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Kakegurui TWIN [J-Drama]

210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep01.mkv_snapshot_14.13.348
210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep02.mkv_snapshot_15.14.398 210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep02.mkv_snapshot_14.50.876
210416 賭ケグルイ双 ep08.mkv - 14;34;44.209 210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 09;31;07.472
210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep01.mkv_snapshot_06.07.807 210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep01.mkv_snapshot_05.46.114210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 08;12;54.312
210409 賭ケグルイ双 ep06.mkv_snapshot_19.17.656 210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 05;43;56.438
210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 06;15;44.060 210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 02;44;03.894
210409 賭ケグルイ双 ep05.mkv_snapshot_00.30.837 210409 賭ケグルイ双 ep05.mkv_snapshot_00.37.256
210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 00;37;23.904
210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep04.mkv - 08;15;39.411 210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 02;41;03.966
210326 賭ケグルイ双 ep01.mkv_snapshot_06.25.980 210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 04;38;42.519
210402 賭ケグルイ双 ep03.mkv - 12;11;26.034 210416 賭ケグルイ双 ep07.mkv - 03;24;13.600

That third season though…

If you are a fellow Saotome Mary lover then you know what a feast this season was! You see TWIN, the third season, focuses on Mary and Mary alone, she is the protagonist in this and it takes place when she first arrives at Hyakkaou Academy. That happened a year before Jabami Yumeko arrived! In fact this is like a story being told to Yumeko by the Journalism Club President, even though it actually starts out as a story by the Supernatural Club President Togashuki Yukimi but that threads dies real quick I guess because she becomes one of the main characters alongside Mary and her BFF Hanatemari Tsuzura.

In the grand scheme of things, the only relevant thing is that the Student Council still has friction within as some members are staging a coupe and try to initiate Mary into their cause because she comes and takes the school by storm, which grabs the attention of the Student Council, in all manors of ways!

We saw a glimpse of this in the first, or was it second season, when the twin sister of the Student Council President (Momobami Kirari) Momobami Ririka seems adamant about getting Mary to join the Council! Sadly we did not get to see Mary interact with Ririka here and I hope that it is because there is more story to be told but even if they did not meet, or even Mary meeting Kirari, she did meet other Council Members!

Like I said, some members were planning to take down Kirari and tried to recruit Mary into their group and these were the Leader and his fellow member and Fiancee Miharutaki Sakura (Played by Ikuta Erika)! Mary of course did not join them in their cause mostly because the Leader was shady as hell and treated Ladies with disrespect!

Yeah, Mary here was the opposite of the Mary we meet in the first season! This Mary had her heart in the right place and she even gets into gambling to save her friend Tsuzura from the cute bully of the first years Aiura Kokoro (played by Fukumoto Riko). Seriously, that was such a great way to open a series, if I ever saw one! The series’ end does not catch us up to the Mary we first met though, which will make things amiss if there is not more story to perfectly fit in-between this and the start when Yumeko arrives!

Back to the Student Council, the other members Mary gets to meet is one of the Craziest ones – Juraku Sachiko (played by Nagai Mijika)! I bet you she is like the President of the Justice Committee or something! She is totally scary! And totally gay!

That’s right, Sachiko-sama here is the Lady of the series and while apparently she is supposedly the main Antagonist of the manga version, she only popped in and out in the series even though she definitely had the most screentime but as far as I am concerned the Resistance group is the main antagonists!

I mean in this series we settle things with Gambling and Mary did not Gamble with Sachiko-sama, hell, Sachiko-sama wanted Mary for herself and that barely makes for a great antagonist.

Okay, now I need to read that manga!

Speaking of Sachiko-sama, she does have a slave literally on chains in Sado Mikura (Sado…hehehe) played by Hinatazaka46’s Sasaki Mirei. She of course wants to be the sole receiver of Sachiko-sama’s affection…uh…attention, so when Sachiko-sama shows interest in Mary, you know there is going to be animosity between the two, and of course there is!

And while Mary did not get to meet the Momobami twins, she did get one of their attention! I am not sure if it was Ririka standing in for Kirari or if it was actually Kirari herself but when Tsuzura and Yukimi stumble into the Council Room looking for clues to the Gambling game that Mary is currently attending, they run into Kirari, well, she was actually there but they did not see her until she called out to them when they were leaving! She asks if they are friends of Mary and notes how they seem to be having fun! She sounded almost…

Yeah, let’s not go there, next thing I know I will be day dreaming about Mary and Kirari and…Ah shit…it’s too late now!

Some old cast are here too even if they only are glimpsed at. That includes some of the other Student Council Members, like that craziest of the crazy, one-eyed Midari, even though here she still has two eyes but her mind is already gone! She’s got herself a team of girls and yeah, they are totally with benefits!

