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Minna Esper da yo 01 – I’m watching this!

Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00032
Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00035 Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00052
Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00042
And you can’t even stop me!!!

OMG Kitarie, WTF happened?! I seriously couldn’t stop my mouth dropping through out this whole first episode! And here I thought that Yukirin in KuroMono was way out of the left field! Well, that had nothing on this! This drama and Kitarie are like on the other side of the moon compared to Kurofuku Monogatari!

Now that I think about it, these two are the ones going to NGT. Well, if we had any doubts I guess it’s clear what NGT’s image is going to be! I say thank goodness! I am getting tired of all the lolis! There is enough lolis in the 48G to rival the young populace of Ireland!

To tell the truth I kinda watched the first season because of Kaho (Oh how cute she used to be back in the Queen’s Classroom day) and of course Erina. Yes, just like Yukirin I too had a thing for H!P, still do actually but not as hard as I had it before AKB came into the picture! Mikitty and Reina were my favs back then but Erina was like the fav kid on the H!P block so everyone who was into H!P knew of her and loved her some! I was one of those. Also really, silly shows like this are in great demand these days! The soul just has to be fed from time to time, am I right!

Sure all these Kitarie/Mano moments will probably stay in mousou world of our hero but who cares, breaking the 4th wall means that Kitarie and Erina were actually driving cars seductively over each other’s bodies! Ooh, the eroticism in that sentence is so wrong! And if you watched the first season and thought it crazy, you aren’t prepared for this one! To help you out I will just tip you to multiply the 1st season by a factor of three and you have your second season!

I was kind of sad that Kaho isn’t here for this, but who knows, she might still make it after all, this is taking place in a different city to the one the first one was in so she might come over too. And really, I should be glad that at least Erina returned! She could have easily not made it but we have her still! Then of course there is Kitarie! She was just too good in this first episode of the second season!

I hope that these two’s character gets somewhere beyond that petty jealousy over some Dude! That kinda twist was actually pretty good and I hope they don’t let it wash out and make these two at least get along better in the future. Erina’s character really needs a friend and I hope Kitarie’s character will be that after her father’s issues are resolved.

Still, that mousou scene was just so unexpectedly awesome! Hit the jump for a few more caps…

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Next Week is gonna be…

140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00085
140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00088 140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00089
アニメ「Fate _ stay night」2週連続1時間SP告知PV - YouTube.mp4 - 00000
アニメ「Fate _ stay night」2週連続1時間SP告知PV - YouTube.mp4 - 00004 アニメ「Fate _ stay night」2週連続1時間SP告知PV - YouTube.mp4 - 00006
アニメ「Fate _ stay night」2週連続1時間SP告知PV - YouTube.mp4 - 00007

Finally, I am going to be following an anime episode per episode – something I haven’t done in what feels like forever, with the premiere of Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works TV series by ufotable! And to make the kick off even that more awesome, they are going for the Fate/Zero opening of a i hour special by giving us two episodes for one! Like, how awesomer can this studio get?!

Ah but that’s not all that is happening next week…

140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00087
OMG is that…?!!

It so is! OMG! Okay, let me just put the fact that Muchaburi Dodgeball – the 2nd awesomest segment on AKBINGO (next to Danso because no one can beat Danso!) on the side for a second and let me talk about the fact that Team 8 is finally getting on this thing for realz! Then let me scream at the fact that my loveliest of them all 8terns Ikumin – Nakano Ikumi is riding shotgun on this debut and you have yourselves one happy BG!

I was already screaming when I first saw that yellow thing being thrown into the air because damn, how I missed dodgeball, and then BAM! It took me a mere split second to recognise her despite the overlays because she is that important to me. There are other members too even some we haven’t glimpsed at I am sure which makes me really fearful for my life because if either Yuriyan or Saachan is also present I am gonna lose my mind!

About time Team * got the attention they deserve! I am one of the very few (very few) people that just don’t see this thing about HKT. It’s been years already and I have only like, 5 or six members I interested in and yet Team * has been here for mere months and I am already all over them like a monster! And they are just a team!

Any way the bottom line is that next week is one not to miss. They are other happenings taking place but they are un-related so I am not sure about you dear Readers but next week is looking pretty awesome for me!

But before I go…

140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00060
Aweeeeeyeaaaaah…Still got it!
140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00031
140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00033 140930 AKBINGO! ep308.ts - 00034
Yuihan pls! And Kitarie, go take Ice-Bucket Challenge or something and CALM DOWN!



131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00184
131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00159 131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00155
131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00173 131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00169
131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00150
131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00121 131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00125
131116 Mechaike SP.ts - 00129

Thank you blessed God!

If this means what I think it means…If this means a song with the shitty 7 as the line-up with Rena taking centre, or better yet if this crap about double centres still holds then…YukiRena goodness is abound!!!


I can’t even imagine what a single about Rena these two would possibly be about! Would it be all colourful and princess-like like their outside image or would it be all dark and gruesome like their inner personalities!?! Oh God please let it be the latter, or better yet both! I want it so very bad! But when can we expect it? Surely there isn’t gonna be another single for the year apart from the Janken single! Will their PV be on it? Ahhhh!

As for the other stuff, I gotta confess that I didn’t find this one as entertaining. I wonder why! I mean it had some great moments going for it like those couple entrances…

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AKB48 2nd Kouhaku Utagassen


Pretty hot, this was!


Obligatory TomoYuki cap


How far she’s come, Mama so proud


How did he survive this! How?!!

Still bummed that Shirogumi lost this but oh well, you lose some….

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Magical Radio no caps

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep06.mp4 - 00019
SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep11.mp4 - 00007

Ship it

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep05.mp4 - 00019

Oh desire

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep11.mp4 - 00001

I bet they were having that bathroom flashback

SKE48 no Magical Radio Season 3 ep05.mp4 - 00009

Simply fab

Still trying to survive the worst weekend of my life!

Not only have I never been so busy before but I came away with some souvenirs – flu, headaches, swollen gums and stomach-ache! In other words, I feel like…you know what But since I ma not dying, yet, I see no reason to let my buddy die as well.

Any way, I watched the whole of Magical Radio S3 yesterday so here as some memorable caps….

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