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Meanwhile, Behind The Scenes…

[메이킹] 한승연·류화영이 찐~하게 입을 맞춘 이유.mp4 - 00002
[메이킹] 한승연·류화영이 찐~하게 입을 맞춘 이유.mp4 - 00007 [메이킹] 한승연·류화영이 찐~하게 입을 맞춘 이유.mp4 - 00008
Yi Na: I thank you Lord, for this bounty I am about to receive!
Ye Eun: I’m not ready. Gimme me a hug
Yi Na: Aww…Anything for you ma Baby
First Kiss so intense Ye Eun gives a cute  squeal instead of the freak-out needed.
Second kiss goes as planned…or not since Yi Na forgot her lines this time ^^
Hwa-young (Yi Na) during the freak out LOL!
Yi Na so worried about her Baby. Not that I blame her, that Ye Eun is so adorable >.<

Speaking of Yi Na, there is something very important I forgot to mention. Ryu Hwa-young is an Ex-member of none other than my favourite Korean Idol group T-ara! You think she is hot? Well, she wasn’t even the hottest in the group. That is how awesome T-ara is, not even bragging!

She was the signature rapper of the group while still a member – a position that A-reum, also now an ex-member (FEELs all over the place I tell ya) tried to fill and she was actually doing a pretty great job. I missed her even as we had A-reum (who I had a major crush on) but with the two of them gone now, and with Dani’s membership virtually cancelled, my heart is filled with sadness.

This is because un-like most, I didn’t start out with the 6 member formation so I felt all the hits when these girls left, the girls that made up T-ara for me. Oh well, they are still covered in all bases with Hyomin still as sexy as hell, Boram being the cutest thing ever despite being over 30 now! That’s right, she is over 30. I swear that woman grows in reverse! Every member can be leader, so they can still rotate (Qri is now the leader, previously Soyeon), Eunjung can handle the rapping just fine, Soyeon’s voice is still one to beat and No Ace makes an impact at first sight like Jiyeon does!

So really, not worried but only waiting for their come-back this year. And this post just completely derailed off course, didn’t it? Oh well…

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[K-Drama] Painter of the Wind ep01


Painter of the Wind.E01.080924.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00087
Painter of the Wind.E01.080924.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00043 Painter of the Wind.E01.080924.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00044
Painter of the Wind.E01.080924.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00116 Painter of the Wind.E01.080924.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00069
its been 84 years

Dear Reader, since I have the time, and having been reminded by the community in the Hibike discussion, I decided to re watch Painter of the Wind – my favourite Korean TV show ever and really, one of my top 3 shows in existence. There are still shows like Xena, TTSCC and Buffy and those are like my guilty pleasures. Xena was like, the show that made the word ‘subtext’! It deserves all the respect!

PotW aired all the way back in 2008 starring the two world’s favourite Moons – Moon Geun-Young and Moon Chae-won. Wipe that grin off your face, they are not sisters! Anyone into Korean culture should know who Geun-young is and only the core fans know who Chae-won is. I have to confess that I did not know who she was too before seeing her in PotW.

In the 2008 SBS drama awards, Chae-won and Geun-young won the very first, and as far as I am aware, the only yuri best couple award for their roles in Painter of the Wind.

Geun-young played our heroine Shin Yun-bok, a daughter of a famous artist that was killed when she was young due to a scandal on a political scale. In order to save her and for her to be able to utilise the talents of artistry passed down to her from her father, she had to disguise herself as boy since women were apparently not allowed to go into that profession. Yun-bok grew up with the lads as a boy attending the art school with a dream of being the King’s painter.

Chae-won on the other hand played the Gisaeng (Female Entertainer) Jeong-hyang, who was the pride of the town and everyone wanted a piece of her (just like any other love interest for the main character really). But her story was not a fun one. As she tells Yun-bok this very first episode – She is no wild flower that is free for anybody’s picking.

So, why now after all this time? A Reader of mine asked me a long time ago to write about it and I said I was waiting for better subs, which I thought would be coming with the DVDs. I watched the series again when I bought the boxset. The Taiwanese version that I got had English subtitles with it but the DVD quality was not one to write home about. And so I waited for the HD episodes which showed up and when I tried to rip the subtitles from the DVDs to use on the HD episodes, I failed miserably. I could only get the subtitles as idx/sub files and I needed to re-time them to fit the TV since the TV ones had that intro with the ratings.

I somehow forgot about it since then but then came Hibike Euphonium and the ship wars that followed and I was ready to laugh at such childish wars. Seeing all those heated battle, I sat there just reminisced of the years long gone. To think that people are having ship wars over Shuichi! If anyone is like that over Hibike, I think they would simply commit suicide watching PotW. It’s been over 7 years and I still FEEL! But all was worth it! Having said that, I know of people who still don’t think that PotW had a GOOD YURI END. Hopefully if such a person still exists, my run through of the series will erase those doubts.

