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[Ahgassi] Dear S.Korea, I am Disappoint!

kndKWCF fullsizephoto738215

Yes, another day another Handmaiden post. Just as the force wills it so who am I to say otherwise?

The point of this post is my disappointment in S.Korea. Sure, I am very grateful to them, they have been so awesome to me in the past few years, hell, my top 10 yuri movies has 4 from them with two of them in the top 3!! I love Korean very much, but that does not mean that I can not get disappointed with them.

And so it is kind of ironic that that disappointment comes with the very movie that has me love them so very much, they have given me my favourite movie of all time in The Handmaiden but strangely, along with it comes the only disappointment I have ever felt for South Korea and that is the fact that they chose any other movie over The Handmaiden for the Oscars!

Okay, get this, most of you are probably already aware if you are a fan of this movie and have been following every little thing about it, but in only six months since it’s debut, in just six months, The Handmaiden has been nominated for over sixty awards, SIXTY!!!! and so far, and I mean so far, they have won 27 of them all! So far they have almost grabbed half of the nominations!!! And we are still in 2016!! Next year there will be awards looking back to the past year (2016 then) and it is bound to be nominated for more awards and even win more of them! The current nominations are still going so they still have a chance of jumping over half of the nominations, that is over 30 awards in total in just six months!

Like, can you even believe this! I mean for crying out loud, this is a primarily lesbian movie and it does not have those clichéd bad endings that are award baits! Nope, we got an honest to God BEST END that went well about even the original source materials’ ending! Seriously, The Handmaiden’s ending just blows my mind! But it is not just that hurdle that the movie had to get past! Homo-sexuality in South Korean is considered a taboo (as per Mr Park’s own words) so the movie to do that well in its home land is a miracle already!

Then there is that thing that happened just a month after the movie came out, the thing that was surely to put a stop to any and all success The Handmaiden had been revving up so far – The scandal! Sadly many of us fans of her and Kim Min-hee herself are still greatly affected by it, in that we miss her terribly and she too wishes to be there with the other beloved cast during the rest of the promotions and accompanying sweet Kim Tae-ri to award ceremonies! But other than herself and us fans, and maybe the cast, the movie itself was not affected at all and I hope the person who pulled that dick of a move regrets their decision till the end of time!

But that did not stop people from recognising the actors’ hard work and giving Kim Min-hee her well deserved Best Actress awards (two of them so far), Kim Tae-ri’s Best New Actress Awards, which are FIVE of them so far, and the Production Designers and Art Director awards they have been taking from left to right! But that is only scratching the surface! To have the full idea of all the awards go to The Handmaiden and Kim Tae-ri wiki pages!

Like, seriously South Korean, what were you even thinking?! And from what I hear, other countries are also ramping up awards for Ahgassi like it’s no body’s business! Why did they even do this?! The success in their home country alone should have been enough of a sign on what to do! Seriously South Korea…

I am disappoint!

But oh so forever grateful!

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[Ahgassi] I’m Counting on You Japan!


Japan has finally come out with their support for The Handmaiden! They had me worried there for a minute, but then I remembered that it took them a whole year to get ‘A Girl At My Door’ and my worries were buried!

And of course you know what this means! There is sure to be a Blu-ray for Ojou-san (The Japanese title for Ahgassi)! Yes, I know there is a a Blu-ray from Hong Kong but there is no way I am going to be satisfied with that kind of product! No additional material except a trailer, putting a movie as beautiful as this, a movie that relies on the visual cues in the story telling almost more than any other aspect, to take that kind of movie and squeeze it onto a BD25!!?! Get out of here! And that is not all! The FPS are all screwed up speeding up the movie to a mere 140min instead of the official 144! I know this is a thing but I have never come across it and I have bought versions of the same movie from different regions so this is not cool!

I am getting the Blu-ray though.

Yes, my mission of buying all versions of this movie on Blu-ray still stands! Even ‘Murica which is disappointing us by not giving us a Blu-ray (Seriously Sony?!!! You better be planning on that 4K version or so God of Yuri help me I’ll…)

Eh, thank God Japan is here to save the day! I am also pretty sure that Plain Archives is gonna deliver the greatest thing to ever grace the blue disc! I signed up to that company just to get that notification of Ahgassi’s Ultimate Collectors Edition! Put in 6 discs and sell it for a grand I will still get it dammit!

But back to Japan, I am not even kidding when I say that I had a dream that the version they released was the 3hrs3m Director’s Cut version! I even remember that the opening scene was actually the sex scene (the teach me how to have sex scene) and I know that is improbable to start a movie like that but hey, Fingersmith is one story that can be told in different ways, which has actually happened already in both adaptations taking a different approach.

