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My Wishlist

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1808_love_photo_aka2_04 1808_love_photo_aka2_08
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Last post for the day, I swear!

But in all seriousness, these two are my top Wishlist items for the moment! Not buying anything else until I get my hands on these two awesome Bluray Collections! We have already talked Kurokouchi! We have yet to talk Kakegurui Live Action but I have already watched it and the anime too! The Bluray is out now and I want my hands on it!

Speaking of Kakegurui, Season 2 has been announced for next year and not only that, a movie is also coming next year! Kind of interesting seeing as we have yet to even have a second season of the anime!

Anyway, I can’t wait for more Yumeko (Hamabe Minami AKA Saki) and Meari (Morikawa Aoi-sama)! Interestingly, the drama actually had more yuri than the anime! These two’s relationship was given more depth (even if it was little) in the drama than the anime so more of that and I am game! I mean, the show ended on Yumeko going to buy Meari a frikkin sandwich, which was asked for in such a…

Anyway, let’s not forget about Gouriki Ayame-sama as an awesomely laid back gay investigator in crime drama Kurokochi! I want muh Blurays so I can make muh music videos!

And by the gods, those Teokure CAUTION =LOVE photo sets! I will give anything to anyone that can point me where I can buy them! Anything to get those Hitomaika and Anrisa sets!! Please I will give anything!

And I just realised that I have not yet made a dedicated =LOVE post explaining my stance on the group yet! That is coming! I am just not in the mood since my Kami is currently out of service due to sickness (Missed the TIF and everything) Really miss her! Actually maybe that is one reason to post about them now! But I am out of free time >.<

At the very least you know where I stand in terms of ships, right?

Anyway, yeah, that is all for today. Sorry for the post dumps!


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Kurokochi ep10 – Best Kiss Of 2013!

Super Intense! >.<


There  definitely was tongue!O.O And those eyes…Wild da ze!

Kurokochi ep10.mp4 - 00060
Poor Mayo had no chance! Her reaction – justified!

Like, WOW! Just…WOW!

I’m sorry I am lost. Was this drama about anything else but Mayo’s love life?! Me think not! Seriously talk about a dark horse of all things yuri! Nothing, nothing would make a yuri fan watch this drama if they were not spoiled! 98% of every episode’s time is filled with Dudes doing Dude things like talking me to sleep with their mystery talk and trying to be all cool!

Seriously, I am still trying to figure out how Mayo’s character made it into this story in the first place! There just seems to be no place for women in this story! Nada! But not only do we have just the one female character (who matters to the story) but she isn’t after the main Dude nor any other Dude in fact if it weren’t for her pheromones that attract female scientists, I would assume she was Asexual, but she has provided the sweet daily bread of yuri till the very last breath!

And what an ending!

I am still trying to wrap my mind around this series! If I was not sent that note on tumblr (Thank you greatly, you lovely person, you! U know who U are ^^ ) I think I might have totally overlooked this little gem! No, I definitely would have not gotten to see this, only yuri show of the year (From Japan)!

And what’s even more interesting is that the angle of this kiss I posted last week is totally different from this one which can only mean one thing – They kissed a lot of times, some for practice and the others for the different camera shots! Amen! I hope there is Making of in the DVDs!

Really, only thing that stopped this little bundle of awesome from being fantastic overall is – Machiko-sensei! Seriously, I would have taken it better if it was the same character but a different portrayer instead of bringing in a different character but making her have the same personality/part as the other! Worse is that Mayo acted the same way towards the different people as if they were the same! I will say it again but I get quite attached to my couples so a glaring gap like that is a real No! No! for me. I mean think of it, what if the other character was to come back. Then what!?! They did not confirm that Machiko would not be back. All we know is that she took a break due to sickness. What kind of sickness lasts that long?!

Any way, other than that, this was a real great ending to it all. Yep, sorry to say but this is the last episode T.T) Strangely the one thing I am already missing is Machiko-sensei! But that kiss though! >.< Even all the people in the lab paused to stare at this beautiful a scene! Well, they are all probably married to their science hence virgins, but still! I was expecting a beaker to crash once the smacking sound to finish off the kiss rang throughout the room but alas!

What a way to end a year! I repeat…BEST! KISS! EVAR!

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Kurokochi 09 – OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod

Kurokochi ep09.mp4 - 00043

Sorry people, I apologise. That is a teaser of the next episode not this episode. I am really sorry but I just…I can’t settle! I want next episode like, yesterday! Not to say that today’s episode was not good! It was great, better than the last few! I mean Yaeko just went and…

Kurokochi ep09.mp4 - 00018
Grabbed Mayo’s bewbs!
Kurokochi ep09.mp4 - 00029
Then she proceeded to sensually massage it! Not even kidding!

Like, wha! Poor Mayo, she had no chance >.<

And at this rate, I have totally given up on Machiko coming back! After seeing next episode’s preview, I doubt her return at this point will have any benefits. Hate to admit it but I have surrendered myself to Yaeko! I mean she just went all Alpha on Mayo totally stealing points…


FFFFFFFUUUUU…Is episode 10 here yet? No? Okay!

Ahead for gifs and more caps…

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Kurokochi ep07/08 – Machiko-sensei where art thou T.T)

Kurokochi ep07.mp4 - 00021
Kurokochi ep07.mp4 - 00023 Kurokochi ep08.mp4 - 00009
Kurokochi ep08.mp4 - 00012 Kurokochi ep08.mp4 - 00017
Kurokochi ep08.mp4 - 00018

Okay, fine! I give in! I doubt she will be coming back any how, we are already on episode 08 and going by the usual dorama length, we have two or three episodes to go and we are done. And even though I roll eyes at some parts which Machiko-chan already did (like ear-blowing or nibbling) we seem to be escalating to higher plane of existence so to speak (kicking it up into high gear) so I guess I best get with the programme. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that, right?


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[JDrama] Kurokochi Ep1 & 2 – I Believe!

kk1_2-043 kk1_2-042

I Believe!

First of all, I wish to thank lovely paladinworld who recommended me this drama! Thank you very much. You are awesome and just got yourself some respect points. I only wish I could find it in its real quality. Yes, this one is HD but something is up. I want more quality!!!! I don’t care if an 1080p episode is 2gs each, I will take it! So if anybody knows of where, do share please.


Ayame-chan as Mayo
Yu as Machiko

So, this here we have a crime/mystery drama on our hands starring Gouriki Ayame as Seikei Mayo, a rookie detective and Kashii Yu as Sawa Machiko the Forensic doctor. Yes, there are other even more important characters but they are irrelevant! These two here, Mayo and Machiko, is where the good stuff is! Yes, I am sure the drama itself is interesting in and of itself but without subs anywhere (at least I haven’t found any yet) one cannot enjoy such lethal dialogue heavy drama without subs. Thankfully there was yuri – my favourite language!


i came oranges

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