Anyway, I really love this series! It’s such a shame that Hamabe Minami-chan had to play both Yumeko and Saki because I really want another season of SAKI as well! Japan is really great at adapting Manga to series and SAKI and KAGEGURUI are the best of the best!

Anyway, I totally ship Mary with literally anyone in this series!


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Tenkousei [J-Movie]

短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_10.53.400
短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_13.03.224 短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_11.45.909
短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_16.23.031 短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_15.19.598
短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_05.15.811 短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_08.31.205
短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring”.mp4_snapshot_07.40.668

Transferring / 転校生

Short Films sometime they are simply the best! They have a special place in my movie-loving heart because they are so swift in their attacks to the heart and usually leave you with a hole that will for sure leave you dreaming about the different scenarios in which you could take the story! And this one in particular is…WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! IS THAT…?!

Why of course it is!!! The ever lovely Aoi-chan!!! In all seriousness, I don’t think I have watched a Celeb’s works as many as I have seen hers! She’s like, in my brain, in my face, in my eyes…as Dakota would put it!

When I finally recognised her I was like, she looks young though, what gives?! Turns out that this Short Film was made way back in 2012!!! That’s like, even before SCHOOL GIRL COMPLEX!!!

Yeah, I just totally failed once again! I think I should change my name to Black Fail Gekikara at this rate!

As for what this Short 20min film is all about, just like it says on the tin, this is about a Transfer Student – Risa (Matsuda Riko) who transfers to Yoko’s (Aoi-chan) school! With only that the movie had my complete attention because we all know the trope! The Transfer Student will get close to the main character and so on and so forth!

But what hits right in the FEELs is that this transfer is not permanent! In fact this is the shortest transfer period I have ever heard! Yoko was in this school for just a week!!!! Like, what even!!!!

What makes that really hit hard is the fact that you never think it was that short! I mean, no one could have imagined such a short stay in the first place so no one was prepared when we hear it in the end but that’s just scratching the surface!

I am not sure what the deal is with Yoko’s situation but she isn’t close with her classmates despite her looks (maybe it is because of them?!) So when Risa comes to the school Yoko is already all alone so that made sense that she would seek out to befriend the new girl!

Only the new girl is not like other transfer students because she is not looking to make friends! In fact she makes it known first thing that she is not going to get close to anyone and she doesn’t even try!

This attitude makes you wonder but eventually, due to Yoko’s persistence, they get close but just when things are looking up, just after that cute scene where Risa made an effort to ask Yoko out on a date to go watch the movie based off the books she had been reading all this time, something that seems quite personal to her, of course the climax happens!

Suddenly Risa is acting strange and later on the way home she cancels their date which of course means a falling out and we are all left like, really!?!

Next day in class we find out why! Risa is already moving and she would not have made it to the day of the date even she she wanted to and now we know that she moves very often even if this was the shortest period she had stayed in the same place.

We now know what she never wants to get close to anyone when she transfers schools! Imagine making new friends only to always say goodbye to them!

Yeah, only Akemi Homura can relate!

As you might expect that hit Yoko hard and worse still is the fact that the time she finds out what was going on is the time that Risa has to leave, meaning that she did not even get time to make up with her before she left…or did she!?!

You see, there is this ting of theirs where Yoko reverse psyched Risa’s words of telling her to stay away “Do not follow me” into actually meaning the opposite, which is how they got close in the first place, by Risa following Yoko to her home after countlessly pestering her with her own words!

When Risa is giving her goodbye speech to the class and she had finished saying why she doesn’t try to get close to people, she turns to Yoko and says “That’s why you should not follow me” before leaving the school!

But as she leaves the school, and as you might expect, she cries, probably the first time in a long while she hard, and the movie ends by her turning around  as if someone was following her!

Yeah, definitely not Yoko doing their thing and actually following Risa on the contrary!

Yeah, tots FEELs in here!!!

Like, talk about a treasure trove of fan fiction ideas to accompany this story! You can write one that fills in the gaps during their time together or write countless routes that the ending could have taken!

Yeah sure the end result is still Risa leaving but the possibilities of what happens before they had to go…

Yeah, I miss writing fiction!

Anyway, jump over for the translated YouTube link and the DL.


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My Wishlist

A1WF4wAMacL._SL1500_ (1) 715ii8m5ooL._SL1500_
1808_love_photo_aka2_04 1808_love_photo_aka2_08
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Last post for the day, I swear!

But in all seriousness, these two are my top Wishlist items for the moment! Not buying anything else until I get my hands on these two awesome Bluray Collections! We have already talked Kurokouchi! We have yet to talk Kakegurui Live Action but I have already watched it and the anime too! The Bluray is out now and I want my hands on it!

