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Hanagatami [J-Movie]

花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.22.46.348
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.21.51.168 花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.21.53.758
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.04.13.946 花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.04.18.312
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.04.19.666
Akine & Chitose

花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_00.09.20.642
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_00.13.19.203 花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_00.42.18.007
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.07.10.145 花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_01.48.24.158
花筐 (2017).mkv_snapshot_02.29.47.050
Mina & Keiko

Hanagatami 花筐

Aaaaah Miki Honoka!!!! I missed you! Well, apparently she goes by a different name now – Yahagi Honoka so I am guessing she got married. I missed you too Mugi-chan!!! I haven’t heard from you since you made out with Morikawa Aoi in Schoolgirl Complex! Interestingly, both movies came out around the same time and one of our other girls Yamazaki Hirona, she too had a movie out around that same time, and a big one at that – Kamisama no Yuutoori!

Miki plays the character Mina. Mugi-chan plays Chitose. Hirona is Akine and to round up our main female cast, the sexy as ever Tokiwa Takako, who I last remember from 20th Century Boys trilogy, plays Mina’s big sister Keiko!

But before we begin, does anyone want some FEELs? I am all but overflowing over here! I need to get rid of some before I burst! And this movie right here is partially responsible! It tackles so many deep themes and with the runtime being just 10 minutes shy of 3 hours, well, you can just imagine the state of one’s mind and soul once those credits roll!

And that on top of a bruise I already have because that’s right, once again I am late to the party! So late even Honoka got married before I watched the movie! Yes, this is a 2017 movie and I am just finding out about it now! It is worse here because this looks to be a big deal of a movie! And no, it’s about the length but the scope and that cast! Basically an award-bait movie here and I am only finding out about it now!

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[Vid] You Lost Me [Shishunki Gokko]


So, I love Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ so much that I have been struggling for a long while to find a fitting ship. Then about two or so weeks back, I was re-watching Shishunki Gokko (AKA Finding the Adolescence), because I want to get back to my old self that loved every little thing and wanted to love this movie way more than I originally loved it, if I did at all. To read more about my feeling on it, there is a post about it of course.

And so while I sat there, actually finding that my mission is succeeding in that I am actually loving the movie more this time around (though to be fair, that spinoff short helped tremendously) it just clicked with me! Takane and Mika are the embodiment of this song! And that is all she wrote.

Hope you likey…


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[Houkago Lost] Little Trip BTS


EDIT: Apologies, couldn’t get webms to work on this blog. damn! But you can get them by clicking on the links under the jifs.

Was going through some of my favs because it is Sunday and I always have that craving to prepare for the week to come and I remember that I didn’t watch the Behind the Scenes for Houkago Lost. I was very sceptical, what it being only 20mins long but they did actually include the kiss between Honoka and Kaho! Better yet it was from a different angle and a close up so there was no maybes about it at all! You got to enjoy it in all its multiple awesome glory!

And so i figured I might as well make some webms of those awesome kisses and that grope scene for you lovely Readers to enjoy! I can’t believe they kissed that many times in such a short period of time! And the way the director used Kaho’s other talents in the movie by incorporating that rooftop scene was just…Seriously, if it weren’t for that ending, this movie would so be in my Top 5! Even that Sumire middle ground of nope wouldn’t have mattered one bit. Sadly that ending happened and to both of the yuri stories so, um, yeah…

Also in case anyone wants to know what the two thought of the kiss, we heard their thoughts. Miki was like – who wouldn’t want to kiss a cute girl like her (Kaho) she even went on to say that she made great memories for the year but since she filmed Shishunki Gokko last year as well, well, it might be general but she said it during this movie’s interview so I guess she will never forget that kiss!

Meanwhile Kaho said that it was way easier and better than she had imagine. That surprised her and since Honoka was in listening distance, she asked her if she had thought so too. Miki of course agreed that she too was surprised. So does this mean that Kaho was Miki’s first kiss with a girl too? I know it was for Kaho because she said it herself that this was the first time she was involved in a yuri project. I guess Miki hadn’t kissed Misato yet in Shishunki Gokko).

Anyway that third time of their kiss was just so good I just had to jif it…



ZERO and Shishunki Gokko Behind the Scenes

Zero Ex8.mkv - 00102
Zero Ex8.mkv - 00045 Shishunki Gokko Making.m2ts - 00116
Shishunki Gokko Making.m2ts - 00205

So, took me some time but I have finally gotten around to watching the Extras to Shishunki Gokko and Zero movies. I was very looking forward to these because while Japan kind of suck in that one department where they never include deleted scenes in their extras, they do have lengthy behind the scenes videos. Or maybe they are just so good that they never cut scenes! Nah, impossiburu!