Anyway, Japan just released a trailer for Ojou-san and dear Readers is it intense!! You thought the French Trailer was hard-core? Wait till you get a hold of this one! Of course it might be that it is because most have already seen it and so they are not afraid of spoiling but it might also be because Japan is marketing what the movie actually is! All other countries, bar France, have left out the intensity of the intimacy which put some people off who went in not expecting those out of this world sex scenes!

Japan and France on the other hand are telling it as it is! Hell, japan even is going so far as to put the R-18 in front and centre. This is an extreme movie! I remember being super taken by surprise when I read Fingersmith the first time and that first sex scene happened! You can imagine too that if I was shocked by something like that, a totally watered down view on sex only picked up by those able to link the words and everything, imagine what this movie could have done to those who had not even read the book, or did but the intensity of the sex scenes in the book totally went over their heads.

Actually, one of the things the movie is superior to the book for me is the depiction of the sex scenes. Watching the movie and reading the book you wonder what was going on with Madam Waters. Was she trying to hide the intensity within the words and trippy descriptions, was it supposed to be less intense? Did she just not know how to describe a sex scene?

Now, to be fare the visuals helped the movie greatly and the BBC version was somewhat better thus father proving the point but even then those were nowhere close to the movie scenes level of intensity! And since the BBC was essentially the closest to the book we will ever get, well then, Mr Park sure did a terrific job on that.

Anddddd where was I again? There I go getting distracted from the topic at hand.

Anyway, jump over for more caps from the trailer and the trailer itself on YT. Sadly we have to wait until maybe fall for this Blu-ray or maybe late summer 2017 since the movie is hitting Japanese theatres in March but I know it will have been worth it. I so love the Blu-ray for ‘Watashi no Shoujo’ AKA ‘A Girl At My Door’. Japan is the only country that gave it a Blu-ray, which baffles my mind seeing as it is one of the winners at the 2014 Cannes but alas!

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 fullsizephoto681415 fullsizephoto726863doona-bae-and-ji-won-ha-in-ko-ri-a-(2012) a-girl-at-my-door
The Age of Yuri!

Sweet, sweet tears! I so happy right now dear Readers, so very happy! Why is that, you might ask? Well, it is thanks to the event that just took place in Korea – The 37th Blue Dragon Awards, one of the two most recognised awards in Korea, and my lovely movies and actresses above came away with prizes!

What a world we live in!

First up is of course Ahgassi/The Handmaiden, and I do not think that I need to mention yet again what this movie means to me. Fine, I will do it. It’s no big deal really. After all, Ahgassi is only my favourite movie of all time!!!


The Handmaiden was nominated for quite a few awards this time around; Best Picture (Obviously), Best Director (no duh), Best Leading Actress (um hello!), Best Female New-comer (seriously), Best Cinematography (really?), Best Music (Jesus Christ people) and Best Technical Design!

Mein Gott!! Aren’t those all the awards? Okay, no but there are two that it should have been in as well; Best Screen play and Best Editing but I get where they were coming from. That would have been just too much and if it had won those it would have won Best Film which really let’s be serious here – A lesbian movie winning Best Film? In Korea? Not on the Government’s watch it cannot! And also goes for Best Director because being best Director means it comes with either Best Picture or Screenplay and Editing so really, it all comes down to simple mathematics!

But really, who gives a tick!?! I don’t care!! As far as I am concerned it won most of the important awards. Park Chan-wook should have gotten Best Director but alas. I watched the Wailing and train to Busan and I was like, seriously?! You know, I have come to a conclusion that putting some sucker punch in the FEELs department is what constitutes to a good movie these days. Some guy sacrifices themselves to save a little girl and tears everywhere, awards everywhere! Like, seriously!

Anyway, as I was saying, all the important awards we got and the most important of them all being Best Leading Actress which went to our lovely and most definitely missed, Kim Min-hee! Despite everything, despite the despair I felt when I saw that she was the only nominee not in attendance, we all got floored when she was actually announced as the winner! Oh, here comes the FEELs again, raining down like tragedy, raining down like a new emotion…

Okay, slow down me! Sorry about that dear Readers. Back on track, once again Kim Min-hee snatches the Best Actress award (the first being from the Directors’ Choice Awards) for her role as ‘Ahgassi’. I am so not crying! I will so not cry too when T-ara manages something similar in the future! And just like the first half, the other half – The Handmaiden, our lovely fresh-meat Kim Tae-ri also once again snatched the Best New Actress Award!

Friends, hold me!

Oh how I wish that Kim Min-hee was there! How I wish to have seen the two interact like all those times before, just the two of them, in their own world, my Korean Mayuki! I believe that the sheer power of their love would have snatched up that Best Film award had they been there together! But alas, Min-hee was not there, leaving our poor Baby all by herself…or was she?

