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Onigiri The Series [J/Indo Drama]


Alright, now I’m mad!

Why am I just stumbling upon this right now!!?! Why has no one told me about this?! Two weeks!! This show started two weeks back and no one thought it apt to tell me about it?!

Dear Readers, I am Disappoint!

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So, been told I shouldn’t expect JKT yuri..

JKT Memories.mp4 - 00015
JKT Memories.mp4 - 00009 JKT Memories.mp4 - 00013
JKT Memories.mp4 - 00007
JKT Memories.mp4 - 00017 JKT Memories.mp4 - 00018

So then, what exactly is it I’m seeing in these caps?!

I mean I had already given up of them since one can go so far with many things in the way (language, quality, society) but it seems yuri is there. I mean it won’t be extreme to the AKB usual standards, meaning no kisses even through a barrier the size of a mattress between their lips but I am one of those who prefer subtext to plate-served yuri.

If anyone is following them, don’t give up on the yuri is all I’m saying. Just put on your goggles and you should be alright ^^

From the few comments I’ve read on my last post, it seems JKT is in a place very restrictive for a group related to AKB to thrive. I mean if many things are going to be changed from their usual formula, how is this still a part of AKB other than name branding and maybe size?

I raided youtube for some material and downloaded a lot of performances and some TV shows of them and I can see what you guys (who sent the lovely comments) are talking about. Too restrictive it seemed to me. If JKT48 thrives, it will prove that AKB can go on even if they lose their charm from the beginning and just turn into main-stream idols. Their numbers will still see them at the top as fans get wider variety of Oshi-pool to choose from.

There are personal qualities I love AKB for that SNH and JKT don’t have and I fear that the bigger AKB grows, the closer they get to turning into just any other Idol group just bigger in size. We can already see that there are groups with smaller numbers that many people prefer over AKB like MomocloZ and the young ones on the rise like TGS. It will only take 1 and everything will crumble. And when it does, I will go down with them too because other groups don’t do it for me. They just don’t have the AKB touch. Sure they might be better singers and dancers but if I was in for the music, I would have stuck to the US. All other Idol groups are like US singers but in groups of cute little girls! Think a young Britney, Christina, Beyonce and Madonna coming together to form a group!


And I just totally forgot the point of this post. Oh wait…

JKT Memories.mp4 - 00014
JKT Memories.mp4 - 00014a
JKT Memories.mp4 - 00014b

Is this what you guys mean when you say I shouldn’t expect yuri? >.<


JKT48 Heavy Rotating back in time…to the 90s!

JKT48 - Heavy Rotation.mp4 - 00001

my eyes!

My Eyes! My beautiful eyes!!

This is DVD Quality!

Oh My God!

I wish to apologise to you dearest NZ, I should have listened to you. I really should have, then maybe my eyes would have been saved from this horror! What type of camera did they shoot this PV on?! For crying out loud, even the first Gen iPhone takes better videos than this! Like, seriously?!

And that’s not the worst part of it! Actually, maybe that’s it because it might be the reason why the next bad things happened, or maybe the next bad thing is what lead to this kind of quality! By which I mean of course that Harugon and Akichan were nowhere to be seen in this! They were in the RIVER PV so I was sure they would be in this one as well but alas! No, they probably were in there in the first version of the PV but they had to cut them out and shoot a quick PV to replace the original.

Makes sense because I was sure in one of the behind the scenes vid all the girls were screaming pyjama as if the PV would be filmed with them in pyjamas all the time but…BUT! There was only one girl we saw in her nighties and it was so quick I don’t even remember what she was wearing. Not that I could even make it out clearly with that quality!

All elements from the original Heavy Rotation were nowhere to be seen! No cake, no lingerie, no skin, no yuri, no nothing! I feel absolutely foolish now for getting all bothered by SNH’s HR. Forgive me China, I was Oh so wrong! My anger was misdirected!

And congrats to AKB too. Someone has produced a worse, much worse, PV (quality-wise) than you! You have my permission to toast a drink to that or something! I mean, seriously?! In this day and age!?! They didn’t even bother at all to do a thing with that video! I mean I am one of those people who absolutely hate stupid effects (I’m here to watch a meaningful mv not a competition on how many effects one can use in a 3min mv you little creeps)  but this video really needed something! Nay, it probably was doomed from the get-go. Effects would not have done a thing to improve that thing! It’s like they took a worn-out vhs, transferred it to a PC, resized the 240×136 video to 480i and voila!

