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Fic – Majisuka Gakuen 5 Extra Cut

150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00020
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00003 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00004
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00021 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00012

I have no words!

Why do I keep doing this to my poor soul?! Why did I go and watch this show?! It’s like seeing a bottle labelled with CYANIDE, in a chemical store, and still opening it and drinking the contents because you think that it still just might be water in that bottle. Not even a desperate person in a post-apocalyptic world, a world without water, would make that stupid mistake!

And yet here I was!

I am the stupidest person on this planet to have fallen for this crap again! I still can’t even believe what I am going to say but it needs to be said – Season 5 is the worst season of Majisuka Gakuen!

How the hell did this go so wrong?! Seriously, I think people are looking up to AKB for completely wrong reasons. They should be commended for being Masters of fuck-up-ery! I don’t even know where to start about the first three episodes of this fifth piece of unchi!

They had everything! No, they had more than everything! They had Yuko and Assan back! They had them for a whole episode! Guess what they did with those two!!?! Guess what they did with those two along with Torigoya, Black and Nezumi!!!?

I am too embarrassed to even say it!

They got a go ahead to make a rightly rated Majisuka Gakuen! They had swords. They had guns! They have 200+ girls they could pick a great cast from! Some of these girls have great talents they could have utilised in every department to make a great show! Hell, Mao-kyun could have written a masterpiece of a script 1000x better than the actual script!

They have girls that are already established actresses! Assan and Yuko could have easily taken the role of the villain as the Mafia Bosses! They could have had better chance of continuing on directly from 4 with Yabakune as the big bad! I would have swallowed that better than this..this…

Oh forget it!

And so, to take the poison out of my mind, I figured I might as well put together something short – Something that was left out of the script.

Think of this as what should have happened at the funeral with the old Rappappa members that showed up and Minami of course. Sorry but Nezumi ain’t here because as much I wished it, Nezumi had no ties at all with Black, let alone Torigoya, the only Queens of old that showed up to Salt’s funeral. She was also never on good terms with Maeda so seeing them together wouldn’t have made sense.

That’s right, Salt is dead. The main character died at the fuckin beginning of the story!! And she is not alone in the ether world either!

I swear to God this show…Still, I watched this on my own accord so there is no one to blame but myself!

Anyway, have a read at this meeting between the Original Rappappa since they went their separate ways. And like I said, it follows the 2nd episode somewhat so Gekikara ain’t here either.

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[Green Flash] Awesome Centers are Awesome!

c-mste20150313.ts - 00085
c-mste20150313.ts - 00070 c-mste20150313.ts - 00084
c-mste20150313.ts - 00090
c-mste20150313.ts - 00095
They even got the Capes of Badassadery!!!!

Well they are not capes in the definition of the word but you get the drift! And Yukirin of course had to get the see-through because ‘Yukirin legs’! Unless absolutely necessary, Yukirin’s legs are to be bare, said a rule that wasn’t written but is known to every costume designer ever! Seriously, I was totally in love with the first costumes but these new ones, Jesus! Too bad this was not a cool song as opposed to it being a sad song about partings (graduation) which means I can’t see SRS Yukirin. We all know she takes everything seriously and she will put on the emotions required for the job so while I would have loved to see her Badass side I have to settle for the somewhat sad Yukirin, even though she smiles in her sadness. Oh well, there is NMB’s single and she totally kicking butt (literally) and taking names over there so I am covered in the SRSly badass Yukirin department!

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Pics – Prepare Thy Bodies Ma Comrades

71dz3S6vGZL 81att6gK KL 818Amg8l YL
2015ym13cover3_zxi2j9ap3upt47xv 598172a68006220033589f8df41bc549_4ff5e7f3b7ede367ba7ec0fef0a58a4b-515x727 20150223132129849904

For, the Goddess of Gavure is about to descend upon us!

I have a question, and I know you know what it is I am going to ask because I ask it all the time but I have yet to get an answer – How? How can she project such a different personality when it comes to Photos?! It seems to me like she has a different side that she gives off in every media, be it acting on screen, taking professional photos, or the usual idol be it in performances or personal photos.

Seriously, can you just imagine if this side she gives off in shoots was the one she always showed in AKB performances?! I can’t even handle it! I am aware I am coming off as a fanatic but the other members are so damn lucky she, for whatever reason, decided not to bring this in AKB because the slayage would be out of this world!

Actually now that I think about it, maybe this is the side that Yasusu wants Yukirin to bring to AKB but she just isn’t doing it (She is so good >.<) but dear Yasusu, are you sure you want this Yukirin in AKB? Think of your poor babies!

Anyway, the battle continues after the jump!

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AKB48 39th Single ‘Green Flash’ Covers

B9lb7k7IcAAzeTo.jpg large

body ready

Bring on the good Japan, my body was ready two weeks ago! I don’t remember staring at CD jackets for as long as I have done these! Apparently there’s already a full course of delicious Green Flash but I have yet to find it! I WILL FIND YOU!!!! In the meantime I am dying for the PV that is rumoured to be dropping tomorrow! Excitement factor over 9000!

Those covers tho >.< Everyone looks so majestic that I just want to join them in tears! And it seems that my suspicions about the levels for Green Flash were spot on. Having watched those Request Hour performance videos to the point of knowing every frame’s contents by heart, I was under the impression that JuriSaku were like Nyanwage’s second in command and by this Type A cover, I think I have been proven right. Yes, Sakura is on Yukirin’s side while Juri-baby on NyanNyan’s.

Oh yes, Nyanwage is the shipping name according to Yukirin herself during the last Yukirin TIME radio broadcast! And where are my Promotional Magazine shoots of Nyanwage dear Japan!??! Only three weeks until release and we have yet to see a thing! Not that I will be ready for those, I just have a feeling I won’t be, but still, tease us or something!

Any way, jump over for the rest of the Covers ^^ (PS: Cheers to NanaHoshii @Stage48 for sharing)

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AKB48 39th Single – I see what U did there AKS

MajisukaGakuen_KojimaHaruna_Torigoya black
Majisuka Gakuen 1 ep09 HD (1440x1080 x264).mkv - 00007
20100227_972684 100220-0046170226
Majisuka Gakuen 1 ep09 HD (1440x1080 x264).mkv - 00008 100327-0021220014
Green Flash

Green Lantern’s power is a Ring that is powered by will. Torigoya’s power is manipulating other’s will.

Flash’s power is speed. BLACK-san’s power is of course speed!

The only two super beings in the Majisuka Gakuen series (with super powers) centring a song titled Green Flash!! Coincidence? HA! I would have batted an eyelash years ago but now, with the comic book boom? No so much! That PV better be full of WTF moments or else…

This single though. Now that I have my wits about me let’s discuss! Many were like, OMG pls let it be a small senbatsu again. What do we get? The good old 16P senbatsu! Many be like, for the love of God, less sister group members and more AKB only members. Better yet an AKB only senbatsu! What do we get? An AKB only sebatsu with Sashiko and Rena as the only non-AKB members. Those two are Kami 7 so of course they are gonna be in this! And now for the best wish…

We all of the Yukirin World be like, at this rate we are going to be skeletons before AKS lets Yukirin centre a single! WHAT DO WE GET?!!!! A Yukirin frikkin single!!!


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