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Hibike! Euphonium ep12 – Soon

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Katta ze!!

I am not even surprised! There goes people once again ditching Hibike after this episode. I am so totally rolling my eyes right now! Are there like, two different episodes that get aired every week because it seems to me that I might be watching something different from what others watch! I have watched this episode three times and I yet have to see something that is so wrong about it! But really, this happens every damn episode. Last week it was Shoo1 is being saved for the next episode I just know it’ and this week it’s ”Shoo1 is being saved for the last episode guys, I just know it. This is foreshadowing’ and I am like…Seriously? I swear every damn time! I have no idea why that Shoo1 scene got so many jimmies rustled and neither did that Mattaku-sensei thing warrant such reactions. Speaking of the Mattaku/Kumiko scene, I don’t mean to brag but I saw that coming from a mile away. As soon as I saw Kumiko in school with him alone I knew something was going to happen to cause the world to go into flames. The thing is that I don’t see what the big deal is. There has to be a reason why I saw this coming so let me explain.

This anime, at its core, is about Reina and Kumiko’s relationship, right? What have we had from them so far? Just good things since the very first episode (Not counting the opening flashback), hell, Reina reacted way differently at seeing Kumiko again unlike how both we and Kumiko herself thought she would react. They have been progressing so well that they have almost reached the peak of that development. This peak might explain the way others see this episode as being freindshipy than previous episodes. No relationship has only good things. Be it God and his Angels or with his best creation in man, there is always going to be conflict or a falling out at some point. How this falling out is handled is the test to the integrity of said relationship. Where I am going with this is that Reina and Kumiko haven’t had a single moment of friction ever since they took off. With only one episode to go, there had to be something! And that something came in the form of Mattaku-sensei and him and Kumiko being ‘alone together’. You could just feel the way it was forced and rushed. I found it so out of character for Kumiko to stop halfway because she suddenly had the Sapphire passion for stuffed Euphos! Kumiko acting like that was just so not her but we need to have our KumiRei tested so that their relationship can be proved to be real.

And so I wasn’t that disturbed by Reina’s reaction, in fact I would have been more disturbed if she did not react at all. But even as small this scene as it was, apparently it was enough to make others forget about what else happened in the episode. And so here I am, writing about this so I can point out the good stuff that actually happened and need to be appreciated instead of being over-shadowed by the ridiculously less important scenes of Shoo1 and Mattaku-sensei. I swear some viewers freak out just from Shoo1 being on the screen! It’s complete madness! I can’t even believe I am starting to defend him!

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Hibike! Euphonium ep11 continued

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Okay, now that I think I am calm enough, let’s talk a little bit more about the lovely confession scene. That scene though, even merely thinking about it has me all giddy all over again. I am still dumbfounded by how much effort is being poured into all these KumiRei scene. Let’s be honest, not every scene has gotten this privilege. It surely can’t be just me and my yuri vision turning every KumiRei scene into rainbows, right? There just has to be a reason behind this detail and effort the studio is putting into their scenes.

Had the time to have a quick read through other blogs about this show and it seems to me that the consensus still remains that episode 8 scene tramps all. I for one think that this episode’s scene totally killed episode 8! Even if there was the lip move in that episode, when you think about the other elements you realise that it was a bit out of context, too rushed, looking intimate but not giving off the same level of feelings when you think about the scene in detail. There was just something a bit off about it.

But this time around everything seemed to flow so nicely. There was no questioning of what was happening. The intimacy was too overly done, there wasn’t any fan-servicey moments like Reina’s dress that seemed to have its own personality and Reina was all but out to get Kumiko at all costs. Anyway I was simply blown away at the detail out into this whole scene, from following Reina’s hand rise, to her making the swag turn leaving Kumiko looking flabbergasted like she had just been kissed.

I already mentioned it last episode’s post but KumiRei are still on track as far as them getting closer as the story progresses. No longer is Kumiko being surprised by Reina’s forwardness like she froze during last episode’s hug, or taking a step back from having her cheeks grabbed in what looked like a kissing move. This time when Reina got closer, much closer than she has before, seriously, their faces were not even 2 inches apart, their noses even less than an inch! And yet Kumiko didn’t even blink! What she did was placing her own hand over Reina’s and then closed her eyes.

I am truly astounded by how well KumiRei has been developed. Usually anime never manage to fully complete both character development and story. Neither is ever done close to perfection too even when it is picked over the other. But KyoAni have really dedicated themselves to KumiRei. There are no gaps in their development. It’s almost like the band stuff is secondary, which is actually the case when you think about it. In episode 1 Kumiko was not interested in joining the club at first, until she saw Reina asking to join the club. You do remember that 180 she did when shortly after telling Shoo1 that she was not joining the band the next day she went and joined because of Reina!

It was all about Reina and getting close to her/apologising and setting straight that mishap from months prior that Kumiko BTW couldn’t get out her head after all this time. I mean she even almost forgot about that moment where she had a falling out with her supposedly friend from those flashbacks but somehow a crying Reina had more impact on her despite having not been that close to begin with. Look how far they have come, and there is not a gap to be found! They did not just suddenly become close. Reina had no notice of Kumiko in the first episode and Kumiko was all but scared silly of Reina at the same time. The girl could only have illusions of even approaching Reina for crying out loud!