Speaking of Kakegurui, Season 2 has been announced for next year and not only that, a movie is also coming next year! Kind of interesting seeing as we have yet to even have a second season of the anime!

Anyway, I can’t wait for more Yumeko (Hamabe Minami AKA Saki) and Meari (Morikawa Aoi-sama)! Interestingly, the drama actually had more yuri than the anime! These two’s relationship was given more depth (even if it was little) in the drama than the anime so more of that and I am game! I mean, the show ended on Yumeko going to buy Meari a frikkin sandwich, which was asked for in such a…

Anyway, let’s not forget about Gouriki Ayame-sama as an awesomely laid back gay investigator in crime drama Kurokochi! I want muh Blurays so I can make muh music videos!

And by the gods, those Teokure CAUTION =LOVE photo sets! I will give anything to anyone that can point me where I can buy them! Anything to get those Hitomaika and Anrisa sets!! Please I will give anything!

And I just realised that I have not yet made a dedicated =LOVE post explaining my stance on the group yet! That is coming! I am just not in the mood since my Kami is currently out of service due to sickness (Missed the TIF and everything) Really miss her! Actually maybe that is one reason to post about them now! But I am out of free time >.<

At the very least you know where I stand in terms of ships, right?

Anyway, yeah, that is all for today. Sorry for the post dumps!


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ZERO and Shishunki Gokko Behind the Scenes

Zero Ex8.mkv - 00102
Zero Ex8.mkv - 00045 Shishunki Gokko Making.m2ts - 00116
Shishunki Gokko Making.m2ts - 00205

So, took me some time but I have finally gotten around to watching the Extras to Shishunki Gokko and Zero movies. I was very looking forward to these because while Japan kind of suck in that one department where they never include deleted scenes in their extras, they do have lengthy behind the scenes videos. Or maybe they are just so good that they never cut scenes! Nah, impossiburu!

But while both of these movies did deliver on the extras, they are not equal in the quality of the content that they gave. Some releases never add any extra content beyond the trailer, which really boggles my mind to no end. Why would anyone need a trailer having purchased the whole damn movie? It makes zero sense! This is actually the area where TGS finally failed when they didn’t include any behind the scenes for the regular (not premium) release. I have cried about this to no end but I really wanted those extras for 5tsu movie! Alas we can’t have it all and no one is perfect it seems.

As I was saying, one of these two movies, Shishunki Gokko and Zero, failed to deliver and I have a feeling that if you were following the news I was posting about these movies before their release, you might have an idea of which movie let me down. That was of course SG!

I was very looking forward to that kiss in the extras where we actually get to see it properly without the camera lighting and far shots that took the fun out of it! I really feel like we were cheated out of that one! And it is not that they did not kiss, because they did. Even from the distance HD don’t lie! But it wasn’t enough so I was waiting the Making Ofs to have a look at it from a different, lighter, and hopefully closer angle but none of those wishes were granted. In fact the kiss was not even touched upon in the Making Of! It was totally schemed over like it wasn’t worthy focus. For me I think that the scenes they choose to have in the Making Of videos are the important ones since sometimes the casts and Director get to discuss them but not for this movie.

Actually all the Behind the Scene were not what you would expect, especially if you have watched a couple of those already. For Shishunki Gokko all they did was show the exact same things we saw but from a different secondary camera! All the scenes were ‘in action’ meaning that they were actually filming these scenes at the same time we were seeing them. Meaning that you never get to see anything new that you did not get to see in the movie which totally sucks major A! But even an easy job as that they couldn’t get right! Where is our different and closer look at that kiss scene?! Where is your conscious? Surely you felt that you might have cheated out on us viewers!

Thank the Lord Zero had all that and more! We got to see the girls being themselves behind the scenes which shows their chemistry outside the movie and for me when I see things like this they get me to love the characters they are playing even more. For example you wouldn’t think it seeing Ayami in the movie but she is still just a teen and she showed this the way she was playing around with Aoi behind the camera! Aoi on the other hand we got to see that she is actually a really laid back person. From her speech to the way she moves she screams delicate! I just want to protect her from the air itself! But even she wasn’t immune to Ayami’s infectious playfulness!

Meanwhile Shishunki Gokko didn’t give us anything new at all or something really about the personalities of Misato and Honoka. Well maybe an expert could just from their little interviews but even then I couldn’t get nothing! I was really disappointed with Shishunki Gokko’s extras! What a waste of HD space! Oh yeah, that is the one thing it beats out Zero’s extras in. Zero extras were all on the DVD included with the BD! This decisions blows my mind especially since Japanese DVDs and BDs aren’t that different in price, in fact sometimes DVDs are more expensive than BDs so it couldn’t have been about the money! Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!

Enough about that though, let’s get to the pics…


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