My God!

I don’t even have the energy to go into the absence of the other things! This quality is where I draw the line!


JKT48 - Heavy Rotation.mp4 - 00000

That’s the only yurific thing in the whole PV, which automatically cancels it because to think of that scene as yuri, there has to be supporting scenes later on. There were none!

Dear JKT, it was really nice knowing ya!



It’s for your own good people!


The Utagassen Battle Continues

Family 48

Such a big family! A married Sister, two teen sisters, two half sisters, one preteen sister and one un-born

So after last year’s success, the farmers are milking AKB for some extra drops of cash this year too as they are holding the 48 Family song battle once again.

In fact they are so going in for the kill that they will be holding SKE48’s own Utagassen.

Which really makes me wonder why SKE48 is then still in the main Utagassen.

It seems they are trying to tell us that SKE48 is big enough to hold their own and yet despite having held their own Request Hour, they are still appearing in the AKB Jan RH.

And now that they have their own Kouhaku Utagassen, they are still appearing in this year’s AKB event which makes me quite a bit upset for some reason.

Make up your damn minds already! Either let SKE go independent and make them real AKB rivals and stop including them into AKB48 events or leave them be a part of the family forever and get rid of the stupid Request hours 30/50/75 for next year and some crap like that!

Seriously, SKE is turning into some daughter who is grown up and is getting married therefore leaving the family but not quite!

It’s frustrating to say the least.

Okay, enough pissing about, let’s get to the topic at hand.

The teams from last time have been shuffled around and taking the big first, while last time the Aces were the captains for either team (Acchan and Korisu), this time around it’s the general Manager and Captain of Team A that are the captains for either team.

Takamina for the White team and Mariko-sama for the Red Team.

As for the teams themselves, Even before you see the full list you will know what team I am already supporting. Here is a simple comparison to let you know which team…

White Team (Takamina .C)

Red Team (Mariko-sama .C)

Yukirin Rena
Maachun Sakura-chan
Miichan Sayanee
Tomochin Yuko

*Jaw dropping…*

Seriously, it’s like 90% of the girls I dig in the 48Family are all in the White Team!


No matter how great a fanatics Team Red supporters are, there is just no way they are winning this one!

Popularity-wise alone, (which we know has a play in the out-come, no matter how much we want to think otherwise) Team White OWNs red!

First off Yuko, THE ONE, has to take on Numbers 2 and 3 and if we start going on about their advs, that battle is already lost.

Then the most interesting is all the couples that are in White Team!

Seriously, look at those couples!

  • Mayuki (obviously)
  • SaeYuki
  • Suzuran/Mariyagi
  • Harukyan/Reinyan
  • Maachun/Milky
  • Kuumin/Non
  • Kuumin/Yuria
  • Yuria/Shiorin
  • Jurina/Mayuyu
  • Yukirin/Miichan
  • Yukirin/Tomochin
  • Yukirin/Yuihan
  • Yukirin/Nakayan
  • Yukirin/Haachan
  • Airi/Fuuchan

Sorry guys, I think I best stop here before I run out of space!

Okay, I take the equality of Team distribution back. Other than the fact that My Oshii have been split up evenly within the Teams, With My 1st and 3rd in white while my 2nd and 4th are in red (Rena and Sakura people) , nothing after that is equal!

Last time my instincts (and love for Yukirin) did not abandon me and this time around, I am sure they won’t when I say that White Team is taking this one too!

Sure Red Team has most of the ‘voices’ to ratios of about 5:1 compared to White but Never forget that fans will be voting through youtube and G+ so favouritism will be part of the equation, that is if they do it like last year.

Some thing that White won because of the numbers (not true) so will Red win this time because of numbers too? it seems to out-number Red by around 12 girls but seeing as most of them are really still green-bottomed (I don’t know almost 30% of the Red team girls at all) this will be very interesting!

Any way, have a look at the full listing after the jump and let us know what you think of the line-up.

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