But while both of these movies did deliver on the extras, they are not equal in the quality of the content that they gave. Some releases never add any extra content beyond the trailer, which really boggles my mind to no end. Why would anyone need a trailer having purchased the whole damn movie? It makes zero sense! This is actually the area where TGS finally failed when they didn’t include any behind the scenes for the regular (not premium) release. I have cried about this to no end but I really wanted those extras for 5tsu movie! Alas we can’t have it all and no one is perfect it seems.

As I was saying, one of these two movies, Shishunki Gokko and Zero, failed to deliver and I have a feeling that if you were following the news I was posting about these movies before their release, you might have an idea of which movie let me down. That was of course SG!

I was very looking forward to that kiss in the extras where we actually get to see it properly without the camera lighting and far shots that took the fun out of it! I really feel like we were cheated out of that one! And it is not that they did not kiss, because they did. Even from the distance HD don’t lie! But it wasn’t enough so I was waiting the Making Ofs to have a look at it from a different, lighter, and hopefully closer angle but none of those wishes were granted. In fact the kiss was not even touched upon in the Making Of! It was totally schemed over like it wasn’t worthy focus. For me I think that the scenes they choose to have in the Making Of videos are the important ones since sometimes the casts and Director get to discuss them but not for this movie.

Actually all the Behind the Scene were not what you would expect, especially if you have watched a couple of those already. For Shishunki Gokko all they did was show the exact same things we saw but from a different secondary camera! All the scenes were ‘in action’ meaning that they were actually filming these scenes at the same time we were seeing them. Meaning that you never get to see anything new that you did not get to see in the movie which totally sucks major A! But even an easy job as that they couldn’t get right! Where is our different and closer look at that kiss scene?! Where is your conscious? Surely you felt that you might have cheated out on us viewers!

Thank the Lord Zero had all that and more! We got to see the girls being themselves behind the scenes which shows their chemistry outside the movie and for me when I see things like this they get me to love the characters they are playing even more. For example you wouldn’t think it seeing Ayami in the movie but she is still just a teen and she showed this the way she was playing around with Aoi behind the camera! Aoi on the other hand we got to see that she is actually a really laid back person. From her speech to the way she moves she screams delicate! I just want to protect her from the air itself! But even she wasn’t immune to Ayami’s infectious playfulness!

Meanwhile Shishunki Gokko didn’t give us anything new at all or something really about the personalities of Misato and Honoka. Well maybe an expert could just from their little interviews but even then I couldn’t get nothing! I was really disappointed with Shishunki Gokko’s extras! What a waste of HD space! Oh yeah, that is the one thing it beats out Zero’s extras in. Zero extras were all on the DVD included with the BD! This decisions blows my mind especially since Japanese DVDs and BDs aren’t that different in price, in fact sometimes DVDs are more expensive than BDs so it couldn’t have been about the money! Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!

Enough about that though, let’s get to the pics…


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Shishunki Gokko ~ Mizuiro no Rakuen [J-Movie]

Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00065
Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00098 Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00177
Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00144
 Mizuiro no Rakuen 水色の楽園

There is no denying that the main movie will have left quite a lot, if not all quite disappointed, or angry, or just around sad because Shishunki Gokko just had to be a typical Japanese yuri movie! And by that I mean no happy end here! Sure they tried to make it ambiguous with that last scene at the library where it looked like Takane had come back to Mika to hopefully patch things up but still, the last act of the movie just didn’t sit well for all of us!

That being said, Shishunki Gokko separates itself from the crowd by doing what has never been done before. It gave us medicine to heal the wounds provided by the main movie in the form of a spin off that is all about Takane and Mika! No other character, and I mean no other character is in this short spin off! Actually, it’s not that short, being just over 30min long!

It’s basically Takane and Mika’s date that they spend at school for some reason. I am inclined to believe that this was because they didn’t get the time to have fun at the pool during the school activities from the main movie so they decided to sneak in when the school is closed so that they could have all the fun they wanted but didn’t get to have.

I believe that I mentioned this too in the main movie review but I still cannot place where this date takes place in the whole timeline. There are some things that come before the movie’s events, then there is those that should take place after some of the movie’s events and then there is those that only make sense after the movie’s events so I am really lost!

If anyone manages to figure out exactly where this ‘Ocean-blue Paradise’ day takes place in the grand scheme of things, please do let me know. That being said, let’s follow our lovely girls as they have all kinds of fun without any interferences!

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