Still not sure who this mystery Lady is!!!

So, if anyone is feeling a need to fantasize about what the two could have been to had Min-hee been around, jump over for some nostalgia pics of the two being love.

But what of the lovely Bae (Doona). What does she have to do with anything? Well, our Mistress got herself one really important prize and that was the Actress Popularity Award. Why am I mentioning her here? Well, she is only a Lead in ‘As One’ and ‘A Girl at My Door’, two movies in my Top 10 yuri movies list. It’s no big deal at all!!

And of ‘The World of Us’? Most of you probably did not know, really, neither did I, that the director of that movie was actually just making her debut with that movie! That’s right, that was her debut and she won the Best New Director Award deservingly! See people, both new (her – Yoon Ga-eun) and old (Park Chan-wook) directors are pushing the world in the right direction by bring awareness and reducing prejudice of homosexuality and other humanitarian issues through quality work! Others need to and I am sure are going to follow their example and soon it will be the Age of Yuri and CBMs!

What a time to be alive! What a year! Seriously 2016, you are awesome!

Have a nice one you all and I hope you got yourselves something nice today (All them discounts)…

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So Ahgassi BD is Out and About…

The.Handmaiden.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00000
The.Handmaiden.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00001
The.Handmaiden.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00004
(See image file names)

..BUT there is a catch!

This version that is out on Bluray is not only very questionable in quality (compared to other Blurays when you compare sizes of Discs) but it is the shortest of all version out there at 2hr19min! That is a meer 139 mins in total!

As you know by now, the version that is out in most theaters (and in America right now) is 144 mins. That is the normal version. The Extended is 167 minutes and hopefully if we do get the actual Director’s Cut, it will be 183 minutes long.

I don’t know exactly which version this is and have not compared it in detail to see what was cut but I know of it. Someone once mentioned that the version shown in their country was 2hrs19min so this is it I think.

Anyway, just saying that the first Bluray is out for The Handmaiden so go get it if you haven’t already.

Also I have to commend ‘Murica for releasing The Handmaiden in theaters during the LGBT History Month! Bravo Murica!

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For The Love of…You Handmaiden!!!


It’s been month…MONTHS!!!

Why am I embarrassingly whipped with such a simple tease of an image like so!?! What the hell are they even teasing?! Where has this image been all these months?!!! Those clothes are from a press event that was in early June for crying out loud!?

Kim Min-hee…


Them hands…

*bites nails and cowers*

Such a great image…


My emotions!!!



[Ahgassi] The French Trailer Gives Zero ‘F’s!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00010
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00006 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00011
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00019
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00016 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00020
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00022

They know you and your next of kin have already watched the leaks and they are right in thinking that! Everybody I know, and I mean absolutely everybody has already watched The Handmaiden!

So many spoilers in this trailer(watch it after the jump) and yet are they really spoilers? Only us who know the story already would know that they are spoilers. But it’s not about just the spoilers…That rating too >.< Then again, this is truer to the content of the movie than the original Korean Trailers! Nobody was prepared for the Adult-ness of this movie!

In fact this put a great deal of people off, who took it in the negative light and started accusing the film of some dubious problems only because the graphical nature of the movie was more extreme than perhaps the trailers let on. I am sure even those who know the story of Fingersmith were kind of taken by surprise, I know I was! This trailer is truer to the actual film because it hints at the sweet madness to come!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00033
Heh, Jokers indeed!

And by the Gods…

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00032
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00014 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00017
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00024 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00031
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00023

Every time I see something about this movie I am blown away by the beauty of it all! Those TV rips wish they could capture the true beauty of this movie! Blu-rays are our only saviour. And I hope to God we get 4K HDR Blu-rays as well! With so many countries having bought the rights for distribution, I am pretty sure that at least a couple will give us the true quality of this movie!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00026
God Bless You Mr Park Chan-wook! God bless You!

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Oh Look Who Finally decided to Grace Us With Their Presence!



Seriously YesAsia? Seriously?!!

A month! A Whole freakin month!! Well, to hell with you! And was this even worth waiting for? Was it worth making two separate orders?!


Okay, I forgive you for giving me a poster I already got since you have no control over that. But to give me the same poster twice?! Pls!

Well, rejoice dear Readers. I know some of you missed the OST so if you want them, I am putting these for order up on Ebay, with the posters of course. I will have to sell them separately since the posters are the same. Or maybe I should do the posters differently as well in case some just want the Soundtracks?

Anyway, I was ready to be disappointed but not like this!! I thought you were done with this stupid shipping lateness YesAsia! It’s been like, years since I last bought from you because your shipping sucked and yet you have not made any progress?!

I am disappoint!