As things stand, if the Venus and Jupiter thing does happen, meaning that KyoAni has decided to do the impossible and give us a solid KumiRei end, Hibike is going into the history books of not only anime in general but the yuri bible! Everyone will remember how KyoAni took the bull by the horns and poked Japan’s sides by breaking the status quo and giving us a yuri series where yuri was nowhere to be expected. KumiRei will climb onto many a list of favourite ships that I don’t even dare think of how many of those lists will have it at No.1. If KyoAni goes through this, this is the anime of the year, and a yuri story of the decade.

So then how to approach this interaction…How about we start from the very beginning? By that I mean

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Hibike! Euphonium ep11 – There is no turning back now

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“It’s like being drawn to something beautiful despite your fears “ – Kumiko

This is literally the whole yuri fandom as they watch Hibike! They know what might happen (or what did happen in the novels) and they jump over board just about every time Mattaku-sensei or Shoe1 is mentioned but always come back when KumiRei happens! Seriously, just this Friday night I might have been the only one still aboard this ship. Then when the preview of this episode hit, those back on board could have been counted on one hand. And now after this episode it’s like back to before episode 10 aired! Has a series affected people like this? I think not! It’s  like watching Titanic reverse-sink or something!

Not that I am mad at those who change their hearts every other episode at a simple scene or anything because this episode dear readers! It was like KyoAni was fed up with being  called trolls so they up’ed the yuri up to 11 (no pun intended) and I say yuri and not just KumiRei because the yuri sprang up from every other corner like it was a series by Morinaga or Shizuru-sensei!

The couples that might have been hinted at were outed and those that already sailed hit shore this episode. It goes without saying that this episode totally OWND  episode 8! Not only did KumiRei out-do themselves this time around but we also got other ships into focus and some totally new ones!

I really don’t know about you all but this series is going into the archives for me. No matter what happens to KumiRei there are other ships now to consider even if they pale in comparison and even KumiRei will still stay in my heart. I don’t care about the future, this is the now and KumiRei is dominating. Worrying about the novels is like worrying about death in real life – What is the point of living if we all die in the end kind of deal is what I see this as!

But before we go any further, just a reminder that Homucifer is watching over us…

Watch Venus and Jupiter Kiss
On June 30th (Tuesday) & July 1st (Wed)!!
Hibike! Euphonium Finale on June 30th!!!
(Subbed ep hits night of July 1st)

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Hibike! Euphonium ep02-08

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It’s like being drawn to something beautiful, despite your fears!

Um no shit Sherlock! That is exactly how we feel watching a KyoAni show for the yuri despite our fears of it being just bait, case in point this very series ‘Hibike! Euphonium’! But seriously, who can resist after what has come so far!?! Who?! Not me that’s for sure! And with the latest episode development, as promised here is the update since episode 1 all the way to episode 8! That episode was just glorious!

Sorry for the wait the few that were waiting for an update on this show. Very rarely do I write episode for episode in fact I don’t think I have done it before…have I? Any way most of the time I never come back to said series but this time, this time there was no way I wasn’t getting back to ‘Hibike! Euphonium’ after that last episode (episode 8).

Jeez, talk about taking things to the extreme! Everything about Kumiko and Reina in that episode was out of this world! From the very moment they appear together on screen you were bound to be at the edge of your seat looking at the screen wondering if what you are seeing is actually happening!

Ah but this talking is all about the last episode and this post is supposed to be about all episodes for far since episode 1 that I already wrote about. With that made clear let’s get back on track and follow all Kumiko and Reina’s interactions since episode 2. Really, no other is relevant in this series as far as I am concerned! I loved Asuka like all the others but then she lost me with only one line. I will tell you about it soon. And let’s not even get into Hazuki!!Sapphire is love of course but this is a story about Kumiko and Reina, and it is this fact that despite the evidence from the novels as I am being told, I have faith! Until someone comes and tells me that the novel was also about these two’s relationship with each other, like the anime is so keen on letting us know, what with those promo art taglines and the very progress of the TV series so far, I am inclined to still have the benefit of a doubt.

Sure there was some yurific scenes in the novels, sure the author went full retard by ending it in the safe zone by which I mean that she just gave up and let Kumiko end up with the Guy because she had all these feelings lying dormant inside her and all that crap! But from what I hear, the author had a different vision for her novel but the editors or whatever had to change things but that matters not, what matter is that this is not the novel and that the main focus of the novel is second to Reina and Kumiko’s story. From the very first episode Kumiko’s life course seems to have been impacted by an ice-berg by the name of Reina. She has made a couple of decisions already with Reina as the catalyst and even 8 episodes in, Reina is still impacting Kumiko’s life greatly!

Meanwhile, what has Dick done up to now? Oh I know, just playing the ‘role’ to fill canon fodder! I don’t even care about feelings, everyone is entitled to feelings, Asuka could have feelings for Kumiko, Aoi could have feelings for Kumiko but if Reina has feelings for Kumiko too and Kumiko only seems to have feelings for Reina, then the other girls are on the same level as Dick! Or maybe not, those two seem to manage to get out more feelings from Kumiko than Dick has done in 8 episodes which really makes my mind spin trying to figure out how the heck Kumiko decided to go with that guy in the novel!! Actually I need more info on this, did the Guy confess and Kumiko returned those feelings or did he just confess! We need details here!

There I got again, getting side-tracked! Let’s jump into this before I swivel off course once again…

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