If this were any other series, it would be a reverse harem, a la Ouran Host Club. Yun-bok was a girl disguised as a boy in an all male school. She had three potential love interests in her step brother Hyung-min (who knew her secret), her rival in school Hyo-won as best protégé and their new teacher Hong-do, who fell in love with Yun-bok and was probably who the other audience that was not shipping the yuri were supporting. He was this close to winning the Yun-bowl but thankfully her finger was already bound with a red string to someone else.

Now, before we proceed, if you are new to this show, I warn you. Just like any Korean Drama you know of, the drama is too intense and the feels sometimes go way to deep. Not to mention the het side had the upper hand all the damn time! But unlike most times that I just simply cannot stand it, this time I could not help but take all them feels on and cry like a pansy every other episode. Every episode is an hour long. Twenty hours of feels, can you handle them? If you are sure, well then let us be on our way…

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SunAm Girls High School Detective Squad [K-Drama]

SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00087
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00025 SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00032
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00013 SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E12.150304.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00165
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E12.150304.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00174
Soo-yeon and Eun-bin’s story

So, you all probably already know about this, huh? What, with all the publicity this couple got when it first hit the audiences with this drama’s episode 11 (through to 12). Seriously, that day you didn’t even need to Google their names, or the character names, all you needed was the show’s title and and almost all the first 12 pages of Google results were about these two! You would think that this was the first time we got to see a gay couple in Korean drama! Seriously Korean, have you forgotten about PotW? That was way back in 2008 and it even won awards including Best Couple by Moon Chae-won and Moon Geun-young actually! I don’t remember them getting this much attention at the time. So why now? Okay, so those two did not get to kiss but their relationship was more mature and almost did it but that may have had to do with the fact that Painter of the Wind was more mature in general.

Not that Sunam Girls isn’t that mature but even though the themes are a bit complicated, the fact that these are still students takes the seriousness out of it a bit. Oh well, at the very least Soo-yeon and Eun-bin’s story was very solid even if it was just a causality and not the main problem. Then again maybe that was a good thing. Still though, even if they weren’t the main thing in this arc (No doubt they stole the episodes, nay, the whole show really), their story was the best IMO.

Seriously though, unless I have missed a lot in these years that I have not been following K-Dramas, has it really been 7 years since we last got a couple in a Korean drama? Too bad that this was just a part of the show and not a stand-alone series. But I have a feeling that with how a hot topic this shake in the waters of an experiment it produced, who knows, we might get a spin off series dedicated to these lovely girls.

There is nothing to relate to but it is safe to say that Soo-yeon and Eun-bin are my second favourite K-drama couple after Yoon-bok and Jeong-hyang from PotW! That is still my favourite K-Drama, nay, favourite asian drama of all time even to this day! No couple will ever beat those two, not yet at least! Who knows, if Soo-yon and Eun-bin had gotten their own series, maybe they would have put up a good fight and they were great, really great, but that ending…

“♪ Thought of you as my mountain top
♪ Thought of you as my peak
♪ Thought of you as everything…
♪ I’ve had but couldn’t keep
♪ Everything I’ve had but couldn’t keep”

Sometimes an ending that doesn’t give a clear conclusion is worse than a BAD END! Sure others will no doubt see it a a positive one and in fact I too did the first time around when I wasn’t paying attention to their expressions! But after that first time, I did, I paid attention especially to Soo-yeon! She looked absolutely dead inside! There is no way we were meant us to take this the positive way! And that song that accompanied the last scenes didn’t help matters at all. It really sucks! Soo-yeon really deserved to be happy! The girls sacrificed a lot, herself really, to protect Eun-bin, the person she loves! And even after all that, she still had to suffer more because now the world had eyes on her and her life was forever changed. Eun-bin was saved but depending on how much she loves Soo-yeon, she too is going to be in a world of pain.

She has two options the way I see it, she can either decide to suffer with Soo-yeon and throw away all the hard work that Soo-yeon went through to protect her by coming out too and continuing to see Soo-yeon but no longer in secrecy. Or she could still see Soo-yeon in secret but now that Soo-yeon is under the radar, all will be watching and soon enough the two will be caught and since Eun-bin would not be prepared, the damage might be much worse than if she had come out herself. There might be other issues to consider in her case too that make her so afraid of people finding out about her.

So deep and so good their story is and this is all from what could happen after their part in the series not what did happen! The best arc in the series hands down! These two really deserve their own series that should extend past the ending of ep12 and consequently their story in the series! Despite them having no more than 15min of a two hour arc, their story feels much much longer than that. It feels like I watched a movie of them two.

But like I said, you all have probably already been acquainted with these two, YouTube is filled with their videos, all Korean sites have an article about them, facebook and tumblr, Jesus! So this post will be brief…

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