single which is really sad! Her time of going all out is already over! And I was so looking forward to seeing her interact with the new Team N! I will never see her together again with Jo-chan and Natsuko now! Baka AKS, always getting in the way of happiness!

Then there is that delicious, delicious surprise PV that hit me like a train! I was like, what’s this? There is a lot of things on this DVD! 10mins? A making of? That’s strange, those are never on the Type A (which I got). So anyway I checked it out disinterested and even when I saw Nana staring with FEELs at a photo that I gave no attention to, nothing really jumped out at me until I saw that flashback of the girls training on the track and my eyes bulged! I had spotted Maachun! I could not believe it! Then the title hit the screen and I cheered!

Sorry Mirurun but when I found out that Nana was not solemnly staring at that photo just because she broke her leg and was sad that she would not get to compete with her friends but rather that she was thinking of Maachun, even going so far as to give us cool Maachun in a flashback, everything else about this PV disappeared and all I saw was Maachun, and Nana and Shinkirou!

I am telling you, with my copy arriving and getting to watch Seishun no Lap time, add in those Draft Meeting from last year clips shown on last night’s AKBINGO, all I was seeing yesterday was AKS mistakes! Their mistake of taking Maachun out of Team N and NMB as a whole and getting the Draftees out of their Teams!!!! Doesn’t anyone in that Management see these and feel the guilty weighing on them? Don’t they see their mistakes?!!

In addition to delicious Maachun (who was missed by Milky too BTW), we also got to see Ainyan!! I think my faced melted right off with how much I was smiling when she appeared! This PV was like a gift from God and I am taking this cd, sealing it away and keeping it until the end of all time!

I didn’t even realise how much I liked Nana until this single! More specifically until the Lap time PV! Then I thought of Shinkirou and the FEELs hit me from every angle! Now of course Nana was brilliant in Don’t Look Back, nay, she shone the most but that Lap Time PV was in a league of its own! I am going to miss her!

And now Maachun has been taken out of Team B, which means the distance between her and I is increasing since I don’t watch Team A stages that often but seeing as now Team A has two of my 5 Kamis (Sakura and Maachun) and Team B has been reduced from three to one (Ikoma-kun and  Maachun out) I might be watching more Team A stages, especially if those two appear as often and really, Team B stages without Yukirin are kind of less delicious! Especially now that Sayaya won’t be there as well. Seriously, I am beginning to think that AKS and I are natural born enemies! I watched those new Draftee videos and frankly there was no one that could ever replace Sayaya! Maybe my mind will change during the actual event but I doubt it that much, now that the point behind the whole thing has been rendered meaningless by those Devils!

Any who, jump over for caps galore of these PVs. No need to point out that Yukirin will dominate of course…

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I Would Give Anything For Mayuyu – Yukirin

141223 AKB de Arubaito ep23 (final).mp4 - 00018
141222 NOGIBINGO!3 ep12.ts - 00050 141222 NOGIBINGO!3 ep12.ts - 00055141230 AKB48 Part - 56th Japan Record Awards.ts - 00013
141224 HKT48 no Odekake! ep97.mp4 - 00095 150104 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep166.ts - 00112
150105 Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku ep228.ts - 00029

So, me be back! The nightmare is finally over! Man, I hate exams!

So anyway, I spent all day yesterday trying to keep up with all the vids I was holding off watching because of the stupid exams and I found that there was a lot to get through. I will try to see if I could post my thoughts on the relevant ones in the coming days. For now I am going to quickly go through a couple.

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Majisuka Gakuen 4 Cast

150102 AKB48ドラマ「マジすか学園」出演メンバー大発表! SP.ts - 00403
150102 AKB48ドラマ「マジすか学園」出演メンバー大発表! SP.ts - 00211 AKB ga Ippai ~the best music videos~ II.mkv - 00009
150102 AKB48ドラマ「マジすか学園」出演メンバー大発表! SP.ts - 00217 AKB ga Ippai ~the best music videos~ II.mkv - 00003

Okay, I was ready to forget about the best season were this one to go for a completely new cast but the story being a complete reboot of the first season (the best one too! Who reboots a good project? Why fix what ain’t broken?), seriously, from what I have seen in the trailer some scenes look like they were pulled right out of the first season! How am I supposed to forget about the first season then? All this is going to make people is to compare the two that much more! And of course I am not impervious to this so I will be doing just that as I list the characters for this 4th season, which is more like the first season all over again. Is this all the poor Next gen are going to be getting? Scraps of the Old/Current Gen? Poor girls! Rena was completely right in face-palming!

That being said though, I can’t help but actually look forward to this. There’s is no denying that some girls make you wonder what they can do, especially poor Sakura-tan with a lot against her! I guess the more eyes you have on you the more hate you build up. Now I am worried about Yukirin finally getting to Centre. Will she gamer this much hate as well? I mean you wouldn’t have thought it just months ago that Sakura would be this much hated. But forget all that, let’s get on with what Majisuka 4 has in store for us so far in terms of roles…

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