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Goodbye 2013. We need you no more!



  1. – 2nd Single? Check
  2. – 3rd Solo Concert? Check


I’m so happy! Surely there can’t be anything greater than this this year, surely! I mean unless she wins the Janken to centre the 34th single then…But I doubt it. Knowing her, it will be a miracle if she gets passed Mayuyu!

But damn, if this ain’t the best news I’ve heard so far! I feel all funny. Here is some YukiRena as show of how happy I am right now….


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I Spy With My Little Eye…

ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00008
ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00010
ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00012 ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00015
ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00017


These two are just so…>.<


ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00000


Rena was so blatantly starry-eyed in this PV it was funny ^^ And it wasn’t even about Acchan


ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00001 ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00002
ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00005 ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00004
ハートのベクトル.mp4 - 00018


Even as distracted as she was, Rena couldn’t help missing some one..Oh look who it is!

Even their jackets ship them (^__-

Too bad she’s up against Acchan tho >.<


I knew there would be burials on the 8th…


…And my heart was almost one of them, almost.

Hi there guys,

First, I wish to apologise for making you worried, well, some of you who were nice enough to. I assure you though that there is nothing majorly wrong with me other than my poor heart that was threatened of death during this last Sousenkyou. Believe me, if something that bad does happen to me, I have sisters and a brother to let you all know that this is IT – No more BG! For now though, it was just a matter of the heart.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions about what exactly, or who, made me like this, I have to dump cold water on you by saying that it has nothing to do with any Top 10, let alone Top 40. No, my attempted killer in the NMB48 fans that oh so butchered my NaMBa Oshii Maachun – Ogasawara Mayu! That’s right, Maachun’s ranking is the reason I almost gave up on this crazy Fandom! It wasn’t the fact that our representative is SASHIKO! Despite that fact alone being all kinds of wrong that Sasshi is now the rep of all Idols in Japan (What? She is at the top of AKB which is at the top of the Idol Business so she is the one that is supposed to be an idol for all the dreamers out there hence all the wrongness of it) Maachun’s ranking is what really got to me the most this fifth time around.

To really grasp how un-fair her position is, let’s go basic. Think of Sayanee’s position, then Milky’s. Think of NMB48 during the beginning when these three were considered the Ace of Triangle as they would appear in shows mostly the three of them. Think of all that love that seemingly is targeted towards Maachun during N theatre performances. I am sure I am not the only one who gets the vibe that she is loved the most while watching them, seriously! Think of the girls’ current personalities in NMB48. Then think of the three’s (SayaMilkychun) ranking in this 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyou.

Now tell me that that gap is not the most unfair of things.

Here is something I tried to do and I wished I shouldn’t even ever have thought of doing it in the first place – I tried to imagine NMB without Maachun.



Seriously, how? Why?!! Her ranking doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever! No matter how I think of it there just isn’t sense to it. From an already disappointing 60th last year to a measly 54th this year! How?! Why?!! I don’t get it?! Someone explain to me what Sayanee or Milky have that places them boundaries ahead Maachun?! I just can’t figure it out! Someone who should be ashamed of themselves once said to me that it’s because people prefer Idolish girls! To this logic I say – HUH?!!! Maachun is a comedian but she is an Idol comedian. She has what Idols have (Great dancer and performer – so much so she is the replacer of SayaMily when they are absent – I still can’t stretch how important his fact is, Cuter than 40% of the senbatsu rankers, has the bro-some powers of Sashiko – in that she really gets easily along with other girls) and on top of all that she is incredibly funny – NMB is supposed to be about the funny! And then there is all that Maachun chanting during stages!

Where is the logic of her ranking in all of this?! Let me point out who the Center is. Let me ask why Sayanee is ahead of Milky. Maachun not Idolish enough?! Don’t even…God, the more I think about it the more I feel like shutting myself in once more until next year or something!

