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Vid – Mizugeshiki Hoshi Moyou [Shoujo Kaikou]


This movie is so sad that the actors and director actually cried on set! No lies! Other than the dumb main character, I really love it and bought a limited bluray for it for my collection!
I couldn’t find a fitting English song for this movie and I have always wanted to use a Rurutia song (I have many favourites of hers) and this movie totally fits her world and so here we are.
Those who want to know more about the movie I wrote my feelings about it way back. You can read it -> HERE.

I did not include a certain plot point because I hated it that much, just in case anyone is wondering! And I am of course talking about Miyuri’s decisions!


Shoujo Kaikou [J-Movie]

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Shoujo Kaikou 少女邂逅


Sorry, I just had to get that out of the way before anything! I am pretty sure most of my readers are fed up with feeling depressed and angry after watching many an Asian movie so I save you all from that pain by laying it out as it is from the get go!

This is A BAD END movie, nay, not only that but it is in the top WORST ENDs ever! Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this movie. If I hate anything it’s the main character Miyuri (ponytailed girl played by Hoshi Moeka). I really hate that girl! I have never did a 180 on a character as much as I did Miyuri in this movie! To be fair, I usually can tell from the get go that I would not like a character but this time around those damn writers wrote her so well in the beginning that you just can’t help but love her and then suddenly at the end you are left hating her!

It seems unreal but it is true! And so I don’t hate the movie because it is that good! To be able to make me hate a character, the main character by the way, as much as they did in such a small amount of time should be commended!

What’s worse is the fact that this one time we actually, probably, got a lesbian lead whereas the supporter was the straight one, upon first impressions, and yet they went and did that to her! Okay, fine, so maybe I hate the writers as well because the more I think about that ending and the decisions that Miyuri made which were frikkin so out of character for her given the person we have been seeing so far, is out right ‘got cold feet in the end’ kind of deal!

Okay, so maybe I hate that ending as well! Hell, I would have taken the supernatural ending of Tsumugi being an alien or some kind of bug turned human or she was in Miyuri’s head all along kind of ending over that shitty ending we got! What’s worse is the fact that they left that mysterious feel about Tsumugi in the movie. The way she got worse health wise as the movie went on or the weird silk-like threads coming out of her body! These things were not followed up on despite still keeping them in the movie as if they were relevant.

The good things about Shoujo Kaikou are of course the moments, those cute gay moments the two have and the many possibilities that the story could have chosen to follow but instead they went for the stupidest one!

Yes, I still consider this a yuri movie, why? Because Miyuri all but told us that she was in love with Tsumugi during the love talk with their friends! They asked her if she had someone and she said she did. This she answered after she spied a glance in Tsumugi’s direction, who at the time was talking with some guys off in a corner. Then they asked her to describe the guy and she proceeded to basically describe Tsumugi! But even without this conversation, it was already obvious really.

The moments were all the normal cute ones, hand-holding, eye-sex, jealousy, and hell, they even had the curtain scene where a jealous Tsumugi replaced the lipstick that had been applied by their friends on Miyuri’s lips with her own saying that Miyuri looked better with it! And don’t get me started on the way Miyuri was stealing glances at Tsumugi’s lips!

Seriously, it’s a crime that we did not get them to kiss, heck, to just talk about their feelings or something! It was there, everyone knew it was there, the only crime being that it wasn’t being acknowledged!

I mean come on, what more do you need than a girl taking off her own panties for you to wear in place of your soiled ones?! Like, that is like come on!!!

The other things are technical, like this movie really looks gorgeous, the cinematography is really high calibre with moves I’ve only seen from directors that know what they are doing and here I thought this was a B-movie! The story was really engaging but like I said, the ending and what they chose to go with totally bastardised the story to just being meh! There was so much potential! I have a feeling that many people loved it until the ending!

I hate that ending!

Imagine being at your lowest point in life. So low in fact that you can’t even master the courage to off yourself! Then imagine someone, an angel, nay, a god, coming into your shitty life and turning it into something worth looking forward to every morning! Then when that person really needed you, when that god needed your help, you go and betray them!

That is how the ending went! But even worse than the betrayal, despite the help of her dreams telling her things that she should have at least tested out to see if there was something in them, Miyuri totally is the reason that Tsumugi died. I am pretty sure she killed herself! And I am also 100% sure it was because of Miyuri’s betrayal!

Like, my anger for that ending knows no bounds! Tsumugi went through shit no girl should go through to get away from that place, at least for a while. She went out with older men just so she could raise money for them to be able to fly out to their destination and have a grand time. The promise that was initiated and was supposed to be kept by Miyuri but Tsumugi was the one to make it a reality!

But then Miyuri betrayed Tsumugi and not only did she leave her there sleeping on the strain station, alone and cold in the middle of nowhere, she called Tsumugi’s parents too, which by the way was part of their promise to not tell anyone even their parents where they were going. The look of hurt at the betrayal in Tsumugi’s eyes still haunts me!

And even when she showed up at school again and collapsed and had to be sent to the infirmary, Miyuri did not even visit her! She left Tsumugi die alone! She let her die still feeling the betrayal from Miyuri! She let her die just like that!

I hate her so much! I didn’t think it was possible but Souma (Kannazuki no Miko) and Shirou (Fate/Stay Night) just got de-throned by Miyuri as my least favourite lead! Well, Souma wasn’t the lead but you get the drift!

I guess I should be happy about the fact that in the end, because of Tsumugi’s death, Miyuri went back to her life of depression and this time, unlike before, she actually got affected enough to cut her wrists for real!

God, wiil it kill Japan to give us more GOOD ENDINGS?! I mean despite the bullying from the get go, this did not look like the movie to have such a cold ending! Things just really descalated quickly in the last like, 10 minutes or so! Like, I don’t even know what happened there!

Do I still rec it? Of course! The yuri vibes were too strong and too cute to be out-done by such a stupid ending! And really, we are veterans now when it comes to these types of endings so really, just another day in Sadville!

Anyway, jump over for some pics and more caps…


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