And the gap between her and SayaMilky is not all. I understand Nana being ahead of her because of her exposure in that weekly show she had until last year so I guessed that her being fourth I could handle – Not that she was fourth, she was fifth because Ainyan got the better of her. This year I was sure she would at least close the gap between her and Nana and be a true fourth but did that happen?! Hell no! In comes not one, not two, not three but four, FOUR!!!!!!!! PREVIOUS NONE-RANKED GIRLS going passed her. THEY ARE ALL AHEAD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Keicchi (40th)
  2. Fuuchan (44th)
  3. Shuu (49th)
  4. Akarin (50th)

why the fuck whyyyyyyyyyy


Akarin, I am happy for because I have always wanted her to rank. I still think of her as the centre for Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and not Milky. But then there was that thing that got her booted for half a year which saw her not ranking that last Sousenkyou. And so I wouldn’t have thought her to be ahead of Maachun but viola, she is. But as I said, Akarin I can understand. But the other three?!! Keicchi? Fuuchan?! Shuu?!!!!!!!!!!!! I now understand that meme of ‘mind blowing’ and its real meaning. Forget Fan-ism, some things are just not right naturally and Maachun being the last ranked NMB48 girl is most definitely one of them!

And so there you have it my dearest readers. It wasn’t Sashiko being the Centre of the world that means the world to me second only to the world of yuri, that almost made me quit this world of Idols, no, it wasn’t that. It was Maachun – Ogasawara Mayu’s ranking that almost did it! One thing is for sure though, I have lost hope in some of my fellow fans of this fandom and my love for the Family has fallen by almost 60%. Now it’s almost purely on my Oshiis to keep be grounded in this fandom, and the yuri of course. I haven’t watched an AKB show in like…forever…(Not since that episode on AKBINGO). An HKT show without Sakura is dead data on my HDD, I only screen through Geinin now…Everything is just so.

And all because of Maachun’s ranking!

If anyone can explain her ranking to me please, try!


Not all was bad though…

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AKB48 Budokan Last Performance caps

budokan1-123 budokan1-131

These two have a secret!

budokan1-030 budokan1-036

Guys please, there’s no need for applause…


What all AKB singles should look like in the middle!

budokan1-050 budokan1-052

Mayuyu slicing and dicing Nageki no Figure! With awesome back-up…


A Takamina, Sayanee and Yuko sub with Sayanee as centre?!!! Over-kiiiiil!


Yukirin taking on Rena’s sub song with the help of two of the hottest HKT girls – Madoka and Nattsun!


What’s a family gathering without drama!

Like, wow! Just…WOW!

No Mayuki or YukiRena units but I care not about that! The rest made up for it and I surprised myself for walking away with a big smile on my face! When I saw the happenings on paper, I was not impressed at all but the actual watching of the performance gave me a whole different view on the matter!

My money, take it you monster!

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Fic – Mielino Kashiwagi SP [Yukirin/Rena]

mielino kashiwagi special


Still watching Mielino but I just finished Magical Radio 3 and Rena’s stress levels there with her inability to land a guy for some reason just rubbed me until I connected the dots.

How about Mielino Kashiwagi, with her powers, helps her out to find her soul mate?

Mielino Kashiwagi Special

Black Gekikara

A Mielino Kashiwagi x SKE48 no Magical Radio crossover Yuki/Rena Fan Fic

Love-Not Consultancy Agency gets a special customer from Nagoya

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Magical Radio no caps

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep06.mp4 - 00019
SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep11.mp4 - 00007

Ship it

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep05.mp4 - 00019

Oh desire

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep11.mp4 - 00001

I bet they were having that bathroom flashback

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep05.mp4 - 00009

Simply fab

Still trying to survive the worst weekend of my life!

Not only have I never been so busy before but I came away with some souvenirs – flu, headaches, swollen gums and stomach-ache! In other words, I feel like…you know what But since I ma not dying, yet, I see no reason to let my buddy die as well.

Any way, I watched the whole of Magical Radio S3 yesterday so here as some memorable caps….

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